Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer feels caged away from Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina asking Tai ji to let her stay in the house and says she will do as she says. Tai ji says we will get love off your head. Bela asks Tai ji not to doubt on her. Tai ji says I am sure Naina is having an affair with Munna or Pandit. Bela packs her bags. Preeti tells that Tai ji is not letting Naina go to school. Anand says exam is nearer. Tai ji asks Naina to swear on Rakesh that she don’t love anyone. Naina tells that in those days, people were very scared to take swear on their loved ones as many films were made on such subjects.

Sameer orders pizza. Dadi stops Vishaka from paying money to the delivery boy. Sameer says he has money and takes money from his wallet. Dadi eyes his money. Sameer offers Pizza to Rohan and Deepika, but they don’t as they

are scared of their Dadi. Tai ji asks Naina to swear on Rakesh and say that she don’t have any affair with Munna and Pandit. Naina gets relieved and tells that she don’t have affair with Munna or Pandit. Anand asks Naina to unpack her stuff and says she will get good marks. Tai ji says she has figured out and the time will tell who is right. Dadi tells Rohan and Deepika that she will come to meet them in hostel. Deepika says she don’t want to go. Mr. Sumani comes there. Dadi acts and says she can’t let them ruin their life and that’s why they have to go to hostel. Mr. Sumani says my kids will not go to hostel because of Sameer. He scolds Sameer and says this is not your Nana ji’s house, but my house, my mum is crying because of you, my kids will not go, but you will go to hostel.

Dadi smirks happily. Mr. Sumani takes Sameer to room and says you will be locked in the room, no Tv, headphone or no outside food. Sameer breaks the things in the room. Rohan comes to the room and picks up the things. Sameer’s voiceover tells that his treatment was his return to Naina.

Tai ji tries to talk to Shefali about Pralay’s tuition and comes to her. Arjun looks at them from hideout. Shefali signs what happened? Tai ji says you are looking like a heroine and laughs. She praises her. Shefali says you are seeing so many good things in me. Tai ji asks Shefali to teach Pralay. Shefali says she don’t have time. Tai ji insists. Shefali says she will teach Pralay in her house, asks her to give tea in the same cup as hers, and asks for 3 months advance. Tai ji hesitantly agrees. Arjun signs happily at Shefali. Shefali smiles.

Naina and Sameer couldn’t sleep and thinks about each other. Mujhe neend na aaye…plays. Sameer’s voice over tells that that day he felt the meaning of the song and the depth of love. Naina checks the phone. Sameer comes out of house and looks at the stars. Naina also looks at the star. Sameer misses Naina and thinks if she is seeing the stars. Sameer comes inside the room, hears some noise and sees Deepika running to her room. He gets a chit in which its written that she don’t want to go to hostel. Sameer smiles reading it. He gets an idea and writes his first love letter to Naina.

Sameer posts his first love letter. Munna receives it and gives to Naina. Naina and her friends get happy seeing Sameer’s letter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yeah happy…. somani for the first time took correct decision by saying that sameer should stay in hostel….. Wish it should happen…. Deepika n rohan are interested in eating pizza but this dadi not letting them to do so….. It feels like they’re inside golden jail ?sameer should work tactfully to overcome this brilliant n cunning dadi…. N definitely dadis next target will be sameer’s wallet ?don’t know how n when this separation track will come to an end…… And guys there’s some surprise in YUDKBH fb page that is ayesha tweeted about ashdeep shooting scene n based on that hint they summarised the future scenes don’t know whether its true or not but felt somewhat relaxed after reading it….. You too go n check it…… Waiting for ??samaina’s letter track…… It should bring back smile on our faces ?

  2. What did sameer’s voice over said “his treatment was his return to naina”? Can’t understand ?

    1. Fidato

      Hey… San.. yeah that’s correct… He meant he was took control over his stubbornness and anger because of Naina…When he was in Ahmadabad.. and now far away from her so he couldn’t control over his emotions… So he needed a treatment that is go back to Naina..Coz she knew how calm him down…

      I hope it’s helped you… BTW where are you from…??

      1. Tq fidato…….. I’m from TN came here after nenaithaale inikum serial (tamil dubbed of YUDKBH)

      2. Tq fidato….. I’m from TN came here after nenaithaale inikum serial (tamil dubbed of YUDKBH)

  3. Oh god don’t know whether serial will b taking a 2 year leap or not.Pata nahi aage kya hoga.pataaaaaa nahi ye sach hai ya nahi.pataaaaaaaaaaaaa nahi.kya karun kch samaj nahi aata ye kya horaha hai.But it seems rohan is a resolved guy may b a positive character.May prove helpful to sameer as his actions seem so.Vishaka sameer tumhari kok se hi to jana hai na as i doubt it.Had hoti hai yaar har ek cheez ki.Rohan n deepika plz dadi doesn,t love u as it is all a drama.Can’t understand arjun n shefali what they r upto.what arjun thinks of naina and sameer,s relationship and to what extent.Did he mean to save naina from taiji yesterday.Pataaaaaaaaa nahi.Aage kya hone wala hai simply pataaaaaa nahiiiiiiiiiiii.Last but not the least missing munna and pandit terribly.Evert time n every moment i miss u sameer’s rahu khetu.what would be sameer feeling without them truly they r the icing on the cake.Missing the pragati vidya mandir.plzźźźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz want to hear more from safari suit. O ameerzaade O baalon ki dukaan.Want again n more those school n classroom scenes.plzzzz sameer return ahmedabad plzzzzzzzzz as it misses u equally.Naina aur sameer ka reaction dekhne ko betaab hoon jab wo ek dusre se milenge yòoooooooooooooooooo Just imagine that scene Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow luv u all.plz munna pandit want u back plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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