Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer decides to return to Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina reading Sameer’s letter, he writes I love you. She reads further and is shocked. Swati and Preeti come there and asks what happened, why she is shocked. Naina hugs them and says Sameer is returning back. She says he asked her to guess when he will be back and talks about their love confession anniversary. Swati and Preeti hugs her. Aapka Khat mila song plays….Naina and Preeto dances happily in the balcony. Tai ji sees them. They run back inside.

Dadi meets her friends in her house. They decide to keep kitty party in Chandini Chowk, but Dadi refuses to keep party there and says it is crowded. She asks them to take mangoes. She asks Mrs. Juneja to use spoon. Mrs. Juneja says she likes to have mango holding it in hand. Sameer thinks so party is going

on here.

Naina tells Pandit and Munna, she is thinking what to gift Sameer. Munna says motor cycle. Naina says if we gift him motor cycle then I will come to meet you in jail. They think to give comb, phone etc…Pandit tells that there is no wireless phone. Sameer’s voiceover tells that Pandit told that no phone can go with him and tells about the inventions. Naina asks Sameer’s pic what he needs.

Munna and Pandit tell Naina that atleast you have his pic, but Sameer don’t have your pic. Naina gets an idea and thanks them. Munna and Pandit are excited about meeting him.

Sameer comes there. Ladies ask who is he? Dadi says he is Vishaka’s relative, came for few days and will leave. Sameer calls her Dadi and says he wants to make a phone call. Dadi lets him call. Sameer jumps over her and pull out her wig. All ladies are shocked to see dadi bald. Ladies gossip that Dadi applies shikakai on her fake hairs. Sameer says sorry and says airs are fake, but loving Dadi is real. Dadi gets angry. Naina gets ready to take pic in the studio. Preeti asks her to go. Bela comes there and asks where is she going? Naina says she had washed all her clothes so worn this. Bela asks Preeti to give her dress to Naina and asks her to wear the dress when Pooja comes. Naina goes to studio.

Sameer checks his wallet and thinks he has less money to buy ticket and gifts for Munna and Pandit. Rohan gives him money and says it is for your school fees. Sameer takes it and thinks to buy ticket and gifts for Naina, Munna and Pandit. He thinks he will go, not to return.

Dadi finds hair in food and asks Sameer to get his hairs cut. Sameer refuses.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow so happy to see samaina’s smiling faces after so many days…….. N that canteen dance scene so cute n adorable….. Sameer’s love has made studious discipline monitor head naina agarwal to dance joyfully inside the canteen unmindful of her school librarian papa n others ?n sameer’s dialogues during that wig sequence ???can’t control laughter but sameer is gonna loose his hair bcos of devil dadi, its understood from the precap??……….

    1. Yes San …. just imagine Sameer with munna and andit whocime to bust him in Delhi. Poor dadi will be shocked to see her Rohan corrupted within and frolic these guys enjoy.:)

      I just wish Vishakha finds out about Naina and supports Sameer indirectly without him knowing. Imagine Vishakha and Naina as a team to surprise Sameer.

      Dadi will be in for a big surprise with Preeti and Rohan love. Rohan and Sameer friendship which they keep under wraps and share when they are alone and play games to meet their gf.

  2. To day’s episode is nice I enjoyed …..either precap or epi sad to day. Precap sad …vechitankapa appu sameer oda hairukku.
    All were enjoying ….
    even chamcha also enjoyed the party then there he ate mangonaina is going to gift her photo to sameer ……to day I enjoyed every conversation between dadi and sameer

  3. Thanks Hasan for you quick update. Please keep watching Ashis videos and keep commenting on her posts and name. I note that her ranking is shifted from 84 to 28? Randeep is already qiite high I guess because of the videos of potential new hair cut and his potential new. Girlfriend causing curiosity. I hope that she is not but that’s not mine but his personal business. I can say that he and AShi look so cute and compatable.

    The story line seems sweet but the fact the family issues are getting greater. Shefali and Arjun should be roped in to assist.

    1. In real life new gf or in reel and in which video of Randeep

  4. Randeep new girlfriend …???what’s reel or real life….. by the way thanks for written updates I wish he shouldn’t return to Delhi again….if return then his bonding must be with Naina not with his neighbour girl..who gave him phone…..

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