Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sameer loses in cricket match

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer and Arjun playing cricket. Sameer slips while trying to catch the ball. Arjun makes 18 runs in an over. Naina thinks to run and hold Sameer, but stops seeing her father. Rakesh tells Arjun that Sameer can’t make 18 runs. Naina prays to God and asks him to make him fine, and promises that she will not watch the match. Vishaka gets concerned for Sameer. Mr. Sumani tells Vishaka that Sameer is acting to get her sympathy. He asks her to come. Vishaka says how can you say this. Sameer comes and asks her not to worry, and promises to win the match. Vishaka says she will go after seeing his winning six. He goes to the cricket field and slips. Naina is about to hold his hand, but stops. She asks are you fine? Sameer says yes. Naina says if you would have eaten

this curd sugar then this wouldn’t have happen. Sameer asks why she is double faced and asks her not to tell her papa that he has stolen her tiffin.

Arjun throws the ball. Sameer hits 6 runs. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was tensed inside as she has promised not to watch the match. Cricket match continues. Sameer manages to get 2 runs. Arjun throws the ball, it gets wasted as Sameer misses it twice. For 5th ball, Sameer makes 4 runs. For the last ball, Sameer needs 6 runs. Mr.Sumani talks to someone and asks Vishaka to come as Rohan got hurt. Vishaka says we will leave after last ball, but Mr. Sumani insists. Vishaka goes. Sameer sees her going and don’t see the ball, as it hits the wicket. He gets angry. Arjun tells Naina that he has won. Naina says she is happy. Sameer hears her.

Mr. Sumani tells Vishaka that they stopped as Rohan called and said that he is fine, but they shall leave as Sameer can’t win from Arjun. Vishaka argues with Sameer. Nanu tells that Sameer needs their support. Mr. Sumani says we will stop if you wants, but you have to become head boy. Munna tells Pandit that Mr. Sumani made Sameer lose intentionally. Pandit says they shall steal the papers then nobody can stop his victory.

Naina prays for Sameer. Tayi ji comes and asks her to ask God for groom and says if you ask now then you will get in 2-3 years. Naina takes Prasad for Arjun and hopes she would have gotten for Sameer too. Munna and Pandit come to Rakesh’s house and says they came to return the book. Rakesh scolds them and goes to bring register. They search for keys and find many keys hanging on wall. Tayi ji asks who are they? They tell that they came to return the book. Naina sees keys on floor. Munna and Pandit get tensed.

Principal tells that Arjun got 84 marks in the test and is about to announce Sameer’s marks. Everyone looks on anxiously.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. First thanks hasan for update even at this time of night. Wah what an episode. It equally emotional and funny. I know both feelings are poles apart but thats the fact. Really felt like crying for sameer. Especially when he fell down ? ? ?. So sad when his step father aliged him that he is act . Grea what a coincidence. He it equally stupid like nainas father. If at all sameer and naina will marry(Ofcourse they will) these will be made for each other samidis.
    Naina today she totally became a sandwich in between her bro and sameer. The way naina asked god manat and the way she left the ground and didn’t watch the match for sameers goodness was so ? ? cute.
    That munna and pandit are so funny and equally stupid.Just to keep up their friendship they came to rakeshs house to steal the keys. How stupid of them to think like that.
    That dialogues between pandit and munna in nainas house was really hilarious especially with that tayji.

    1. Ravi.r

      Yes what u said is true this samer father and nainas father make a great jodi. Both love only their sons.

    2. Yes neha really they will be made for each other samidis. nainas father is selfish and narrow minded but sameers father appears a bit more fishy.The way he is continuously taunting sameer shows he is interested more in pulling down sameers confidence so that he cannot achieve anything like his son.

      1. Yes Anita i toi feel he is a bit tricky. I also thought he just created a scene to taje sameers mom away by asking hus son to do something like that

  2. So today we got the answer why sameer hates his step father. Really what sort of man he is ???.How can he say that sameer is acting when he himself saw him falling down.I think it is his plan itself to get a phone call that his son got hurt inorder to destroy sameers confidence and make him loose. And the rude talk clearly shows it. But thank god sameer have his biggest strenght in his nannaji. The way he stood for the boy.
    But this pandit and munna have brains in their knees???.How could they think like that when sameer told he them that he want to win on his own. merit.Their interaction with tayji was soo funny???

    1. Yes so our suspicion was correct that is why sameer hated his father. It was not because of his childishness

  3. Just another awesome episode. It is like watching and suddenly it completed. Don’t know how that 20 minutes completed. Its much much better than many shows which have loud sounds and bg music. I love the bg music of sameer. Just a simple guiter i think. But felt sad for both sameer and naina. Sameer fell down and injured and naina ka manat saying mein match nahi dekhongi.So innocent and cute .yehi hai iss show ke kasiyat. Innocent and cute love. And every scene depicts it. If naina is in ground she might have encouraged him.
    Totally sad for sameer when he is playing his last ball his mom goes away and the way he gets out.second time when nainas comes back to ground and he expects her to be with him but she waz forced to be happy for her brother.
    The funny part is munna pandit and tayji.???

    1. Yes its true. It is more lively then unnecessary loud music, make up and scenes

  4. Just one word awesome.Nothing more.So naina will jump to conclusions when she sees keys in sameers pocket that it is sameer who did this. Just because of this two buddus but naina should also think know if sameer wanted to win by any means he would have done it long back. Why will he come to learn from her. This girl is real stupid ???

    1. Yes i too sometimes feel the girl is more stupid. She jumps to conclusions not understanding the consequences. First she did the same with samer and again now she is doing the same

  5. I must say that I’m enjoying this show. It’s different, and fresh. A different kind of story that potrays love and innocence. I grew up in the 90s and watching this show takes me down memory lane, because this is exactly how it was in my time.

    1. Hai welcome to u here. Many of us are not born in1990s but we truely enjoy the show

  6. Aastha_Reddy

    Very daring Munna,Trying to rob keys from steam engine’s house!!!
    This Mr. Sumani or husband of Sameer’s mother is also same steam engine part-2. Hitler kahinka…His son just faked and he blamed Sameer unnecessarily. Poor Naina is glued with her tiffin box last two days-” Dahi sakkar ke chakkar mein”….

    1. Ravi.r

      Munna and pandit are really very funny yesterday. Steam engine was a bit normal as his son won the match know. But sameers father showed what his real face is tgats why sameer dont like to live with him. Really felt pity for sameer

    2. Thats true naina father =sameers parents. Pandit and munna are really too funny yesterday

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Munna is too nice really…Anita.

  7. Mansi

    Very emotional episode????felt really bad for Sameer???but good his Nanu is by his side☺poor him though???his step dad n Naina’s dad are one n the same???precap is interesting???

    1. Yes mansi sameers grandfather will always support him from first. Abd nainas chachaji also.

      1. Mansi

        Yes Neha not only Sameer’s Nanu support him from the start but also Naina’s chachaji support her from the start☺☺not like her Dad???her Chachu is the best???

    2. Agreed with u di

  8. Ravi.r

    Hai everyone. Nice episode especially the funny part. Pandit saying iss sa bhi koi baada na aa jaya jaldi kar na bhi to munna seeing tayji.
    But i feel show makers should not release that many spoilers daily it is killing the suspense and the plot is getting revealed.Uptill nainas new school track eveyone of us eager to know. Because there were not many spoilers But know the next episodes have become totally predictable. Soo it will be unintresting to watch. So it is good if they stop these spoilers

    1. Harshaa

      Ravi what u said is true just know i saw a news video of this show. It revealed half the story of the episode. Really if it goes like that it spoils the intrest in the show

    2. Yes ravi bhaiya i too support this

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