Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer tries to propose Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti teacher asking students to bring their parents for PTM. Sameer says my mum can’t come and Nanu went to foreign. Shanti teacher says she will talk to principal. Munna and Pandit make excuses. Shanti teacher says you have to come with your parents. Swati teases them. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he was going to take care of Arjun and also to win Naina’s heart. He was yearning to see her smile. He smiles hearing the pen sound and thinks Naina is doing it, but actually Swati is making the sound. Teacher tells that Naina will get an award for the best student. Sameer claps for her. Everyone claps. Naina smiles.

Later he comes to her while she is drinking water from the tap. He asks her to talk to him and says our relation is like dhoop chawun.

He says he is understanding their relation and that’s why want to confess her three magical words. He says I ….Naina stops him and goes. Sameer asks her to listen. Swati tells Naina that she is not getting her book which she wants to read. She sits down to read the book. Naina searches for the book. Sameer is in the library too. Munna and Pandit come and sit near Swati. Munna asks how am I looking? Swati says monkey. Sameer asks Naina to give him a chance and says we both are upset. Naina says I am happy even now. Sameer tells her that he can read her eyes and tells I…Naina asks him to stop and asks why you are getting mad? Sameer says I ….love….Swati says Rakesh sir, they are troubling him. Sameer hides. Swati and Naina runs from there. Munna says she fooled us.

Shefali tells Tai ji that they will pack the sarees in gelatin cover with Sridevi pic in it with sarees. Pooja says my inlaws will get happy. Shefali asks Arjun how is he? Arjun says he is better. Shefali says you are a champion for me and asks him to fight and get up. She says I will teach you all latest steps of dance, and says I will be happy if my friends are happy. She asks him to get up and says she wants to see him playing. Arjun says he is trying. Pooja, Preeti and Naina argue over seeing the card. Tai ji says it is good. Anand tells Tai ji to tell when to distribute the card. Tai ji appreciates him for asking her. Bela says we can distribute it today as Bua suggested. Tai ji asks anand to keep card infront of God first. Sameer comes there in car. His voiceover tells that Naina didn’t know that her groom was welcomed by the neighbors as he came in stylish car.

Taya ji tells Anand that they shall distribute the cards. Rakesh says he can’t go. Tai ji taunts him. Taya ji asks Rakesh to go somewhere with Preeti and says he will go with Naina to the other relatives. Rakesh says everytime this thing happens to me. On seeing Sameer, he says he is number 2 because of these people and he keeps such people under his feet. Preeti says she will go with Naina. Bela says we shall go now. Tai ji taunts her. Taya ji asks them to be quiet and everyone is getting Rakesh’s qualities. He tells Anand that Rakesh will go on his scooter, but our car went for servicing. Sameer offers to take them in car for card distribution. Anand says it is not right to drive car at 17 years of age. Sameer says Munna and Sameer took his bike and that’;s why he has to drive the car. He says I will keep this in mind. Naina says we don’t need your help. Arjun says what you will tell if relatives ask who is he? Tai ji taunts them and tells that Bholu Ram is helping us and you are saying this. Sameer says I will take you, and will be in car when you go. Taya ji says you will come with us wherever we go. Taya ji and Tai ji sits in car. Sameer looks at her.

Naina informs Rakesh about PTM. Rakesh scolds her and says you are not worried for your brother. Preeti says she is getting best student award. Sameer tells his friends that they have to take Rakesh to PTM for Naina’s happiness.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Love d episode …. Sameer trying to propose naina ??…. N feeling elated when heard about naina being awarded was very cute …awww???….. His attitude when he gets down from car n his dialogue? … Jamai ji ka swagat ???

  2. nice episode , simply superb

  3. Highlights:
    Sameer’s genuine happiness for Naina getting an award.
    Sameer being shade for Naina
    Sameer’s genuine care to see she is happy (Precap)
    Not liked:
    Naina’s snobbishness in not accepting Sameer inspite of his demonstration of love.
    Sameer’s help unrecognised by family members.

    I loved Monday’s episode. To me Tues episode was not as gripping. (magic was missing??) Would have loved to see more nok jhok of Samaina, eye talk and acknowledgment of each others presence either through eyes, feelings.. contrasting the words.. ( only Creatives can think of how to do that….)

  4. check this link preeti calling sameer jijaji

  5. Why naina is so angry ……even after poor Sameer did so much…..

    1. Maya
      Naina ka dil toota hai yaar wo kyu nahi samajh Rahi hai.
      Aur ye un dinon ki story hai.uss time pe pyaar karna badi baath hothi thi aur dil tootne usse bhi badi baath hothi thi.every relation strong hotha tha.aaj ki tarah nahi galthi kiya and kal maaf Kiya.time lagega sab teekh hone main
      T C A S S ?

  6. can you translate to tamil please

    1. Nisha: Naina,heart broke aagiruchu….idhu vandhu andha time love story nowadays love story madhiri kidayadhu…andha time love pannuradhu romba periya matter adhae madhiri love pannuravanga heart ah broke pannuradhum romba periya matter…heal aaguradhuku romba time edukum but at the same time relationship um strong aagum..nowadays love story madhiri today heart break pannuradhum tomorrow ila one week LA sorry solli patch up pannura madhiri andha time love story ila…

      1. Wow Tamil ah neenga ???????

      2. Well said abt 90’s love story .on those days it abt pure love but now a days it is only abt attraction . On those period they gave more importance to culture emotions family values etc

      3. I’m a tamilian too count me in and it’s true this lover story is sensational ????

      4. Nice to see Tamil people’s here…. wow YUDKBH fan Club is going on increasing and vanakkam sindhuja ?

  7. Dear Friends
    Agar aap main se kisi ko bhi naina sameer ko ignore karne ki karan bura lag raha hai tho SamIna ka meeting episodes leke dekho samajh aayega naina ka pyaar kaisa tha kyu nain sameer ko maaf nahi kar paa raha hai.
    Aur mujhe achi se yaad hai bet episode.sameer bet lagane se pehle naina Ko spoil karne ka plan kiya tha sameer.pyaar main trap karke.uski baath revel boys ki saath bet lagaya tha.
    Naina ko jab patha chala sameer paper chori nahi kiya tho usse bahuth guilty feel hua tha.agar aap main se koi wo episode dekha ho tho patha hoga.shefali ko wo bol raha tha pyaar tho kiya lekhin barosa nahi kar paaya.older naina ka voice over bhi bol raha tha usse sameer pe ilzaam lagane ki baare main soch ke bahuth dukh hotha hai.naina dho baar sameer se bola tha ‘main aur papa tume kithna galath samjaya tumhe joota ilzaam lagaya.wo usse arjun paper churaya bolke apna bhai ko phasana nahi chaatha tha.aur uski baath naina sameer ko aur pyaar aur barosa karne lagi
    Don’t forget sameer ko sirf mount abu trip pe hai bet lagane ka guilty feel hua tha.naina ko wo waha se samjha tha.MA trip pe naina Ko sameer pe barosa badne laga tha.
    Meri pov se Naina ki pyaar ki saamne sameer aaj jo bhi usse manane Ko kar raha hai wo kuch bhi nahi and naina Ko ignore sameer deserve kartha hai.
    Agar Naina sameer ko pehle ki tarah pyaar karke dekhna hai tho ye sab aap logo Ko dekhna hoga
    Don’t forget to watch on TV

    1. Meri comment kisi ko hurt kiya tho sorry
      But sameer ki saath saath naina Ko bhi samajhne ki try karo
      Aap log twitter pe fans ka tweets read karna.thab samjhega naina ko
      ye uss time ki heart break hai.aaj ki nahi galthi kiya and 1,2 week ki baath maaf kiya
      Naina Ko sameer se pehle ki tarah barosa karne main pyaar karne main time hoga.
      So enjoy and watch YUDKBH on TV at 10.30pm to

  8. Nice episode, Sameer covering naina… the cards being printed, Munna and Swati, Sameers I Love…
    Sameer clapping for Naina, Arjun smiling around shefali, nice to see a housefull for shaadi arrangements wrapping sarees. overall fun

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