Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31st January 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeti urges Naina to forgive Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31st January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua Dadi asking the ladies to grind the haldi nicely so that it shows color on skin. Tai ji brings cabbage and keeps it. Naina’s voiceover tells that the marriage functions used to be arranged by the family members. Arjun peels matar. One of the lady teases him. Arjun says I can do anything, but nobody is giving him work. Tai ji says what you can do by sitting here and asks if he can do all the work. Bua says others can do this work and says Arjun will handle all responsibilities in his sister’s wedding. He will sing and dance too. Bela sings roop tera mastana…Bua says you are mistaken and sings brother-sister song….meri pyaari beheniya….Arjun comes to Pooja. Bela gets emotional. Neighbor tells that you got her marriage fixed at right time.


ji tells about Aashiqui’s song. Bua asks her to concentrate on her life. Bela says she trusts her daughters, and they are away from guys. Preeti asks Naina why did she hide from her. Sameer asks her to listen. Relative asks Bela to search alliance for Naina and Preeti. Bela says she will get them married in the same house. Naina scolds Sameer and says you brought storm in my life, and says if Preeti tells anything then what will happen, all relatives are outside. Sameer asks her to listen.

Naina refuses to listen to him and asks him to go far away from her. Preeti tells that Naina is a big liar. Bela asks what happened? Bua says both sisters must have fought. Naina comes out and says it is a small thing. Preeti says I will tell everyone about Naina’s biggest mistake. Tai ji says she will get heart attack. Bua asks her to tell. Naina says Preeti got angry on a small thing. Preeti says everyone shall know. Sameer says you both are fighting for a small thing and asks Preeti to leave it. Preeti asks him not to interfere. Bela says sisters will get back also. Naina asks Sameer not to interfere between sisters.

Tai ji says Bholu Ram is a guest here and you are misbehaving with him. Bela asks Preeti if she is fighting as she worn her dress and asks them to go inside and fight. Naina goes behind Preeti. Preeti slaps her. Naina says you have slapped me. Preeti says she will slap more. Naina asks her to slap again. Preeti slaps her again. Naina says you can slap me being my sister. Preeti says how can you hide from me, I am your sister, now I understand about your fights at shop.

Naina says Sameer gave me that cassette. She says nothing was serious between them. Preeti says Swati, munna, Pandit and Shefali knows about it. She says your sister don’t know anything, but others know. Naina tells everything about the bet. Preeti says he told me I love you thinking me as you. Naina says everything is ended. Preeti says he is hearing our taunts and working here as Servants as he loves you. Naina says she wants to forget Sameer and end the matter right away. She says she wants to end his name from her life. Preeti asks her to end it now itself and takes her out. They go out. Bua says they are together again, it is called sister’s love and taunts Bela and Taiji. Taiji offers her juice, which Bua refuses.

Munna and Pandit are worried about sisters’ talk. Munna says we shall run away from here. Sameer says are you mad? Munna says if they hit us, then we will get mad. Sameer says this is love war for us, and says he will not go, and asks them to go. Munna says we can get beaten up, but will not leave you. Preeti asks Swati to come with them. Pandit says both men and women will beat us. Munna tells Swati, Naina and Preeti are coming there. Swati asks what is happening? Preeti asks Munna and Pandit to keep quiet. She asks Naina to end everything now itself, and forgive Sameer. Sameer is shocked. Preeti smiles and says inko…jinke aage ji hai jinke peeche ji hai..jiske main saali…She smiles. Naina asks are you mad? Preeti says she has gone mad thinking how can Sameer change so much in love. Munna asks Naina to forgive Sameer. Pandit says he loves you truly. Swati also asks her to forgive him. Sameer asks Naina to forgive him. Naina looks on.

Anand refuses to forgive Bela. Sameer promises Naina that he will make Anand forgive Bela, and then Naina will forgive him. Naina looks on. Preeti smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wowwww preeeti??????

  2. Priti can see love in Sameer’s gesture why cannot Naina not see ???

    1. True ????

  3. Samaira_khan

    Hello guys im the commentor who used to comment before also and i did esterday too! but its showing some different id..
    Im not against naina as i commented yesterday its just tht im not able to tolerate her behavior anymore…
    Today s STAR of the episode was PREETI lovedddd her.. i laughed sooo adlyy when she was slapping Naina i mean tht was soooo cute of their sisterbonding and yeah even i felt tht Preeti was an imp person in naina s life so she should obvio say her… I agreee to ech and every point of preeti exactly who will go this mad in love like Sameer.. sorry to say i feel naina just needs some footage she should actually end with Sameer if she has sooo much of ego andd problem.. as expecte in promo too only Sameer is helping her family… i neverrrr saw Naina doing something for his amily u know both Sameer and naina s lives r complicated but i feel Sameer s life is more tough he never got tht love atleat naina got.. whtver it is i will be hooked on to show… ashi and randeep GOD fantabulous job!! guys plzzz commenttt

    1. Dekho, mains isn’t wrong at all…its 1990.
      Try AAJ ka jaamana nhi ki sorry bola aur maafi mill hai…1990s mein yeh sb hi hota…iss show ko 1990s ke najariye se Dekho

    2. Wow..! You are back..! I used to live all your comments for Bigg Boss..!

      1. Samaria_Khan

  4. very lovely episode

  5. Such a sweet episode with a expected twist.. I wish I too had friends like munna and pandit ??and can anyone say what is the meaning of those words said by preethi which made sameer smile.?

    1. She meant to say jijaji meaning brother-in-law

      1. Tq preety??

    2. She said Naina to pls forgive Sameer caz he is her future Brother – in – Law and She is his sister – in – law

      1. Tq nikki ??

  6. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome Episode!

  7. Just a thought. What if Sameer goes away for a couple of days legitimately. Would Naina miss his presence? Naina need to feel that missing feeling.

    1. It would be great actually..!

  8. I feel no need of Sameer absence, to miss someone one need to forget ………….and Naina cant forget Sameer ever ………………. in here heart she still loves him only her mind is stopping to show the love

  9. awesome episode i should have such a sister like that and friends like swati and shefali

  10. i should have such a sister like that and friends like swati and shefali

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