Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: On first date, Sameer and Naina comes to temple

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer telling Munna and Pandit if he is a milk delivery man to go and meet Naina at 6 am. They tease Sameer. Sameer says he is tired of smiling infront of Naina. They tease him more. Bela tells Anand that the guys family will meet them in the morning at 6 am, in the temple infront of park. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was thinking what Sameer will say or do seeing her, what he will wear. She gets excited. Preeti and Pooja sleeps. Naina looks on. Sameer keeps 5 am alarm and thinks he never kept early alarm even in his exams and thinks he is owl to do this for a bet. He then thinks to sleep. Naina couldn’t sleep in the night. Chori chori song plays…..Naina’s voiceover says she couldn’t sleep and was turning and restless wondering what will happen when

she meets Sameer in the morning.

In the morning, Naina comes to meet Sameer and says good morning. She asks if she came late. Sameer says no, as he came 1 min back. He asks toh. Naina says nothing. Sameer says if you are worried about family then go. Naina says she comes here every week. Sameer says every week. He asks her to come to park. Naina says I called you near park, in the temple as I come here every Monday. Naina’s voiceover tells that Sameer had went to temple three times in his life and I brought him here on a date. Sameer says she would have called him at the IT office, police station or crematorium ground. Naina asks him to asks something from God. Her voiceover says she thought their meeting shall be pure and today kids don’t understand that feeling.

Naina asks him to remove his shoes. Sameer says sorry and says he doesn’t know. He hits his head on to the pillar and is upset. Naina goes inside the temple. Sameer also goes and stand behind her. Bela comes there and waits for groom’s family. Naina’s voiceover tells that she felt utmost peace and happiness meeting Sameer in the temple, but he was tensed. Sameer rings the bell to divert her attention towards him. She signs him to take aarti. He comes to front and stand with Naina. Bela comes inside the temple and is standing behind Naina.

Pandit ji asks Naina to take care of cow and says you will get husband of your choice. Sameer says so you comes here to get a husband of your choice. Naina says whatever she wants, God will hear her. She says she will do seva of cow and buys grass. She asks Sameer to come and says even you can feed the cow. Bela meets groom’s family and see Naina. She calls her. Naina asks Sameer to hide. Sameer hides behind the cow. Bela comes to her and asks why did you come here. Naina says I come here every Monday. Bela asks her to go home. Naina’s voiceover laughs and says Sameer patiently got slapped by cow’s tail because of me. Main tujhse milne aayi plays…..Naina asks Sameer to feed Prasad to cow and talks about sanskar. Sameer feeds the cow. Naina smiles. Sameer says if puja path is done then can we go. Just then Tai ji comes there and tells Naina this thing is happening. She asks her to come.

Sameer thinks if Naina brought all her family members here and goes. Tai ji scolds Naina and takes her to Bela.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wah what an episode. Sameer is banging his head to pillar????.But it was cute that she took him to temple on date. She is too innocent but sameer is getting bored of her.
    The whole episode was soo funny.Especially sameers antics in the temple are absolutely funny but the real fun is when he tells this to munna and pandit????. Ha both will play with sameer.
    Nice this show always brings smile on our face before going to bed

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Yeah neha i was also thnkng d same…when sameer will tell this to munna pandit..unka reaction kya hoga???

    2. Aarti32

      Yes.. Sameer was so impatient in d temple..jumping like a kid??

    3. Nice one neha. Munna aur pandit ka reaction hope the makers will not disappoint us

    4. Mansi

      Congo Neha for the first comment??? completely agree with u, Sameer’s face was to see that time???

      1. Thank u mansi

      2. Mansi

        Ur welcomz sweetheart???❤❤

      3. Hey mansi ?? ummm I love teja but I am not watching any drama except this yeh un Dino ki baat hai ? I don’t get time ??

      4. Mansi

        Hii Ansa??even I love her a lot??☺but it’s not yet started…Still 6 days to go??sad?

    5. And the 1st price goes to neha? yeah Sam’s antics were worth watching funny guy he was getting irritate in temple and the cow ki tail ??

  2. Aarti32

    SaIna ki mandir date??
    Kya Kya socha tha Sameer ne, aur kya hua ??
    Park mein hathon mein hath dale ghumne ki bajay mandir mein hath jode khada tha ? poor Sameer

    Kitta tease kiya usne Naina ko..acche var k liye kr rhi ho ?Sameer beta, usko to itti puja krne ka phal bhi mil gya ?

    Naina ko tease kiya to gaumata ne punchh ghuma k chanta mara ?revenge le liya apni bhakt k liye?

    Aur phir oh Bai taiji ne aake beda gark kr diya ??
    All d while Sameer soch rha tha ki ye apni puri family ko leke ayi h aur wo dar k mare bhag gya??

    1. Aarti ???.u are right thats what munna and pandit taught sameer to put hand in hand with her and impress her as much as possible and pandit went a step forward explaining sameer what to do .But as u said they have to fold hands in front of god???.
      Also sameer got a free gift from gau mata

      1. Aarti32

        Yes..Munna n Pandit ki imaginations to fans se bhi age nikli??

      2. Arti Tussi great ho awsome comment I was smiling like an idiot while reading ur comment ??

      3. Aarti32

        Thank u @Ansa

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Hey aarti…u r newbie welcum to yudkbh family??

      1. Aarti32

        Thanx Ayushi??

    3. They are imagining a old bollywood song but it turned into a bajan song???

      1. Aarti32

        ?? hilarious comment

  3. Aarti32

    Munna n Pandit were hilarious today..actually today also..coz unka ye daily ka h ??

    Aaja piya, tohe pyaar doon?? but but but, SAMEER BLUSHED AT THIS??

  4. Aastha_Reddy

    poor cuteneer get kisses from Cow maatha’s tail…bechara was so cute today… achchha barr haan!!! Ghass khaane aur jiggery khaane gaye the dono..
    Arre!!! 1…2…3.. alarm clocks!!!

    1. Hai astha how are u. Yes ghas khelakar aa gaya dono .

    2. Aarti32

      Me n my mom, both of us were laughing like anything when he was setting 3 alarms ?? imagine how he wud hv woke up when 3 of them wud hv rang together ??

    3. Hai astha pandit was counselling him about other kisses but he got gaumatas pooch ka kissez

    4. Aayushi_kul

      Dont say lyk that dii??? mjhe to 2 phones m alarm lgana pdta h agr jldi uthna ho to???

  5. Sashii

    ???This is the expression on my
    face.What was samer thinking after chat with munna and pandit about brushing
    teeth and all that but what exactly happened ???. When he reached park he stood in high attitude with a pose. Then started everything. ???.sameers face when naina said temple????.Poor guy was banging his head to pillar.
    But her intensions were soo pure and innocent???we cannot say that she is wrong.But samerr is took a bet on wrong yun.
    Hope they will understand each other soon. As samerr is doing all this to impress naina and naina should also do something to impress him plz cvs show us a bit matured naina.But she was correct she created him an impression that she is totally boring to him.
    Plz cvs we dont want sameer to hate or degrade naina. They should always be a couple.

    1. Yes i hope the makers will show what will naina do for sameer. But he is doing it for bet know.

  6. Another awesome episode?
    Kia kahty hain extra large pizza with garlic bread?
    (Ayushi I haven’t mention ice—–?)
    Sameer babu are you milk man?
    Aray sorry sorry our naina called you on 6am kia karain resham ki zulfein walay our naina is just like this only and we all know soon you will fall for her?please please CVs make pooja marry her all friends are married and now bearing childs also???
    Bela na dekhlia naina ko?and now taiji also
    Sameer poor he cow’s tail on his face ??? he was nervous he even don’t know how to go inside the temple??
    Don’t worry when naina is here she will teach him everything soon?
    Eagerly waiting for precap?
    Good night
    How are you all??

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Thankuuu so much ansa fr not mentioning ice cream???? nd extra large pizza wid garlic bread??? muh m paani aa gya…bt not much fav than ice crm nd choclates???
      Nd haan naina will teach him everythng…aftrall sangat ka asar jo hota h???

      1. But pizza is not less ??

    2. Aarti32

      Yes..Pooja ki shaadi krwao aur uska dukhda rona band krwao..
      I don’t like her..don’t know y I get unpleasant vibes from her..I feel she doesn’t treat Naina well

      1. Yeah Arti I argeee?

    3. I too expect pooja di to get married but that too one of sameers relatives or someone so that we can see sameer and naina comming more close and understand each other

      1. WoW anita nice plot you have shared hope yeh hojai???

  7. NerdyBirdie

    Haha, another adorable episode! My only fear is that nothing should happen to Naina. Because I mean “yeh un dinon ki baat hai” and “aaj ki bhi” that for some reason society doesn’t really look at the bad intentions of their sons and just blame girls. -.- At the same time it is relieving to know that Sameer is not irredeemably low and is respecting Naina’s boundaries and understands patience.

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Rytt…ye un dino ki bhi baat hai or aaj ki bhi…that girls r blamed only..lets see what will happen…btw i really lyk ur username bt if u don mind may i know u name plz…i mean it’ll be lil awkward to call u nerdie…

      1. NerdyBirdie

        Haha, don’t worry Ayushi. You can call me Gunjan if my username is weird for you to say, haha.

    2. NB, can i call u like this. Orelse plz tell me no issues. Yes i accept with u not only this but the mentalities of men also didn’t change in present society. Ofcourse a little bit better tgan olden days.
      In the other day’s episode sameer was telling his friends that she should do what i tell her to do if not i will say bye bye.Thats the mentality of men not only then but even now. And being a teenager he is more ziddi
      But yes wholeheartedly we all expect that naina should not face any awkard situation and sameer should understand her soon

      1. NerdyBirdie

        Oh yeah, you can call me NB! Don’t worry! 😀

        Yeah. The good thing is that Sameer’s character has flaws which is realistic and he can work on them. Watching him change as a person would be very refreshing on this show.

    3. Aarti32

      Yes..d show is very nice, so plzz dis shud not happen!!

      Whenever I see your dp, I go in d “oh so cuteee” zone?

      1. NerdyBirdie

        Yeah! If you don’t mind me asking, what is dp?

    4. Nerdy i think we must also see things from sameers point of view. He never intended to hurt naina in early days. He is not a totally spoiled brat. But this steam engine nainas father made him like this. He is asali jaad. And his step father the main villan

      1. NerdyBirdie

        Yeah I agree a bit. I think Sameer’s anger is very different. He keeps it all on the inside and then takes it out through planned out situations. But this anger isn’t really towards Naina it’s towards her father.

        I hope Sameer realizes that by hurting Naina he is not really gaining anything for himself.

    5. Aarti32

      DP means display picture..dat bird in your dp is soo cute

  8. Aayushi_kul

    Poor sameer…kya socha tha kya hua??? temple date haha? bt seriously naina is so cute…nd sameer banging his head on pillar lol….sameer antiqs were damn funny…nd when he said ‘acha var mangne aati ho??’
    O bai taiji in d mandir….m sure she is talking abt bela’ secret groom meeting??

    1. Aarti32

      Dat sar peet-ing part was hilarious ??
      Sameer was bored AF?

      Yes, taiji is talking abt Pooja n her groom’s matter..she’s very irritating ? always jumps into every scene wid her “oh Bai”

    2. Sameer soocha❤❤❤????but hua??????. Aur hum logo ko show dekh kar????

    3. NerdyBirdie

      LOL remember how Naina’s goal is to keep things “masoom” and “nirdosh”! Going to the mandir has a very sweet meaning compared to sneaking around in weird places, haha.

  9. Mansi

    Amazinggggggg episode?????SaIna’s date in Temple????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Sameer’s face was to see that time???Munna n Pandit always stills the show?????precap seems interesting???

    1. Mansi after what it happened in temple how can u put ❤❤❤it must be ???and???for sameer know????(just kidding as we are friends now plz don’t mind)

      1. Mansi

        Of course not Anita?Yep we are friends now☺☺for Sameer??

    2. Aarti32

      Their date was anything but a date?
      I was feeling pity for Sameer ?
      Munna n Pandit r d sunshine of d show?

      1. Mansi

        Yeah Aarti their date??bechara Sameer???yeah right Munna n Pandit are the sunshine of the show☺☺

  10. The soul of this show is very similar to One of best youth romantic show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.
    A rich spoilt brat fall for a quintessential simple ,countryside girl which eventually transforms him into a nice guy.
    Here also Naina’s pure n true love would transform Sameer into a better guy.
    I think right now the show has stuck amidst this bet thing. We along with Sameer know that Naina is simple n average looking girl but now the makers should show the inner good human qualities of Naina so that a respect cum love kind of feeling can be ignited in the heart of Sameer.
    What a cliche every time Sameer says Naina has to do what he wants but unknowingly he is doing everything what Nalna wants……
    I think once he ll genuinely fall for Naina he ll realize that only good looks never matters ,ultimately what matters how beautiful you are b heart.

    1. Aarti32

      Yes..he’s like dancing around Naina’s little finger.. impress krne k liye kitte papad belne padte h?

    2. Vey good comment pragati yes u are right he is doing what she want him to do.But Sameer is basically a bit egoistic because of his wealth, good looks and that male quotient. Many boys used to think at that time. If we watch movies of the time we see always heroine as beechari abla nari and hero as brave and all that.
      The makers are really showing the exact mindsets of plp without exassarating ang ott ideas. Afterall we expect to see what is true know instead of ott ideas which never exist

      1. Thank u Anita for the compliment.
        You know what i think ,although the show is the chronicles of gone by time peiod of 90s but in my view what ever b the time period RESPECT (for each other) is the pioneer of true love.
        Any one can’t do true love. True love can flourish between only those people who are having a beautiful heart be it in today’s world or in world of gone by time period.
        DON’T U AGREE?

      2. Also u are supporting naina but she also hid a fact from him know. She knows her brother is a culprit but still she kept quite. Is it what we call poor soul.Because of her even know the school makes fun of sameer calling him thief though he is not.Even now the principal and all teachers believe that is it ok .No naa
        See frustations are not just for girls but boys also face it and they also have feelings know

    3. Aayushi_kul

      U mentiond one of my fav show of indian television till now…kaisi ye yaariyan??? ‘naina’s pure soul would transform him into a nyc guyy’ yeah hope it’ll happen soon

      1. Aayushi i am sorry to contradict but naina also hid her brothers fact from sameer because of which he faced a lot from her father.
        When she saw a key from sameers pocket she judged him and jumped to conclusions but when it came to her brother she kept quite.
        Its not fair know.Justice must be equal for all know.He is boy that do not mean sameer don’t have izzat at all.

    4. See pragati sameer is not really a bad boy. First he is a bit free going sort but not bad. But its nainas father steam engine who made sameer like this☺☺☺.It is all nainas family which made him like this. We must understand that he didn’t have any intention of hurting her before

      1. yup he is not a bad boy but he is little spoilt for sure. In order to avenge his insult he would ve tried to find the real paper stealer but what he did , cheating n playing with the emotions of a girl.This is not at all appeciable.
        More over he is very boastful about his looks. He is neither a good student nor he won headboy competition ,then what is the point of being so boastful and judging Naina only by her looks n saying her bhenji all the time.This is so disrespectful.
        So i believe Naina is the only girl who can imbibe good human qualities in him.

    5. Pragati we also don’t appreciate sameer calling naina as behanji but i think u didn’t follow the story from beginning. Sameer was a very good friend. He saved his friends and took the blam on him. Understand.
      The problem started when some teachers teased nainas father about sameer being rich did something against him which was a lie. This stupid steam engine nainas father believed it and started to create problems for sameer.
      He did what not to irritate that boy.???.And he created impression that naina was responsible for all this and even the punishment sameer got.
      I think u know how teenagers react . they react like potassium just a bit of sun rays will iginate them.
      Thats what it happened

    6. Pragati yes good looks are not everything but practically world is like this.We cannot change them.
      We don’t appreciate sameer degrading naina but soon he will fell for her.
      But at the same time naina hid a fact from sameer. What will happen to sameer when he knows the girl whome he confined hid such a big fact of his innocence from him.
      U said he should have found who the culprit is. But sameer is smart enough. He sensed that it was arjun .
      Thats why arjun was never able see into sameers eyes as he know that sameer knows about his guilt.
      But sameer couldn’t prove as arjun and nainas father is always after sameer calling him thief.Even he propagated in whole school that sameer is a thief. Who will help him.nobody na.
      Here both are a bit guilty

    7. Yes i accept good looks don’t matter always but the world outside is like that we cannot fight it know practically.
      Btw i didn’t see the serial u wrote but i say this may be a different story.
      Here naina is also hiding the fact of sameers innocence from everyone.
      If he is a rich good looking boy it is not correct that he should be called as thief.
      I want to see what will happen when sameer gets to know that naina hid such a big thing from him. Which is very important to him.
      Thatswhy his mother left him and his step father degraded him.
      Even sameer is not degrading naina on her face but sameer was slapped and taunted so hard in his face.
      So here both are hiding facts from each other and both are good ☺☺☺.
      If u get similar comment sorry it was my first comment which i feel will not be posted

  11. Aarti32

    Sameer is so funny..when Naina said chachi!! He said, cow to Mata hoti h na, chachi kaise??

    R u nuts Sameer ??

  12. After all the comments by all what can i write new. But i want to see sameer feeling jealous for naina. I want a competitor for sameer as naina is facing tough competitors for sameer in future same should happen to sameer
    I strongly believe what sameer did to sanjay tibriwal was out of that odd feeling as other boys also teased him .I dont that boys name who is leader of the gang but he teased sameer like anything but sameer didn’t do anything with him. But they did very baf with this sanjay.
    But i want to sed really jealous sameer for naina ☺☺☺☺

    1. I mean see not sed. I meant i dont know the boys name and it is bad not baf

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Same pinch dear…. jealous sameer wld be a treat to watch???

    3. Anita i too want to see a competitor for sameer. I want see jealous sameer.☺☺☺.
      But i also feel sameer did it intentionally with sanjay. What say girls

      1. this serial is so much fun, really reminds me of the 90’s.Cant wait to see the serial unfolding. they should put some more fun element like a school picnic

  13. Pragati we also don’t appreciate sameer calling naina as behanji but i think u didn’t follow the story from beginning. Sameer was a very good friend. He saved his friends and took the blam on him. Understand.
    The problem started when some teachers teased nainas father about sameer being rich did something against him which was a lie. This stupid steam engine nainas father believed it and started to create problems for sameer.
    He did what not to irritate that boy.???.And he created impression that naina was responsible for all this and even the punishment sameer got.
    I think u know how teenagers react . they react like potassium just a bit of sun rays will iginate them.
    Thats what it happened

    1. Aarti32

      Yes..not Sameer’s revenge but his anger is somewhere justified..Rakesh sir has provoked him..A LOT

  14. Manojit Basak

    I think sameer and naina will separete from each other because the show is “Yeh un dino ki baat hai”. Naina will know the truth. Naina’s voice over tells almost every episode that frist love frist love. And we know naina is now a famous writter and preeti famous hair designer but she never mention now where is sameer and what he is doing now. So it is clear that in 1990 they will not get together and also in a episode she told that ” Sameer mafi mang raha tha,iss k piche uska apna swarth tha par mai to usse sachhi pyar korti thi phir bhi mai usse teacher se mar khilbai,aaj bhi jab mai eya soch ta hoon to aankhon mai aansu aa jate hai,pehla pyar esa hi to hota hai,hamesha aankhon mai reh jata hai”.I think that though naina is famous writter she is single and her love story with sameer completed in recent years 2017or 2018.

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