Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sameer writes letter for Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swati telling Preeti that she got Madhuri and Aamir’s film song cassette and tells that it has madhuri and aamir’s kissing scene. Preeti says she will see. Naina says she likes Salman. Swati stumbles seeing Sameer and says school Salman have come. Naina’s voiceover thinks to use the code word and rings two bells. Swati asks why she is ringing cycle bell when nobody is there. Naina says she is checking if ring bells in his heart and says checking cycle bell. Naina’s voiceover tells that they have done PhD in romance. Sameer turns and looks at her. Tere mere beech me song plays…..Sameer gets down from his bike. Munna and pandit ask what is this? Sameer says he is trying to win the bet. Seniors come and teases Sameer. Sameer says Naina will come and say

I love you.

Naina and Swati come to the class and is about to sit, but their classmates don’t let them sit near Sameer and sit there instead. Sameer comes and sits beside Naina. The boy asks him to go to his seat. Sameer gets angry. The boy holds his collar. Sameer is about to hit him. Naina coughs twice, then puts book twice on bench. Sameer stops and asks the boy to learn all chemistry in a day. The girl thanks him. Naina smiles. Sir comes and tells that he will teach them about gas.
Naina’s voiceover tells that the code word between them was making her heart happy. Sir tells about laughing gas, tear gas and love formula. He asks Naina to write love formula on board. Naina writes and tells that the gas is affects heart and is visible by eyes. It turns out to be her imagination. Sameer makes sound twice.

Naina also makes sound. Sameer writes on the paper asking where to meet. Tohfa song plays. Sir comes and keeps his foot on the letter. Naina picks it and reads. She gets tensed. Bela gets a letter from her mausi. Tai ji tells that she read it already as Bela cries. Sir asks Naina to write sodium carbonate formula. Naina goes to board and opens Sameer’s letter. She tears it and writes the formula on board. Munna tells Sameer that she is smart. Bela checks the phone and says it is fine. Pralay comes. Bela stops him from picking the call. Tai ji asks her to let him pick the call. She taunts Bela and takes Pralay with her. Bela receives the call and gets happy. She tells Pooja that alliance have come.

Munna tells Sameer that he is doubtful that Naina will come. Sameer says if she cries then I will tell her tata bye bye. Bela tells Anand that groom’s family is coming to see Pooja, but not at home. They will meet outside. Anand says he will tell bhaiya and bhabhi. Bela says alliance will break again. Pooja says all my friends are married and have children also. Anand asks her to be silent. Bela tries to convince him. Anand says I will not come and asks her to meet them. Swati asks Naina what was written in that Sameer’s message. Naina says there was some drawing. Swati says it was code word and tells that Sameer had written for her. Naina asks how did you know that it was for you. Swati says Sameer will not write for you and that’s why it was for her. Naina asks what is wrong in her. Swati says you are not that type. Sameer comes. Naina drops handkerchief so that Sameer also bends down to pick it. Song plays. She asks him to meet outside park. Sameer smiles.

Sameer asks Naina to come if she is done with Pooja. Naina smiles. Tai ji looks at them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aarti32

    I request dis Swati to plzz, for God’s sake, stop misinterpreting Sameer’s actions towards Naina, as towards her!!
    Kya ladki h yaar wo?

  2. Aarti32

    When Sameer stopped fighting jst on Naina’s clearly indicates dat he HAS some feelings for her..


  3. Aarti32

    Munna n Pandit r so cute..luv them yaar?
    Bas Munna jaldi se Swati ko pata le taki Sameer ka picha chhod de wo?

    1. Sashii

      Hai welcome here. Plz try to comment daily. Btw i too like pandit and preeti but the girl will always indulged in her own world. If she gives little glance side ways its ok. But she never does.She is not swati or kamya know??.

      1. Aarti32

        Yes, I’ll be regular n u can expect all sorts of madness from me?

    2. Harshaa

      Hai aarti i too like pandit and preeti as well as maswa or manati whatever it might be these girls made it. But seriously want to see shefali and arjun.

  4. Aarti32

    Guys, I’m new here, so I don’t know how many of u do dis, but I ship Pandit n Preeti ?
    They’re ?

    1. Samaira_khan

      Hey dear.. Welcome firstly.. Even I feel the sameeeee ❤️❤️

      1. Aarti32

        Thank u Sam

    2. Hai dear welcome here but plz try to write regularly.These days we are finding new plp daily but they won’t be regular.☺☺☺. Well i also like pandit and preeti jodi. I saw their off screen masti also. But i don’t know how to ship them.

      1. Aarti32

        I’ll try my best to be regular n mix up wid everyone out here!!?
        Yeah, their offscreen pics r jst luvlyyyy
        Y just hv to praise them as we do for SaIna

    3. Hey dear welcome ?

  5. Samaira_khan

    AMAZINGGGGG SUPER CUTEEEEEEEE AND AWWWWWWWWWW!! these were the only words coming from my mouth watching the episode… uff simply amazing yaar.. starting codessss sooooo cute… hihi i was laughing when the narrator was saying tht the raj simran palat was done by them and they aldready did phd in it!! hihi.. u know i love it when munna and all praise naina.. simply amazingg… huhh tht girl always try to come between naina and sameer.. but atleat its not like stupid dramas a bigg issue,.. its cool so im kinda ok with it!! blackboard scene!!! cuteee hmm so our naina has become too bold and daring haan!! not bad!! nice.. today i really enjoyed it.. its sooo pure.. and dont u think guys tht sameer is really falling in love with naina.. soooo cuteee.. but the main problem was tht naina sfrnd is thinking tht sameer is liking her !! huhh i just hope naina clears her out and tht dosent affect their frndship!! and abt the rishta scene and all i think tht everyone is right in their places.. chachi is also kind of right.. but i they r hiding im sure its going to be a big vala issue.. ok just our sameer naina should not be disturbed!!
    precap- HORRIFYING
    this tayji huhh such a villan..

    1. Nice comment. As u said very nice episode. Thats why i said earlier that sameer should make swati tie rakhi to him and end this issue

    2. Samaira u are true.Nice comment and good morning. That girl comming in between sameer and naina is looking as a good twist. Yes everybody appreciate naina was good

      1. Hai welcome here. Keep commenting. Btw i too wish preeti and pandit are good jodi along with MANTI

    3. I dont think Sameer is falling in love with Naina …its all for the sake of winning the bet

    4. Aarti32

      Yes, dat oh Bai taiji is no less than dat Rakesh Sir ?

    5. Sashii

      Samaira what said is true. Naina is turning bold. Thats why they say sangat ka asar( if ur friends with some person for sometime u will slowly become like them and they like u)So whom is naina is in friendship with. The great sameer maheshwari???kuch toh asar hoga naaa.

      1. Harshaa

        Nice one bura sangat ka asar

  6. Hai all.First belated birthday wishes to mansi.Comming to the episode it is so nice. For the first time sameer appreciated naina that she is smart.
    But my opnion is that this bet issue must complete like the boys how posed bet to sameer must back off for some reason and the story must move forward with naina and sameer knowing each others truth and the facts which they hid from each other.
    My question is how do u feel that this bet will be dismissed.
    My dear regular members who write here harshaa anita astha aayushi mansi neha ansa and other, sorry if i forgot anybodies names but plz feel free to share ur opinion

    1. I mean each others truth latter when they want to take their relationship one level up as presently both of them are becoming good friends

    2. Hai ravi. U r right i am also not liking this taunting in the name of bet.I too want their friendship to start.
      For ur question my answer will be arjun should suspect naina and sameer and he should know about the bet and plead sameer to leave the bet and he will apologize him and he must warn thhe other boys that he will tell this to principal about their act and that way dismissing the bet

    3. Mansi

      Hii Ravi??thank u for ur wish☺very awesome comment?????

      1. Harshaa

        Belated happy wishes to u mansi. May god bless u

      2. Mansi

        Thank u Harshaa for ur wish☺☺

    4. Ravi thanks for asking my opinion.yes i too feel that bet issue and nainas secret from sameer should come out only when they try to take their relationship one level up. Then only the story will get a twist.And yes presently they are good friends

    5. Aarti32

      I don’t think those rouges wud ever back off!! (Someone tell them to concentrate in their studies instead of betting wid their juniors)
      After Sameer’s feelings wud become deep n Naina wud confess her luv to him, d bet thing wud strike on Sameer’s u know, forgetting abt d bet when spending time with Naina..n then not feeling good remembering of d bet

      1. Harshaa

        This is also a good opinion

    6. Sashii

      Ravi u didn’t mention my name but no worries i will participate .?.
      For me also sameer and naina should become good friends and as aarti said that he must forget about the bet then the twist must come.
      But i also feel if the twist is naina will do something to help those rouges that they get ashamed to make a bet against her and they themselves drop the bet.
      And at end of first season the fact must comeout that sameer took a bet to woe naina and naina also hid the fact of his innocence from sameer

    7. Harshaa

      Ravi i agree with u this bet issue must finish that too without naina getting aware of it. Something must happen as many of them suggested which will make these boys drop their bet.
      And it too feel that this bet issue of sameer and that paper leak issue of naina should come out once they are very good friends and ready to take up their relationship

  7. Hai nice episode. Worth waiting till monday. So at last sameer revealed what is after toh. Myself had not much experience in love life could not understand what he really meant. But as many here suggested it is a date he is asking for. But it was great naina took him to temple. Thats naina???taking bf for date to temple. I think she felt she needs gods blessings i think before starting new relation ☺☺☺.
    Sameer was fighting yesterday and when naina asked him to stop he stopped looked like awww
    Sameer have feelings for naina it is clear.Slowly he is appreciating her day by day. But this munna and pandit are not able to get the air yet. If not they are not the guys to keep quite

    1. Aarti32

      Temple date!! Only Naina can do dis?

    2. Sashii

      Oh i too understood what is that toh and what is after toh.A private date ???.But date to temple????.
      Really on the other day shefali is right this naina is half mad

  8. Mansi

    Fantastic episode????lovely Naina taking Sameer to Temple to seek God’s blessings??❤❤❤❤Their love story is taking in good step???precap is lovely????

    1. Hai mansi belated wishes. Many more happy returns

      1. Mansi

        Hi Neha??Thank u for ur wish☺☺

    2. Sashii

      Hai mansi yes its a fantastic episode.

      1. Mansi

        Hii Sashii?I just loved this episode??❤❤❤❤

    3. Yeah mansi their love story alaw hai and going on good track? profile pic?

      1. Mansi

        Hii Ansa?yeah right??Glad u loved my DP???So u too looking forward to Teja’s show?

  9. A very good episode. Sameer and naina that love code two rings soooo cute???. So they will go for a date to temple. The main reason for this show to be soo awesome is the fact that the characterization. Its so simple and nice that we get connected.
    This tayji and tauji dont bother about their kid his behavior and all that but ready to teach the society. I feel the cvs must write such scene that everyone must rise finger against their upbringing ????.that boy is very pampered and his mother always support him.Stupid woman.
    But that chachiji issue, certain things happen at home. U see if we see from her point of view she is correct.As we saw poojas rishtas were broken many a time by this so called family.In previous episodes as we saw.
    Naina is smart thats true as sameer also got to know.
    Also sameer also loves naina . He is expressing it openly. When he said to his friends that if she cries again i will tell her that she should not cry hereafter if she want to be with me. She should obey me thats alll.If not i will say bye bye✋✋.
    But liked that dialogues it shows sameers attitude??.He wants naina to obey him. But in those days many men used to think like him.???.
    But why swati is thinking that she is smarteer and cuteer than naina???. Swati ur deewana is someone else our dearest munna bhai. Why don’t u give bhaav to him.
    I felt a bit bad when swati made fun of naina. Poor naina its her lover ???sameer and everybody is asking for right over him ???.
    Why did they stopped shefali and arjun story to move forward. Plz start their story also. It will be intresting

    1. Sashii

      Hai anita nice comment a bit big but u put all the facts in.
      Yes that tayji and tauji must be taught a lesson.
      Also u see family will be like that only know. Generally we find plp like chachiji who dont want to share about her childs wedding details to everyone as we saw in previous episode what happened with that dys functional family.
      And comming to sameer he opened his heart in front of his friends sometimes as he is confused between his feelings. He is young that age such things happen.
      And coming to sameers attitude yes he want naina to obey him and listen to him. Not only at that time even today we find that mentalities to be real work other than fiction
      If we start fighting it will end up in nothing. So we need to be practical and accept the ways of the world

      1. Yes nice. comment. Sashii yes life outside is like that itself.If we go on fighting we will end up fighting.☺☺☺ we must accept the society as it is.

  10. Hey guys ?
    Aj ki episode wah rey wah want to say something just make sound time Sameer will get to know ?
    That cycle wala part tw bhae I was having goosebumps ?
    They are really nailing there scenes every character is performing✌✌???
    Sameer stopped fighting for naina ???
    Scary precap ?
    Busy right now that’s why this chotu and fuzool comment ?
    Mansi how was your birthday?
    How are you all ???

    1. Such a late comment. What girl exams.☺☺☺.Fine a nice comment for this day.
      Are u happy for this “temple date”???
      I thought of a film date for our cuteneer???

      1. Hehehehehe sholly for late comment? no not exmas monthly tests?
        Happy is small word I am on clod nine curious to see what will happen in their 1st date?khuchi muchi koo??
        Film date hmnm its also a dhansu idea???
        How are you BTW?

  11. Hey plz ell me if that LOVE FORMULA SCENE was really naina’s dream? It didn’t seem like any dream.
    The other day Swati was saying Sameer is smart and Naina agreed to it (the next day when Naina got to knw Sameer was not the thief) n today Manoj was saying the same for Naina to which Sameer agreed…….. Nice coincidence na………..
    Yes slowly Sameer is also falling for Naina thats why he has not shared about their CODE to his frinds .

    1. No it was nainas imagination but i too felt it real especially sameers expressions
      Yes that smartness concidence is correct. Also there swati said and naina accepted and here munna said and sameer accepted

  12. Ghvpriya

    Wow!!! Yesterday’s episode was awesome. The way sameer responded to naina when she rang the bell, when he stopped the fight because of her, shows that he is giving special importance to naina. So interesting to see it and their cute scenes are wonderful and precap is really very exciting. Munna and Pandit are very funny. Love this show a lot

    1. Yeah its a great show. Lets enjoy it and good evening

  13. Kal ka epi accha tha…full of romance hi tha…ekbaar Bhi nahi laga ki sameer sirth Puri karne yeh Sab kar raha hai….

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