Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer confesses his love infront of Preeti

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rakesh asking Tent guy to keep the tent fast. Tent guy gets angry and says I will return the money. Munna, Sameer and Pandit come there. Rakesh asks them to come. Sameer’s voiceover tells that they were Rakesh’s three monkeys whom he calls whenever he has some work. Rakesh asks them to put the tent in 10 mins. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he was keeping tent outside Naina’s house leaving the luxuries, as he has given pain to Naina, may be he will get counted in classic lovers. Pandit says we are Ramu kaka in his sasural. Munna says if his mummy and Papa come to know then they will scold him. Sameer says did you think about me and says I don’t know if she forgave me or not. They get back to work.

Swati and Naina argue to wear a dress for the function.

Swati comes to them and asks why you are fighting over a dress. Naina says it is my dress, I will wear, and they go to balcony arguing. She sees Sameer digging the land for putting tent.

Preeti says he is looking like Salman khan who broke rocks for Suman of Maine Pyaar Kya. She says I don’t know why is he doing this. Sameer waves them hi. Naina is still standing out, but goes. Sameer says today either Naina’s stubbornness will lose, or my love will win. Naina meets the relatives and says she will keep their stuff. Sameer comes and takes the bags. Yeh undinon ki plays…He asks did you forgive me? Naina says I felt good by your gesture. Sameer asks can we be friends again? Anand calls Sameer and asks him to come.

Later Sameer comes to Naina and gives her bangles, and says it is for you. Naina refuses to take from him and says their relation is not to take gifts. Sameer keeps the gift and leaves as Rakesh calls him. He gets busy in the work, and looks at Naina. He throws the flower petal purposely so that Naina picks it and he can get chance to talk to him. He asks her if she apologized to him. Naina says I know that you are acting to be good and it is your trick so that your heart burden lowers and you don’t need to go to Delhi. She says I can forgive you, if I can forgive myself for trusting and loving you. Arjun comes and asks Naina if everything is fine. Naina says yes. Arjun holds Sameer’s hand and asks him to be away from her. Sameer says I was just telling her that Naina and I….Arjun holds his collar and asks him not to join his name with that of Naina, and says she is innocent, if you try to get close to her then remember that nobody is bad than me. Munna and Pandit asks Sameer to leave her and says she has become stone hearted. Sameer says I will tell her truth.

Sameer comes to Preeti thinking Naina is standing and says I was wrong, but today you are wrong. He says I am not afraid to go to Delhi or any punishment. He says Arjun came to him and fought, he didn’t fight with him. Preeti is standing and hearing him. Naina comes out to balcony and sees Sameer talking. Preeti is shocked as he tells. Sameer says Arjun was very angry when he came to know about us, I got a chance to win your heart and remove your pain , I am caring Arjun for my heart. He says I pretend to love you for bet, but now I really love you and says I love you. Naina comes running there. Preeti is still shock. Naina calls Sameer. Sameer is shocked to hear her voice from his back side. Preeti turns to Sameer. Sameer turns towards Naina and see her. He realizes the blunder. Preeti cries and recalls everything.

Pandit says if Preeti tells everyone that they will be beaten up badly. Munna says they shall leave. Naina follows Preeti and asks her to listen. Preeti slaps her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. luv this show❤

  2. OMG!! this is tooooooooooooo much now..ok im a great fan of both of them.. but now on im going to support only and ONLY sameer!! im hatinggggg this Naina wht does she think tht she is best and only Sameer commits mistakes.. she soooo many times didnt trust him… and she is no MAHAAN coz of her only Sameer couldnt become the head boy an tht idiot ARJUN became tht too by CHEATING! coz of Naina hiding the truth he didnt get the love from his mom y?! only coz of SAMEER naina could get tht love from her father while naina didnt do anything for Sameer (like for family instead unnowingly created rifts) whtever it is Sameer i love u now i dont care for Naina

  3. Sameer u re the best just leave that Naina she does not deserve u……Naina is showing so much atitude…..she looks like somebody who do not want to see what is going on….come on girl u r not thar gud. ..

  4. I am with you Samaina khan. Enough is enough. Don’t care for Naina. I wish Sameer finds another girl and with his looks and nature he can win anyone. I hope this happens. With you Sameer100%. Losing the interest in this serial now. If this drags on lost a committed viewer.

    1. No deb don’t lose your hope and interest….. It’s everyone’s the most favourite show right…. They can understand our feelings if they are showing this much hatred n attitude on naina means that there is something behind this thing it might lead to happy end with naina having more and more love than before….. It is not that I support naina just realise we are in 20’s a little bit free minded easy going person’s but think about naina she is 90’s girl from well traditional orthodox family and also from the family who doesn’t even believe in love…… She overcame all the hurdles bcos of her first love and showered it on sameer but how will she feel and react that all these were just fake……… I thought the slap she got is well deserving bcos she is the one who hid his brother’s mistakes and definitely she will give a second chance to sameer………… This one week will be hard for us to see sameer in this way but I’m damn sure after that we’ll all witness happy happy scenes of samaina….. So have patience and hope and wait for this one week to pass on ??and finally we’ll have a double dhamaka at the end of this ceremony which we all waited for, so plsssssssssss don’t stop watching YUDKBH and don’t lose your interest ?

      1. San
        You are eternal optimist! Thanks for supporting the show even in its lower moments. Every episode should have a highlight of some shade of hidden Love projected. That’s gives some life to it. Las few episodes the show is surely losing its luster and grip on the audience. You can gauge by diminishing comments. Thanks for your comment and for your sake I may watch now.??

  5. This is not good….pehle arjun or ab priti…arjun ne toh family ko ni bataya but if priti ne bata diya toh bichare samaina fas jayenge….or phir family vale kahenge naina se sameer ko rakhi bandho…..nhi yaar priti please have some concern for ur sister

  6. Alps

    No matter what other says… I just loved this show….. ???

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