Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Tayi ji brings an alliance for Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mama ji and Prabha knocking on Sameer’s door. Poonam asks Mama ji to open the door. Door opens up and Mama ji falls down. Munna and Pandit come there. They are shocked to see Sameer in Kurta Pajama. Munna asks why is he wearing Nana ji’s clothes. Sameer tells about Baba ji and says Om. Everyone get worried. Anand brings grocery home and asks Naina and Preeti to make custard. Taya ji and Tayi ji come there. Taya ji says it is good news. Bela says in this age. Tayi ji says it is for Naina and says alliance came for her. Anand is shocked. Taya ji says I said yes. Anand says you would have talked to us. Tayi ji says guy is good and is working as CA trainee, earns 2000 Rs. She says they see Naina’s pic and liked her. Bela says Naina’s pic? Tai ji says which was

taken on Puja day. Bela tells Anand that she told him already about Tayi ji upto some planning. Naina says I don’t want to marry now. Tayi ji says she will be happy. Taya ji says she is 18 now. Anand says they shall not hurry up.

Tayi ji says they have no demands and the guy has no siblings. Taya ji says it is not easy to get alliance for such girl. Anand asks what do you mean? Taya ji says everyone knows Rakesh’s behavior and he earns less. Anand says they will search alliance for her later. Taya ji says if they don’t get alliance again and tells that she is not good looking also. Taya ji asks them to agree. Rakesh comes home. Anand asks him to refuse. Rakesh asks what is the problem and says marriage will happen with no dowry. He says I agree with bhabhi ji and praises her. Anand says I will do Naina’s marriage, just like I have done Pooja’s marriage, but let her complete college.

Tayi ji says if she did something like Arjun then. Bela says my daughters are not like that. Rakesh asks Tayi ji to call the people. Anand asks what are you saying? Rakesh says I don’t want to take your favors. Anand says she is like my daughter. Rakesh says but she is my daughter and asks Tai ji to call them so that their problem ends. Anand and Bela get tearful and cry. Taya ji asks Tayi ji to call in the morning. Tai ji says ok. Naina is in shock. Her voiceover tells that Papa used that used jhanjhat that day and tells her that his jhanjhat would have been over for him if she gets married.

Munna, Pandit, Mami and Mama ji laugh seeing Sameer. Prabha tells that Mama ji brought so many things to him for a change. Sameer talks about change in hindi from baba ji’s perspective. Mami ji asks what he would like to have. Sameer says he wants to purify his soul also and asks for Sadvik food. Poonam brings boiled vegetables. Munna and Pandit ask him to have normal food. Sameer asks them to have patience and says om. Munna thinks Sameer has gone and in Naina’s love.

Sameer eats boiled food. Munna says if he will become God. Naina prays to God and tells that she don’t want to get married and says she wants to separate with Sameer, but not this way. She asks him to do some miracle. Her voiceover tells that when she thinks of Sameer’s tapasvi chapter that may be he was weak like in studies. He says he didn’t know that their love story was writing and will become special. He looks at Naina and his wedding invitation card which he made and also Naina’s pic. He is about to tear her pic, but stops. Laila ko bhool jayenge plays….Naina looks on sad.

Sameer went out. When he returns, Poonam asks why did he go barefeet? Sameer tells that he brought what was needed and shows Sadho slippers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today’s episode was awesome…liked the way the makers adding fun element in such a sad track in form of Sameer Baba…😂😂😂loved his pravachans…and munna pandit saying…ye to bhagwaan bn jayega…😂😂😂Precap of Sameer bringing khadaau😂😂😂😂
    Poor Naina…!!! I felt heartbroken when his father called her a jhanjhat…😡😡😡She never considered Naina as his daughter…Now he is arguing with Anand…No girl should get a father like him…Hate Rakesh and Taiji…😡😡
    Actually this show is a mirror of Indian Society where a girl has no right to take her decisions… It’s her family which would decide what is good/bad for her…And it very much justifies Naina’s decision of breaking up with Sameer…But her Mistake is that it’s been too late to take this decision… It’s almost impossible to tolerate such a pain after deep love…

  2. guys totally agreed with AShu’s comment, great and good to read…………………..

    cannot control my laughter seeing Sameer current getup and Mama and Mamiji acting this time i loved their performance………………………………….

    poor naina and i hate this Tayaji,taiji and Rakesh……………..

    Loved the way Chacha and chachi’s reacted towards Naina’s marriage proposal………………..

    awaiting to witness how they are going to overcome this phase……………………

    BTW – Naina’s voiceover seems to happy – can anyone clearly explain me what was the last segment of her voiceover tells…………………………………………..

  3. I stopped to watch this serial because of separation part as now the family members has involved in it. I cant able to see the lead pairs in this format. However, I am reading the written episodes to just to aware what is going on & waiting for the proper track when everything will be normal.

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