Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer buys nigthie for Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Munna and Pundit discuss about the guests’ pickups. Munna asks Swati if she will come with him. She tells him she wants to talk in private but he pushes it for later. Sameer returns. Munna gifts him something and says honeymoon. Sameer repeats the word loudly. The girls have heard them too. They divert the topic. Munna goes aside with Swati. Sameer opens the envelope

Voiceover – Sameer:
I turn red even today whenever I think of that day. What could I have done? That age was like that. Munna and Pundit had shown me a dream which was too colorful. Bells started ringing in my mind after hearing that word. I had no idea I will get in trouble afterwards while calming down the bells ringing in my mind.

Bela, Preeti, Naina and Phula Bua come to a shop to buy the special

nightie. Naina and Preeti stare at the different styles of nightie hung on the mannequins. Bela hesitantly asks a shopkeeper to show them a special kind of nightie. She even points at one of the mannequins. He addresses them as heroines. They look at him in confusion. He shares that they have named the nighties as it catches everyone’s attention. He starts showing them the nighties. Sameer enters in the same shop just then. Bela asks for another design. A lady stands between Sameer and Naina so they cannot see each other.

Shopkeeper asks Sameer what he wants. He points at the mannequin wearing nightie.

Shopkeeper shows more nighties to Bela. Preeti asks Naina to call Sameer and ask for his suggestion.

Sameer asks for pink nightie specifically. Shopkeeper is mumbling to himself. Kids have become so shameless these days. He has come to buy nightie for his wife on a ladies shop! He should have come with some woman only. Bela overhears it and calls the guy shameless too (without seeing who it is).

Naina stares blankly at the nighties. Shopkeeper shows a pink nightie. Bela suggests Naina to buy a red one. It suits you very much. Naina asks her if it is important. I have enough night suits. Preeti tells her to buy one. Heroines wear them too. These are so soft.

Sameer asks for light pink colour. Shopkeeper asks his colleague to show more nighties as per Sameer’s request.

Preeti repeats his request in Naina’s ears. She turns to look at the guy and notices Sameer. Bela asks for her choice. She starts diverting her and the shopkeeper to show more. Bela says we have seen everything.

Sameer looks around.

Naina does not let Bela move from her place.

Sameer notices the mannequin and selects that one. He loudly asks the shopkeeper to pack this one. Naina, Bela and Preeti stare in his direction in shock. He lies that he was buying a saree for Naina (holding a nightie in his hand). He throws it away and excuses himself. Shopkeeper shows him the pink one that he had requested for. This is what you wanted for your would-be wife right? The ladies stare at him blankly. Sameer runs out of the shop.

Voiceover – Naina:
My cheeks have turned red because of Chachi ji’s slaps in the past also but they turned extra red that day because of that incident. It was because back then it wasn’t an ordinary thing to do.

Sameer returns stealthily to the shop to buy that nightie.

Voiceover – Sameer:
It is about the time when the stores were separate for ladies and gents. I was feeling embarrassed but I pushed that thought aside and bought that nightie stealthily.

Next day, Naina is unable to hold back herself. Sameer tells her not to laugh too much. I just wanted to give you surprise. She continues teasing him and agrees not to smile but fails miserably. I was smiling more because of your expressions than the nightie incident. He stares at her pointedly. She agrees not to laugh again. You are so shameless. I thought you were simple. He replies that he was innocent. It was you who turned me naughty. He holds her hand. She asks him to let go and fools him by taking JBR’s name. He refuses to let go and inches closer. What if I had bought something? I am your wife. She reminds him that he is her would-be husband. Let’s go. We have to also distribute cards to everyone.

Juhi is checking herself in the mirror when Arjun enters in the room calling out to Naina. He goes quiet for few seconds. They start talking. He gets lost for a while. She makes him compliment her dress. I have seen it somewhere before. She shares that it is Shefali’s. She has worn a similar one in an ad so I copied it. I don’t know if it is looking equally good on me or not. Arjun says it is looking way better on you. She asks him what she should wear in the wedding. He advises her to wear anything. You look good in everything. She decides to wear lehenga. It will be so much fun. I will enjoy it thoroughly. He smiles and leaves.

Sameer and Naina gift JBR their wedding card. He agrees to come. The toppers of our college are going to marry after all. He calls it another one of his lame joke. They get to know that Principal Ma’am wont be in today. They offer him sweets when he cracks another bad joke. They also hand him their leave applications. They ask for 15 day leave. He reminds them that their exams are due next month. Carry your books with you on your honeymoon.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina and my love story was strange. Books dint leave us even on honeymoon.

Voiceover – Naina:
I was such a fool that I started making a list in my head already.

Precap: Sameer asks Naina for a lip kiss.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sweta2005

    Episode was too good lovely

  2. Just loved today’s episode so much, it was too good. Sameer is so cute that he went to buy Nightie as a Surprise for Naina 😂. That shopkeeper was so funny when he showed Sameer that Pink Nightie he was looking for and the way he ran away but ultimately he bought that Nightie 😂😂. In whole episode I was just laughing like mad and my stomach start aching. Literally the song was so relevant “Mere Angne Mein Tumhara Kya Kaam Hai”. And when Sameer holded Naina’s hand I was expecting a cute kiss but he didn’t. Still on Monday finally after so many episodes we will able to Sameer and Naina’s romance and Sameer asking for Kiss which he is not going to get as, First it is 90s and Second she is Naina Devi.

    1. @vidha sameer birthday comes 18 – 19 th October in the show ,if the show timeline fast forwarded by 8 months ,then technically sameer is 21 yrs old now , hahaha sameer performance was indeed hilarious in today episode,that “mere agne main ” perfectly match the scene

    2. @vidha i got a photo on Instagram

      tell me it’s fake or real ,naina sporting a sindoor over his head

      1. Sweta2005

        @ tarun,this is fake,edited

  3. First thing first , pandit gets a happy honeymoon card from his shirt and gives to sameer ,sameer asks what this , munna says honeymoon ,sameer says honeymoon loudly ,pandit restrain him to not say loudly ,naina ki chamchi sun lengi , sameer open the envelope and sees “happy honeymoon card ”
    sameer voice says ” uss din ko yaad karta hun to aaj bi gaal tamatar ki tarah laal ho jate hain ,naina aur mere honeymoon ki baat sunte hi dil main ghanti bajne lagti thi

    bela ,naina , Preet enter ladies shop , naina getting shy looking at mannequins

    sameer getting shy in front of shopkeeper ,when shopkeeper asked him kya Chahiye , then he finally says ” mujhe night dress Chahiye meri wife ke lie ”

    hearing wife word from sameer was music to my ears , sameer says ” pink wali small size ” as he knows naina height is small . i was laughing like hell at that time

    Preeti teasing naina in ladies showroom was too cute , when naina finally saw sameer in shop ,look how she manipulated shopkeeper by telling, ” ye achi nai hai,wo wali dikhaye ”

    finally sameer looks at mannequin and says ” uncle ji ,ye pink satin ki lace wali ”

    all three turn around and look at sameer , preeti reaction was hilarious ,bela chachi look stunned . sameer first runs aways ,and then finally buys night dress for naina putting shame aside, naina voiceover says ” uss din main itna sharma rahi thi ,ki tamatar ke laali kum pad jaye ”

    in college naina laughing cutely and teasing sameer ,sameer saying jyada daant ki jarurat nai hai , naina finally saying ab nahi hasungi , sameer holding naina hand was too cute and says “ab tumhare chidya ,kabotar ,tote udd gye ”

    it is clear that they both are in 2nd year bcom as jbr said finall exam in next month and suggest them to take books with them

    naina voiceover says main itni buddhu thi ki sochne lagi ki honey moon pe konsi book le jaye

    pta hi nai chala naina aur sameer kab bade ho gye , exactly one year ago they were preparing for pooja didi wedding and now its their wedding

    infact this was best episode of ye unn dino ki baat hai ,my other two favourite episode are 3rd December 2018 ,and other was 27th December episode , when naina bring coffee to sameer , other personal favourite when naina Preeti goes for waxing ,but today was the best till now

    1. @ tarun, they are not in 2nd year ,they are in final year

      1. @Sweta i got it timeline was fast forwarded by 8 months ,ek mahina bacha hai shaadi ko ,and sameer gave supplementary exam of 2nd year ,got it sweta ,thanks for clearing that out,

      2. @sweta i got a photo on Instagram

        tell me it’s fake or real ,naina sporting a sindoor over his head

  4. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice, sweet, funny episode! Full of funny and light hearted moments. I loved the episode!

  5. Can’t see the link maybe the post has been removed no problems. Just waiting for end everything with a good note. Cuz although everything is so beautiful and is a pleasure to watch but still showing Mama Ji bad because of his ego, showing Vishakha with full of ego and prejudice, showing Safari Suit not attending his own daughter’s wedding like he doesn’t have any feeling and Tauji and Taiji continuously planning something to break the alliance is upsetting me. Please I am not liking it at all that Sameer & Naina are getting married without anyone’s will only Chacha Ji, Chachi Ji & Preeti are happy. Frankly speaking I was expecting that Naina’s wedding preparations will be shown just like or more than Pooja’s wedding preparations. Like it was shown in Pooja’s wedding that everyone is happy, emotional, in a fun mood & working or preparing together there is nothing like this in Naina’s wedding. Only few people are happy and celebrating rest people are sitting at their places and just wishing that this marriage get cancelled.
    Can’t even explain that what all expectations I had with Naina’s wedding. Yes I do expected drama to happen as it was love plus intercaste marriage. But why are Makers are so much in hurry to get both of them married. They should have shown Naina & Sameer convincing their in laws for getting them married by showing their seriousness, love & compatibility to them (instead of that 8 months sudden gap). But no they are just focusing on getting Sameer and Naina married. And now it is shown for Naina & Sameer like “Apna Kaam Banta Bhaad Mein Janta” where Kaam = Marriage & Janta = All the Immature Adults i.e. Vishakha, Safari Suit (Rakesh), O Bai (Tai Ji), Tau Ji, Mama Ji, Mami Ji & Bobby (Sameer’s Step Father).

    1. Sweta2005

      See here CVS want to follow real life struggle of Shashi Sumeet where both achieved their professional height post marriage ,they struggled alot before succeeding and both had support of each other and their friends,which will be shown now

      1. Sweta2005 I agree with that even I want to see their struggle and then choosing their profession. But I am missing the family excitement in this track. Only few people are enjoying and rest are not even participating in the wedding which upsetting me. At least Vishakha should have involved herself in her only son’s wedding but no she is in Delhi and not trying to fill gap between her and Sameer.

  6. Sameer's Fan

    So Nighty Shopping mission accomplished.
    The best part was shopkeeper running behind Sameer highlighting his choice for the nighty.
    Don’t know how chachaji would have reacted ,not shown??And if something happen after this Nighty story at Naina’s home.
    Liked JBR conversation with them -Shadi ka laddo ,Books leke jaana,Uppar se topper and neeche se topper …awesome.
    But yes all adults should be involved ,it’s missing part currently. I hope phulla bua could do something.
    Vishaka doesn’t feel like seeing his child while he is getting married .How could a mother have such a EGO!!
    Overall still waiting for next episode…..Excited.

  7. @vidha @sweta2005 I got a video on YouTube ,in this video sameer and naina family members restrain themselves from meeting each till marriage ,so sameer take naina for car ride secretly ,a police constable sees them and for interogation stop their car ,sameer accelats the car and drive off
    here is video link

    please comment your views

    1. Sweta2005

      Yes already saw it, don’t worry it will be hilarious not dramatic,and one more thing Sameer Naina’s marriage ritual will be in shaadi venue not in Nirmal jyoti society,so i think both sides function will be together but separately

  8. Sweta2005

    Yes already saw it, don’t worry it will be hilarious not dramatic,and one more thing Sameer Naina’s marriage ritual will be in shaadi venue not in Nirmal jyoti society,so i think both sides function will be together but separately

    This link is from Saas Bahu aur Sazish in which Naina is leaving Nirmal Jyoti Society. Taiji & Safari Suit are just seeing how she is going. This is confirmed that at least Naina’s father, Taiji and Tauji is not going to participate or attend Naina’s wedding which is a 💔 heart breaking moment for me.

    1. i got a video on channel saas bahu devrani ,in this video naina is with sameer

      now confused which video will come first

  10. I saw a video on YouTube channel saas bahu devrani ,it is naina meeting with sameer in red car

    here is the video link
    now which video will come first don’t know

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