Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Tai ji and Tau ji fill Rakesh’s ears against Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 28th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tai ji makes Naina sit down between her and Tau ji.

Voiceover – Naina:
Whenever I see an interrogation scene in any movie till date, I am taken back to this time. I was looked upon so suspiciously that day!

Tau ji asks Naina if they are her well-wishers or enemies. Naina calls them well-wishers. They tell her to think once again before marrying Sameer. Neither he nor his family are good for you. Tau ji seconds her. He got them on his side by acting stubborn but that does not last for long. They are richer than us and will always look down at you! Tai ji adds that Vishakha was also pointing at it again and again. Love is a game for rich people. What if he does the same to you in future like he did with his bicycle? They insulted your Papa so much. Tau ji says they

did not answer any question. Tai ji asks her if she will like it if Rakesh is disrespected in future. Naina says Sameer and I will always respect Papa. Tai ji says he looked Rakesh in the eye while talking today. How can you guarantee about future? Tai ji agrees. Sameer is mad about you today so he wants you. Will he be like this in the future as well? I agree that he will inherit everything from his nana ji. Is he fit enough to handle everything? Tau ji reasons that Sameer is not smart like her. How will you both manage your home in future? You are educated. Think about the future too before taking any step. Naina tells them it wont happen. Sameer and I are well educated. We will earn both money and success. Tai ji and Tau ji laugh at her.

Voiceover – Naina:
That day they laughed as if I had cracked a horrible joke. That had shaken me so badly. I thought it will break my confidence. I am still shaky whenever I think of that laugh.

Naina is pacing in the balcony. Sameer honks. She looks down at him teary eyed. Tai ji’s words echo in her head. Sameer realizes something is wrong and steps out of the car. He gestures her to smile. She smiles for his sake. He signals her to come downstairs but she shakes her head. He threatens to come instead. She gestures him to wait and goes inside. Naina comes downstairs stealthily. She sits in his car and leaves with Sameer.

Sameer hands her a box. She finds a heart shaped locket in the box. He tells her it is a mark of their new beginning. It will always remind you that we are always with each other. She opens it and finds their photos inside. Tau ji’s word haunt her.

Sameer’s timing was so perfect. He had tied the same hope again which was so badly broken by Tau ji and Tai ji’s words. I still have the pendant with me.

Naina hands the locket to Sameer. He looks at her in confusion but she turns around. He makes her wear it. They both smile at each other cutely. He drives away.

Mama ji asks Bobby why he seems so worried. Bobby says this alliance thing is so worrisome. Mama ji says it hasn’t happened yet.

Rakesh says what will I say there. I wont accept Sameer as my SIL even after my death. He will say that the hands, with which I had slapped him are folded in front of him today! He will mock me. Tau ji tells him to go there and show them that you are Naina’s father. Nothing will happen against your wish.

Mama ji says a marriage isn’t complete till the time 7 pheras happen. It hasn’t happened yet. Bobby says what if they blame us in future. We only initiated the wedding upon Sameer’s insistence. Mama ji reasons that they do not have to be the ones breaking the alliance. It can be done by the other party too.

Tau ji and Tai ji continue fueling Rakesh ears against the wedding and Anand. People will otherwise only say that Anand loved his niece too much. Rakesh refuses to let Anand have a say in any matter. She is my daughter and she wont marry Sameer at all! They insist that Sameer only thinks of Anand as his FIL. You wont have any say in this matter or any other matter in future. Rakesh gets determined. I will see how this wedding will happen! Tai ij and Tau ji smirk. Daughter did not understand anything but father did!

Munna and Pundit are happily teasing Sameer. Sameer says I thought falling in love was difficult but this was way more difficult. It took so much time to make Naina agree and now here we are! All 3 of them have some fun moments teasing each other. Munna asks Sameer if his FIL will hit them for dancing. Pundit says we will also make him dance. Sameer looks at them. They correct themselves. We will make your beloved FIL, Papa ji dance. Munna and

Voiceover – Sameer:
I realized that day that our friends were as much happy for Naina and me as we were. They had a right to be as they had helped us so much. It is about the days when your friends were equally happy for you and it was real! I wish I could say that for today too.

Agarwal Family comes to Maheshwari House. Bela is about to collide with a vase but holds it. Thank God it did not break. Mama ji says it does not matter. I would have gotten a new one from Bombay. It only costs 2.5k. Mama ji tells her not to rant about Bombay for now. Everyone takes a seat. Vishakha asks about Tau ji and Tai ji. Anand begins to explain but Rakesh rudely replies that only his presence matters. I don’t care if anyone else comes or not. I am Naina’s father after all. They all look at him.

Naina is looking at Sameer’s photo when the phone rings. She thinks it will be Sameer and says I was thinking about you only. Swati says I was thinking about you. Now you will only think about Jija ji? They talk sweetly pulling each other’s legs. Swati asks her if the engagement is fixed. Naina says pundit ji will be fixing a date today. Both the families are at Maheshwari House. Swati asks her to tell her as soon as it is fixed. I have to get the lehenga too. Naina agrees. Now end the call as Sameer must be trying my number. Swati ends the call. Landline rings. Naina starts apologizing the second she picks the call. It is Swati again. Naina hits the phone on her head sweetly.

Sameer greets everyone and calls Rakesh Papa ji. They both remember the slap. Mama ji asks Rakesh to bless Sameer too. Rakesh reacts in his usual grumpy manner. Anand asks Sameer’s family if pundit ji is here. Vishakha replies that he will be reaching soon. Rakesh pointedly says it is good that he is not here yet. I anyways have to discuss something important with you.

Precap: Sameer and Naina are happy in their imagination land.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Hi guys!! Nowadays I can’t comment regularly like before because of my exams😅…but never miss watching the show and reading your comments…Guys keep it up and maintain this activeness of our forum…👍
    About episode…
    O God Tauji Taiji trapped Naina in between them like trapping a bird so that it can’t fly…Plus the so called gyaan they were giving to Naina…😥…It would be so depressing for any girl who is soon going to be married….I can’t understand where was this gyaan gone in Sharad’s time when he insulted Anand and slapped Naina…Then where were these two “shubhchintaks”??…They just left Naina to bear what’s in her fate…
    Is taiji jealous with Rakesh or Anand or both??As she was in full mood to break Pooja’s marriage too…And tauji…I expected him to be gentleman, well-sorted personality and head of the family but he is also showing his cunning face like his wife who is already selfish…😒And really their laugh was so scary and demotivating…😥
    They very well know that Rakesh is a missile who just waits for a little ignition to take off😂😂…and only he can break marriage by his rude and irritating behavior towards Sameer’s family…So actually they are using Rakesh as a “Mohra”…
    And Sameer’s voiceover said it true…”ye un dino ki baat hai jab dost aapki Khushi me aapse jyada khush hote the”…This type of friendship is rarely seen these days where friendship is limited to virtual world…
    How many of you find it little wierd of Sameer addressing Rakesh as ‘Papaji’??😂😂😂…I know he is his to be father in law but listening Papaji from him was too funny 🤣🤣…And more epic were the past memories of jawai-sasur…🤣🤣

    1. @sunshine please check out the naina sameer engagement video on YouTube channel ” serial update ” i could die right now because of happiness

  2. Absolutely agree with you Ashu. I was wondering the same. Why didn’t they stand up for Naina and her father during Sharads time, instead all they said was Sharad is a good guy, well educated and settled, and they don’t want dowry, infact Naina is lucky to get a family like Sharads. Except for the fact that Sameer is a maheshwari, what does he lack? Yes he is younger than Sharad so obviously he’s not settled yet. Plus these people are not even open to women working, so obviously they’ll expect Naina to sit at home. In such a case, when she’s sitting in a luxurious house, with a guy who loves her, what is their problem?

    It’s just taujis ego and taijis jealousy. Where was this hen Sharad slapped Naina or held Anand chachaji collar? That time it was not disrespectful?

    Loved the way Naina stood up for Sameer and her. Although, she did halter, but at least she had the guts to tell that no such thing will happen. And when has Sameer disrespected Rakesh? Only on that day when they got caught na? What about various other occasions when he’s respected Rakesh? When Rakesh chucked him out of pooja’s wedding? What about the times when Sameer was such a nice guy to all family members and taiji loved him and tauji pampered him?

    I really don’t know what is their intention. Like even if you think regressively like them, they feel Naina is not fit to be married to a decent gy anymore. So atleast let her marry Sameer na. Shubh chintak it seems, yeah right. Who don’t want anything bad happening to Naina but would tie her to a monster like Sharad. Where did all this gyaan go when she got caught? They could have handled the situation like this na. But no, that time they cared only about how dare our family girl falls in love? How dare she has a heart and mind and opinion and feelings of her own? She is born into this family, so we’ll control her and let her in laws do whatever they want after her wedding. Regressive, very very regressive even for 1990s.

    I don’t think vishakha husband has any problem with Naina per se. He’s right about uch an early wedding. I don’t think he’ll even care who or which caste girl Sameer will marry, as long as he doesn’t get to see Sameer everyday it’s fine with him.

    Waiting for double marriage thing in Kundalini😂 Sameer should say something like Haan, we both will marry twice, will marry each other only twice 😂

  3. Yes Ashu even I felt the same when sameer addressed him papa(he never deserve it at all)instead I agree if sameer calls vivek as papa This Tauji and Taiji are real villan of Samaina

  4. fun fact naina first encounter with mami saas occurred on 16th may 2018 episode

  5. i just got a video of behind the scenes of naina at sameer house choosing sareers for engagement hope you will like it

    and in this video sameer having dance in dream sequence with naina

  6. All the immature adults are now new villian in Sameer and Naina’s love life. It will be interesting when all the planning and plotting will fail and Sameer and Naina will win. Love the precap. Monday’s episode will be hilarious 😂.

    1. @vidha please check out the naina sameer engagement video on YouTube channel ” serial update ” i could die right now because of happiness

  7. Thanks Tarun. I was thinking that Naina will wear lehenga which she wore on Pooja’s wedding but here she was wearing red saree still Naina was looking really cute. And ring will be missing for a moment may be there will be no problem in the ring size. And I am predicting that engagement segment may come next week.

    1. even i too think the engagement episode will come next ,this week we gonna see sameer and naina fight over two marriage , college engagement ,ring size fiasco ,naina to go sameer house for saree selection , engagement date fixed ,naina dance ,sameer dream sequence with naina ,mami ji spilling tea over rakesh sir

  8. Wow Tarun,
    Great summary for the upcoming week. Loved your prediction based on spoilers. Good comments Vidha. Missing other regular commentators Devi,sunshine, AB, Sid, Lokesh and many others whose reviews were great read. Enjoy the comments more than episodes at times. Pl keep commenting. Happy New Year fellow commentators. May you and your family stay blessedin 2019.

    1. happy New year to you @Deb ,btw my one prediction is wrong ,it is sauce who will be spilled ,not tea 😋

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