Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina fails in Exams shocking everyone

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer reading Naina’s letter asking him not to get angry and telling him that love gets strengthens with separations. Naina gets photo frame and comes home. She plays with the teddy happily. Bahut pyaar karte hai plays…Vishaka asks Sameer if he paid the fees. Sameer says yes. Sameer asks Vishaka where is the saloon and says he wants to get it trimmed. Vishaka asks if he agreed on Dadi’s saying. Sameer says no. Vishaka tells the address. Dadi smiles.

Naina tells Munna and Pandit that she knows when Sameer will come. Pandit tells that Naina will come first. Shanti teacher comes and gives result. She tells that Dipali and Hema came first and second, and says Naina failed this time. Naina is shocked. Munna and Pandit ask Shanti teacher to check her paper

again. Shanti teacher says she has checked. Sameer comes to the barber’s shop and asks him to trim his hairs. Keshav comes there and signs the barber to cut his hairs. Sameer opens his eyes and gets angry on the barber. He sees Keshav there and follows him.

Vishaka asks Mr. Sumani to come home early and says they shall take kids to see India Gate. Mr. Sumani asks her to tell straight that she wants to take Sameer, and says we will go to some other day. Sameer asks Keshav why did he tell barber. Dadi comes and says you are looking good and praises him. Sameer says you can’t digest my happiness. Dadi says I have sent Keshav to make sure you got the saloon. Vishaka asks him to apologize. Sameer refuses and goes inside. Naina cries. Munna and pandit tell that there is something wrong, we will recheck your papers. Seniors tease Naina. Preeti tells Naina that she has passed. Naina cries. Munna and Pandit tell Preeti that Naina has failed in exam. Preeti is shocked. Pandit says her tears will stop when Sameer comes, and asks Munna to come to his house, says he might come in evening. Sameer gets sad and recalls Naina liking his hairs.

Tai ji tells Bela why Naina and Preeti haven’t come till now. Preeti comes first. Bela asks did you pass in exam. Preeti says yes. Bela says she will fulfill her mannat. Tai ji asks where is she? Preeti says she went with Swati to Chaat Party. Tai ji says let her come, lets see who wins Anand or Me.

Sameer feels suffocated and thinks to leave, never to return. He writes letter and comes out of his room. He hides seeing Vishaka, Dadi and Keshav. He comes out and takes taxi.

Sameer and Naina meet in the school. Sameer gets upset with her and leaves.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks for a prompt update Hasan.?

  2. Deeyaana

    Really! ?? So much acting from that stupid daadi for a hair cut ?? I just hate her and why is Sammer now upset with Naina?? ???????? All of this is so confusing And our padhaku Naina fails really? I think shashi and sumit’s love was a drastic fairy tale. But all of this is not going good the separation track is going to end but… whi is Sameer angry ??? Why? Can anyone please explain?? But this show is really like 90s love story I love YUDKBH. Samaina rocks✌✌✌ ???

    1. Deeyaana don’t know dr but in today’s episode they gave a hint at barber shop right….. sameer got tensed when the boys took the girls photo’s which were kept outside studio…… Naina would have gifted that photo….. So sameer on seeing naina’s photo, that studio scene would come to his mind n would get angry on why she took photo with such a pose……. Sameer’s possessiveness would be the reason for his anger…… Don’t know this is true or not…… But still let’s wait and watch

  3. Hi guys. In a recent update, I saw that after samaina fight, Sameer will get bad frnds and become a tapori. If it happens I’ll have to stop watching this. Pray that it never happens.

    1. No sai it won’t happen…….. Naina’s love won’t let it happen but still let’s wish that it should not happen

  4. Thanks San for commenting. I used to luv your comments.

  5. Honest Opinion

    Does that mean naina failed the whole year? & will have to repeat another year in school??

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