Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer becomes Devdas in Naina’s love

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina and Preeti wearing Saree. Tai ji says Naina is looking good. Bela also compliments both. Anand says they will get bad sight. Tai ji says she was like Naina when she got married. Taya ji says you was a big fat. Tayi ji asks Preeti to bring camera and sends Naina to kitchen to get milk. She then takes Preeti to kitchen and asks her to click Naina and her pic. Preeti takes the pic. Tayi ji asks her to click the pics. Preeti says reel is left. Naina’s voiceover tells that she couldn’t sense Tai ji plan and by the time she realized, it was too late. Tai ji then asks her to click her solo pic. Naina asks why? Tai ji says she will hang her pic in her room. She asks her to smile. Preeti clicks the pic.

Bela tells Anand that Tai ji is acting sweet and surely

there is something wrong. Anand says Tai ji will never thought bad about anyone. Poonam tells Mami that she feels something is wrong with Sameer, and tells that she took tea for him 2-3 times, but he was sleeping. She tells that he is playing sad son now. Mami says she will ask Mama to talk to him. Tai ji reminds Naina of Pooja’s marriage when she distributed juice with Sameer. Naina is sad and gets upset.

Mama ji comes to room and thinks he is not in the room. He thinks Prabha made an issu. He hears sad song and sees Sameer on bed. He asks him what happened and asks him to say what he wants. Sameer listens to sad song and is depressed. Sameer’s voiceover tells that there was 3 deewanas that day, but he chose 3rd way and became Devdas and have beard. Naina is also sad and writes Sameer with spices. Bela comes there. Naina clears it and burns her hand in a hurry. Bela gets concerne3d. Later Naina comes out and is sad. Mama and Mami get upset seeing him. They try to cheer him up. Poonam shows him palak pakoda. Mami says she brought branded shirt from Bombay. Mama ji gives money in his hand and asks him to enjoy. He asks Munna and Pandit to take his car. Munna says lets go to La garden.

Tai ji talks to someone and asks her to search middle class boy for Naina. Mami tells Sameer that they have learnt that he got betrayed in love, and says Munna told us. Munna says I couldn’t see your condition. Pandit says we couldn’t bear your sadness. Munna says I told that she left the city. Mami says I am ready to talk to girl’s parents and is ready to leave 25 Lakhs marriage also. Mama asks him to say something. Sameer says I am fine. Poonam says you are looking like Heer Ranjha hero with beard. They sing the song. Mami scolds them. Sameer says I want to be alone for sometime. His voiceover tells that when he looked back, he wanted to slap that Devdas Sameer and asks him to do something and save Naina from Tai ji’s plan else she will get her married to some other Bholu Ram.

A guy comes to see Naina and praises himself. He tells that his friends say that he is handsome.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aww I feel so bad for Sameer he is in so much pain. This taiji is so annoying and interferes in everything. No offence but can’t she get a life? I understand Nainas fears but she is being quite selfish now. Hope Samaina reunite soon ?.

  2. Sameer and Naina – i really feel bad for them, still Excepting how things supports them to win their love life back – i believe it is only a temporary separation………..sure we will witness some good progress in their life.

    excepting to see –
    1. How Sameer will save his Naina from the new trouble created by Taiji……………
    2. How Chacha,chachi,munna, pandit and preethi’s react towards it………..

    My Wish List:

    1.Excepting that Bela Chachi will teach Taiji a lesson so that she should not interfer in her daughter’s life.
    2.Samaina’s reunion….
    3. Mama and Mamji support and fix their marriage…….
    4. Chachi and Chacha should understand the situation and accept the marriage porposal.
    5. Rakesh will come to know the real intention of Taji of fixing the marriage of Naina (as she doesnot want Naina’s marriage getting fixed with rich alliance hence she decided to fix with simple middle class one)
    6. Due to make Taji’s plan failure, Rakesh should support Naina’s alliance getting fixed with Sameer………..
    7. Sunaina should support Samaina’s reunion and understand the real situation.

    as Usual keeping my fingers crossed………………….why nowdays there are very less comments in this forum……..
    Sid Deb San Sai AB samaina and few others are missing………………………….

    please do comment and i wish you read more from you all……………………………………………..

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