Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina’s anger melts towards Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina getting emotional as Rakesh appreciates her after giving the award. Sameer and others clap. Kehdo ke tum ho meri warna plays….Sameer asks Rakesh to tell few words about Naina and says we know that you play an important role for her success. Shanti Teacher asks him to say. Rakesh says what to say. Sameer gives him mic. Sameer gives speech to Kamya, which she gives to Rakesh. Sameer’s voiceover tells that Naina was very happy that day and was having tears of happiness and sadness. Rakesh reads it. Sameer nods his head. Anand asks Naina to smile. Rakesh reads it. Naina gets teary eyes reading it. Rakesh gets emotional reading it. Naina comes to stage and hugs him. Rakesh keeps his hand on her head. Everyone claps. Sameer smiles. Naina runs from there and

cries happily. Sameer comes to her. bada dukh dena song plays…..Naina looks at him. Preeto comes to Naina and hugs her. She takes her with her. Munna and Pandit come to Sameer and hug him. Munna says you have proved that it is his true love and his feelings reached her heart. Sameer hopes Naina forgives him. They say she will surely.

Guests come to stay in the house. Bela asks Megha to take the ladies. Taya ji says gents will stay in my house. Shanti teacher asks Munna and Pandit where is their parents. They tell that they are with each other and couldn’t be found. Sameer comes and says Chacha came. Swati tells her father that Munna and Pandit tease her. Munna and pandit touch his feet and say sorry. Swati’s father asks why you are saying sorry. Swati says they do mistakes and says sorry. She says she is forgiving them because of Sameer’s gesture.

Tai ji asks milkman to give fresh and thick milk. Bua taunts her and says one day you will burst.. Arjun comes. Bua ji blesses her. Tai ji thinks she taunted me infront of milkman. Bua ji asks her to go and help in kitchen. Naina shows award to Bua ji and hugs her. Pooja asks shall I go to beauty parlour. Preeti says we will call parlour girl here and will get some make up done. Bua scolds them. Bua scolds her again and says let them do make up.

They tell that the pandal is not kept. Rakesh comes home happily holding bouquet and is about to tell about getting honored at school, but Taya ji stops him and asks why didn’t you get pandal there. Bua ji asks him to get it done. Rakesh keeps the bouquet. Sameer is with his friends and sings Chandani song. Munna asks what is the connection between Chandani and your visit to her house. Sameer says he came to buy gift for her. He thinks of buying bangles for her. Shop keeper asks him to tell the size and asks didn’t you hold her hand. Sameer checks the bangles and says I will buy this. Shop keeper says it is costly. Munna says we are rich. Sameer buys it and sits on his bike.

Sameer thinks Naina is standing and says I love you Naina, and tells that he acted to love her due to bet, but now he loves her truly. Preeti is standing there and hears everything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thank you for written update

  2. Emotional episode ?? … loved it totally ???? Samaina’s acting is Superbbb ??? mundit hillarious ??

  3. I think that haldi precap is weekly precap ?but this serial alone can create the anxiety of seeing the next episode without fail by showing interesting precap ?waiting for pooja’s marriage function ceremonies to end soon bcos at the end naina will forgive sameer and they both express their feelings with teary eyed ????heard through serial news…. Wish preeti should not create a fuzz after knowing all the truth about bet n instead help sameer ?

    1. yea San I thought precap would have been yesterday

      1. It’s been a long time since you have commented?nowadays the comment section is going on decreasing………. Happy to see atleast few comments today ?

  4. Hey guys I am commenting for the forst time in YUDKBH update…
    the precap was a little tension one.
    Feeling bad for Rakesh as he was trying to tell his honour to his family but his family was not interested only

    1. Yes vatsala for the first time I felt sad for rakesh no one understands his feelings and this is why he is showing anger on poor naina

    2. Welcome to YUDKBH family vatsala??????.keep watch YUDKBH on TV

  5. Mansi

    Emotional episode???MunDit are always hilarious to see?????I hope Preeti helps Sameer in winning Naina back as she now knows everything?Precap???

  6. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Sweet, cute episode!

  7. I just wish Samaina acknowledge each other at least silently throughout. Silent wala pyaar and both know it. small cute gestures. Subtle acts of love are often the cutest and has long lasting influence on the relationship. Hope Preeti helps Sameer. She turns around. Sameer shocked. Sameer feels embarrassed?? do you think? or will he seriously tell Preeti everything and ask her to help him to regain Naina’s love. Lets guess. Just to get more comments on this forum.

  8. Lovely episode , hoping Preeti will accept the same and help Sameer 🙂 🙂

  9. Dear Friends
    Yesterday episode is very interesting touching ??????
    Rakesh poem read karthe time emotional ho raha tha.hope wo naina ka value samjhe aage bhi.poem sameer ka ho but rakesh ka emotional tho true tha.that scene is emotional and heart touching ????
    SamIna scene is ??????.naina sameer ki Ithna close Jaa raha tho laga ki wo sameer ko hug karengi that scene is ???
    MunDit Swati scene,naina family scene is also interesting ???
    MunDit sameer shop scene.sameer pandith Ko ghoorne ka scene?
    Pyaar ka thofa song very nice ?
    ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ movie pe.ranbeer Anushka ‘preeth mithwa’ song play karke dance karne ka scene haina.thodi funny scene hai wo?.jab main YUDKBH dekh rahi tho.SamIna pe bhi wo song play kiya thab main ADHM ka wo scene yaad karke hasi aathi hai?.pyaar ka thofa song bhi play kiya ADHM main.but hassi nahi aayi infact acha laga.
    Hope sameer ka gift koi problem create na kare
    T C A S S ?

  10. preeti will definitely help sameer

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