Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sameer and Naina become friends

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer requests another student to go and sit on his place. He agrees. Naina is all smiling. But that doesn’t last long as Rakesh comes in and tells principal that Sameer needs to get rakhis tied from all girls, only then he will be able to concentrate on studies. Principal agrees. Rakesh says Naina will start and asks her to come up. She walks up hesitantly. Rakesh asks Sameer to forward his hand. Both Sameer and Naina hesitate, but are unable to say anything. Finally Naina says that she can’t tie rakhi to Sameer. Rakesh asks why not. She says he did so many wrong things. She doesn’t want to keep any relation with him. How she can give him Arjun’s place? All other girls support Naina. Sameer says he is not interested in anyone’s rakhis either. Rakesh says

he doesn’t deserve to be anyone’s brother and asks Naina to sit down. Principal tells Sameer no one respects him. He should be ashamed. Narrator says principal sir was too innocent, he couldn’t understand that no girl wanted to become his sister because they all were flat on him.

After class, Munna and Pandit say Sameer is so lucky. Munna then praises Naina for doing such a drama. Sameer’s friends suggest him to go and propose her.

Bela comes to Taiji to ask for cold drink. Taiji says she doesn’t have any and avoids giving it to Bela. Just then someone brings in cold drink and Bela takes few to her house which annoys Taiji.

After school, Naina goes to drink water. Sameer comes there as well. Both smile inside. Both drink water. Sameer asks so he is really that bad? Because of her no one tied rakhi. She asks he felt bad? He says she really meant all that she said? She doesn’t want to keep any relation with him? She instantly says no. Then she controls herself and says she didn’t want to tie him rakhi. He also didn’t want it and she saw him changing seats. He asks why they both didn’t want to tie rakhi? Because they are friends? Narrator says back then friends meant love. No one expected there would be so many words in dictionary like today, best friends, BF, GF, BFF, friends with benefit. Sameer again asks if they are friends. She says yes, they are friends. Sameer gives her a chocolate. He then says, so? She says also so? Both keep saying so, so. Swati sees them together and feels bad. Preeti calls Naina and asks she doesn’t want to come home? Naina tells Sameer, so she will have to go now and runs.

Naina was going to Shefali’s house, but Chachi gives her some work. Naina sees Shefali from balcony and asks her to come up. She comes at Naina’s home. Chachi finds Shefali’s clothes weird and wonders whose shorts she is wearing. Shefali comes to Naina. Naina proudly tells her that her and Sameer avoided rakhi today. He clearly said her that they are friends. Shefali says meaning boyfriend girlfriend. Naina doesn’t like boyfriend word and tells her to say ‘dost’ only. Shefali asks then. Naina says he gave her chocolate. She was right that Sameer likes her just how she is. Narrator says so this long their journey was to become friends from their first meeting.

Precap: Sameer is playing a song on phone for Naina.. tum se mil kar aisa laga. He cuts the song and says, he will play next line only after she answers ‘so?’ from their last conversation.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Aayushi_kul

    ‘Main is badtameez ladke ko apna bhai ni kaan skti’ haha????? naina what a master stroke… Steam engine k plan pr to paani fir gya???… All d girls…say thanx to naina..bcoz of her every1 got saved…. That chocolate giving scenr was so cuteeee???? so both r frnds now…bt feeling bad for naina…what will happen jb use pa chlega abt the bet thing??


    1. Haven’t seen and read episode yet signals ab ain hai ? thaaaaaakkkkkknnn you soo much ayushi love you ?? yeah thanks m blushing hehehe umaaaah ?

  2. what episodes….tension!!!!!Relief!!!Smile!!!& finally SO…SO..SO….loved it….waiting for tomorrow…

  3. Mansi

    WOW what an episode??????????????bal bal bacha Sameer???Naina finally revealed they are friends n in those days it was like GF n BF?????Sameer gave chocolate? to her❤❤❤❤❤precap is exciting?????


    Many many happy returns of the day Ansa sisy????may God always fulfill ur wish?????stay blessed always????enjoy????????????…..Love u sweetheart???????


    Coming to ur question in previous episode Ansa- U can call me what u like??I don’t mind?

    1. Hai mansi yes sameer was saved because of naina. And till now they are friends

      1. Mansi

        Yeah Anita right they are friends now???….???

    2. Thaank you mansi love you too Janii ? feeling blessed because of your all thank u once again ??? I will call you mansi ?

      1. Mansi

        My pleasure sis???Awww??Glad to know u will call me Mansi☺☺

      2. Mansi

        But how was ur day today????

    3. By the Grace of God the day went Marvelous ? how are you btw ?

    4. By the grace of God birthday went good ???
      How are you well ?

  4. Yes aayushi naina just gave a master stroke???steam engine could not do anything but go out . btw hai saw u after a long time

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Hii Anita… Was busy first wid diwali n then college assignments…how r u

      1. Yeah am fine. Thank u

  5. Hai a nice episode. Sam did whatever he could to avoid naina. He was so cuteneer ???. Really sameer may be chalak and he may be faking naina but his looks are ???.
    But poor naina is falling for sameer who will not afterall after that sweet talk .
    Sameer described him very well naina. Bartameez, nautanki and chaalu ladaka.
    I felt yes sameer u are like that itself but this innocent girl could not see ur real face???
    Munna and pandit were funny yesterday but actual fun is seeing steam engines face???. First time naina disobeyed him but she is too clever and handled the situation very well . Thats why they say “sangat ka asar”. (Sameer ka sagat mein kaphi kuch seekli naina)???
    Well i didn’t understand how preeti did not see sameer and naina together or did she not bother.Because the whole family do not like sameer na. Then how come she did not ask naina anything! !!!

    Shefali is looking in new dress but cvs make naina wear do dresses. We all know they are conservative household and dont allow her to wear nice clothes but in order to grab sameer attention make her wear good dresses

    1. I mean good not do

    2. Also Ansa happy birthday ?????? ? ? Have a nice day

      1. Thank you Anita baby umaaaah??

    3. Anita i too didn’t understand how preeti did not see sameer and naina together. But didn’t anybody see Sameer expression when naina came to tie rakhi???. He was distanceing his hand from her. Poor girl falling head to toe for him.
      But narrator is wrong saying i am a goid actor sameer is a maverick not just actor.
      Also that comparison of naina is looking so childish like ransa river and chocolate boat. Oh come on cvs we are watching story of kindergarten kids story. At that age nobody thinks like that. Plz grow up

      1. I mean not watching

      2. Yes they were awesome. He was highlight of yesterday episode

  6. Hai all. First happy birthday ansa ? ? This is for u.
    Yesterday episode was soo good. Waited till 12 for update but no update.
    So sameer and naina are friends. Jhoota he sahi par shuruvath toh ho gaya na.
    Although happy for sameer and naina but sad for naina. Especially the narrators saying i am suffering of love and sameer is making suffer by fake love.
    All this things are happening because of one stupid man the great librarian steam engine??. He is not letting sameer breath air for a while. He is soo much after him that this acting adversely against him as sameer is geting egoistic and trying to take more and more revenge againt his own daughter. Why nobody educate him about how to handle teenage people?? he is not able take care of his own son Herd boy also.
    Only hope is this friendship will turn sameer into the same lover boy naina is expecting
    But we don’t want to comprimise with sameers attitude.It is his charm???

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Same pinch neha… I was also waiting till 12:30 bt there was no update so i slept after that??? nd yeah shuruwaat to ho hi gyi h chahe kese bhi ho??

    2. Thank you neha darling love u ?

  7. Hai ansa happy birthday. But where is the birthday girl.Well yesterday i heard harshaas comments. I want to write only one thing. This show is promising because of the dissimlarities between naina and sameers personalities. Also care writers are taking to keep them in tact.
    Also the varied households of both of them is also a potential factor.
    Also i read in Wikipedia that the show will start here and will gradually move with time till present day
    But this possible only if there is team work. The makers of this show if they do not go for egos such things are possible
    Lets see.
    The show is going very well with intresting turns and twists

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Ravi…bday girl is busy in celebrating her bday…koi naa aaj chod dete h use…will see her tmrw???

      1. Ok watch todays episode ???

    2. Thank you Ravi darling ? love u yara aray aray yesterday night I was waiting for the update and visited tu but there was no update and from morning there was no signals of net I was seriously pissed of ? how can I forget my tu “yudkbh” ki family in my celebration ??

  8. Jeevan Wghmare

    I like a u r show aloottt
    Both r cute..

  9. Jeevan Waghmare

    I like a u r show aloottt
    Both r cute..

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