Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sameer eager to win the bet and woos Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer telling that he has a bad luck, girl have lices in her hairs. Munna asks him to get his hairs cut. Pandit ji says I am hearing for the first time that one needs to scratch his head in love. Shefali asks Naina why did you tell Sameer that you have lice in your hairs. She says nothing will happen with you. Munna and Pandit tell Sameer that Naina is so concerned about him and his hairs, else no girl shares such thing with a boy. They say that Naina loves Sameer. Sameer says even he felt love in her eyes and says he will make her confess love. Naina is in her balcony and thinks she won’t let lices come inbetween them. Sameer comes there on the bike. Naina is surprised to see him.

Naina’s voiceover says in those days, it was a standard style to woo

a girl and if Rakesh had seen him then it would had been end of her love story. Naina sees Rakesh coming and gets tensed. Jo pyaar Karte hai song plays…..Sameer keeps the gift and goes. Before Rakesh could come home, Naina runs and comes downstairs, gets the gift and goes to her room. Toofa song plays….Naina opens the box and see a note that even he cares for her hairs. She laughs seeing lice killer shampoo bottle. Naina’s voiceover tells that she has kept that bottle even now. Tai ji shouts seeing oil on the chilli and calls Naina. Naina applies the shampoo and washes her hairs while Tai ji asks her to open the door.

Munshi Kaka plays video on VCR. Munna and Pandit dance watching film. Naina’s voiceover tells about feeling the happiness to watch film. Munshi kaka asks them to study and let Sameer study too. Munna asks did we disturb you. Sameer says yes. Munna and Pandit laughs. Pandit tells that Sameer gave lice killer shampoo to Naina. Sameer says he gave medicine seeing the patient. Munna asks him to suggest something for Swati. Sameer says your love story needs blessings. Shefali laughs hearing Sameer gifted shampoo to her and says you both are equally mad. Naina shows her hairs and says they are flying in high. Shefali asks her to thank him today. Naina says everyone will be in the house. Shefali says I will help you and asks her to go and says she will handle chachi. Shefali talks to Bela. Naina calls Sameer, but hearing Tai ji coming, she ends the call. Tai ji scolds Bela and insults Shefali. Naina feels bad.

Tai ji asks her to go home. Shefali asks why you are saying this. Tai ji says this is her sanskar. Shefali says values are either good or bad. Bela taunts Tai ji. Tai ji warns Naina and asks her to be away from Shefali. Bela goes. Naina calls Sameer. Just then Rakesh comes there. Naina’s voiceover tells that those two rings became code of our love story. Rakesh keeps the library keys and goes. She calls him again. Sameer picks the call and says Naina….Naina says how did you know that I am on call. Sameer says you called twice. Naina says it can be our code word. Sameer says you are telling this, the great Naina. Naina says yes. Naina’s voiceover tells that this has become code word for them and was using her mind in love. He plays the song mere sawalon ka……Naina smiles and ends the call. She gets happy and dances. Sameer thinks if I don’t win the bet then I have to get my hairs cut, so no more toh.

Pandit asks Sameer to use his love formula in open. Sameer writes something on paper and throws near Naina. Sir steps his foot on it. Sameer looks on tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Samaira_khan

    Hey guys.. Amazing yaar.. This episode was really worth watching.. Uff this show rocks.. And just guess who’s the villas lice
    ??? hihi among.. Yaar Sameer s gift.. Lol.. They r soooo cute.. So refreshing show.. With no stupid drama

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Yeah amazing show wid no saas bahu drama…thats why we luv it??

    2. Hai samaria how are u. If i am not wrong u wrote here previously naa. Yes its a worth watching show. Thay call it naa no nonsense show

  2. NerdyBirdie

    This show is so much better than all of those other shows. The background score is satisfying and watching Naina stammer around is actually really cute. I think the narrator of this show makes it a hundred times better! It’s interesting to see things from older Naina’s point of view who clearly knows now that Sameer was just concerned about the bet. The way she tells the story is amazing. Keep up the great work, Sony!

    1. Aayushi_kul

      U r ryt…the narration is the plus point of this makes d show more intrsting…btw i saw u frst tym on this page so welcum here

      1. Sadiya siddiqui’s voice is ever mesmerizeing. It is good to hear her as narrators. In between they changed the voice as nobody liked it they brought her back

      2. NerdyBirdie

        Thank you, Aayushi! 😀

    2. But no offense meant yes i too accept that sadiya siddiquijis voice is mesmerizing and all that but i find it abit boring for example instead of dialogues in that phone conversation her voiceover is given. If this continues plp will get bored. Ok if she tells about some important things ok but if voiceover is dominating dialogues know it willturn boring??. As we want to hear the talk between sameer and naina

      1. Harshaa

        Bharati i accept with u about this.Yes narrator voice is good but i too felt that if there are dialogues between them it would have been better

      2. I too support this. With due honours to sadiya mam, what bharati and harsha said is correct . There must be narration but it should not be equal to dialogues. I too felt that narrator is explaining every bit. Sometimes its ok but if narrator narrates half the episode it turns boring

    3. Nivedita

      Yup NB..hope I can call u that! Love Ur name btw..

      Seriously Sadiya Siddiqui’s voice over is absolutely adorable! ❤❤

      If u watch other shows she is the masi sa of TSMSP..on Star Plus…n playing such a contrasting character there..

      1. Harshaa

        Hai is it the same nivedita of ib. Do u remember me and our disscussion about ranveer singh randhawa of that show. Happy to see u here☺☺☺.Enjoy the show its really a feel good one

      2. Nivedita

        Yeah Harshaa I remember our IB discussions over if u r a watch TSMSP..I guess his presence in IB is over..

        So yeh un Dino… fans for dragging the topic off to other serials.?

      3. You see i am intrested in the character rather than actor. That wss a promising character which have many shades if properly explored but the cvs have their own way. I appreciate ayush anand as actor yes but not no such a huge fan to watch hiz other shows, to me the concept should be unique with no nonsense and ott drama

  3. Good episode i say funny episode. As we thought shefali also thought that naina is partly mad to share such a thing with sameer.And she is correct in saying are you going to stick to him and sit so that lice fly from ur hair ???.
    Sameer was in the verge of crying ? ?
    But sameer is smartneer ???really yes if he gifted her perfume bottle he will be caught in a minute. Thats true medicine is given seeing the patient.?
    ??. And his medicine for munna is correct.
    But shefali is correct match for this pagal parivar. She is the only one who can bring herd boy arjun into normalcy from that pressure of his stupid father and family.
    This taiji says everyone that their togue works like scissors but its her tongue which works like scissors stupid muddle headed woman???.
    So sameer understood naina will never understand the meaning of toh and so he took a step forward☺☺☺.
    Precap was good and intresting.
    Thanks hasan for early update

    1. Samaira_khan

      Totally agree yaar

    2. Yes sameer iz really smartneer. He gifted her what she need because he want to get near her as soon as possible and win his bet.

  4. Nice episode. Full of things funny, emotional and a little bit romantic.
    So sameer took a step forward ???
    All the best sameer.But i say shefali is perfect bahu of agarwals ???

  5. Hey guys ?
    Firstly I want to apologize from neha bharti and ayushi ?
    Because of my stupid net issue my whole day went in “trying to open tu of yudkbh” and when it by chance opened comments were not posting? I don’t know this comment will be posted or not ?hope for the best well
    Bharti:- thank you soo much my baby no sorry and no thank you in friend ship yaar?????
    Neha:- yeah neha I had watched that episode and my bday went all good ????
    Ayushi:- awww soo sorry for mentioning ice cream woh bhe extra topping chocolate ki?? soo now no ice cream okay na nooo icccceeeeee creeeeaaaaaam hehehehehe sholly just teasing you?? *holding my ears sholly
    ? how are you now feeling better?
    Now comment on episode?
    Again dhamakaydar episode ??
    Shefali was also saying how pagal naina is she told him lices part??
    Shefali is cute ?? Sameer noticed the love in naina’s eyes awww ?? Sameer don’t worry in some time only you will also have same feelings for her ?? right CVS?? hehehe warning dey rhe hn cvs ko??
    Naina standing in balcony waiting for Sameer?
    Sameer gifted anti lice shampoo wow?? how cute he is ??? he is right patient needs medicine only
    Reallllly munna jii your love story needs blessing ???
    Tayji huh just such an narrow minded women her tongue is more sharp then knife ???? don’t like her not even a bit?
    Naina wow the way she run and caught gift and again back to her place was just ????? what a speed and courage love gave to man ??
    That code hehehe jhakas?? two bells will be the code not bad
    The great naina is telling this the way he said ???
    Sameer is very tensed regarding his resham ki zulfain??? so he is ending “toh” curious to know what his “toh” really means and how he will be close to his bet as he can’t win his bet this much easily naina is hard nut to crack obviously ??? I personally the character which they are showing of naina’s?
    No more typing my fingers are paining now ?
    Interesting precap ????
    Thanks H.Hasan mam for fast update ??
    How are you mansi bharti neha ayushi astha Anita??? and other commentors also sorry m missing there name
    Good night
    Take care beauties ?
    Signing off now ?

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Hehe ansa dear no prblm….u can say ice crm ice crm ice crm as many times u want…bs ye cold sahi ho jaye…then i ‘ll attack on ice crm…vese bhi its more fun to have ice crm in winter????..n m fyn how r u

    2. Mansi

      Awesomeeeeeeeeeee comment Ansa????I am good☺how are u?

      1. Harshaa

        Hai mansi nice dp. U are enjoying the show but yes its worth watching

      2. Mansi

        Hii Harshaa?Awww….Thank u???Yeah I am enjoying it a lotttttttt??❤❤❤❤yeah it’s worth watching???

      3. Sashii

        Hai mansi belated happy wishes on ur birthday. ?????? this is for u

      4. Mansi

        Hii Sashii??Awww????So sweet of u???Thank u sweetie for ur wish?????Love u❤❤❤❤

    3. Hai ansa. No probs we all read u thanks giving but didn’t reply. Well sameer saw love in nainas eyes for him.???. He is slowly falling for her hope no hurdle comes in between them. But the hurdles which come between them are also cute that i am intrested to watch them. Plz all of u don’t beat me for this

  6. Aastha_Reddy

    guess what…bula bula hua hai mele saath..alle itna cute episole toh maine dekha hi nehi..ab bass intezaal kalna hai Monday ka…kal main so gayi thi aul upal se sony ka koi bhi show time pe aata hi nehi hai…Cholo yeh toh unn dino ki baat hai…Ab koi aur raasta bhi toh nehi hai dekhne ka on a comparatively bigger screen then that of mobile screen…Dekhtey hain ki kya hota hai iss kahani ka…????

    1. Aayushi_kul

      U know what di…my mom is very sad that kbc is ending bt m very happy?? now yudkbh will start n end on its given tym slot

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        who said kbc is ending?? just undergoing few moderation of time slot as Beyhad ended..kbc will air from 8:30PM to 9:30PM perhaps..

    2. Yeh koun hai cute little girl jas neh yah comment lekhi. No probs moblie screen with sleek ear phone will do magic even t faculty cannot catch u.

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Hey Anita..main hoon chunnu munnu Aastha..Ha ha ha…good morning..happy sunday.
        Suggestion is good haan..

    3. Aayushi_kul

      This tym change is jst fr 1 or 2 weeks as i saw a segment on e-24 channel…they were saying that last episode is week ki starting m hi shoot ho chuka h

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Oh…finally uss torture se bach gayi main…Aayushi..

    4. Nivedita

      Hi dear Aashtu,
      Glad to see u love this show.❤…so we may have growing up in the 90’s as common..✋?

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Nivedita..glad to see you here too. I have no idea about it and 90s…I am born in late 90s @1996 that too can I know ki kya hota tha uss time par when I was not even manufactured. Don’t have any idea…so enjoying this show.

      2. Nivedita

        That’s really cool that you are loving a 90’s show…despite being just a mid 90’s child..

        Anyways gud to see u here. ?❤

    5. Hai good morning and happy sunday

  7. Aayushi_kul

    Anti lice shampoo…aww what a gift…i knew it sameer esa hi kuch gift dega?? he’s really a cutener???
    Shefali said ryt… Naina is mad…felt bad when tai ji inslted shefali…bt she’s perfect fr this family n fr that herd boy
    Perfect code ‘two rings’ fr the call…n the grt naina suggesting the code word..hehe????
    Precap- tensed sameer???

    1. Hai aayushi i want to reply u yesterday. I am doing cma from institue of costs and management accountants. So i am not exactly in college but attend coaching classes.
      When i told u about that i enjoyed college lyf better than school i mean i had a very bad experience in school. There used to be a boy in my school he is my senior by one year. He is a complete ruffian. U may call him a rowdy. He use to tease me a lot that i call it torture its the correct word. I used to hide myself from him and even used to cry in my class whenever we used to have games period. It was so high that at last i gained courage after two years(it first started in 8th std and continued till 9th end as he completed his 10th) and one day i scolded him bl**dy fool. But its a magic after that he stopped coming near me. And left school after 10th. So 10th 11 and 12 are like cake walk for me.
      In college even when my seniors had a bit of ragging session it looked so less when compared to the torture i underwent. So i said my college life is happy then school lyf
      Yes shefali is jyst perfect for arjun

      1. Aayushi_kul

        Ohh..its really sad to hear abt ur bad memories frm school…bt its really appreciable that u scolded that bl***y idiot…it needs a lot of courage…may be dar kr bhaag gya hoga tmse islie school bhi chod dia? …. No worries dear…forget ur bad memories n have fun in ur lyf…btw u r frm which city???

  8. Mansi

    Sweet episode????Sameer again playing that song n Naina??❤❤❤❤he is in actual in love with her but because of stupid bet can’t understand??I hope he realizes soon?precap is interesting???

    1. He will realize but i feel after sometime only but i want naina to know Sameer and sameer wooing her really. I want the perfect nok jhok

      1. Mansi

        Yeah Anita even I feel he will realize one day but that day it will be too late?it would be awesome to see their nok jhok??

    2. Hey Mansi?
      My Birthday Sister Princess
      Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to mansi happy birthday to you???????????????????????????
      May you have lots of happiness in your life ?
      May you get everything which you want to be yours?
      May you have world’s best hubby? with chotay pyalay pyalay babies?
      May you get lots of success and make your parents proud of you ??
      Party hard sweetheart? enjoy your day? bless you ? my sweet sissteeerr???
      Here is your cake?
      Here are your presents??
      Love you lots ? sorry for late wishes my net is still not working wishing you by my neighbour’s net I had taken the password of their net soo sweet of them they Gave me ?
      Happy birthday to you once again mansi????????

      1. Mansi

        Hii Ansa sisy?????Awwww????????so sweet of u????????no words as it’s beyond words??????????……Aww???????????don’t say sorry as u are not late☺☺☺Feeling blessed to have u in my life☺☺❤❤❤❤❤Love u from the bottom of my heart❤❤❤❤☺☺☺??????It really really means a lot to me????Thank uuuuuuu so much my sweet little sis???????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤???????????????

    3. Hai mansi happy birthday. This cake ? ? is for u . both are for u ???

  9. Lovely episode.. Being in love is touchingly depicted through Sameer and Naina’s acting . Both are such wonderful actors . This story must go on and on and never end . Missing them on weekends !! Waiting for Monday . Sameer too good .

  10. Yes Surely Sameer is in love , he doesn’t realise . The look in his eyes says it all. Just waiting for the moment of truth , Sameer and Naina will make it sweetest moment of the show .

  11. But what about the fact that Arjun’s truth should be out by now now and Sameer should get his rightful title since he actually didn’t cheat though he had the chance to do so. And Shefali is indeed right match for Arjun’s family specially Arjun’s dad!!

    1. Ashwini i think that took a back seat now. But i am worried when sameer gets to know that naina knows long back that he is innocent and her brother is culprit but she kept quite for the sake of her brother and father

  12. Hai what to say more. Everyone said everything. But i missed Sameers attitude. Naina is too innocent. So sameer understood that naina can never understand what is after toh. So he proceeded. But we also want to know sameers intension in that word.??cvs u might have clarified that.
    This taiji is behavior and dogs tail can never set right. Our humble request is take shefali and arjuns story also forward. If possible “MASWA”????also.

    1. MASWA means manoj and swati?????. Really waiting for MASWA to start???.
      But anita what u said is true sameers attitude is his plus point that brings his cuteneer style. I saw a video on insta of yudkbh where it showed the scene of sanjay dancing and sameer and his friends making him to fall. But that scene was better than what they showed in serial. I dont know why they edited it.

      1. Harshaa

        Maswa is good but improvise it a bit . Orelse ask help from someone??????

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Maswa?? wow u shipped their name too…vese it will be intrsting to watch their luv stry too

    3. Anita even i watched that clip. It was as u said good then the scene they showed in the show. Don’t know why they edited it. Also i too accept that attitude is a great plus point of sameers character. It they want to take the story forward like season2 or so then they need to show him some what like that

  13. Hai all.
    Samaira yes its a good show without ott scenes and nonsense.
    Bharati he is ofcourse of smartneer yaar as astha says.He knows if he gift her perfume steam engine will gift him tappad???.
    Harsha bhaiyya u are so true. Shefali is best bahu for agarwals ???. She have the attitude to be .
    Ansa no issues i know u will reply when u see the messages. Yes naina ran fast but she should if not steam engine will see. But i thought he will have a glimpse of sameer and wanted to see his reactions after that
    Aayushi two rings sooooo sweet naa code is and sameer was stunned to find that naina uses her brain this way also
    Hai mansi, aswani and anita nice comments☺☺☺
    Also anita i too watched that clip in insta. Yes i too agree its better than the one showed in serial. I too want to see that sameers attitude especially with sanjay. ☺☺☺

  14. Fama

    Oh my mata! I just fell head over heels with this show (and thanks to my cousin for her addiction towards KBC), I show this episode on tv and I instantly got hooked to it and more interested to know the story and I spent the whole night watching the show online from it’s first episode and I just wish I could’ve also been in the golden era of the 1990s and experience this kind of a simple, innocent and phenomenal love story. Am looking forward to watching more episodes of yeh un dinon ki baat hai!

    1. Nivedita cool u love this show despite not having experienced it in the 90’s..

      I identify with this show so much because like these characters..I was a school going teenager at that time.

      Brings back so much nostalgia… especially those songs.m

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Hey fama…same pinch dear aftr watchng this show i too wish that i could ve also been to that lovely era…we r in luv wid this show so much

  15. Am from pune recently we shifted here as dad got a transfer

  16. Anita i too feel like that. We all know what will happen when naina knows why sameer is doing all this. Yes she will be heart broken???. But seeing the spoilers it is like sameer will also start to confind in naina. So when he knows that she already knows that arjun is the one who stole the papers but she kept quite for her father and brothers sake then what will he do as we know sameer is a boy who do not forget revenge. That sanjays insult is best example. He did it intentionally thats what the cvs wanted to show.Seeing the clip it looked like that only

  17. Manoj+Swati -> Manati ??? Just a thought

    1. Yes its good i was just kidding as maswa but manati really good??????

    2. Nice manati is good navi ???man

  18. Hai all nice to see u. One more nice episode. Loved it .
    Harsha yes shefali is the best girl for arjun. Atleast she will teach him that what he did to sameer was not correct.
    However sameer is, i support him becoz he suffered a lot becoz of this naina.
    So its nainas turn to suffer. But loved that cute ???couple as well as arjun and shefali

  19. Anita i too saw the clip thats in yudbh insta page. Yes that scence was better than the one showed to us.There. munna and sanjay danced a lot. They danced govindajis steps.And at end munna threw him down. And all of them stood around him and clapped.
    Yes it shows sameers mentality. Also as neha said if sameer knows that naina hid the fact about her brother leaking paper what he will do.. I feel they must show how he reacts as per his mentality if not it will be justified

  20. Ghvpriya

    I am falling in love with this show a lot and lot. The episode is amazing and the way sameer thought a gift is truly very logical. The phone convo between the two is very nice and precap is so interesting. I can’t wait till Monday!!!

  21. Harshaa

    Shashi, i appreciate ur fandom for sameer but i don’t wholeheartedly support his doing. He is playing with emotions of a girl. Sameer is thinking it as a challenge but for naina its pure love. He didn’t think about the consequences of his step.
    Yes i accept that he is a teenager and at that age plp don’t have enough maturity and all that.But naina is also of that age but she is not thinking to hurt him

    1. Harsha i accept with u. I too felt the same with that innocent girl. I thought they might have shown her a little brave. On the other day i felt she learnt the truth about him. And she will turn smart and win him in his own game. But it didn’t turn like that. He is cheating and bringing her down in all ways possible.Poor girl naina.

  22. I guess story mein air twist lane k liye,sameer k step Bhai n swati ko beech mein ana hi chahiye…am I r8 guys???

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