Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sameer mischievous smile motivates Naina during Play

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit teasing Sameer and sings song. Teacher asks who is kishore da of our class. Teacher asks them to complete the sum. Peon comes and gives notice. Teacher reads it and asks the drama students to go as lochan sir is calling. Naina gets up. Swati says you are not in the play. Naina gets angry on herself for becoming villain of her own love story and thought of an idea. She coughs and asks teacher, can she go and have water. Teacher lets her go. Naina goes out of class. Lochan sir asks Swati to read her lines. Sameer tells Munna and Pandit that he is fed up of acting with Naina. Swati couldn’t say the lines correctly. Lochan sir asks her to say lines correctly. Sameer thinks Swati shall act well else he have to bear Naina. Naina comes to lochan sir and says

she wants to try Juliet role. Swati tells her that it was important for her to act with Sameer. Naina says she wants to try. Lochan sir says he can’t permit her as Swati is rehearsing and tomorrow is the play.

Tai ji talks to a neighbor and gets to know that she is sending her son to get tuition from Shefali. Tai ji thinks even she doesn’t know English and thinks if she shall send Pralay there or call shefali home. It was a big thing for her.

Lochan Sir asks Sameer, Swati and others to rehearse for the play. Naina again comes and says shall I try once. Lochan sir says no. She says you can give me any role. Lochan sir says no one is remaining. A girl says we can give her kiran’s role. Naina says she will do irrespective of the character.

Naina goes to change that costume. Tai ji comes to Bela’s house. Bela says she wants to ask what to give as shagun. Tai ji asks her to give good things. Tai ji says she called Shefali here for pralay’s tuition. Bela says here. Tai ji says your house is apavitra, but as she is particular about her religion and custom, she called her here. Shefali comes and says hi to everyone. Tai ji asks Arjun to bring water for her. He brings water and gives to Shefali. Tai ji says she wants her to earn some money and that’s why offering 60 Rs for pralay’s tuition. Shefali says she takes 160 Rs, and tells that her mum is manager in air lines. Bela says ok, and asks Tai ji to agree. She agrees hesitantly. Naina’s voiceover says two love story were blossoming at two sides.

Sameer comes to the play wearing the costume and others also come. Lochan sir asks where is Naina? Munna says I will call her. Swati and others say they all will go and call Naina. Swati knocks on the door and asks her to come. Sameer says 1 sec and knocks on the door, asking Naina to come, and says if you don’t come then sir will start without you. Naina opens the door. Sameer looks at her. Naina is in British’s uniform. Everyone laughs. Sameer says Naina is in the character now and we are also in character. As Naina goes, Sameer laughs. Lochan sir tells Naina that no role is small as she said. Tere mere hooton pe song plays…Sameer smiles looking at her. Naina thinks he is supporting her. Munna sits down quiet. Pandit asks someone to see. Naina reads the script and is shocked to see 7 sec kiss in it.

Swati says she can’t kiss Sameer, even though she loves him. Naina asks her not to kiss him. Swati says but if script demands.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aarti32

    Sameer laughing at Naina ? bilkul accha nhi laga?

    1. Aarti even i didn’t like it. Poor naina. I want a track where sameer will get jealous and over possessive of naina☺☺☺.

      1. Aarti32

        Yes..I hope Rohan ki entry ho jaye..aur Sameer jal bhun k rakh ho jaye?

      2. Yeah…. I too wish tha

    2. Me toooo…. didn’t like it ????? I felt soooo bad for our Naina…. how Sameer was saying that he doesn’t want her near him.. peecha chuta and all… bada gussa aaya ?????…. this Swati is irritating now… she’s not gud…….. ??????? I know yeh sab humara pyar bol raha hai Naina ke liye, but Kya karein… dil se majboor hain hum bhi

      1. Aarti32

        Dil tod diya yaar Sameer aur Swati ne

  2. Hai happening.really do the makers want to reduce their trps day by day or sony tv want to end the show. What is it. Do any show degrade its herione so much i didn’t get. What sort of nonsense is it.
    There are many tracks to show their romance and friendship to move forward but this nonsense is not needed seriously.
    We expected sameer to slowly fell for naina. Shefali and arjuns track. Or arjun getting a scent of naina and sameers relationship. Or pooja didis wedding or something. But this is totally ott stupidly
    Last week someone i think ravi was asking about naina and sameers friendship track and all that . I felt that the makers also will think in that angle but its the worst episode of the show uptill now

    1. Yeah harshaa i support you .We want egoistic and full of attitude sameer but not in this way making fun of an innocent girl

    2. day by day this serial becoming boring nd disgusting..

    3. Hai harshaa bhayya itna gussa. Plz gussa chod doo.
      Yes in yesterday’s episode i was very much disappointed with sameers characterization ???.Why they did like that we don’t know.
      But i think we all know sameer is a jugad as narrator tells many a time. And so inorder to make naina confess her love he might be acting to make naina jealous.But i think makers might have found a better way to do it. Like poojas didis wedding as that was more desirable and good to watch for the viewers as the show is known for positiveness ???than this age old formula of jealousy track????.
      But i want naina and sameer together as soon as possible

    4. Arjun & Shefali….????? nice couple… but hamara SAINA ke baad????

    5. Aastha_Reddy

      Sefali jaisi ladki hi chahiye iss zoo aur iske ajeeb atrangi logon ko…Modern girl..Tabhi akkal aayega Uss Steam engine ka…Waise where is the steam engine from last two weeks???!!

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Harsha…I am afraid…Cvs may turn in to ashes with your anger…But its justified..Why the hell Naina is behaving chipku!! cvs’s fault is this soon is the answer…damn cvs.

      1. Harshaa

        Astha yes i feel sorry for that girl character. And u are right it is not needed to show her as his chipku naa. Ok we are not totally supporting naina as she also hid her bros guilt from sameer but this sort of degrading female lead is not needed as they already showed her as innocent and immatured but this is a bot ott

  3. Harshaa

    Really someone was saying about sameer taking advantage of naina.
    The trps are getting low bcoz of this itself as nobody is able to see the female lead made so innocent and immatured and everybody taking advantage of her innocence. And that overacting of that swati charcter it is looking like she is the lead.
    We all liked this show for its positiveness.
    Yes we know that male is shown as egoistic and full of attitude and we liked the characterization like that.
    But it do not mean to degrade the female lead and making fun of her looks for a long time.
    We wanted naina to be equal to sameer in giving it back to him.
    I want neha and sashii who strongly support sameers character what they have to say

    1. Samaira_khan

      So true yaar.. But it’s not like degrading or kind of think.. I mean it’s just like from Sameer side I could say tht they r just teenagers.. I mean u can’t say like tht to him but yeah somewhere or the other.. Naima is getting bad behavior.. Still she also has fault.. She should have tell to swati being her best not support anyone just thinking from everyone s pov

      1. Aarti32

        U’re right Sam..they’re teenagers n nobody is perfect.. everyone has flaws..n I’m not defending Sameer or Naina

      2. U do have a point here … Sameer is immature…. just a boy 16-17 yrs old….. Naina too.. usko bata dena chahiye Swati ko apne feelings …. Swati kahaan ki friend hai.. bewakoof.. irritating

    2. Sashii

      Really harshaa bhayya i know u from ishqbaaz days but u never blasted anybody with this temperment . i think u have falen for naina head over heels for naina morethan sameer☺☺☺.
      But bhayya i toi don’t support sameers talk yesterday. It really comes to degrading her.And as u say she must be given some respect if not it will turn boring.
      Yes we all liked sameers attitude and that egoistic sameer who made sanjay fell to his heels(reasons unknown).
      If he do the same treatment to naina also i dont bother. But degrading her and saying she is hus punishments is not at all acceptable.
      Aarti i accept sameer is a teenager but naina too is of same age know

  4. Samaira_khan

    Amzingggg.. Yaar.. This was really cool.. Soo sweet. I knew tht shefali and arjun r new love birds❤️❤️ swati is getting irritating g.. I don’t like taiji behavior.. She can’t talk abt their religion like tht.. Huhh precap.. Buy really na guys. They were so innocent and kind of thing.. But now.. Everyone kiss each other so publicly.. Seriously times have changed..

    1. Yes samaira i too am liking shefali and arjuns luv story but today cannot support sameer being a girl.Ofcourse its a drama but i am soo angry on him??.
      Yes this stupid swati is getting irritating day by day. When will this irritation completes don’t know

      1. Samaira_khan

        Hmm I understand

    2. Aarti32

      Yes.. ArjAli r d couple in WIP state?
      Shefali is totally after Arjun..n Arjun always gets alert on hearing Shefali’s name..days so funny but cute ?

      1. Aarti32

        *Dats not days

      2. Sashii

        Aarti yes i accept that they are teenagers but that reason for this full fledged blast is the week long episode where everybody felt strongly that sameer is slowly falling for naina but suddenly when sameer degraded naina saying she is a punishment to me everyone are so angry that they poured it out like a blast.
        But as u say we all like sameer and naina and their luv story but mind up only sameer and naina???.
        Shefali and arjun bhayya are too cute a pair

  5. Didn’t like todays episode. Its getting a bit ott. Especially focusing more on nainas looks and making fun of her. We know that at that age plp talk more of looks and cool attitude but than also its a bit too much
    Not much impressed with the episode.
    After a week long of happy episodes where we all felt that sameer is falling for naina suddenly this episode???.
    The trps are not reducing because of lack of emotional scences but because of this so called bet. And instead of showing naina and sameers togetherness they are showing sameer and swati story??.
    Plz someone ask to end this swati track if not i will stop to watch and commeto also untill the story is on track
    We want frienship of naina and sameer develop well .
    And never say no to see jealous and possessive sameer.☺☺☺
    We want sameers attitude and nainas cuteness not insults.As both are good plp.

    1. Aarti32

      Yes..not happy wid d episode at all..Naina thinks he’s supporting her but actually ??

      But we can’t leave our show midway..we should support it!!?

      N regarding Swati..I’m still being positive.. Juliet to Naina hi banegi ?

    2. I guess they r just building up the tension….. hopefully they’ll show the possessive SAINA……. I saw a promo where our SAINA r not in talking terms but r talking to each other through others…. zor zor se taunting each other but indirectly ??????

  6. NerdyBirdie

    Personally my least favorite episode. Mostly because the dynamic Naina has had with all of the characters so far isn’t as entertaining and Swati isn’t enjoyable anymore. Interested to see what happens.

    1. Aarti32

      Agree wid u Birdie..d way everyone was laughing at Naina, spoiled d episode.. Swati is getting worse day by day..but thank God she isn’t ready to kiss Sameer

    2. Sashii

      Yes birdie i accept we don’t support this treatment to naina

  7. Manojit Basak

    The story is “yeh un dino ki baat hai”. Iss liya shayad sameer or naina ko essa dikha raha hai. Jum jante hai ki 1990 mai wo dono 11standard mai porte the or aaj naina 2017 mai famous writter ban gayi hai and preeti hair designer. But we don’t know ab sameer kya kor raha hai or swati bhi. Naina bar bar kehta hai uska pehla pyar hai to shayad sameer k baad or koi uski zindegi mai aayi hogi.ek episode me wo bol rahi thi thi “sameer mafi mang raha tha, iske piche uska apna swarth tha par mai usse sachi pyar karti thi,phir bhi mai usse mar khilbi ,aaj bhi jab mai iss baat ko yaad korti hoon aankohon mai aansu aa jati hai, pehla pyar essa hi to hota hai ,zindegi var aankhon mai reh jata hai” To mujhe lagta hai ki wo dono ki shayad ab milan hoga. Ku ki naina married hai yah nehi wo hum nehi jante. Par agar esa dikhaya to mujhe achha lagega. Sob tv shows to hero or heroin ki milan dikha deta hai agar yeh kuch alag dikhaya to majha aa jay ga. Ek din naina ki iss innocence ki wajah se hi sameer usse pyar karega or usse khone ka upssos korega. Mai ek bengali hoon Nabadwip dham pe ghar hai mera to agar hindi bolne mai kuch galti hua ho to mafi chahte hai

    1. it was perfect Manojit…khub bhalo…:)

    2. I think it will not happen like that. Because i read in Wiki that sameer will make naina to love him. And she will care for him a lot . I think this swati will propose sameer and he will reject her and she will accuse him.
      As sameer is a bit playboy sort of guy everyone will believe her..But naina will believe in sameer and bring the truth out which will bring change in sameer.
      I think u didn’t follow her dialogue properly. She meant that in our longest journey of friendship this was the bad phase that sameet was trying to suffer me with his fake love and i loved him truely
      If it is nor sameer and naina then bye bye to this show. The
      The makers are no fools to do such a stupid thing

    3. Manojit we are not against sameer and we don’t watch if sameer and naina are seperated ok. We are just angry of sameers characterization yesterday. I think u didn’t watch the show from beginning, sameer was such a nice character thats why all are getting so angry ? ?.
      And this stupid swati nonsense who overthinks about herself as princess
      We are against degrading sameers character and nainas looks

    4. Aarti32

      Yes, ye different hoga..but to be honest, audience ko ye pasand nhi ayega.. different krne k chakkar mein kya ho sakta h, ye PPK k case mein dekh chuke h hum sab..but I rilli liked your was creative one!!

  8. Mansi

    I didn’t like much of Sameer in yesterday’s episode?Happy Arjun n Shefali’s story is going in right direction???Stupid CVS want us to digest Swati n Sameer together leaving SaIna no way????We want only SaIna????

    1. Mansi after reading ur os i was on cloud nine. Such a beautiful os but i fell on ground after watching the episode??
      Sorry didn’t appreciate u there

      1. Mansi

        Awww???Thanks a lot Bharati???it’s ok☺

    2. Yeah mansi heart broken episode? well hope for the best something will be happened in them too ?

      1. Mansi

        Yeah Ansa about episode??yeah fingers crossed☺☺

    3. Aarti32

      Yes..Swati ko to audience kabhi tolerate nhi kregi ? don’t worry, Juliet to Naina hi banegi ?

      1. Mansi

        Yes right Aarti audience will never tolerate Swati??Haan Juliet should be our Nainu only???

    4. I had actually thot that Naina wud somehow get the role of Juliet….. but not this soldier role….. she’s soooo innocent ? & was thinking ki sameer was supporting her with his FAKE SWEET SMILE

      1. Mansi

        What to do this stupid CVS won’t learn??

    5. Sashii

      Hai mansi read ur os. Just awesome ? ?. Could have wriiten there but writing here.
      If The makers after seeing ur os gets an idea about what we want from them its a great thing

      1. Mansi

        Awww???It means a lot to me????I think they should?❤❤Thanks a lot Sashii???

    6. Have you seen my comment on ur os?

      1. Mansi

        Yeah I have Ansa???Will soon reply u????

  9. Yes..even i read somewhere that Sameer will kiss Swati in the play and Naina cannot digest it…she stops talking to Sameer….Sameer starts consoling her..

    1. Aarti32

      Naina’s gussa will be fun to watch ?

  10. Manojit Basak

    Plese read my 31october comment

  11. Not happy wid the episode….. hope that Swati say no to become the Juliet or sumthing magic happen n our SaIna becomes Romeo n Juliet ….. plz cvs make her d Juliet as she is d heroine of d show….n don’t degrade her character

  12. What the crap? today’s episode disappointed me very much they showed Sameer making fun of naina what yr here we are thinking and assuming that Sameer is changing a lil bit in “naina” case but what today I see was totally heart broken ??? Sameer want swathi as Juliet so that he get Rid of her for sometime ? don’t he feel something in her a accompany ?
    If they are showing naina innocent that doesnt mean naina don’t deserve any respect sameer at least he should respect her yar
    Tayji is too much no one can dismouth any religion???
    Shefali and arjun going in a good track ???? like this we want salna ?
    Swathi getting on my nerves??
    Precap is interesting but now have to wait till monday’s night ?

    1. Aarti32

      Sach kahu to dil toot gya Sameer ko Naina par hasta dekh k ??

      1. Haan arti bohat zoor sey?

    2. I think Naina shud stop following sameer ….. she shud control her emotions which appears on her face… which is so expressive ki Sameer kya koi bhi padh lega……….. once she stops looking at sameer, he’ll get confused…… then he’ll realize what he’s missing….

      1. No doubt this is wrong naina should understand by herself he is not supporting in fact making fun of her she should ignore him stop being chipku?

    3. Hai ansa yes i too want only sameer and naina. Her character should not be degraded.
      Yes i too loved shefali and arjun. Arjun was ready to run out when shefali came but taiji asked him to bring water.
      This taiji know she is what is say is obsolete scrap. Too useless.???
      Felt soo sad for naina and don’t know when this irritating swati ka peecha chootaga.???She thinks too much about herself.
      I request the makers plz dont make it another typical drama with same stupid jealous plots and all that .Its a unique show so let it be like that

      1. Hmnm swathi is acting like a jerk because of new comer woh bhe apni purni dost k sath?

  13. Aarti32

    Good afternoon all my friends!!?

    Guys, don’t think dat yesterday’s episode degraded Naina..from yesterday’s episode, Naina has become even more relatable to us!!

    First luv makes us crazy..we r ready to do anything for our trying to get back Juliet’s role was much more REAL than sacrificing it like other typical female leads who r jst way too great?

    Even we wud hv done dat if we were at Naina’s place..she deserved d role bcz she had done a lot of hardwork for it..n all dis was even before Sameer joined d play!!

    But Naina wants to be in d play, so dat she can be near Sameer..n dats absolutely’s human nature to behave like dat!!

    PS- plzz keep commenting today, tomorrow n on Monday too..we hv to post more n more comments..don’t keep d page quite!!

  14. Aastha_Reddy

    All are scolding Sameer..But main aadha dekhkar chali gayi because Naina mujhe chipku lagi..How can she expect that Sameer is encouraging her with his smile..!!! sorry cvs but she is behaving as a chipku these days…Arre they are just friends but here Naina mari jaa rahi hai after him..Thoda aur confusion hota toh maza aajata…

    1. Btw guyzzz….. anyone in this group near to 1990 era….. I mean anybody here who was in school during 1990…….. ???? Actually, I was, almost same time…?????? so I can relate well to this story…… Oops… am I too old to join u guyzzz???

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        No one from that time perhaps…I think Nivedita Di is..But she is not regular on this page…Nimmi Di. You are not too old for us…heart never gets old…

      2. Nimi i cant say i am but yes in last 90s say 1995.but i don’t know u mean which age group

      3. Aarti32

        Your comments don’t seem like you’re too u’re very much cool wid us

      4. Thanks Aastha & Harsha….. for replying ????? yup , u said it right Aasthu….dil kabhi boodha nai hota…. hamesha sweet sixteen…. age like weight is just numbers na ??????

      5. Thanks Aarti ????? I feel younger than u sweet galzzz??????

      6. I was and have experienced this era as a school girl ?? The show has a lot of authenticity i must say.

      7. Hi ?? Navi ??????

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Aapne aadha dekha…mne to bilkul hi nhi dkha??

    3. Yes Aastha…. u said it… CHIPKU ho gayi hai humari Naina…. read my comments / reply above for Ansa…..

  15. Hai ansa yes i too want only sameer and naina. Her character should not be degraded.
    Yes i too loved shefali and arjun. Arjun was ready to run out when shefali came but taiji asked him to bring water.
    This taiji know she is what is say is obsolete scrap. Too useless.???
    Felt soo sad for naina and don’t know when this irritating swati ka peecha chootaga.???She thinks too much about herself.
    I request the makers plz dont make it another typical drama with same stupid jealous plots and all that .Its a unique show so let it be like that

  16. Sashii

    Hai all yesterday’s episode was depressing .Why the makers choosed that i don’t know. But sameer saying i want to get rid of naina is very painful???.
    I couldn’t digest it till now
    This happened becoz the makers gave us hope whole week which looked like sameer is slowly falling for naina but suddenly this kadava baat by sameer could not be tolerated by us. It was like a heavy jolt on us.What thwy wanted by that i didn’t know.
    I watched on youtube. There same comments.All are blasting samerr character like anything and it appeared that if they find randeep alone they may break his legs thinking him as sameer(just kidding???)
    But this shows the popularity of the show and our love for both naina and sameer is proved today.
    Comming to track if they show this as jealousy track i think the show will be ok but a bit boring as we see this on every show the same routine scenes which we watch in all stupid shows.
    But i felt naina as cute rather than funny.
    But above all didn’t enjoyed the episode when compared to 43 episodes i enjoyed. They are worth watching twice or thrice even but never this

    1. Even I can’t digest ki sameer doesn’t want Naina near him????? realy heartbreaking

  17. Aayushi_kul

    Heyaaa guyzzzz sry m commenting late…was busy wid sum work…seems like u all r very dissappintd wid d epi…bt i m not…u know y….bcoz i didn watch the epi??? will watch it on monday.. Phone pr vo maza ni aata dkhne m?

    How r u guyzzz…howzzzz weeknd going on???

    1. Hai aayushi how are u .so u missed the episode.Its good there was not much exciting episode to watch. But its more of heart breaking episode. Sameer ne hum sab ka dil thod diya . tukda tukda kar diyaa???

  18. Harshaa

    Aarti, samaira and others i am not angry or something ???but a bit irritated. Since i watched the show from 1st episode. From then they are talking about the looks of heroine and her studious attitude
    There is a episode where naina will fell in mud and all guys laugh at her and all that.
    Also whenever that sameers character finds time he will be sshown talking about her studies and looks
    But now after 40 episodes also when we felt that the attitude of the guy is changing then again degrading her making ever1 laugh at her was a bit too much.
    It is not needed. Instead they have moved on with the story rather than again bringing up the matter that the girl dont look good is not necessary.
    To be frank the girl is not dressed properly as she is shown from a conservative family.
    That showing same repeated dialogues and things made be angry.
    Yes neha mein gussa chood diyaaa
    And sashii yes was not that angry till now but i like the girls character. She is cute and yes u can take me as a competitor to sameer???

    1. Aarti32

      Bhaiya, yehi to jaadu h is show ka..SaIna k sath kuch bhi bura ho to fandom ko bohot dukh hota h

    2. Hai harshaa bhayya so aap sameer ka competitor ho. Hum ne soocha ke rohan sameer ka chota bhai ho gaa.???
      But i don’t know how old is sameer.Is he studying a lesser class as sameers younger brother is getting a bike as gift means he is also will be a teenager.
      If sameers mom married again after sameer is born means she will have kids atleast after one or two years know.
      Or is rohan mr. Somanis son by first marriage.
      Plz answer me

  19. Aarti32

    Good morning everyone

    1. Hai aarti good morning. And harsha i am one year younger to u 1996 born.
      Waiting to see what will happen on monday

  20. Hey guys there is an episode coming up where Sameer and Naina watch a movie together with all the friends, I Hope that episode will be fun.

  21. hey I cant wait to wait the episode on Monday, This serial is super Fun

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