Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sameer helps Naina for Pooja’s alliance

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina asking Sameer to convince Nanu to talk to that guy and his parents. Sameer says he will not talk to his Nanu. Naina says Pooja likes that guy and says if we do something good than good thing will happen with us. Sameer says what I will tell to Nanu and says he knows his friends. He says Nanu will not help after whatever happened with him. He asks her to ask Pooja to go to temple daily and feed cow to get good groom. Naina says if you had asked for help for your brother then I would have helped. Sameer recalls Sumani and Vishaka’s words and says he has no brother or family and hates this word. Naina asks him to listen. He walks out from there.

Sameer tells Munna and pandit that Naina asked him to talk to Nanu about marriage. Munna and Pandit are

shocked and says she wants to marry you. Sameer says no and tells that she told about her sister’s marriage. They ask if she wants you to marry her sister. Sameer says no and says she wants him to talk to nanu about her sister’s marriage. Munna says someone please save Nanu. Sameer asks them to listen fully and tells everything. They ask him to talk to Nanu to win her heart. Munna says your hairs will be saved.

Arjun gives 10 Rs. to Naina and asks her to watch film or have pani puri. Naina says Papa gives you money sometimes. Shefali comes there. Arjun gets uncomfortable and shy, and asks Naina to tell Rakesh that he is going to play cricket. Shefali says cricket and blue color is my favorite. Arjun feels shy, moves from there and tells Naina that her friend is strange and wears different clothes. He goes. Shefali asks what did he say? Naina says Arjun don’t talk to girls. Shefali says but you have a boyfriend. Naina says Sameer refused to help her.

Nanu is talking to someone. Sameer, Munna and Pandit talk aloud.. Pandit says how can you do this and asks him to recall whatever Naina did to him? Sameer says Naina asked for help and if Nana ji helps her then it will be of great help for her and her sister will get marry. Nanu hears him and says Sameer Maheshwari has a big heart. Sameer asks when did you come? Munna asks him to tell Sameer not to help Naina. Nanu says we can just ask Varun to see Naina’s sister, but if he don’t like her then I can’t ask him to marry her. Sameer says pooja likes varun and asks him to talk to him. Nanu says your acting was bad and asks why did you staged this drama. He says I love you. Sameer says I love you too Nanu.

Varun’s father Mr. Garg calls Anand and tells that they want to come and see Pooja and talk about their alliance. Anand says we also likes this alliance. Bela gets happy and says someone must have talked to them. Anand goes to talk to Taya ji and Tayi ji. Pooja says it seems Varun likes me. Pooja understands Sameer made his Nanu talk to Varun’s family. She calls him and plays the song aaya mausam dosti ka…..He thinks Naina is coming close to him because of Nanu and thinks to thank him. He comes to Nanu and thanks him. He says everyone is happy at her house. Nanu asks if she is special and says she is good, intelliget and suitable for him. Sameer laughs.

In the morning, Sameer comes to class with Munna and Pandit. Teacher asks them to sit. Sameer looks at Naina and sees paper on his bench. He is about to throw it. Naina coughs twice. Sameer reads the note and sees thank you. He coughs twice.

Sameer and others get ready for the play. He knocks on the door and asks naina why she is not coming out. She opens the door. Sameer looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi all….
    Again a nice episode being delivered….. munna n pandit rocks as always ?? …. arjun n shephali ship is sailing ??…. the code language of saina is working actually ??also d Romeo n Juliet drama is starting bt CVS pl make naina as Juliet ??
    N guys plz make d show popular by watching it daily as I read dat the trp has decreased compared to previous days ….. this show deserves to b on top

    1. Again u rocked dear Congo again 1comment ??? yeah this drama deserves the top place its the best drama ?

    2. Mansi

      Congrats JP for the 1st comment??yeah this show deserves to be in the top place?❤❤

    3. Thnx ansa n mansi ……. let’s hope dat the show comes on top ….. n also dat naina becomes d Juliet

  2. Again a Nice episode being delivered….. munna n pandit rocks ??….. arjun n shephali ship is sailing??…..saina code language working ???….. Romeo n Juliet play starting bt CVS plz make naina as Juliet ??….
    N guys plz watch d show daily as I have read dat d trp has decreased compared to previous episodes……this show deserves to be on top

  3. Very nice episode. Sameer firrst saying no then saying yes. The movie naina said kabhi haa kabhi naa srks movie.
    Yeah nannaji got air that sameer is feeling for naina.☺☺yes nanaji she is very special for sameer.
    Today naina could get a pinch of sameers family matters but she could not know why. But she said it will play a important role in their life.
    And munna and pandit are totally funny. Really their imagination ????.That last one nannaji ki shadi???.Stupids really.
    So sameer slowly impressing naina????but if it was true it would have been more impresive.
    Shefali is in love with arjun love at first sight❤❤❤but herd boy the son of steam engine what can we expect from him.
    So nannaji understood that sameer staged the drama???
    But instead of the stupid romeo juliet drama where everyone are going to make fun of naina if they showed naina shefali and arjun going to movie where they meet sameer would have been more romantic. Instead of this overacting swati ??
    Orelse poojas wedding well also be good
    Always degrading naina is also not soo good naa

  4. O my god……… I just love this serial… ?❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Excellent episode sameers nanaji is best???.He understands sameer very well. He got air long back that sameer is interested in naina. So the telephone and tape recorder conversation came up. And today he was happy with naina as special person in sameers life. Only sameer must understand it.
    Hope he will understand soon.
    That Romeo Juliet drama was not apt i think instead they took other things would have been betteras their was lot of degradation of nainas looks till now. And showing swati as smart.If it increases it will be boring???

  6. Ehm ehm one more eye catching episode ???? pandit and munna never disappoint us ? so Sameer enclosed that he don’t like the word family and brother in front of naina not bad in starting our cutener smartner was very serious ? the way he said tell pooja to do the same thing which she used to do ?? because of wit of munna and pandit Sameer agreed to help naina???? Nana ji knows everything ?? 1st tape recorder pa gana now he get to know his grandson’s acting soo sweet of nanu also he helped ? now pooja ki hogi shadi I will also dance in my room???.
    Bela annad infact everyone was happy ?? naina and that song part✌✌✌✌✌✌✌????? and that code ??? they coughed 2 time awww they are soo cute
    In last nana ji also asked about his intensions and feelings??? and he just laughed in answer??
    Please please naina ko Juliet hona chahyeeee ??? not swati she looks good with munna only?
    Waiting for precap now??❄❄

    1. Mansi

      Wowwwwww Ansa what a lovely views???❤❤❤yeah only Naina should be Juliet not Swati?PanMun are the shows life how can they disappoint us?Sameer’s Nanu??

      1. Hey thanks ?? right Mani they are show’s life ? swathi is acting like a jerk now a days?

      2. Mansi

        Don’t say thanks Ansa?yeah without them show is nothing??Swati??Have posted SaIna OS do have a look at it??????

      3. Yeah sure mansi hum na dekhlia??? parh bhe lia Miss perfect ????????

      4. Mansi

        Awww???Waiting eagerly for ur lovely long views on it Ansa?❤❤❤❤

  7. Aarti32

    Y Sameer is becoming angry bird ?
    Keep calm n just steal hearts!!?

  8. Aarti32

    Munna n Pandit ?? oh my Lord!! They’re heights of comedy??
    Naina aur Sameer ki shaadi?? Pooja aur Sameer ki shaadi??Pooja aur nanu ki shaadi??

  9. Aarti32

    Nanu is cool yaar??
    Teasing Sameer on Naina’s name??
    I luv Sameer n Nanu’s bond

    1. Mansi

      Yeah Aarti Nanu is very cool n always supports Sameer?their bonding is very sweet?

    2. Yup ….nanu is really very cool…. support sameer always…. n d connection b/w nanu n sameer story was ????

  10. Aarti32

    Shefali to khulla line maarti h yaar Arjun pe? blue mera favorite colour h?

  11. Aarti32

    Precap was ??

  12. Shefali is very Courageous yaar arti is right full line maring???? par arjun is shy baby ?? blue colour and cricket both ate my fav ???? oh God hillarious???

  13. PanMun were really funny. Those two boys and their craziness brings so much laughter. How many times must they have sprayed gold spot on each other to get that scene right. I am sure the actors had a blast. I enjoy watching the home Dynamics too, so funny. Arjun and Shefali, heehee, really cute. Ten rupees was quite an amount in those days. That was sweet of Arjun. I have only recently started to follow this show and have been trying to catch up. If Arjun is older than Naina, how come he competed with Sameer in exams? Anyways, this show is delightful.

    1. Mansi

      PanMun???very awesome comment Diyaa???

    2. Aarti32

      He competed for head boy post..

  14. aww munna & pandit just nailed it..expression…dialogues….too good…..i feel they r gems of show!!!that song anaina played…how romantic!!! :))…

  15. Sry guys I’m late…..Episode was nice but I heard some where that naina and swati are not in talking terms bcoz of sameer nd sameer tries to molest swati,??is it true guys if any one know plz cmnt

    1. Aarti32

      What?? Where did u read all dis?! Molest!! Sameer will nvr do dat

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