Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naina reaches Sameer’s party with much difficulty

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina getting ready to go to party. Sameer also gets ready and thinks Naina will be bowled over seeing such handsome guy. Main ladki hun…..Naina’s voiceover laughs and says in those days, teenagers were innocent and used to think they look good in any outfit. She says she wear bear clothes to go to party. She practices to say happy birthday Sameer. She turns and sees Bela and Preeti standing. Bela asks why did you wear this dress and says you would have worn this dress in Pooja’s marriage. Preeti says she has been wearing this dress since a year. Bela asks her to gift a hair clip to her friend. Naina takes it and thinks when Swati will come.

At the hotel, Sanjay comes and wishes happy birthday to Sameer. Sameer asks him to have icecream. Other friends

comes and asks where is Naina. Pandit tells Sameer that you have thrown party at Kanshikora and everyone is surprised. He asks if he is serious about Naina. Sameer says no. Munna says Swati will be happy. Pandit says we are here for Sameer and Naina. Sameer says atleast she would have looked somewhat better and says he can’t woo her even fakely.

Swati calls Bela and asks to give call to Naina. Naina takes the call. Swati tells her that she can’t come to Sameer’s party as she is going to Katha with her parents. She asks her to go to party and say sorry to Naina. Bela asks Naina not to be upset and asks her to watch her favorite show. Naina cries. Bela says she will drop her to Suman’s house. Naina says no.

Sameer’s friends dance in the party. Sameer smiles. Sanjay falls down while dancing. He asks Sameer if Naina will come. Pandit says we will invite her as it is boy’s party. They laugh on him. Sameer says he has invited Naina and she will come surely. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was going to attend boy’s party alone and it was like going to Mars. Rakesh sees her and asks where is she going? Naina says Swati couldn’t come and that’s why she is going with chichi. Rakesh says he will drop her and goes. Bela asks her to bring birthday cake. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was fallen in another problem. Rakesh tries to start his scooter, it was a suspense as she felt if she will go to Sameer’s party. She uses her mind and thinks how to go to Suman’s house. Sameer’s friends ask him to cut the cake.

Sameer asks Munna to go and check if Naina is coming. Naina asks Rakesh to drop her midway and says she will go to Suman’s house by walk. Munna sees Naina and calls her. On seeing Rakesh, he jumps and falls down. Rakesh asks Naina who is calling her. Naina says Naina is a common name and asks him to go. Sameer tells Pandit that he will not cut the cake until Naina comes. Rakesh tries to start his scooter and asks why she is sweating. Naina says it is hot. Rakesh scolds her for wearing Bhalu clothes. Naina feels guilty. Friends tell that Naina haven’t come and now Sameer have to cut the hairs. Pandit tells Sameer that it is waste to spoil his mood for her. Sameer recalls Mr. Sumani insultin him and kicks the gifts which he got from his friends. He recalls the moments between them, takes the bat and is about to hit the cake with it, when Naina comes there. Sameer stops and the bat falls off from his hand.

Sameer tells Munna that it seems punishment for him to be with Naina and tells that the guys whom had challenged him have left. Munna says we will call them and then you tell her I love you, she will also tell I love you and hug you. Naina hears about the challenge and gets teary eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Absolutely emotional episode. The precap is so teary. Sameer is really cuteneer but yesterday i didn’t like him. Insulting the girl like anything. So naina will learn that Sameer is playing a game with her, so she will also act accordingly. Nice it will be intresting to watch.

  2. So our estimation was correct. So sameer is feeling egoistic about naina. Nice , it will be more intresting to watch now. Naina is looking good yesterday.

  3. The concept is nice and as naina said that her love story was a suspense thriller, So it is.Such an amazing story.There would be a lot of tragedy but any way all’s well that ends well!!!!!!!

  4. Harshaa

    This is an unexpected twist in the show. But it is nice.

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