Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Naina and Sameer’s love story begins

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tai ji scolding Naina and asks if this is going on behind her back and says she is very clever. Sameer thinks it seems she brought all her family members, first chachi and now Tai ji. Tai ji takes Naina to Bela and taunts her. She introduces herself and self praises herself. She taunts the groom family. Nana’s voiceover tells that Sameer and her relation was eclipsed for a while. Sameer comes back home and sleeps. Munna and Pandit come there wearing school uniform. Sameer says it seems he is trapped by the bet and have to stay on the mountain by taking sanyas because of Naina. Munna asks if anything happened? Sameer says cow’s tail touched me. They laugh and asks him to go to flashback. Sameer tells everything. Munna and pandit laughs and asks where he will

go for honeymoon. Nanu comes and asks Sameer if he will not go to school today. Sameer says he don’t want to go today. Nanu asks him to get up and get ready.

Tai ji creates a drama and blames Bela for trying to fix marriage outside the house. Anand says it is not like that. Taya ji scolds him and asks to make his wife understand. Anand scolds Bela and says I told you to tell Bhai Saheb first before doing anything. Bela says no. Taya ji says Pooja is our daughter too. Tayi ji says if they don’t call us for Pooja’s marriage then we will send shagun through money order. Anand gets angry and asks Bela to apologize to them. Bela apologizes to them holding her ear. Munna and pandit tease Sameer about the mark on his face. Nanu asks him about the mark. Sameer says it will go.

Nanu says he gets reminded of his first meeting with his wife and says he met her in the temple. He says his wife’s bua have come and that’s why he has to hide behind cow’s back and it hit her with its tail. He also got similar mark on his face. Munna and Pandit laughs. Nanu says you people will not understand this, and says it is our old days. He says now a days, kids are getting others hear song on phone. Sameer says they don’t have phone. Nanu says but we have and asks them to go to school.

Bela tells Pooja that her destiny is bad. Pooja says not yours, but my destiny is bad and cries. Bela says it was my mistake. Naina says you will get a good groom who will come on horse. Pooja says this scooter guy left. Preeti says may be you will get Salman Khan. Pooja says he will not wait for me. Naina says if he don’t marry you, then will remain unmarried all life. Naina’s voiceover tells that even today Salman is unmarried and Pooja’s daughter dreams about him. Pooja hugs them.

Sameer comes to school. Naina also comes. They recall their meeting and smiles. He recalls cow hitting him. Swati asks Naina to give her book. Sameer goes near Munna and Pandit. Naina asks her to come to class. Swati tells that wherever she goes, Sameer comes and says there is a connection between them. Drama sir comes. Swati asks when will their play start. He says soon. Swati tells Naina that he sees Sameer’s face in the books too. Naina asks her to make his face sketch and gets failed in exam.

Swati says you are not good looking and asks her to talk nicely atleast. Munna and Pandit snatch Sanjay’s samosa. Sameer asks them to buy it. Munna pushes Sameer. He is about to fall on Naina and asks what did you do. He sits down. Naina sees the groom’s biodata in her tiffin box beneath the aloo paratha. Swati tells Naina that samees like it and asks can I give it to Sameer. Naina says ok. Swati goes to get pencil. Sameer thinks who brings paratha keeping on biodata. He reads it and says this guy is on big post in Nanu’s process house. Naina asks really. Sameer asks why she is surprised? Naina got an idea and thinks to tell Sameer to tell his Nanu to convince the groom’s family to meet them and fix alliance.

Naina asks Sameer to help her. Sameer refuses. Naina says she would not have refused if he ask her help to fix his brother’s alliance. Sameer says he has no family and no brother.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi guys m new here …..
    About d episode ….
    Superb episode ??…..the song ek main aur ek tu ???….. munna n pandit are hillarious….. munna indirectly speaking to Swati taking pandit name ???….. the trio conversation was amazing n especially the ‘romance ki prabhatferi ‘ LMAO
    Thnx to d show to make us sleep wid a broad smile on our face ….. awesome serial ???? …..

    1. Hai welcome here. Ur first today ? this is for u

      1. Thnx Anita ?

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Welcum jp…

    3. Hai congo u are the first today.And welcome.
      Btw nice comment

      1. Thnkew for welcoming n for d comments

    4. Hello dear welcome ?? congratulations on ur 1st comment

    5. Mansi

      Hii welcome JP to YUDKBH family?Congrats on ur first comment ??Do comment daily???

      1. Thnx mansi …. n yup I vl

    6. Aarti32

      Welcome JP
      Try n be regular here

      Yes, episode was hilarious ? ManDit r awesomeeeeeeeeee..I wish I too had friends like them

  2. Aayushi_kul

    Hahahaaa??? poor naina n sameer…frst date spoil ho gyi…munna pandit’s reaction whem sameer told them the flashback???? nd when naanu was telling them abt their ‘hamare zamane ki baat’ munna pandit were giving hilarious expressions nd teasing sameer…nd when they said ‘aaj k zamane m bhi yhi hota h’????

    That o bai taiji…over acting ki dukaan…bt i guess us tym ye sb bahut serious matter hota hoga…so no comments on that???

    1. Totally agree …. hilarious expressions & teasing by munna & pundit when Naanu was talking abt HUMARE ZAMAANE KI BAAT…… very funny when they said AAJ KE ZAMAANE MEIN BHI ?????? AND our STARS ✨ expression when they were walking towards each other & EK MAIN AUR EK TU, DONO MILE ISS TARAH song in the background….. .. was Awesome ????…………. munna addressing Swati as pundit & the dialogues…. very funny????? Don’t u guys think ki yeh Swati is little too much, she thinks she’s pretty & Naina is not….???? koi uska dimaag theek karo yaar……. and most interesting thing, when u watch this puppy love story, u have a smile through out on ur face ???☺️☺️☺️ LOVE THIS SERIAL TO THE MOON & BACK….. I wish it was an hour long

    2. Aarti32

      Yes Ayushi. Wat an eventful date they had??

      Oh Bai is very irritating n overreacts always..I bet us time pe bhi koi itta overreact nhi krta hoga

      Nanu was d best one in d episode..shaadi ko green signal mil gya?

      1. Yes seriously that taiji was soo irritating useless women. If she kept quite for sometime that poojadis wedding would have got fixed. She intentionally thoda rishtaa ko because chachi did not tell her

  3. Coming to the episode its just wonderful eye treat. So today its confirmed that sameer started to like naina.Thats why they say love have lot of strength. So sameer started to think that he and naina are like his grandfather and grandmother.
    But nannaji is very smart???.He got air that sameer is calling some girl thats why he was talking about taperecorder and telephone. He is such a sweet person???.
    So sameer is not at all disappointed with naina taking him to temple . I thought that he will make fun of her. But cuteneer was happy.
    And munna and pandit are hilarious as expected when they met sameer. The makers made their scenes as expected.???Thank u.
    So they are planning marriage and honesamee for the couple.Good. I think by end of the season they will decide sameers children names.
    Really felt said for poojadi. She always says marriage but its really painful in arranged marriage if that rishta fails.
    I feel that swati should change her name to pandit because munna will feel easy to call her like that He is too very funny???.
    But plz swati understand and let the love birds spend sometime together❤❤❤
    Overall excellent episode

    1. Oh my worst typing skills it was honeymoon not honesamee.

    2. I too think Sameer likes Naina… but he doesn’t realize that……

    3. Aarti32

      Yes, Swati should be renamed as Pandit..Munna calling her as Pandit was so funny??

  4. Wow is the word. Today cuteneer is more sweetneer. What say Asthadi.
    So nanaji and sameer are sharing same fate..Sameer was so happy to hear his nanas love story.
    So honeymoon is fixed. May be ooty or mount abu. Bhai makers get ready to shift the shoot their for second season???
    Munna and pandit slayed it just like that.They asking sameer about wht happened in park was so romantic ???
    I saw on youtube where only 5 mts video is uploaded some1 wrote they saw video 20 times to see pandits dialogs yesterday itseems.
    Sameer is completely blushing. So bhaad mein gaya revenge.???
    He was signing naina to think about what happened in temple.
    As some1 may be aarti said he will fell in ? with her compltly than he will remember his bet. So nice.
    So a new twist is comming in the name of pooja didis wedding

    1. Munna & pundit r just too gud…. unke jaise dost Home chahiye????….. hopefully BAADH MEIN JAAYE YEH REVENGE ????????????

    2. Aarti32

      Oh Teri..u remember my comment?

      Sameer’s blush gives me tingles?

      1. Yes i remember it

  5. Today’s epidodeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???????
    Omg omg munna and pandit we just want those scenes and they gave us ?
    Munna and pandit teasing Sameer hehehehehe poor boy his first date went in river what he thought and what actually happend in real?? can anyone think that in their first date he will get kiss woh bhe cow jii sey lucky Sameer hua yaal?? Sameer thought naina have came here with all her family members thats why he went? munna and pandit saying to go in flashback???? *I am rolling on floor*?? nanu jii ki prem khani?? Sameer was also somewhere happy after listening him I think past is again coming in present Sameer babu? your nanu got kiss from cow and then now you ??? yaaaay honeymoon is also decided wow we will see naaina and sameer in that scene too??
    Sameer signalling naina to recall temple’s incident shoo cute ?
    Munna and pandit there chemistry ????????
    Sad for pooja again her proposal slipped from there hands? its very sad thing for any girl in real also the rejection almost break the heart ?but somewhere I am relaxed as in today’s episode voice over mentioned about pooja’s daughter soo she is married now???
    New upcoming twist waah rey sameer and naina will do something together for pooja’s wedding ?? we will get there scenes also?
    Anita anita my baby are you happy now this track is quite resembling to your thinking????
    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s epi now???
    Good night beauties??
    Mansi anita neha ayushi nerdy bird sashi dream girl arti pragati astha how are you all
    Take care guys?
    See you tomorrow?

    1. Mansi

      Hii Ansa??I am fine☺how are u?About what u said about Pooja I agree bechari?but happy that she got married as her daughter was mentioned???Munna n Pandit again still the show?????

      1. Hey mansi I am also fine??? can you tell me when teja’s show is starting I will try to cope with that too? munna and pandit are spice of this show?

      2. Mansi

        Good ur too fine Ansa??yeah of course I will☺Teja’s is starting from 7th Nov at 9 PM???of course u will☺?

    2. Aayushi_kul

      I m fyn ansa…howzzz u????

      1. M also fine ayushi ??

    3. Aarti32

      Hi Ansa, good morning!!

      Yes rejection breaks heart yaar ?
      But SaIna will surely do something for Pooja’s wedding

      1. Hey arti yesh yeah??? salna will do something together and we will get there scenes more?

    4. Hai ansa yes want to beat that stupid women oh bhai.She just came to break the alliance because she was not informed. Sadist kahi ke

      1. This is called selfishness? I don’t like that anuty a bit also

  6. NerdyBirdie

    What a funny episode! That was smart thinking on Naina’s part, because no one will really doubt on her in a mandir. I think now that Sameer will be doing things with Naina because she asked him instead of trying to pursue her all the time for the bet. So maybe he’ll see her in a different perspective and start falling for her. Excited to see what they do as a team!

    1. Aarti32

      Naina is smart in studies n in shaitani as well ?

  7. Aastha_Reddy

    kiran Nanu….I just love you…how can an old man be this cute…
    Shani-Rahu-Ketu…Just created magic…itna comedy…itna comedy…ki hands are paining and stomach too…
    Naina ki kaali jubaan..Poor Salman Khan uncle suffered and still suffering…Unki barbaadi hi nehi ho paayi oops!! I mean Shaadi.
    I will throw Swathi one day to mud water… Kawab mein Haddi nehi kawab mein poora ka poora skeleton hai Swathi.
    As usual stupid family drama!!! But an angry Chachaji…
    Pandit!!!! Aaj ka episode bahut hi cute tha…Sun raha hai Pandit …
    Hey Bhagwan…Sameer ko toh marriage bureau kholna padega…

    1. Aarti32

      Yes..dat ghoor kyu rha h Pandit part was hilarious AF ??

    2. Astha but sameer is not shani nooooooo. Yes nanaji is so nice.
      Yes i want to slap swati. Yesterday she called naina bad looking. Why don’t she see her face. But naina also making her go near sameer instead of telling her thr truth. That paratha scene was example

  8. Mansi

    Very lovely n funny episode??❤❤❤???poor Pooja??again Munna n Pandit still the show??????Sameer is falling for Naina in real❤❤❤❤❤precap lovely??Can’t wait now for today’s episode☺☺

    1. Zabardast comment mansi dear?? exactly but kia karain have to wait whole day and when drama actually starts time flew so fast?

  9. Now a days diz serial losing it’s charm and becoming boring….. Really minimum perform pooja’s alliance it looks colourful. Pooja’s dream also fulfills

  10. Badly addicted to this show..the cast ensemble is doing a great job..spcly Sameer,,munna and pandit..finally a fresh show after long long time without overdose of drama,,dialogues and makeup..oh god I js love thus show

    1. Yes its a new and good show

  11. Hiii guys I’m new here may i join ur group

    1. Yes welcome here.

    2. Aarti32

      Welcome don’t hv to ask dis..even I’m jst 3 days old here..still I don’t feel like dat..I talk so much!! Everyone out here is very friendly n they’ll nvr let u feel as if you’re a newbie

      1. Thnq Arti,,?

    3. You are asking to join this family ? I am angry now ? you just have to order that I am joining this family??? welcome in yudkbh baby take care feel free here we all are your sisters and friends ???

      1. Actually I’m frm south so I thought of asking u people before comenting anythng

  12. Aarti32

    Munna n Pandit were do funny today..their expressions n body language..everything makes me go ROFLing ??

    Honeymoon pe kaha jaoge, Mount Abu ya Ooty ??

  13. Aarti32

    Munna calling Swati as Pandit!!
    Pandit, aaj tu bohot accha laga rha h ?
    Pandit mere liye kuch nhi laya??

    N then when he goes after Swati, Pandit’s dialogue Jahan chaah waha raah ??

    Na jane Pandit ko chaah (Preeti) kab milegi ?

    1. Aarti nice one???.Yes swati is pandi for munna

  14. yudkbh trp gone down to 0.6 :(((((((
    I dont want this show to end so early ..:((

    1. Yeah don’t know why good drama’s trp are so low ? wee also don’t want ending this much soon ?

      1. Let’s see what happens..?..
        Coming to the was full entertaining..??..
        Sameer is too cute..?
        Munna and pandit awesome..?
        But I think naina should do smthng to to attract sameer..some spice is needed..??..

      2. Don’t worry as always Sony tv is like that.They don’t promote any show properly

    2. Really??actually time slot is too late

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