Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naina upset with Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina keeping receiver on down. Sameer hears Preeti and Bela talking. Naina is upset with him. In the morning, Sameer waits for Naina to come. Munna says she will not come. Sameer says she will come to school for sure. Munna shouts and asks him to see. They see Preeti coming alone. Munna says it is clear that she heard us and that’s why haven’t come to school today. Pandit asks if you are friend or enemy. Munna says if Rakesh comes to know then he will go to Principal and suspend you from school. Pandit tells that a girl and a boy can’t be friends. Sameer says everything is fair in love and war, I will be her friend and will make her say I love you. Their friends come and tease Sameer, asking if Naina came to Party yesterday. Munna and Pandit tell that she

came, wished Sameer happy birthday and also had food with us. Friend says she is Naina….sanskari, educated and truthful. Sameer challenges them. Kamya comes there and tells Sameer you haven’t invited me. You should have invited me personally. Munna says I will invite you. Kamya says she will not come. Swati comes alone and says hi to Sameer. Pandit says Naina must be coming with her family to tie to Rakhi. They ask Sameer to go as they can’t see him with cut hairs.

Sir comes and asks them to open text book page no 22. Sameer waits for Naina to come. Naina comes late and asks sir, if she can come. Sir asks why she came late. Naina says she was in library. Sameer looks at her and says atleast she came. Munna and Pandit tell that she must have talked to her father. Swati asks about yesterday’s party. Naina says I don’t want to talk about yesterday or Sameer. Swati asks if anything happened yesterday. Naina asks her to let her study. Sameer and Pandit throw compass and bag on floor so as to make Naina look at them. Sir asks why they are letting the things fall. Munna indirectly asks Naina to look at them. Sir punishes him.

Peon comes and says Rakesh Sir called Sameer to library. Sir asks him to go. Munna and Pandit also get up. Sir asks them to sit. Sameer comes to Rakesh and asks why did you call me. Rakesh scolds him and asks what did he think that he will not come to know. Sameer says it was a misunderstanding because of the bet. Rakesh says he don’t want to hear. Rakesh says I don’t want to hear and shows his names on backside of the book. He asks if he comes to school to spoil books. Sameer says I thought you are scolding me to something else. Rakesh says your name is written with a girl’s name and asks who was that girl. Sameer says he didn’t write anything and says he will pay the fine.

Rakesh scolds him further and bans him from library. Naina’s voiceover says Rakesh and Sameer were at loggerheads, but the latter stayed silent because of her. Munna and Pandit steal samosa from the canteen after buying few things. Sameer tells them that Rakesh scolded him and Naina is silent. Munna says atleast Naina haven’t told him anything else he would have kicked him out of house. Sameer says I am not afraid of anyone. Other friend asks him to woo Naina before she tells anything to her father. Pandit says she is not looking at him. Munna says she is alone in the class writing something on board. Sameer goes to classroom. Naina senses his presence. Sameer hits pencil on the table. Old song plays….pehli nazar ne mera…..She turns.. Sameer drops the pencil on floor and gets up.

Precap: Sameer forwards his hand. Naina is about to tie Rakhi to him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow what an episode. Really loved it totally. Today sameers feelings for naina softened. If i am not wrong he was saying i love you when he was seeing the book in that maths class.Sameer tried so hard to make naina to look at him just once.Cute sameer???.He dropped the box and pandit his bag???.The other day these three are planning so hard to win the bet but today were so afraid ???of naina.
    And munna at his best trying to make naina to look at them. He even got beat by lecturer???.
    Swati is busy in her own world. And kamya got air that sameer is not paying attention to her.
    This steam engine is sooo admant to ban sameer from every where.Stupid man???
    Munnas love formula for sameer??????.
    But sameer is smartneer.He knows very well how to handle naina. Instead of filimy dialogues he showed attitude and it worked perfectly on innocent naina

    1. WoW Anita suberb comment hehehehehe munna poor he got punishment from sir ???

      1. Hai how are u now. Yes munna and pandits sizzlers. Pandit feels its german item seekler something associated with hitler ???.
        They are showing that age soo nicely where u don’t accept ur feelings openly.

    2. Hai anita nice comment.btw where is astha

    3. Anita i too thought that sameer was saying ilu to naina in his mouth but he is not opening up as he is a teenager

  2. Todays episode is just awesome. I suggest that those who missed thiz show they are really missing something.
    But they should have continued with sameers attitude. Cuteneer was very good when he shows attitude???. Only in the end to handle naina he showed attitude.
    Munna and pandit were just ???in todays episode.
    Expected that it will be a emotional episode but it turned into a laughter roller coaster.
    But who is the girl who wrote sameer and her name in book. Is it swati or kamya or naina herself as naina used to teach sameer at that time.
    If the cvs show that it will be good.
    Today it is totally evident that sameer had already fallen for naina.He is saying ilu in mouth when naina arrived.
    So the love story started

    1. First of all thank u so much for asking in previous comment I am fine neha ?
      Coming to this comment now u r 109% right if some one is missing this drama they are missing yeh in dino ki masti and fun and beautiful love story <3
      Haven't seen episode yet but loved it <3 ummm who can write that name on book I think ummm ummmm well leaving this on CVS??? ready steady poo for naina and sameer 's love story ?
      Good night
      Take care neha ?

      1. It was 100% right
        Sorry my bad ?

      2. Hai ansa where are u. Didn’t appear since few days Ofcourse i too was busy.Hope u enjoyed the show

    2. Yes neha its true that those who missed the show are missing something. Even i want to know who is the girl.

    3. Hai neha yes its really laughter roller coaster yesterday episode and what u said it true. Those who are not watching are missing a lot

  3. Mansi

    Yesterday’s episode was awesome???????????????Munna n Pandit???? finally Sameer felt for Naina truly????wish he accepts his love for her openly now????can’t wait for today’s episode????

    1. Hai mansi how are u.Yes sameer kept his attitude aside for naina. He felt bad for her and i too expect he will come open soon

      1. Mansi

        Hiiii Anita?I am fine☺how are u?Yeah as it was indeed so sweet of him n us to see it?????Awww….Fingers crossed❤❤❤

      2. Hey hey how are you soon to be birthday girl nice comment ???

      3. Mansi

        Heya soon to be birthday girl Ansa sis?I am fine☺how are u?Awww so sweet of u???….❤❤❤

    2. Hai mansi after a long time. Missed u. Busy with diwali!!!.Yes its really a nice episode???

      1. Mansi

        Hiii Neha?I missed u too sweetheart??So how was ur Diwali?

    3. Hai mansi how are u . hope u enjoyed the episode

      1. Mansi

        Hiii Bharati?I am fine☺how are u?Yeah I enjoyed the episode a lotttttttt??❤❤❤❤❤What about u?Did u enjoyed?

    4. Yes Ofcourse i too enjoyed it☺☺

      1. Mansi

        Glad to know u too enjoyed it sweetheart?☺

    5. Am fine keep watching the show

      1. Mansi

        Good to know ur too fine Anita☺Yeah keep watching the show???

  4. Manuu

    Hey guys..aaj ka episode??..
    Seriously agar koi yeh show miss kar ra hai..they r missing beautiful luv stry..
    Bg ?..soothing to ears

    1. Hai mannu how are u after a very long time. Yes its a very nice show

    2. Hai mannu how are u. Hope enjoyed diwali and also the show☺☺☺

  5. Yesterday’s episode was so nice. Everything happened. Sameer started to express his feeling about naina. So now its clear why he did that to sanjay. Which boyfriend will keep quite if someone who is also intrested in his girl dances on his birthday saying mein kisika deewana???.So sameer did it intentionally for naina. Sameer is too jealous more than naina.
    And comming to the episode it was what u say everything totally enjoyable.I laughed so hard that my eyes became teary.
    Sameers expressions were awesome. Randeep can give any sort of acting so natural. But if sameer shows attitude he looks so???.Yesterday we missed that snobish sameer who shows attitude which we saw on his birthday.
    So swati is still thinking its her sameer is trying to woo but if so when sameer is trying to grab attention why didn’t she look.
    I too want to know who is girl who wrote sameer loves and all that. I think its naina who wrote it.
    That god damn steam engine. Why he is always after sameer. But smartneer was so cool that he drank his anger and did what he told.
    Munnas love formula. Wow ???.
    But if sameer talked like that naina would have fallen for him more but we would not have accepted it as we like cuteneer with attitude???.
    Yes its true those u missed this show really missed something

    1. Yes sashi i too feel sameer did it intentionally against was proved yesterday. Yes boys are more jealous when it comes to their girls matters.???.

    2. Sashi yes what u said is true .Its evident that sameer have feeling for her and its ego which got hurt when she didn’t talk to him and all that. Yes sameer intentionally hurt sanjay just because of naina,as all others also made fun of him but he didn’t take revenge on them but only sanjay

  6. Yes yesterday’s episode was totally enjoyable. I too expected a emotional episode but it turned up to be funny. Poor sameer he was not able to think wht happen to naina. First he got angry then he was confused and last he was scared especially by rahu and ketu.Really hemant said it rightly they are ? ? him away.
    Munnas love formulaaa are super then why don’t he use it on swati.???.we know what he will get???.
    Sameer has his own style of handling naina.The cuteneer style???And it always gives away

    1. Bharati accept yes munna will get ???from swati if he proceeds like that

  7. Sashi yes what u said is true .Its evident that sameer have feeling for her and its ego which got hurt when she didn’t talk to him and all that. Yes sameer intentionally hurt sanjay just because of naina,as all others also made fun of him but he didn’t take revenge on them but only sanjay

  8. Hai mannu how are u after a very long time. Yes its a very nice show

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