Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina, Sameer and Others get tensed as family returns home

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti calling Munna as monkey as he slips from chair and breaks it. Naina gets worried. Sameer asks for a hammer and repairs the chair. Munna sits on the chair and jumps, it breaks again. Preeti says we shall fix it temporarily and if anyone ask, we will say we don’t know. Sameer repairs it and hits hammer on his hand. He injures his finger. Naina gets concerned. Munna laughs. Sameer says sorry.. Her voiceover tells that she took risked and called the boys at home. She says she has felt all emotions on that day and even fear. Sameer gives her bouquet. Song plays…manzil my love….Sameer pretends as if his eye get hurt. Naina worries for him and bring warm cloth. She warms his eye to make him feel better. He teases her. She runs behind him and falls. He holds her.

song plays again. Pandit tells everyone that Naina called us at home as her Servant didn’t come. Swati says she wants to have icecream outside. Munna asks if she will come on bike. She says yes. Sameer gives them keys. Naina tells her if she will sit on the bike on day 1 of her love story and says she sat with Sameer after 2 years of love story. Swati says what to do, she has to speed up as munna took time to confess. Naina asks Swati to take her time. Sameer asks Munna to go. Naina asks them to go separately.

Rakesh, Tai ji, Anand and Bela return home. Tai ji vomits in the car. Rakesh gets upset and says his car is getting spoiled. Anand says Tai ji’s condition is bad. Rakesh says why did she have samosa. Tai ji makes faces. Sameer comes to Naina’s room and asks if she don’t have his pic in her room. Naina says then my family members will hang my pic with garland. Sameer looks at Aashiqui cassette. Naina shows his small pic and says she has stolen it. Sameer says you have trapped this guy. Naina says she has her eyes on him from day 1. Sameer smiles.

Naina tells him that all the things related to him is precious. She asks him about the wedding card which he made, but didn’t give him. Sameer says you had said that you will tear it. Naina says she will keep it safely now and will get her card printed exactly like it. Sameer asks who is the guy? Naina tells her that she has a good guy. She tells that once her college completes, Tai ji will get her married. Sameer is surprised and tells that their age is not of marriage. Naina asks if their love is for marriage or timepass. Sameer says it is for marriage, but he is not eager for marriage. Naina says she wants to study further and don’t want to marry so soon. Sameer says our love is for marriage and one day I will make you Mrs. Naina Maheshwari.

Just then they get Rakesh calling Naina and Preeti. Tai ji tells Bela that she can’t come out of car. Bela says when you can get in, you can come out also. Naina, Preeti and others get tensed. Rakesh asks Anand to clean the seat. Tai ji comes out of car and vomits on Rakesh. Rakesh is angry and says that’s why I asked you not to have samosa. Anand asks him to call doctor. Rakesh refuses. Sameer asks Naina not to worry and says they will go to terrace. They go. Preeti asks what we will do for chair. Naina keeps the chair as it is alright.

Sameer and Pandit come back and tell that some lady is on terrace. Naina says neighbor aunty must be there. Rakesh and others come there. Sameer and Pandit try to hide inside the house. Naina and Preeti get tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Am littlebit busy for my project work… So I was unable to comment.. but Don’t miss AnyEpisodes of YUDKBH…?
    today’s episode was Amazing… Swatina?
    Little Preedit moment in pillow fight?
    Samaina’s Romance- after a longtime…?
    Their lonely talk & Romance makes me blush…
    All our wishes came true in single Episode…but I want to see that, Sameer will know about Naina’s makeover…
    Episode dialogues- Awesome.. romantic also…
    Again repeated mode Episode?… We ,the Fans also want these type of Episodes…
    Precap- How Can they hide??? Eagerly waiting…
    After finishing my project work, I will Be there…but I used to read all of Ur comments…
    Keep Commenting… Gud nt ? guys…

  2. I hope Sameer and his friends don’t get coughs by naina family members!!

  3. Lokesh

    Beautiful epi , taiji taiji , o god.

  4. Samaina❤️❤️❤️??????

    Everything about this episode was khidkithod khoobsurat and adorable. Loved how Sameer teased Naina. Loved Samaina conversation so cute. Love Samaina ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Beautiful episode. Full of Samaina romance.. and hearing Naina Maheshwari from Sameer himself was indeed bliss. The whole episode went by blushing ❤
    I don’t think they’ll get caught…or I hope so

  6. yeah guys, this is a episode with full of emotions and i enjoiyed it a lot. Can’t control my laugh especially Rakesh and Taji’s segment.Lovely Romance of Samaina.

    More Excitement are excepted from the Makers.

    1.Vicky’s proposal and Sameer’s Jealous.
    2.Rohan’s entry.
    3. Kamya and Pandit Love track.
    4.Arjun realize and support Samaina’s Love.
    5.Poonam realized Kammu is Naina(Sameer’s Girl) and started supporting them.
    6.There should a Cricket team and Radio Station in College so that Sameer’s rules the both and become more popular in college in turn makes his mother proud of him and his step father to realize his mistake.
    7. Dipika’s entry.
    8.Pooja and bittu’s problem should be solved in such way without affecting Samaina’s Love life.
    9.excited to see the movie date and no more separation track…..

    Letz keep my fingers crossed………………….

    1. Thanks Hasan. Wonderful review Devi.
      Good to see Sid and Devi you are emerging one of the best commentators on this forum
      Lokesh good to see you commenting inspite of being busy. Anu, Samaina, Rv good to read your comments and thanks for being back to comment. Welcome to Sita and Dinkar.
      Great to see slowly a traffic in this forum. Missing San, Saz, Van and Ghvpriya, AB, and our other regular commentators. Please do come and put our wishful episodes forward, so the makers give us that.

  7. Amazing episode . Samana’s romantic scenes are fantastic. I think taiji is going to sit on this
    Broken chair. Eagerly waiting for next episode.

  8. Great Great

  9. Wow loved it to the core sameer ke bache and munna reply..sameer pretending to get hurt just to get naina’s attention and flower vase scene was just awww samaina having a heart to heart convo was just a treat going down the memory lane and sameer saying naina maheshwari wow bada maza aageya????

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