Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina break up with Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina calling Sameer. Sameer says if she has some problem then he will come to her house. Naina says nobody knows at home. Sameer thanks God and tells that Police inspector was just threatening him. He asks her to wear blue dress and come to college. Naina asks him to bring the car and meet her 30 mins before their college. Sameer says ok. She ends the call without saying bye. Sameer gets tensed. His voiceover tells that he woke up early that day and saw sunrise with Naina that day after seeing it in Mount Abu.

Naina comes to his car and sits in it. Sameer asks what happened? You called me early morning and asks if something happened. Naina tells him that when she reached home and tells everything. Sameer says it is really bad and asks why Arjun haven’t confessed

and feels bad for Shefali. Naina says shefali left city and Arjun is sent to Bua ji. Sameer says it was Arjun’s mistake and says thank god you are fine, says he was worried for her. He tells that you might be feeling bad and missing Naina. Naina says what is the use of walking on the way which have no destination. Sameer asks what are you saying? Naina asks him to let her say and says I think we shall end our relation right here. Sameer asks what?

Naina says my family will not understand our relation and will not accept it. Sameer says I am not weak like Arjun. Naina says but I am and says I can’t tell my family members that I love you. She says that’s why we will not meet each other and will forget each other. She says she don’t want to do the same thing which Arjun did with Shefali. Sameer asks why she is breaking their relation because of Shefali and Arjun. He asks her to give sometime so that everything is fine. Naina says matter is about my family and asks him to think that they have never met or know each other. Sameer tries to reason with her, but she walks out of car and leaves.

Sameer’s voiceover tells that it was like he was in car and it fell in the valley. He tells that Arjun and Shefali’s love story have broken them. Sameer comes to the college and asks Preeti about Naina. Naina comes. JBR asks her to stay outside for being late, then lets her come and sit. He starts teaching them. Swati, Hema, Munna and others suspect that Naina and Sameer had a fight. He jokes and laughs. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he didn’t want to agree to Naina’s decision and protest against her decision for 3-4 days. He writes letter to her and asks his friends to give to Naina.

Sameer looks at Naina and doesn’t give up. Maine Pyaar Tumhi Se Kiya Hai plays……He tries to cheer her up. Naina doesn’t agree. He then hurts himself to melt her heart.. His voiceover tells that he charm couldn’t work on Naina and that’s why he hurt himself.

Sameer eats chilli. Munna tries to stop him. Sameer says my heart is burning. Naina takes chilli and eats it. Her voiceover tells that it was like they are stuck in the video game and was not able to cross the level and reach next level. Sameer stops Naina from having chilli. Naina runs out and cries. Sameer also cries.

Sameer becomes devas in her love. Sunaina proposes Sameer and gives him flowers. Naina looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thank you for the fast update

  2. Please unite Samaina, cannot see the breakup happening between them. Please make Anand Chachu reunite them.

  3. Could not stop crying with naina telling sameer to forget her and everything between them. Loved that sameer will never give up on naina like she didn’t. Don’t want the separation track to be dragged and hoping for Samaina reunion soon. Love Samaina ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????????????????

  4. Heartbreaking episode….Last scene was touching ..

  5. Guys really a heart breaking episode after 8th Jan episode where Naina heartbroken and sameer realize his love

    Really upset that one of the spolier says that due to Randeep busy schedule they create this separation track and soon sameer will go to Pune ashram and his episodes will be minimal and they focus on Naina and preethi’s life.if this going to be the upcoming track then this serial lose his charm and many audience
    Sameer and Naina together creates the magic hence I request the makers to consider our request and end the separation track soon
    Deb awaiting for comment

  6. Your ***

    1. Thanks Hasan for a quick update. Loved to read all your comments. Devi you are awesome. Your posts are so……good, that it reflects what I would want to write and see. You are absolutely wonderful with your review. Love your structure. What you liked, what we as viewers want to see and what was not so good.

      I agree with you and other writers, without Samaina the show is going to lose its charm…. hopefully Rohan comes or is sent by his mom, to support Sameer and Preeti and Rohans romance may be shown to blossom and Preeti might be open and more bold than Naina and will probably share it with her mom. Who knows… I wish that is the case then Naina path will be easy. both will go to the same house..

  7. Deb, what a surprise!!!!!your are my reflection and i about to give this suggestion to makers but you shared it …..
    if they want to give Sameer a break than they should bring Rohan back and start Preethi and Rohan’s Love track hence Naina will gain strength to see Preethi’s support and they both will handles the situation very well yes preethi strong enough and Naina wise enough to handle chacha and chachi and Taiji will support both of them because of Sameer and Rohan’s Financial Status and in turn it is not at all diffcult for them to marry their loved ones……………..

    please instead of making Marriage proposal drama for Naina or Sameer’s Dev das avatar it is better to have Rohan and Preethi’s track – request the makers to consider our request and end this separation track soon………………..

    This time Sameer also need his mother’s support……………..why they are not bringing Vishakha in to picture and i wonder how a mother is not at all care for his own son, after May 4th Episode there was no scene of Vishakha in YUDKBH why it is not natural at all, a mother who started caring for his son in the recent past, not even visited once after he left to ahmedabad- something not align to the story – nowdays creaters are missing many things ………..there should be some logic as it is based on true story……….

    Deb still waiting to hear from you………………………are you agree with me…………………………..

  8. this episode is same like my story i was in my last year of academic year…n my family came to know about my love …i got emotionally blackmailed so to save my family reputation i had to break up with my bf becoz we are hindu Muslim….now we r adult we hve completed our education doing job ..after 6 years gap we met with each other .in that periods no calls no msg no meets …..thank god we finally met after soo long gap…now we r happy couple

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