Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina is worried about Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Male VO says…He finally changed his taste after boring himself and everyone with songs from Nanu’s era,then came the preachings of Babaji,after hearing which he felt like Sharukh khan…i.e just like how violin starts playing in SRK’s mind as soon as he sees heroine,bells start ringing in his ears and fragrance of incense sticks spread in the air.He started doing some weird things which when remembered even now makes him laugh.

Samir starts hearing to Babaji’s preachings about sorrows,giving up desires etc.He starts meditating as instructed by Babaji.

Male VO says…He should have kept this Babaji’s chapter in his life a secret.He neither did such a foolish thing in the past nor after this.

Taiji is speaking to a lady about finding

match for Naina.She assures Taiji that she’ll find her a good match from a rich family.Taiji tells her to find a middle class match as they cant afford to fulfil the demands of Rich family matches.She gives Naina’s description to that lady and talks bad about Rakesh as he cant afford to fulfil the demands of rich matches.She gives Naina’s photo to the lady,while the latter is impressed with Naina’s pic,Taiji stresses on finding only a normal match for Naina.

Naina-Preethi in bazaar…Preethi tells Naina that they borrow a video cassette but Naina isnt interested.Preethi takes her to the shop but Naina tells her that they should go home as she remembers her encounter with Samir in that video shop and their war of words with movie names.Preethi tells her to stay there as she’ll go and get the cassette.She brings Beta movie.They go to eat chat when MunDit join them.They taunt them for enjoying while Samir is suffering.Naina tries to ask about Samir’s whereabouts but Munna taunts her to stop acting nice and not to bother about Samir and continue enjoying.She tells them to care of Samir.MunDit tell her that its nothing new to them as they have been doing it since 3 years…while she keeps hurting Samir,they keep trying to bring him to normalcy.She cant get anyone as loving as Samir.Preethi tries to talk in Naina’s defence but MunDit tell her to stop as they arent interested in hearing it.They leave by lying that Samir is happy.

Male VO says…MunDit were worried about him as he’s sad but they didnt know that he has given up his sadness and has been promoted from Devdas to Saathvik sanyasi in his love test.

Samir becomes anxious as he hears the phone ringing in SamAina’s code.He receives the call.Rote rote hasna seekho plays…its Naina’s playing it from the other end.He plays Zindagi har kadam ek nayi jinu hai…jeet jayenge hum tu agar sang hai…Naina plays..Har kisiko nahi milta hai …Yahaan Pyar Zindagi Mein..Samir plays Ja ja ja mujhe na ab yaad aa…O.. mujhe bhool jaane de, jaane de..Naina ends the call crying.Samir too starts crying.

Naina is worried about Samir.Preethi scolds her to go to him and start her love story again.Bela hears last part of their conversation and panics.Preethi lies that she’s talking about Love story movie which is about to come on tv.Bela is relieved.While they enter into their society laundry man gives Bela the pink frock gifted by Samir to Naina saying that it has been there with him for a while.Naina is worried as Preethi says that she has given it to laundry so that she can hide it after getting it pressed.Bela asks them both if its their dress as she has seen it before.She gives it back to the guy as its not theirs.Bela starts chatting with some ladies.Preeti tells Naina that they’ll take it later silently.

The laundry guy asks those ladies if the frock belongs to their family.They deny at first but one of the lady says its her daughter’s after hearing from the guy that the one who gave it hasnt picked it up.Bela doesnt trust her as its very costly which she cant afford and asks her the same.The lady says that they can afford it.Naina asks from where she bought that dress which angers the lady.Preethi covers up saying that she wants to but similar dress for her birthday.The lady lies again.Preethi wonders how that dress fits her daughter whose is fat.The lady taunts Bela and leaves.

Naina shares her concerns with Preethi about not being able to confess to Chachi that its her dress gifted by Samir leave alone telling her about Samir.

Samir is meditating doing yoga etc…Male VO says…he started feeling that while every word Babaji is saying is going straight into his brain,Naina is starting to leave from his heart.He’s feeling like that but thats not actually happening because by doing meditation,yoga in such comfortable clothes etc…One can get salvation only in dreams..

Mamaji and Mamiji are shocked to see Samir in such a state.Mamaji is worried about Samir ruining his life doing such things because he knows a guy who went in this path and became mad.Mamiji wonders if they should tell Visakha about Samir’s state.Mamaji becomes angry as there’s chance of Visakha thinking that they failed to take care of Samir if they tell her about Samir.Mamiji wonders how they can bring Samir back to normalcy.

PRECAP: Rakesh says that he agrees with Beena.He tells her to call the family as he’s ok with that match for Naina.
Anand tries to knock some sense into Rakesh but he’s adamant that he knows very well whats right for his daughter hurting Anand.He tells Beena to call the family immediately.

Update Credit to: Munni

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  1. Cute si love story ko boring na kro pls…

  2. guys, yes of course it is started boring…..the whole drama makes us feel little bit boring, there are too many why’s????

    Why Vishakha is not getting updated about Sameer? even there is no scene stating that she is trying to call or visit to ahmedabad to see his son…..
    Why Mami and Mamaji was not taking any serious step to bring back sameer to normal mode?
    Why Naina’s emotion are very less compared to Sameer? very first time i feel sameer steals the show.
    Why even Munna and Pandit are not very serious about sameer’s current situation.

  3. DOnt know what’s is the plan of makers but as of now they are unnecessary making the situation like rubber.Taiji was shown as elder lady of the house which was understandable but now they are making her schemer types which is spoiling her charterer.

    Makers please do something and bring back the magic

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