Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sunaina returns in a new style

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina says sorry to Sameer for giving him difficult time. Sameer says it’s okay like Guruji says.. and he starts speaking like a saint. Munna tells him not to take Guruji’s name. Naina asks Sameer was he really serious about taking ‘sanyas’? Sameer says he didn’t have any other option, he was so hurt. Girls pull Sameer’s leg reminding what he used to do with Sunaina. Munna and Pandit also join them. Naina watches Sameer angrily. Sameer tells Naina not to listen to them. He did everything in anger. Naina says she said yes for Sharad under pressure and he made girlfriend. Sameer says fine, from today all girls except Naina are his sisters. He runs. Naina chases him. Sameer loses balances. He saves himself from falling with Naina’s support. They

remember their first meeting in school in a similar way.

Kartik and his friends come there appealing students to vote for Sunaina. Sunaina is also with them with a different style. Both groups stand face to face to each other.

Male narrator says hadn’t he done that mistake of using Sunaina, then their last 2 years in college would have been so boring. It was Sunaina and gang who made their last 2 years of college interesting and memorable.

Sameer asks Naina to leave from there. Sunaina tells him he’s acting as if he doesn’t even know her, but he doesn’t know, no one can forget Sunaina. Sameer says she’s not the Sunaina whom he knows. She’s changed. Sunaina says someone else has also changed. Someone was going to take “sanyaas” and is now doing “ras-leela”. Naina tells her that Sameer hurt her because of her and he already said sorry for it. Today she’ll also say sorry to her. Kartik says sorry is not enough for what they have done with Sunaina. She might forgive, but he will never forgive them. Sunaina asks Kartik to relax. You can’t threaten lovers like this. Sameer looks so scared. She goes to him and asks what happened? Is he getting angry? She tells Sameer’s group that they enjoyed all their good time in college and challenges them from now on, they will only remember one name day and night – Sunaina.

Sameer’s gang is sitting tensed in restaurant seeing new style of Sunaina. Sameer says they won’t be scared from Kartik and Sunaina. Naina says she’s hurt, her heart is broken. Munna and Pandit say and such heart broken people are very dangerous. Sameer says he made a mistake and said sorry for it, he will again say sorry. Preeti says she won’t forgive him. Sameer says he doesn’t care, but she has no right to misbehave with Naina. Kamya’s friend says she has a feeling Sunaina has planned something. Sameer says no one can harm them if they are together. Swati says and she will understand that after losing election. Sameer says and she will be beaten by… Everyone says Naina. Swati feels bad. Naina says but Swati is competing in election. Preeti says she only took part because Naina stepped back. Munna says even if Swati competes, she would only get one vote – her own. Everyone laughs and cheer for Naina. Swati feels very bad, but stays quiet.

Arjun returns home. Female narrator says, a lot of things were changed since he left and came back. Only one thing was still same, his feelings for Shefali.

Arjun recalls his time with Shefali seeing house in which Shefali used to stay.

Munna and gang go to request JBR to cancel Swati’s nomination and replace her with Naina. JBR asks Munna why. Munna says does it look like Swati will win election? if she takes part, then it will be one sided. His words once again hurt Swati. JBR says Sunaina already gave Naina’s name and leaves. Sameer also quietly leaves from there. Naina says where did Sameer go? Sameer comes there with bike and asks Naina to sit on back. Naina smiles and sits on bike.

Precap: Sameer and Naina are talking on phone like good old days.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Hi guys!!! So old days are back with New Arjun Bhaiya๐Ÿ˜…… Really missing previous Arjun…But best wishes for new Arjun too ๐Ÿ‘
    Kartik and Sunaina -“overacting ki dukaan”๐Ÿ˜‚
    Feeling really bad for Swati๐Ÿ˜”…The gang can convince her sweetly for taking back her nomination…Why the hell were they making fun of her especially Munna…๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–…Does he really love her? If yes then he would’nt have hurt her like this…
    And Naina she is so lost in her lovy-dovy relationship that Can’t even realize her bestie’s emotions who had always been her back in her bad times…
    I think the opponent gang will instigate Swati against Naina…and frustrated Swati will go against Naina…
    I didn’t understand what JBR said…He said Sunaina has already given Naina’s name๐Ÿค”..Is this possible to choose your opponent by yourself…๐Ÿ˜

  2. Fan of YUDKBH

    First of all I am too agree with channel to shift it’s time to 11:00PM. That stupid Ekta Kapoor serial got its time. This is very unfair.
    About serial – After so long such a nice episode without our Samaina crying.
    Ashu, u r right how can Munna be so indifferent of Swati’s emotions. Does he really love her? Naina understable that she is lost in Sameer but Munna too. She will be used by Kartik gang

  3. Correct Ashu, but one thing you need to understand that even they made fun of sameer too in the same way likewise they themself decided to swap swati with Naina in the GS Election even i feel bad for swati….. Munna always give more preference to Sameer and his friendship, that is the reason he was not able to understand swati’s feelings – munna bai need to understand her and try to convince her in a sweet way that she should not feel bad as Ashu said.

    Hope the gang will make her understand else this sunaina and Karthik will turn her against her friends .
    excepting to see what magic will Samaina’s reunion create…………in upcoming episodes………………………

  4. Swati is more competent to contest for elections than Naina. Naina is always shown as coward and teacher’s pet, swati is shown fearless. Dabbu Naina vs dabangg swati

    1. Yes you are right Ruchi…What is that Naina can do and Swati can’t?The gang could have also supported her as they will support Naina…And Naina doesn’t deserve to fight elections…She is not even stable on her decisions…She herself took her nomination back even when her friends were requesting not to do so…I understand her mental condition at that time was not like that she can fight elections…But now when everything is alright she again want to fight elections..This is not at all fair with Swati…The same happened during Romeo-Juliet play in school…She tried a lot to get the Juliet role back but it was Swati’s good luck that she was not succeeded in doing so…
      Whatever but makers are not potraying Naina’s character in a good way…Naina thinks that the whole world revolves around her only…I think makers want to show that no one is perfect…Everyone has some flaws…And it is not necessary that female lead should always be perfect…And that’s the beauty of this Show that it connects to reality๐Ÿ‘

  5. Sony should not change the timing for this serial other wise it will loose some viewers for sure.

  6. Yea. Swati ki bad luck he ki munna uski boyfrnd munna srif sameer or naina ko hi support me khara rehta he.. swati faced a lots of things for naina n sameer..frnds grp me sabko ek dusre ke liye sochna chaiye..nki srif naina naina or sameer sameer..erveryone hv their own drm..

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