Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer-Naina meet and separate again

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Munna and Pandit are waiting for Sameer at his home. They are upset that everything was going nicely and Naina failed in exam. They wish they could give her their marks, but they didn’t get enough marks either. Preeti calls and asks about Naina. Munna says they are waiting for Sameer. Preeti asks he is coming for sure, right? and where they are going to meet? Munna says he’s coming on their anniversary, so might meet where they met first time.. in school. Munna and Pandit realize that and go to school.

Vishakha comes to Rohan’s room and asks about Sameer. He says he doesn’t know. Vishakha asks Keshav to go and search him, but Dadi stops Keshav and asks to do Rohan’s work. She tells Vishakha that Sameer must have gone somewhere, will be back. Vishakha says

he doesn’t have any friends and wonders whether he really left the house.

Naina is sitting in classroom. Sameer arrives at school and plays his musical instrument. Naina gets happy and goes outside. She searches for him. Both run to the classroom, and almost bump into each other like their first meeting, difference this time, they hold each other’s hands to stop from falling. Both look at each other and recall/re-live happy/silly moments they spent in classroom. Sameer adjusts his hair and realizes it’s gotten shorter. Naina was laughing and he gets upset. She says it’s just hair, will grow again. He says even she thinks same, no one cares what he feels. She says whether anyone does or no, but she cares for him. She asks him not to be upset, it’s their anniversary and she has brought present for him. She gives him the photoframe. Sameer recalls guys eyeing at girls photos outside a photo studio in Delhi. He asks Naina who took that photo? who was there? Naina says the shop owner. He gets mad asking what was the need to take photograph. She says she did it for him… Sameer throws the photo frame and it breaks. He says he doesn’t want to listen anything. Naina has tears in her eyes. She hesitantly asks why he’s so angry? He says he doesn’t want to hear anything. It’s his mistake that he came this far from Delhi to meet her. He leaves from there. Naina cries. Munna and Pandit come and ask whether Sameer came. Naina says yes and he left. Munna and Pandit look at broken frame. Naina picks up photo and broken frame.

Male narrator says he still regrets for what he did that day.

Naina is at home. Preeti is confused why Sameer got so angry.

Female narrator says even she didn’t know why Sameer got angry. It was just a bad day for her. She didn’t know how to face her family and tell about failing in exam and also she couldn’t figure out why her lover boy became angry boy and left.

Someone throws a ball at parrot hanging in their balcony. It says sorry sorry. Naina rushes to the balcony and gets happy seeing Sameer apologizing. But it turns out to be her imagination. She goes back inside. Chachiji comes to check Preeti’s report card and takes Naina’s report card by mistake. She leaves without checking. Preeti says they won’t be able to hide for too long.

Munna and Pandit figure out why Sameer got upset.

Swati calls Naina and asks how she failed. She was that lost in Sameer’s thoughts? Naina says yes, but she can’t figure why Sameer got upset with the photo. Swati says she doesn’t understand boys.

Precap: Sameer’s family and Naina watch news of Prime Minister’s murder. Vishakha and Naina are worried for Sameer as he must have headed back to Delhi where murder happened.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Lokesh

    Today I feel bored, bt songs were nice. Sad for Naina.

  2. Thanks Hassan for a prompt update. Agreed Lokesh —it’s getting boring and dragging. I know we all want YUDKBH to continue and I certainly adore Samaina . But ….I?.. can’t understand the change in the depth of the storyline and the cuteness had diminished. Something had surely changed. Creatives or screenwriters or what?

  3. Hi all! Where are you? San, Saz, deeyana, sai, uf3355, Priya?
    San you prediction was correct! Sameer angry and the photo frame guess.
    What next? Please watch Ashi’s videos to push her ranking higher. Please keep commenting. Only Lokesh’s comment today.

  4. Rinkoo

    Bore bore boring
    I think the write has been changed

  5. Unki mulakat itni ghatya hogi i never even imagined that.saara maza kharab kar diya.i agree ye episode itna boring kaise hogaya

  6. Today’s episode was not up to it’s level. But loved samaina. Samajh nahi aaya kyun Sameer got so angry. We thought of more drama. He saw the photo. Shouted and went away. Waiting for college track.

  7. sad for naina ,poor girl she didnt understand why sameer got angry

  8. While reading all the comments on previous episodes, I feel that all are thinking on today’s scenario.

    Regarding Naina’s fail in exam, I understand the facts which she told yesterday as I was also came with the same emotions during my younger days in 90s & I failed my exam on those days. The reason which I understood that if we will not able to share our feelings to the one whom we love, it will disturb our mind & concentration on other matters resulted to failure in our important matters such as examinations in our school days. This is the only reason why our parents don’t like to have such emotions in our school or educational period.

    Regarding Sameer’s reaction to the photo of Naina, its just a fact of feeling that Naina is his only & such type of posture can be shared with him only & not with others. His emotions will also become anger by thinking about other boys reaction by seeing such postures of other girls in Delhi. It can arise in those days as he loves Naina a lot.

  9. Rinkoo

    I had started watching this show because it can be related to real life of 90’s but the way it changed it’s track , I don’t think I will again watch it
    I had seen promos on you tube in which sameer is riding bike ajay devgun style and doing a lot of fighting in college
    If this is true then I am no more interested in watching this show

  10. Today’s episode was a bit emotional also … i literally cried when Naina was picking the broken pieces of photo frame as she wanted to surprise him .. but she was left with teary eyes !!

    on other hand … everyone will take sameer’s frustration as overacting !! .. butt .. it was such a cute scene .. Sameer was asking those questions bcz he loves naina and can’t bear any boy’s vulgar comments on her .. she belongs to him only !!!

    Pandit and munna … umm… speechless .. !! 🙂

  11. Actually todays ‘s episode is cute on seeing romantic momentsof samaina. .it is very sad to see about sameer hair cutted

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