Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sameer and Naina’s first date

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer sees Naina coming to party. Naina’s voiceover tells that truth and lie have played important role in their story. Naina comes near him and says happy birthday Sameer. Sameer thanks her and says he will cut cake now. He lights the candle. Naina gives knife in his hand. She claps while he cuts the cake. He is about to make her have cake, but gives cake in her hand. Naina gives cake to him. They have the cake. Pandit and Munna come there. Naina asks why there is nobody here. Pandit says you came first as the party started at 1 pm but you came at 3:30 pm. Munna asks her if she came with Rakesh. She says she told him to drop her at Suman’s party. Sameer says you lied to him. They go to side. Sameer says he can’t believe that he is after Naina and says her

clothes are antique and tells that if such girls come in his dream then he will shout thinking her to be ghost.

Munna asks him not to say that as he is afraid of ghost. Sameer says lets go. He goes to Naina and asks from where he got the dress. Naina says she got it from the shop and tells that she has worn her best dress. Waiter comes and says food is ready. They have the food. Pandit asks her to give the gift which she brought. Naina thinks it is a hair clip and says no. They joke. Sameer scolds them. Munna gives gift in Sameer’s hand. Sameer opens the gift and finds hair clip. Munna says he will look Sameera. Sameer says his hairs are long, but he can’t have hair clip. Naina says I lied at home and that’s why Chachi gave this for Suman. Sameer asks her why did she lie and why she has worn her best dress. He says I haven’t done cheating or stealing. Naina panics when she sees her neighbor. She got up to hide her restlessness and says she will be back. Sameer scolds his friends.

Pandit asks Sameer to fulfill the condition today itself. Sameer says it will be too early. Munna asks him to tell directly. Pandit ji says she lied to her family and asks him to make her say I love you. Sameer says you have a point and says once I fulfill my bet, it will be over. I feel boring to talk to her. He says those guys are not here infront of whom, I need to fulfill the bet. Munna says we will call them and then you can say her I love you hugging her. They get up and see Naina standing and crying. Sameer asks them to go. They tell him that Naina is standing behind him. Naina runs out crying and walks on the road. Sameer, Munna and Pandit run after her and stop after a while. Sameer tells Pandit that she shall have heard our bet talk. Pandit says ifs he tells her brother and father then your hairs are gone. Sameer says he won’t be at peace until he wins.

Tai ji asks Bela why the bill is much and doubts that she is using cable wire. Bela says no. Naina comes. Bela asks if she brought the cake. Tai ji asks if there were any boys in Suman’s party. Bela praises Naina and says Suman’s party was at home. Sameer thinks he has to talk to Naina and make her understand. Preeti asks Bela to get white soap which Sridevi is advertising. Bela refuses. Sameer calls at Naina’s landline. Preeti picks the call, but Sameer doesn’t speak. He calls again. Bela asks Naina to pick call. Naina says hello. Sameer says Naina.

Pandit tells Sameer that Naina must be reaching college with her egoistic father and will tie you rakhi. Naina’s bag falls down and rakhis come out. Later Naina about to tie Rakhi to Sameer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nice episode. But was not able to get the fact whether naina heard sameer and his friends talk or did she have some other reason to leave so suddenly. But seeing her teary eyes looked like she heard them.
    Today we pity naina but sameers character is becoming intresting day by day.
    Randeep is portraying the role very well.
    That sameers ego was soo nicely shown
    Those birthday episodes were soo good.
    Didn’t find enough time to write comments because of diwali.
    But enjoyed each bit. If the characters are kept like that and carried forward naa it will be very intresting to watch

    1. Aqsa.M

      Ravi, she didn’t heard Sameer and his friends conversation as it was shown in the precap she went from there suddenly because she saw her neighbor sitting in the same restaurant so she chose to leave as soon as possible so that he doesn’t see her in the restaurant with boys she was feeling guilty being there so I think that’s why she was crying..

      1. Aqsa i too agree that naina did not hear sameer and his friends but she is guilty of lying to her family.

  2. Nice episode. Really nainas chachaji and chachi are also so good. Chachiji is really bela she don’t hide anything in stomach. She is always ready to help naina.But naina is guilty now as her chachiji believes her soo much.Yesterday it was poor naina???.
    I think it must that naina also heard sameers chat and also saw her neighbour. Now it will be fun if naina turns the tables to sameer and beat him in his own game.
    But sameer is too cute especially in that suit. He is handsome no doubt???

    .But still i am sad for naina especially when sameer makes fun of her. But that costume was really funny.???.And the best part of it is the writer accepted that the clothes are sooo funny instead supporting that those are fashion of that time or something.
    It is appearing that sameers ego was hurt like anything because of this birthday party as naina left abruptly. Now he is hell bent to win the challenge. I think now he is more angry because naina not only didn’t bother about him first. He was made to say sorry to her father by touching his feet. Not only that but also she made him wait for her like hell in his own birthday party and at the end she gave him a shock by running away from party abruptly. She hurt his ego not just once but many times so now he is fuming at her
    But this is a very intresting twisher. This the only show which is not at all boring and gives new twists day after day

    1. Nice comment neha.Yes chachiji is like that itself. The couple are the only ones to take care of naina..Also the narrator is geniune to accept that the costume is weird.Yes sameers attitude and ego are rising day by day

    2. Yes neha sameers chachi is good when compared to her tayji who is always after degrading naina and her family.
      Its good if naina hears sameer and turn tables at him but i like the other way that sameer must realise his feelings for naina because right from the day he took bet there is a lot of change in sameer. He is feeling very bad if naina didn’t look at him or when she didn’t care for him. At that time he is getting angry and egoistic and loosing his cool. Thats what it happened at that birthday party know.
      Sameer may be acting cool so that noone will make fun of him as boy friend of naina.At that age certain things are common know

    3. Harshaa

      Neha u are right Nainas chacha and his wife are really good. Also yes the narrator accepting the fact that the dress was soo funny is nice. She didn’t hide it. And this created fun

  3. This week is full of nice episodes.
    Sameer is super cute ? ? ? in that party. Munna and pandits fun was awesome. And sameers attitude was so????. What to say especially with sanjay tibriwal ???. It looked sameer had grudge against him not just because he made fun of sameer but also because he is the one who wrote love letter to naina . And wanted to teach him a lesson and he used munna for that in that dance.
    Oh god sameer really very deep than he looks. He have a high attitude along with ego.Now its getting evident that he is doing all this for his bet and revenge but also for his ego.
    Naina is too cute but is funny in that costume . And she is so innocent that she answered sameer question of where she got the dress so seriously like he really meant to ask her????. Feel lot of pity for naina. One side she is deeply in love with him and other side he is making fun of her. Realky felt very sad when sameer said is want to complete this bet and get rid of this girl and when he said if i see such girl in my dream i will shout bhoot????.
    But thi show is getting intresting day by day with innocent naina and arrogant sameer.
    Next week is going to be more intresting with that rakhi celebrations.

    1. Nice comment anita.ur comment is more like a weekly review

    2. Yes anita one thing must be said sameer is really cuteneer and smartneer. The way he handled sanjay shows a lot about his character. Btw nice comment

    3. Harshaa

      Anita sameer is a teenager so he wanted to teach sanjay lesson but whether it is for writing letter to naina or for teasing him we are not sure.May be both.
      But one fact is evident that sameers mentality is like he will not forget once he is hurt and he seeks revenge..

    4. Yes anita i too felt pity for naina. She is so cute and innocent that she answered sameers questions so sweetly without understanding the sarcasm in that. I also feel sad when sameer makes fun of her. He say that only dogs bark from behind than why is he doing the same with naina!!!

  4. May be u are true but if naina plays a game with Sameer that is also enjoyable or the present track of sameer taking advantage of innocent naina is also is ok. But the twist are nice

    1. Aqsa.m i am replying u

  5. Aqsa.M

    Yes I think it will be more interesting if Naina comes to know about the challenge and if she confront Sameer for playing with girl’s feelings keeping Sameer in regrets …
    But I personally don’t like Sameer’s this attitude towards Naina as what she did earlier was her duty to be fair with her post .

  6. Very nice episodes throughout the week. I think Sameer have feeling for naina but he is acting cool in front of his friends so that they don’t make fun of him. But munna and pandit got the air i think thats why they are asking him many a time that u are not serious know. And sameer saying to himself that today naina will fell for this handsome guy.And the way he got hurt when she did not come all these show he loves her or atleast developing feelings for her.Also when he heard naina is late he remembered the way she said no to be his juliet and lost his cool.All these show he have feelings for her but his ego and cool guy image in front of his friends is coming in the middle.Thats why he is frequently saying i am a cool guy and see for this bet i am after a normal girl like naina and all that things.
    So its suspense that whether naina heard sameer talking about her.
    Also sameers zid to make naina fell for him when all his friends told him to drop the idea. All these are showing he is interested in her???.
    This week the show rotated more around sameer and naina.
    Munna and pandit are just tooo funny and sarcastic ???. Especially in the birthday party they really were funny throughout.

    1. Yes bharati u have a point i think sameer is developing feelings for naina but he was not able to accept it as he feels himself as a cool guy and naina as a boring girl. And he feels hurt when she don’t bother about him or look at him or talk to him. At that time he is loosing his cool and acting arrogant and egoistic. That birthday party was an example because previously he never lost his cool so badly but now he is getting angry so frequently.
      Also did see pandit when he saw naina and sameer cutting cake he literally fell down???.and his ? sarcasm on naina was good. But sameer stopped him by feeding him cake.And munna was so much waiting for swathi but was ready to eat cake when he got to know that swati is not comming.He forgot his promise???.

      1. Btw where is astha and others . Still busy in diwali

    2. Harshaa

      Bharati u see sameer is a teenager. As the narrator said on the other day that teenagers of that time used to have mixed emotions. So may be sameer is having that sort of feelings for naina.
      It is evident that he is angry with naina and the reason is that she is not paying him attention. He thought that it will be easy with his handsomeness and riches.
      He first used his charm and then his riches by throwing a party in a costly hotel but she didn’t bother about it.
      He is in suspense till the minute she arrived.
      This made his ego hurt and he became stubborn to win his bet and take revenge. But i don’t see where he got intrested in her . He was continuously making fun of her and insulting her.

      1. Harshaa i think u did not watch from beginning but the first few minutes when naina came sameer was staring at her continuously. He did not get his eyes off her. Even he burnt his fingers. And when u saw the day before episode he got angry thinking how naina did not take his letter and when she said she will not act with him as his juilet and all that . And then he lost his cool totally.
        I thought like that.

  7. Hey neha m just busy in my fever ? that’ why not commenting but still I am reading all comments on this page
    Take care ?

    1. Hai ansa how are u now.Well take care and get well soon

  8. Harshaa

    Nice episodes whole week. Good. Sameer and nainas story is getting intense and intresting day by day.

    1. Harshaa i think u are right sameer have mixed feelings for naina. But he have a soft corner for her i think and i feel he must develop a soft corner for her as soon as possible.

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