Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer applies haldi to Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer smiling as Naina and Preeti bring Pooja for haldi. Bela, Bua, Shefali and others smile. Sameer smiles looking at Naina. Bela takes bad sight off from her. Bua asks her to make Pooja have raw milk. Pooja says she will not drink. Bua says it is a rasam and asks do you want to marry. Pooja says yes. Bua says then have this ghee. Pooja says I will drink fully. Bua tells Naina and Preeti that they have to drink raw ghee one day. Naina’s voiceover tells that Preeti and Sameer were talking in sign language to make everything fine. Naina asks Preeti. Preeti says she is planning to elope with him. Naina says she don’t care and asks her to elope.

Sameer tells Rakesh that this is silver stuff and Dadi asked him to handover it to responsible person and says

who is more responsible than him. Rakesh gets happ and asks him to tell again. Sameer says it again. He says even Chacha ji wants to say this. Preeti brings Anand to balcony. Anand asks him to handle the responsibility. Rakesh says ok and takes silver stuff. Rakesh scolds Munna and Pandit for having sweets and takes bowl from their hands. He keeps the box in the steel box. Munna and Pandit inform Sameer. Sameer hides under the table while munna and pandit take the table there. Sameer’s foot comes out of table. Pandit kicks him to alert him. Munna tells that sweet is less sugary. They keep Rakesh busy while Sameer manages to take the box. Preeti looks at him.

Naina is bringing haldi plate from opposite side and collides with Sameer. Haldi falls on Naina, Sameer and everyone. Accident hogaya rabba rabba plays….Sameer falls down. Naina looks angry. Pooja says it is my haldi, but Sameer applied haldi on everyone. Bua laughs and says he has applied haldi to everyone at once.

Preeti asks Naina to gives shagun to Sameer. Bua asks Tai ji to bring haldi from inside and calls her lazy. Preeti tells Swati that Sameer applies haldi to Naina and says now we can sing mere rang me. Swati asks Naina to forgive Sameer. Naina says even you are supporting him. Preeti says she is supporting love. Swati asks her again. Sameer says haldi fell on you because of me and says If you want, you can apply haldi to me. Naina says no need. She moves her dupatta and the haldi falls on him. Preeti says you would have applied to him directly. Sameer says next color will be red. Yeh undinon ki plays..

Bua asks Tai ji to apply haldi to Pooja first. Munna and Pandit are worried about the box. They think to please Rakesh and keep him busy. They ask him to keep them under his shelter and massages his legs. Rakesh asks if there is something wrong. Bua asks naina and preeti to apply haldi to Pooja. They apply haldi to Pooja. Sameer comes to Bela and says I want to give you something. Bela says this is forgiveness and asks her to hear him carefully. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he was trying to get forgiveness for Chachi and him. Sameer asks Bela to give box to Rakesh if he forgives you.

Sameer throws flowers on Naina during Pooja’s marriage function. Mere haaton me song plays….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow cute and lovely episode ??loved the scene when sameer asked naina you can also apply haldi and she moves her dupatta and haldi fell on sameer and the correct timing of sameer saying next colour is red……. wow the script writer, director each and everyone are carving every minute scenes to be the fantabulous one…… On seeing the previous episodes of naina especially eating that burnt roti, weaving sweater for sameer, burning her hand I thought sameer is too lucky enough to get naina as his love but now I think naina is far more lucky to get sameer as her love life……. Wow such a cute pair samaina and if all these incidents happened in real life especially in show producers life then they are the luckiest persons in the world…….. Loved the precap n really can’t wait till monday I wish I had a time machine ?n keep commenting guys ??

  2. Yes San
    Cute episode. I agree my opinion is now favoring Sameer over Naina’s love. You are right if these were indeed real life incidents then they are so lucky to have experienced every moment of love filled journey of life. God bless

  3. Its been ages since I’ve been here. Where did everyone go?
    I can now proudly say that the essence of YUDKBH is back!!!!!!!!!!!
    Preeti has totally turned into the fandom’s favourite with her Jija-Sali talks but that last scene where Naina turns around and the YUDKBH song plays in the background where she gives a faint smile?? that one little gesture has my heart now. Naina you are melting for your Prem (Sameer) aren’t you?????
    I hope that Chacha ji will forgive Chachi ji without any drama

    Lastly, it was Arjun who picked up a fight with Sameer, it was Arjun who stole Sameer’s chance of becoming a head boy and now also when he bumped into Naina everyone was looking at him as if he is the only culprit. Come on 90s ki aunties it was a head on collision. Bela was ready to fire at Sameer but all hail BUA DADI. She is a boon to all of us poor souls tormented by that Tai ji

    Taiji- aur meri izzat ki jo elaichi kut rahi hain tumhari bua dadi uska kya?
    Bua dadi- Kuch kaha tune?
    Taiji- nahi
    Bua dadi- haaa.. Kehna bhi mat????

    I love her. I want her forever so that Taiji and Rakesh remain in control

    1. Yvonne Codner

      Riti1107, you are bang on…What a lovely serial…Naina is sooooo lucky to get a love like Sameer, but she is behaving so stubborn, she will melt with all the love he is pouring on her LoL!!! I agree with everything else that you have pointed out!

    2. Nice comment RITI… Bua Dadi is the right fix to Taiji and Rakesh and all their drama.. hope she continues forvever

  4. Wish their love story should not end in school alone it should continue to college life and until this present year……. They should show us each and every moment in their love story so that it goes on for many years without ending ……. Addicted to this show ?

    1. Long Long Live YUDKBH

  5. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice Episode! Waiting to witness a wedding in 90s! I mean waiting for 13 Feb episode!

    1. mee too waiting for 13th Feb

  6. Nice episode..! I guess now Naina is enjoying to see Sameer come back of her and trying to impress her.. Preeti was epic..!

  7. this show is something that i have started watching recently and i love this show and the lead pair is great and awesome and the actors portraying are just out of this world and fabulous

  8. this show is something that i have started watching recently and i love this show and the lead pair is great and awesome and the actors portraying are just out of this world and fabulous and hope everything between sameer and naina works out and naina accepts sameer’s love and cant wait for monday episode and many episodes afterward

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