Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Cricket match between Arjun and Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti waking up in the night after seeing dream about Salman. Naina asks her to sleep. Vishaka comes and asks Sameer if he is fine. He says I was fine, but not anymore. Mr. Sumani comes and says players don’t leave the game. Sameer catches the ball. Vishaka says he is your dad. Rakesh asks Arjun if he kept bat, ball etc. He says yes. Naina keeps curd and sugar in the tiffin. Preeti asks why she is keeping it. Naina makes excuse and says she will keep it aback. Anand says let it be. Taya ji comes and says Rakesh lied to us and have broken Naina’s FD. Rakesh says what is a big deal? Bela says that FD was for her marriage. Tayi ji asks if we have to bear the expenses now. Rakesh asks her not to worry and says Arjun is his top priority and needed money to buy cricket

kit. He tells that Naina is a paraya dhan and will marry, but Arjun will fulfill his dreams being his son. Anand says why can’t you see that Naina is also a talented girl and can become anything in future. Rakesh says Arjun is his future. Naina gets upset. Mr. Sumani tells Sameer that Vishaka have high hopes pinned on him and asks him not to break her hopes. Sameer says he will try to win. Vishaka says we will come to watch my match. Sameer says I play daily, but you don’t have time to watch. Nanu says whenever Vishaka watches you playing, you always win.

On the cricket field, Sameer practices to bat. Rakesh comes with Arjun and taunts at Sameer. Naina brings curd and sugar and thinks how to feed Sameer. She kicks the ball so that Sameer comes with her to side and she can feed him curd sugar. Sameer is clueless and asks what happened. Naina says sorry. Sameer picks his ball. Naina asks him to have curd sugar. Sameer says your brother needed it the most. Principal tells that whoever comes first in studies and cricket will become head boy, and gives them best wishes. They are asked to play one over and says whoever wins will get the chance to become head boy. Sameer recalls Vishaka telling that they will come to watch him playing and prefers to ball first. He sees naina asking Arjun if he had curd and sugar and giving him best wishes. Arjun thanks her and goes. Sameer comes to Naina, looks at her and goes.

Cricket match begins. Sameer throws the ball. Arjun makes 6 runs. Vishaka and Sumani come there. Sameer gets happy seeing Vishaka. Naina claps for both of them. Arjun makes another 6 runs. Sameer panics.

Sameer tries to catch the ball, falls, rolls and gets hurt. Naina is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What an episode really awesome.Its so sweet when naina kicks sameers ball to bring him aside.He appears to be concerned for him. First he want to have it but stopped when she said all the best to her brother he got upset. So sad for sameer ???.Sometimes feel very sad for sameer . He loves his mom but cannot live with her becoz of his step father.And now when nainas was appearing to support arjun he felt sad.
    And what sort of human being is this nainas father whatever names we give him like steam engine, kadoos or whatever.He is sooo narrow minded. When he said arjun is my priorty and nainas life will be as per destiny i felt like giving him???. Idiotic man . i have no words for him.
    The funny part is the discussion between naina and preeti. And munna irritating nainas father. And sameer saying war means shomwar.
    Loved when he showed ego to naina saying feed ur bro he needs it more and when sameer gets emotional seeing his mom comming to watch him

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      For that steam engine..Munna is enough. Steam engine is too much.

      1. Harshaa

        Astha ur name for nainas father is well suited. For two reason.First thing for the fact that he will always venting out anger like steam of engine. The next thing is his mindset is also as old and obstinate like steam engine. U choosed that name very well it suited him aptly

      2. Asthadi nice name steam engine for nainas papa it suits him

      3. Nice astha ???for a correct name and ???harsha to fetch a point which didn’t strike us

    2. Yes u are true munna is enough for steam engine. Whenever he indirectly taunts sameer munna will always ready to defend.Good. friends they are

      1. Harshaa

        Yes anita i toi feel sad for sameer the boy is a loner as his mother told about him in early episodes.And inorder to forget his lonelyness he will be busy with friends

  2. Excellent episode what to say loved every bit???. Naina bringing sameer to her side by kicking the ball..Nice. Sameer showing her attitude saying u feed ur brother was sooo ? ? awesome. But it will be very good if sameer wins the match..
    That nainas father showed his ugly face???really how can somebody stoop to soo narrow. That steam engine never thinks of anyone except himself and his buddu son arjun i saw spolier when naina supports her bro and father and blam sameer. What the need naina for plp who dont atleast bother about you.
    A big ??to nainas father.

    1. Yes nainas brother is really a buddhu. I too saw the spoiler. And what u say is correct as her father and brother don’t bother about her why should naina bother about them and this created hatered for her by sameer. And also i feel naina jumps to conclusion so easily. In first episodes also she just saw sameer is beating a boy and assumed. She didn’t bother to know what happened then

      1. Yes neha i too feel that she is over emotional and also jumps to conclusions quickly

  3. Wow what an episode both emotional and lovely.A big chiiiii for nainas father. I am the only daughter to my dad. He never feels like that. What sort of murku mindset is it.
    Really loved sameer day by day we are adoring sameer more than naina. Now today i feel sympathituc for sameer. He loves his mom. But she distances with him. He is so emotional when he hug her. Only his nannu identifies him and understand him and loves him.But naina is so unlucky that she dont have anybody to love her. That selfish father and buddu brother. A dumb fellow is better than that brother.
    Naina and sameer today are really so❤❤❤❤?sweet kisses o them???

    1. Harshaa

      Neha i don’t have clarity but i feel sameer is distancing himself from his mother because of his childishness.

  4. Beautiful show. Sameer and naina are super ? ? ? cute.
    The dahi shakar scence was ?????
    Nainas father????. Her stupid brother????
    Samees attitude❤❤❤❤
    Nainas cuteness in brining sameer side????

  5. Lovs it

  6. Aastha_Reddy

    When Arjun said “Head”, my reaction was like-” tail never fails”…
    Steam Engine Rakesh Agrawal is too much today…Kitna typical 90s ka father hai Librarian.
    Sameer and his father chemistry is like hot glass piece and cold water.
    Naina poor girl in love-Dahi sakkar ki chakkar mein she have to cry a lot. Naina was clapping, she is from both side , she mean to say she love cricket not player(wink wink)but sameer.
    Aww…Sameer falls, cute poor boy..Nanu was in chocolate flavour as usual and Tayaji in his red chilli mode .Rolling ball and tere peeche peechhe was magical ….

    1. Yes astha sameer father is a step father. As of now i feel like not commenting about him as i am not clear about his character.its his first interaction with sameer. Whether he is giving an elderly advice to sameer or throwing sarcaisms i could not make out.Lets see.
      I too like the way naina cheered for both her brother and sameer???.and her witty answer to her friends

    2. Harshaa

      Yeah sameer and his father relationship is like hot glass abd cold water. But still in dilemma to comment about him. Is there a reason why samerr hates him or is it a bit childishness of sameer.We must know.

  7. Mansi

    Yesterday’s episode is??????????????????? Naina’s brother is so mean?glad Sameer didn’t got slapped by his step dad?in his heart he accepts him truly but in his mind he hasn’t yet?SaIna rocked it???????precap is shocking?????

    1. Yes nainas brother is a complete buddhu. He just obeys his father blindly. And the way that father is forcing him it looks like the boy will end up in tension. I don’t know about 90s but now if someone have such parent there high chances that the child becomes depressed.

      1. Mansi

        Yes totally agree with u n Harshaa on Naina’s bro…..Poor him though??

    2. Harshaa

      Yes nainas brother is mean in yesterday episode i too felt like that

  8. Awesome episode soo good. Track is getting intresting day by day.But i feel sameer rather underestimated arjun. As arjun is a player who played tournaments and got prizes so obviously he will win. But its ok he is taking a challenge bravely. They say it needs lot of guts to take a challenge also.
    Comming to nainas father now i understand why everybody in his house hate him.
    Hope to see more intresting twists ahead.
    The bg music of sameer is good and they increased it a bit i felt

    1. Yes ravi i too felt that sameer underestimated arjun. He should have been more matured. But sameer as u say is still seeing life just now

  9. Harshaa

    Well i don’t why sony is not doing enough justice to this show. Afterall this show gets 1+trps since it started which is a very big thing for sony. But i feel there is no proper promotion. And also they are dragging the timing also. For example on friday they telecast it at 11pm.and even today they telecast it at 11pm. They don’t atleast upload it on youtube in time. Why they are doing all this we don’t know. The show became popular just by mouth publicity. If really the show is promoted well am sure it will be anothet tmkoc for sony and will stand in top 10 shows.
    The best part of the show is its simplicity in story, positive vibes, relatable characters and the super cute couple sameer and naina.
    Starplus have an attitude of sacking shows which gives low trps. But i think sony is opposite by not promoting good shows.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Harsha…Its easy to watch now a days as its coming right after kbc(smart wink), Need good promotion video. Either it will be like star plus who,I am leaving soon coz it neglects good shows and their promo. This show have a unique style and it will reach a height by good video spoilers.
      Its doing good just by mouth publicity and after hearing from me, most of my friends are watching it.

    2. Well said harshaa yes if the show is well promoted it will be a super success. Not just this season but also next 2 seasons also . As u said its true that its major plus point is positiveness. An innocent teenage love story of 1990. If they keep it like this without unnecessary drama they are sure to succeed

    3. Nice comment harsha

  10. Nice show full of positive attitude. No over the top drama. Plz continue the show. I watch i everyday but generally dont find time to write.Saina rocks????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Koi baat nehi. I am also not regular to comment but used to this show and its simplicity. Feel like going back to school. Keep enjoying.

  11. Nice show full of positive attitude. No over the top drama. Plz continue the show. I watch i everyday but generally dont find time to write.Saina rocks????

  12. Nice show just awesome to watch ???waiting for tonights episode. Love them all

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Bharthi kaun hai bhai!!! Yeh toh aap ka dp hey na Ravi bhaiyya!!! Haan aap ke keshariya dp ko main kaise bhool sakti hoon!! I am used to watch this dp style from last few months that too three three written forum @ Ishqbaaz, ipkknd and YUDKBH. Or you were testing moderation Mamu and administrative aunty by this change. Some times they are doing injustice to my comments also by not moderating them. This dp was under the name Neha V for few days even in pkj.

    2. No i don’t think i am someone u know becoz i am not only new to this page but also telly updates as well. May be they assigned me someones dp

  13. Ravi.r

    I don’t know whenever i write a comment it will not appear. What moderator sir don’t u like me??? or my name.plz do the needful????.
    If not i will be none better than nainas papa

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ha ha ha…Aap bhi na bhaiyya. Nice threat to moderator ???I will act like this if you behave like steam engine with moderator. Pinky promise. Hilarious threat??????for them who engulfs our comments.

      1. Astha did u see today they didn’t even give any dp for me.i don’t know. Some other day they showed someones comment as others. Ofcourse i am not logged in now

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