Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer designs Naina and his wedding card

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pooja asking Sameer to take the suitcase down from almari. She asks Naina if she wrote anything. Naina says she is thinking. Pooja asks Sameer to tell how is the car matter. Naina says he is an outsider. Pooja says Sameer’s choice is good. Sameer says Naina and my choice is same. Sameer comes to Arjun’s room and tries to make the card. Pooja comes. Sameer thinks he has to find some place. He goes to bathroom and decorates the card. Bela asks him to open the door. Sameer says just few mins. Sameer pastes his pic with Naina on the wedding card of his and Naina. Voiceover says this moment is special in his life. Anand comes and asks him to open the door. Sameer comes out and says sorry. Bela says you says so many thanks. Naina says whoever do many mistakes apologizes.

Sameer falls down and the wedding card fall down from his hand..He sees Rakesh standing and touches his feet to divert him and picks the card. Rakesh asks him to pick Arjun’s report now. Sameer says he wants water and drinks it. Taya ji calls Rakesh. Sameer goes to Naina’s room and sees her in balcony. He keeps card and hides.

Naina sees the wedding card which Sameer made for their wedding. She recalls all the good moments with him and smiles. She calls Sameer. Sameer comes infront of her. She then recalls about the bet and her smile vanishes. She asks him not to do drama. Sameer says you eyes are saying something else. Naina says you can’t write your name with my name and says today I realized how you have woven the sweater. Naina says I don’t want this card. Sameer says one day you will hug my card just like I hug your sweater. He says we will meet in school.

Naina searches for her batch. Preeti says I am not getting my socks. Tai ji comes there and says milk is curdled and asks her to bring milk. Postman comes and says you got telegram. Bela prays to God that her mayka people is fine. Naina’s voiceover tells that telegram used to give bad news. Naina reads and says Bua is coming by flight at 2 am. They get happy and thinks Bua will bring chocolates. Naina’s voiceover says they could go inside the airport in those days to pick the passenger.

At school, Naina and Sameer looks at each other. Seniors call him Arjun’s Servant or Naina’s servant. He says you tried to take revenge on Naina, but she took revenge and made him sweep the floor and asks him to tell how much Arjun slapped him, says century finished. Sameer says you said right, century is done, but I didn’t feel pain. He says there is a difference between panga and pain of love. Naina and Swati hears him. Sameer comes to classroom. His voiceover tells that he was taking steps slowly towards Naina and for their happiness.

Sameer confesses to Naina in the library and says I love….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Yvonne Codner

    Naina, please forgive Sameer…he did wrong, but he has paid dearly for it. You don’t need to hold this grudge any longer!!

    1. Fenil

      Dear Yeh Un Dino ka crime Hain jisne Dil se khela usko achhe se pay back karna hota hai??? mujhe toh bahut Maja aa Raha hain….keep enjoying

    2. Corner
      Un dino main kisi se pyaar karna dil tootna badi baath hothi thi.time lagega naina Ko sameer se phir se barosa karne ki.
      Agar aap chaatha hai ki naina sameer ko trust kare pyaar kare Jaise pehle kiya tha tho wait karna hoga.
      So wait and watch.intezaar ka phal meetha hotha hai
      T C A S S ?

  2. Interesting episode. Sameer in full form. Naina’s anger melting away.
    Will be interesting to see how Phulla Bua Dadi plays love guru. Loved the pre-cap.

    1. Fenil

      Hello Dear, waiting for Phula Bua dhamakedaarr entry???….Taiji dar gayi Bua ke baare me soch ke .

  3. Fenil

    Hello YUDKBH Family.
    How are you all ?
    ? th episode….finally Century finished…. Beautiful and mesmerizing moment.
    I like when Sameer was making wedding card Sameer sang Naina and as expected we witnessed flashback of Naina and Sweater ???.Pooja didi ne aaj Kamal kar diya bahut bholi pyari ladki hain…when phula bua’s taar came Taiji’s face expressions were really shocked that’s means humari Taiji Bua se darti hain Maja aayenge Bua VS Taiji???….Bela was so cute Yaar… School scenes wow Sameer Ko phir se kya taunts mile by senior ??? Shefali Ko miss Kiya in this episode.LOVE WHOLE EPISODE.
    Exciting Precap with I Love ….and Library wala romance???????.

  4. Mansi

    Lovely episode????Milestone completed???????❤❤❤Sameer made wedding card of his n Naina????Precap???

    1. True and 100 very Dear episodes 🙂

      1. Mansi

        Yeah Neha ? very dear n lovely episodes????

  5. Finally kitne dino ke baad naina ne kuch purane acchhe palon ko yaad kiya means dhire dhire sameer ki koshish rang layegi youtube me ek video dekha usme preeti sameer ko jijaji kaha rahi hai I think agle kuch episodes me shayad use pata chal jayega its very gud

    1. waah great news sakshi… any yeaa the episode showed some positive signs

  6. First century ? .. proud moment ??????
    Lovely episode ??… innocent Sameer …. trying hard to design n give the card to naina …. His determination ….’ek din tum is card ko apne seene se lagaogi ‘?????…. school scenes ???…. And d VO dialogue ???….. waiting for precap ??

    1. Jyothi u back , 🙂

  7. Hamara yudkbh 100 episode complete kiya ????????????
    My profile wall check karna 100 episode special post upload Kiya hai aage bhi Aisa hi hoga.
    Check my profile wall and celebrate 100episode of yudkbh

  8. Simply loved the episode. Sweetness galore! I saw it several times it was endearing! I wish Pooja confessed about Sameers help to Naina! The ice needs to melt:)

  9. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice episode! Now finally ice is melting!

  10. My mother recommended to watch this series. I am a 1980 born & actually miss those early 90s days very much. Especially the songs of Maine Pyaar Kiya are unforgettable.

    The couple in the series is simply lovable. Especially the girl is too cute, sweet & innocent. I can remember many scenes in my school which actually took place in exactly the same manner as shown in the series. In those days we were actually so innocent about love affairs & used to care for each other’s feelings. You will hardly find such affairs nowadays. The series made me feel nostalgic.

    Despite of some unusual exaggeration shown (as always in TV series) I have to say this is a must watch for them who remember school adolescent love affairs in early 90s.

    I am thankful to the team of YUDKBH for entertaining us & helping us travel back to early 90s. I feel like to be in early teens. Thanks again.

  11. 100th episode..! Century..!❤️??

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