Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sameer and Naina in Raksha bandhan’s situation

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina’s voiceover says that Sameer’s anger changed into worry and he was curious to know why is she crying. Naina cries and says sorry to Sameer. She says you might be thinking why did I leave party. Sameer asks her not to cry and asks did I do any mistake. Naina says no, you are good, but I am mad. She says she came to party, but her heart was feeling bad as she lied to her family. She says she saw Tawo ji’s friend and ran away from there. Sameer relaxes. Naina says sorry and says you might think that I am behenji. Sameer smiles. Naina’s voiceover tells that Sameer doesn’t know what to say. Sameer tells his friends what Naina said. Pandit says naina is a different type of girl and asks him to forget I love you bet and says he will get old.


tells Naina that Sameer might think of her as certified behenji. She says this is 1990 and tells that Sameer kind of guys don’t fall in love with a girl, but get rakhi tied by her. Munna and Pandit ask Sameer to be away from Naina or don’t go to school. Shefali also asks Naina not to go to school. Sameer and Naina are tensed.

Pralay refuses to get simple rakhi tied to him. Tai ji scolds Bela. Bela says you gives just 2.25 Rs. Naina, Preeti and Pooja tie rakhi to Pralay and Arjun. Rakesh asks Arjun to give toffees to them. Arjun gives hair band and pen to them. Preeti tells Naina that she is going to tie rakhi to her rich classmate and will get toblerone chocolate. She asks her to tie rakhi to Sameer. Naina says no and recalls Shefali’s words. Munna and Pandit hide from girls as they search for them to make brothers. Sameer comes and asks why they are sitting there. He asks them to come up. Naina and Swati hear their friends talking about tying rakhi to other guys and not Sameer. Swati asks Naina to tie Rakhi to hottie Sameer. Naina’s voiceover says she planned to get her name written with Sameer on the wedding card. Sameer sees rakhis fallen from Naina’s bag and gets tensed. Swati says it will be final who will become sister. Sir comes to class and wishes them happy raksha bandhan. Naina’s friends change places. Sir asks Sameer to change place. Principal comes and tells that they will celebrate Raksha bandhan and every girl will tie rakhi to all. Naina’ voiceover tell she was in dilemma what to do.

Naina is about to tie rakhi to Sameer and is tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Samaira_khan

    WOW amaiznggg yaaar loveee them naina is sooooo innocentttt uff starting lovee their expressions!!! sameeer naaaina uff this show is the BEST

    1. Hai. Nice comment. Yes its a nice show. But i say naina is innocent but sameer is smart and intelligent. When it comes to shrewdness sameer is better than naina.

      1. Hey samaira and Anita nice comments ? congratulations samaira as ur comment is 1st ?
        Yeshh naina is indeed an innocent girl and Sameer cute smartner plus sometimes attitude boy also amazing episode BTW ?

  2. Mansi

    Again a awesomeeeeeeeeeee episode???????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤that Swati should tie Rakhi to Sameer n I could actually imagine his face that time??????precap is same??

    1. Thats true mansi. I too feel sameer should make swati tie him rakhi???.if naina made swati sit beside sameer on that day naa. It would have been better but innocent naina couldn’t think as smart as sameer. Sameer tried to act smart but the teacher made him sit in his place???.

      1. Mansi

        Are thinking is so alike right Anita??yeah she is too innocent to think all this things??poor Sameer???

    2. Yes i think sameer ko swati se rakhi bandhva kar baat katam kar deni chahiya.She is trying to act too smart with naina

      1. Absolutely correct neha ???

      2. Mansi

        It would have been great to see Swati tie Rakhi to Sameer n his face that time???

    3. Hehehe I am also imagining his face ????? swathi should try to tie rakhi on munna’s Hand ??? aww *rolling on floor ???

      1. Thats true.if swati ties rakhi to sameer he will be fine i think because she is becoming his hurdle day by day but if swati ties rakhi to munna rofl???.munna toh gaya kaam se

      2. Mansi

        Swati should tie Rakhi on Munna’s hand???????yeah bechara Munna????

  3. Very nice episode loved it.
    Sameer is totally bowled by naina. He was literally felt dumb when he saw tears in her eyes. But after that his expression when she said i am mad, i am typical and all that ???.He was smiling poor naina was not able to see it. Sameers feelings for naina are evident yesterday even with his friends when he said yes she will do everything for her family
    Munna and pandit are scared that girls will tie them rakhi and girls are afraid that they might have to tie rakhi to sameer???.
    This swati is too much she is asking naina to tie rakhi stupid ???
    Munna and pandits tricks to escape rakhi.
    Sameer is totally ? ? ? afraid of rakhi. He is playing every trick to avoid naina.
    Lets sed what happens

    1. Lets see i mean

    2. Hey Anita awesome comment Janii hmmm something something is happening in Sameer’s heart but he is some what unaware ? his smile and naina’s cry that part was good

      1. Thank u yes both are soo good

    3. Rashmi Purushotham

      I missed yesterday’s episode.. But thanks for putting the emotions in perspective 🙂

  4. Hai all . Yesterday episode was awesome. Poor cuteneer was made a sandwich between naina and steam engine father. Father wants to bind rakhi and daughter don’t want(Of course cuteneer also don’t want)
    This tayji is tounge works like kaanchi.Always complains. She is so selfish. When it comes to naina or any other child she says why waste money but when it comes to her child she is says the other way.stupid pseudo mentality.
    Munna and pandit are very funny . They hid from girls . Thats true everyone want to tie them rakhi and nobody wants to tie sameer rakhi
    The precap is scary. I think munna or pandit will do something to stop i think. Or sameer will do something. Lets see

  5. Harshaa

    Yesterday episode was nice with sameer and naina afraid of raksha bandhan.Sameer afraid of loosing bet and naina afraid of loosing sameer. But i feel sameer is slowly started to fell for her as he said to his friends she is innocent and she cares more about family.
    Very nice show this is with a very hood concept. As i said earlier if sony and the makers along with actors concentrate it will be super success with more than three season which Ofcourse will be successful as the concept is new.
    Now they are showing their second season they may show their love life.And third season they may show their married life with intervension from their family member like nainas father and sameers mother. Both are enough to create problems to the two. And nainas conventional family and sameers out going mentality can make a very good story.I hope they understand.
    How many are with me about this

    1. Yes harsha i am with u .With this concept and making they can make more than 1000 episodes. Yes there are no villans required as nainas father steam engine and Sameer father and mother are enough.Because this the only show where we find problems are simple and which we find in daily life and solutions are also the same no over drama

    2. Harsha yes i accept. But how far the stupid channel and makers think we don’t know

  6. Now only watching it online..Poor Munna and Pandit!! lolz..Sameer no way bhaiyya..Naina weds Sameer wedding card!! Steam engine ke zinda rehte yeh nehi ho sakta…Tayiji as usual in taunting Chachiji mode..rishtey ko paise se nehi tolti!! see the old lady was fussing over 30 rs diff. on electric bill…Smartneer in action mode and Naina in panic mode..

    1. Hai astha how are u. It is so long missed u a lot???. Well yes show is going very well funny at the same time a bit of serious sometimes.
      Yes tayji is like that only. Totally selfish??.She thinks hers is money and others is not

    2. Hai astha how are u. We missed u a lot. Yes todays episode is full of raksha bandhan. Also yes smartneer is in action mode and naina is in panic mode. Try to comment daily

    3. Hai Astha di after a long time seeing u. Hope to see u regularly ☺☺☺. Yes what u said is true. Sameer smartneer is in action mode

    4. Harshaa

      Hai astha how are u . enjoy the show. Its just ? ??awesome

    5. Hey how are u hope u are well
      Enjoy the show with popcorn good combination na ?? trueee Sam is in full action?

  7. Hey guyz !!!
    Today’s episode with raksha bandhan tarka ? naina and sameer both were scared from it
    Naina don’t want to tie rakhi as she love him and Sameer also don’t want rakhi on his hand from naina as he have to win his “bet” last not the least sameer’s heart also don’t want rakhi asssssssss he is slowly and gradually falling for her ????
    When he told his friends that naina is innocent and care for her family his eyes were also having some kind of spark ??
    “Infatuation makes man insane”
    Same is happening with swathi how could she suggest naina to tie rakhi on Sam’s Hand ? she herself should do this ????
    Munna and pandit hiding from girls??? they both are just amzaing ?
    As harsha said that concept of this drama is very new and interesting so cvs should take care of the story in future also ?
    After the long time commenting this much long comment
    How are you all ?

    1. Hai ansa yes every episode in this show is very nice uptill now and hope they continue the same. Yes sam is falling for her.

      1. Yeah neha right ?

    2. Hai ansa nice comment di

      1. Thanku baby ? how are u ?

    3. Mansi

      Superbbbbbbbb comment by soon to be birthday girl??missed u?I am fine☺how are u?

      1. Awwww thanku mansi? missed u toOo ?? I am fine too busy in studies ?kabhi Jan nhi chorti ??

      2. Mansi

        Ur welcomz sweetheart❤❤❤Awww???Good to know ur fine too?so u studying?

      3. Yes am I studying 2nd commerce what about you ?????

      4. Mansi

        Wow that’s awesome?????I am now doing job in a CA firm☺

      5. WoW God bless you ??? should I call you di? ?

  8. Hai all nice episode all through. Expect for tayji and steam engine.
    Yes i too accept with harsha its a nice concept and good show. Also they can make 3 season. Its an eye feast to watch cuteneer sameer and innocent naina. They make a great pair

    1. Yeah right I agree with you but the story should be charming as it is now also
      How are u well ?

  9. Hai all nice episode am a bit busy so not able to make write comment. But yes we want more and more of yudbh

    1. Hey sashi its okay dear take care of yourself ? and yeah we want more more yudkbh?

  10. Abhishek singh

    This is a beautiful and lovely serial for all lovers

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