Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Munna and Swati confess love to each other

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Munna telling Swati that he loves her and will always love her even if she thinks him as a monkey. He calls her frock wala pandit and says he loves her. Swati asks him to take her name and say I love you. Munna gets happy and says her I love you. Swati says I love you too. Sameer, Naina and others get happy and open the door. Pandit tells that he likes Kamya. Kamya asks did you like my sandal. She runs after him. Everyone runs out.

Shefali tells Arjun that she knows that he left his practice for her. She asks him to call Rakesh and tell him that he is with her. Arjun coughs and agrees to call. Shefali says it is enough. Arjun asks her to bring something to eat. Munna praises American chop suey. They give credit to self, but Naina says it was her plan to make

American Chop suey. Sameer says he brought the noodles. Munna asks where is Arjun? Naina says shall I call him. Sameer asks her to call Saala. Song plays as they have American Chop suey. Kamya asks Naina to give water. Naina gives water to her. Preeti asks her to give more chop suey. Naina is about to hold Sameer’s hand and gets up to give chop suey to preeti.

Arjun have food made by Shefali and praises her with poetry. Shefali says you don’t know how much I love you. Arjun says if your love is half century then my love is century. He says he can do anything for her. Shefali asks God to save her and asks did you see any romantic film today. She says she got the Sajjan cassette and asks him to play the cassette till she brings cold drink. Arjun tries to switch on TV and the fuse of the building goes. Preeti tells everyone that she called Deewana cassette, but electricity went. Kamya asks him to switch on generator. Munna says it is in Sameer’s house. Naina says she wanted to see divya Bharati. Swati asks Munna to repair the fuse. Munna says he had repaired fuse during Pooja’s marriage.

Shefali asks Arjun to call mechanic and get the electricity box repaired. Arjun says I will repair it and thinks to get tool box from home. Swati gets worried for Munna. Kamya says Munna will die and take Sameer and Pandit with him. Naina and her friends come out of house, just then Naina collides with Arjun. Naina asks him about his match. Arjun says it was over. Preeti says we were playing. Naina asks him to have juice. Arjun says I will go to Tai ji’s house. Naina stops him and asks him to have sherbet. She tells if Arjun sees Sameer, Munna and pandit then.

Arjun drinks sherbet and is about to go. Sameer, Munna and Pandit come there. Arjun is shocked to see them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    Very nice episode , loved the bonding, and as pandit and Kamya , so Rohan wapas aayega , for Preeti only.

  2. Sorry guys was little busy with my project work so couldn’t comment ……..I’ll try to be regular hereafter….. But seriously guys I can’t control my blushing level, its very difficult to hide from your family n friends……each n every moment nainas Oyee,madam,swamun proposal,I love you too,bandhar Kumar,pyaar ka dhusman,samaina trying hard to hold hand,bold naina taking sameers food n both sharing each other’s food everything…. made me blush blush n blush……loved n enjoyed thoroughly…..AB,Deb n many where’s your comment guys?

  3. beautiful episode and finally munna and swati back together and their cute love confession. loved the scene in which naina takes bite of sameer food and then naina feeding him was adorable. love samaina <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Thanks Hasan for your unfailing promptness to upload the update whether anyone comments or not.
    Thank you San for your mention. Like you all, just loved the episode. Well the makers are trying to get the magic back. The episode was worth viewing it again.
    Thanks Lokesh and Samaina, who are putting their comments regularly. San, I am glad your project is over. Hope the project was good and well received. I look forward to your regular comments.
    Yes Lokesh, I was thinking that exactly, Rohan will enter this forum surely as previous episodes clearly said that Preeti and Naina will go to the same sasural…:)
    It will be a treat to see these couples express their love and how it blossoms from innocent genuine love to full blown relationships. This is surely a journey worth watching. This will include the three boys Sameer, Pandit and Munna and then Rohan and Arjun. So five couples in all… Hope the story is gripping for it to continue.
    What could be their challenges? Keep the discussion going. Saz, Van, Sid, AB, Ghvpriya, Devi, please continue to comment. Its so refreshing to read peoples view.

    On a separate note, it was a bit disappointing that Naina did not win the Gold award. But lets get her celebrity ranking higher than what it is now. She has dropped down to #54. Continue to comment on her videos and watch them, I guess.

  5. yeah Deb, even i am disappointed and i feel bad for my girl Naina ( hard work never fails) hope next time she will win the best actress award. Many incidents matches with Naina’s real life – she lost MS.Fresher award/ Gold award and episode about her exams and so on.

    Except to witness the below visual treat.

    1.One of our commentor said that real Preeti got married with sumeet’s brother so i hope Rohan will
    come back.
    2. Willing to see Kamya and Pandit bonding soon.
    3. Sameer jealous.
    4. Dadi should realize her mistake.

    Munna and swati bonding is too good…………i personally feels that Arjun and Shefali’s love track is more artificial not upto the mark something is missing…………

    Latest Spolier alert say that Naina will avoid Sameer, Naina will be left in guilt because of her movie date and avoid sameer

    no not again…………….

    1. Hi Devi
      Loved your review today.
      Yes hope your prediction of Preeti and Rohan come true. All of your four points will be a treat. I agree, some chemistry is missing in Shejun’s romance, more from Arjun’s side (my opinion). Some of the spoilers were incorrect, so I hope the one you saw does not happen or it may be something else. I sincerely hope we dont have to see another separation track.NO……………………………….O!

    2. Devi,
      Naina sameer ko ignore karenga tho kya sameer dektha rahega.sameer naina ko distract karne ki try bhi karengi.
      Ab yudkbh main interesting track chal raha hai.aage bhi so don’t miss any upcoming episodes of yudkbh
      Monday to Friday 10.30 pm repeat 9.30 am
      Keep watch on TV

  6. NIce episode

    So again Naina will try to b far from Sameer …….sad but it is natural as per her upbringing and guilt of not maintaining promise made to loving Chaha n Chachi

    I am sure things will be positive again, in other serials characters create negativity here situations creating negativity which is part of life and thats how the serial can take next step

    the story cant progress with total positive note even in Suraj Barjatya films situation creates negativity

  7. Asmita...

    Hi to all….

    I am a new fan of this show… One fine day i was just switching the channels… and i watched this show… it was damn interesting… so i watched all the episode from starting on Sonyliv in 10-12 days…

    But i missed 1 or 2 episodes…

    I have 1 doubt… plz help me out…

    in 11th exams Naina got failed then how she did top the same ?

    1. No she did not top in 11th, she failed in one of the unit tests n so she couldn’t top in 11th but she worked hard n topped in 12th……. Welcome to YUDKBH family……

      1. Asmita...

        thnk you dear 🙂

  8. Lovely episode…n a treat to watch samaina soft romance

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