Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naina concerned for Sameer’s hairs

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina telling Shefali that Sameer needs her honesty and likes her the way she is. Shefali says he seems to be nice guy. Naina says she told him. Sameer tells Munna and Pandit that he said Toh….Naina also said Toh. Arjun comes and asks Bela if TV is working now. Shefali looks at him. Arjun is shy and goes. Shefali says it means he wants to meet you alone. Sameer says if I ask her to meet me then she will faint. Shefali says until you will meet, how will your love story begins. She asks her to call him. Naina says there is still much time for love. Shefali asks her to call him and asks to meet. Naina says he will meet me chalu. Shefali says I don’t like your thinking. Munna says your love story will not move. Tai ji taunts Bela and asks from where does lice

come in Pralay’s head. Bela says my daughters don’t have lices. Preeti comes scratching her head. Tai ji says she has lices. Bela asks her to sleep downstairs.

Swati calls Naina and asks what did Sameer tell you. She says he loves me and that’s why befriending you. Naina says ok. She thinks she left the play.Sameer calls Naina and says toh…Naina smiles. He plays the son. Naina smiles. Her voiceover says in those days, people would be thankful to Graham Bell. Sameer again plays the song Tumse Milke. Naina dances and sleeps beside Preeti. Naina and Preeti come to school. She feels itching in her hairs. Preeto says she has lice in her hairs. Naina’s voiceover says lices are going to come inbetween Sameer and her. Teacher asks kids to read the newspaper. Munna reads the news. Sameer makes pencil sound and diverts Naina towards him. Naina smiles and replies like him. Sameer smiles. Teacher asks Munna to stop it and asks Swati to read newspaper. Sameer makes pen sound.

Teacher asks him to get up and sits beside Naina. Sameer is shocked. Naina’s voiceover says Sameer got surprised as it was a punishment for the guys to sit beside girls. Sameer sits beside Naina. Voiceover says a big enemy will be coming between them and that’s lice. Sameer wonders why she is ignoring him. She asks him to stay away from her and changes place. After class ends,he follows her, but Naina ignores him. He says enough Naina and asks her to tell why she is ignoring him. She tells him that she is ignoring him because of lice in her hairs and she likes his Salman Khan type hairs and don’t want any lice enter his hairs. Sameer is puzzled and surprised with her small issue.

Sameer says they have to do something so that Naina hugs him and says I love you. Rakesh comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode

  2. awesome…..mujhe tumharey balo ki fikar hai!!!!ha ha ha ..lovely episode!!!!

    1. Hai sonu. Yes lice are the most dangerous villans in that luv story

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    Very big enemy…no no army of [email protected]…Aww…pyaar ke dushman jua(perhaps!!not sure of Hindi words) lolz…
    I love your hairs is a far too advanced compliment from Naina..
    Toh!!…toh….toh!!!toh…Kuch nehi…Something something..
    Arre Manoj ka toh lottery lag gaya..Sitting with Swathi!!!Hamare school mein bhi punishment ke liye ladka ladki ko saath baithate the and we have to slap them for giving wrong answer..Maza aata tha…there was no feeligs like Naina had fke her class boy still…boys ko slap karne ka mouka baar baar nehi milta tha na…Ek chance pe tan tana dete the gaal pe for all teasing…
    My bro was watching it with me,heard Swathi on call with Naina and said…This is why I says Girls are mad!! kuch bhi!!
    chalo hume kya pata kyun ki yeh unn dino ki baat hai..aaj kal ki nehi…

    1. Astha di nobody can beat u in comments. Really i feel from heart☺☺☺

    2. Hai astha as usual nice comment. But did u see herd boy arjun yesterday. And nainas questioning him???.
      Also in our class it used to happen if the boys do some wrong they are made to slapped by girls.So that they feel ashamed

    3. Aayushi_kul

      This is the correct word dii (jua)?? i too remembr our scul days jb teacher hme kehti thi ‘fr every wrong answer, 1 slap’ jo maze aate the tana tan gaal pr bajane m vo kbhi nhi aaye????

  4. Mansi

    Nice episode???? Sameer diverting Naina’s attention towards him❤❤❤❤he playing the song Tumse Milke for Naina?????precap is exciting???


    Good to know Ansa that ur day??I am fine☺how are u?

    1. Hai mansi. Yes enjoyed every bit of episode. But what is the meaning of toh.Any gusses!!!. Is it first date as shefali said.

      1. Hai mansi nice comment. Also neha i too think its a date proposal

      2. Mansi

        Hii Neha?Yeah as episode was enjoyable???I think it might be date as shefali said?

      3. Yes neha I had watched yesterday’s episode ? and day went too good? yeah you are right no one should miss this awesome drama?

    2. Hey mansi nice comment?
      I am fine too ??

      1. Hai ansa did u watch yesterday episode it was just wow!!!watch it if u didn’t

      2. Hai ansa how was ur day yesterday. I saw ur message last night but thought to reply u today.
        Did u watch yesterday episode. It was totally fun???

      3. Mansi

        Hii Ansa?….Awww??….Good to know ur too fine☺

  5. Why this show is getting so less comments..why this beautiful show is not getting what it deserves..
    Pls try to watch this show on tv and increase its trp bcs its trp is decreasing..
    Its a beautiful show which creates positive vibes..and gives constant smile on our face..
    Pls make it more popular and watch it on that we can enjoy this lovely and soothing show for longer.. 🙂

    1. Yes what u said is correct but this week all serials got less trps. Even big boss got 1.9. I too say everyone must watch it on tv. I watch it.
      Also many of us comment daily. I think u are new. Welcome to tu

    2. Sapna(i mean dream). Don’t mind i am a bit jovial type ☺☺☺.
      We some people write regularly. I think u are new here. U too keep commenting then automatically there will be more comments.
      Fine when it comes to show what u said is true its a very nice and unique show. I too saw the trps. But as neha said this week all shows got less trps.

  6. Why so less comments on this show??

  7. Hai all. Oh am second today. Nice episode.
    So herd boy arjun ka aakir love ke ghanti baji. Ab sirf steam engine ki seeti bajna bhaki hai.
    So cute arjun and shefali???
    Sameer was literally blushing yesterday when he is talking about naina to his friends. Naina is too innocent to understand what sameer meant ???
    Yesterday was eye feast. Sameer and naina sitting together and munna and swati together. Munnas antics when swati sat beside him???.
    Sameers attitude when naina ignored him again???.

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Bajegi neha…steam engine ki seeti zarur bajegi…waiting fr that day jb use arjun k baare m pta chlega

      1. Waiting for that day

  8. Hai nice episode.So as well thought arjun and shefali are a pair. Arjun was dumbfound. Poor naina no aware of bhai ka confusion. Shefali is a outgoing girl and so as sameer lets see what will happen to steam engine when he knows about his childrens likes ???
    Sameer and naina became victims of lice???.Now sameer will also know that naina is also a huge fan of his hair style.
    Munna is on cloud nine yesterday with swati besides him????.
    Only pandit is missing someone.
    Yesterday sameer is in very happy mood when talking about naina. Thats why they say at that age if u see a girl smiling u will forget everything.
    Revenge, attitude sab kuch gaya gadda mein.???.
    precap i think may be trur or may be one of nainas dreams

    1. Aayushi_kul

      ‘Sb kuch gaya gadda m’lolzzz??? so true anita…a genuine smile can make any1 fall in luv wid u…n pandit is not intrsted in any girl ryt now…bt uske sath bhi koi hona abt preeti???????

      1. Woh teek rahagi. But she should see her surroundings first know.the girl is soo busy in minding her business???

    2. Hai anita i too think that steam engine will get shock of his life time

  9. Awesome serial????…. plz plz watch it daily & increase its trp ….this show deserves to be on top

  10. Beautiful,innocent,lovely serial it takes us back to our childhood days ……have never missed single episode of it till date……………………………..

  11. Aayushi_kul

    Awww naina concrned fr sameer’s hair??? that was so sweet…pyaar ka dushman..lice??….
    That was not a punishment? mostly fr boys….i remembr once in 6th standard our teachr made us sit wid boys as a punishment to whole class bt boys were happy wid this as got the chance to sit wid girls??…vo time yaad aa gya…our golden scul days? college lyf is not that much enjoyable compared to scul lyf in my opinion..donno abt others

    1. Hai aayushi Thats true school life is best especially teenage is best phase in anybodies life. But i am ok with my college life too

      1. Aayushi_kul

        Anita…k also ok with my clg lyf ryt now…have fun in everythng…so u r also in clg…which year n in which course????

  12. Hey alaw episode???✌✌
    Soo in today’s episode “lices” were basically villain ??? how innocent naina is , she is telling also that she have lives in her hairs that’s why ignoring him and she like his hairs which is just like Salman khan’s hairs and she don’t want that any lice enter his hairs ????????? no girl will tell this to his crush yaar? but yeh un dino ki baat hai jab ishq sacha hua karta tha??????? Sameer was astonished with her small aur you can say childish reason ? sameerr is falling for her its written in his eyes ?? that punishment Sameer and naina were sitting together ? thank you teacher for that punishment this was the 1st line which popped in my mind?in our school days also this was the punishment which I hated always idiot boys ? they always have problem with my box and they used to play catch catch with my boxi?? and when teacher made any boy sit with me he troubled me like I am his only enemy ? kia din thy par woh ??
    Tayi ki can’t give cold drink to bela ? how kanjoosni she is?
    Steam engine your son arjun is ehm ehm blushing shefali and arjun hmmm I like that couple?
    Munna and swathi sitttting together ??? his expression yar? Sameer’s attitude munna’s funny scenes???
    Naina’s innocence??
    Soo….sooo …..soo…
    Indirectly Sameer was asking for their date aur next meeting in private??
    “Yudkbh” episode is just like ice cream but today’s episode was extra toping of chocolate on ice cream????
    Waiting for precap now?

    1. Yes every word is 100% true. But tell everyone to watch it on tv. Tell as many as u can to watch on tv because shows like this must last longer

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Ansa…extra topping of choclate on ice crm…ye kya keh dia…ab khane ka man ho gya???? bt i cant…bcoz of this zaalim cold???

    3. Hai ansa sorry for belated happy birthday wishes.Yesterday i missed.
      Yes the episode is very nice
      What u said is correct. Nobody will discuss about lice with their crush. But yaar she is naina ???.Poor girl

    4. Yes what u said is true 100% the episode is extra topping of chocolate on ice cream

  13. Hi….amazing episode

  14. Really guys.. this show is awesome.. taking back to those days..Innocent love story,so cute.Hope Sameer is not going to break naina’s heart.

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