Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer and Naina miss each other

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina crying thinking about Sameer. Lambi Judaai plays….Tayi ji and Bela are coming from shopping vegetables. Bela irrirates Tai ji then invites her to have tea. Tai ji scolds her and asks her to make tea. They come home and see Naina crying, Bela asks what happened? Naina says she was unwell so shanty teacher sent her. Tai ji asks what is happening and asks where is pain? Naina says in the stomach. Bela says she will make khichdi. Tai ji asks her to make khichdi for them also. She asks Naina to move and calls Taya ji. Sameer calls, but the phone is busy. Sameer’s voiceover tells that even mobile was not there in that time. Tai ji ends the call. Naina asks if she will call again. Tai ji says no and scolds her. Phone rings. Naina is about to pick the call, but

Tai ji stops her. Vishaka asks Sameer to have food. Sameer refuses. Dadi taunts him and says Sameer had stayed in hostel, but was eloped. Vishaka asks Sameer to have food. Sameer ends the call. Tai ji picks it.

Swati asks munna if Sameer left. Munna and Pandit are sad that he left. Rakesh comes and says it was good that he left, now there will be peace in school. Munna says you can’t say this. Rakesh says he was a dirty fish who left pond and says I will get you both kicked out. Pandit says you are saying this being his sas….Munna says teacher. Rakesh insults them. Munna and Pandit tell that they have to think about sameer. Rakesh falls down as he steps on peel. Munna and Pandit help him get up and says they has done what Sameer would have done. Rakesh asks them to leave.

Preeti comes to Munna and Pandit and tells that Naina is crying badly. Munna says we don’t have his number as everything happened so fast. Dadi boasts about Rohan’s achievements to let down Sameer. Vishaka asks Sameer if he will come with them. Dadi says he must have no interest in chess and have no mind. Vishaka asks Sameer to have food and says she will ask Maharaj to cook specially for him. Dadi taunts Sameer and calls him guest. Sameer says I am not a guest, Vishaka is my mummy too. Sameer sees Rohan having vitamin tablets as alarm rings. He recalls his brotherly time with Munna and Pandit. Rohan looks at him. Sameer runs out of room. Naina tries to pick the call, but Bela stops her. She picks the call and it is of Pooja. Preeti comes from school. Naina asks about Sameer’s number. Preeti says even they have no number. Naina cries and says she wants to talk to him and hear his voice, wants to know how is he?

Naina calls Vishaka’s home. Servant picks the call. Sameer looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. yeh website randeep ka khud ka hai kya guys……want to know guys…However track thoda sad chal raha hai but hope jaldi achha scene aaye…I Want to thank mr. H Hasan for uploading it as early as possible.

  2. Oh my god. Yeh kya ho raga hain. So many evil people in our hero Sameer’s life. The original track was good. A cute and innocent love story, this new track is sort of Saras bahu type with jealousy and hatred. I don’t like the new story.

  3. Ghvpriya

    Such an emotional episode ???. Sameer and naina are trying so hard to contact each other and but something or the other is coming in their way ???. That dadi is just so irritating and I think sameer is the correct person to answer his dadi properly. Looks like a war is going to start between sameer and his dadi ???. Waiting eagerly for that track… And hope that this judaai track will end soon ???. The precap was just so interesting…. How did naina get Sameer’s number??? I want to know that ???

    1. Exactly the same I feel ghvpriya mam

  4. Fidato

    Hmm…I think they couldn’t even call each other… On Friday precap shows something like Sameer calling from PCO..With an injured hand… Naina call him but the servant says wrong number.. it might be in the coming episode… So emotional…To see shattered Naina…And Sameer…
    Vamp dadi…Is so irritating… usse bhi.. Annoying is Vishaka… How can a mother pamper one child and totally ignored the other…. Waiting for out burst from Sameer…

  5. Just hope that this sad moment ends soon.??Naina nd sameer are eagerly waiting to contact each other..nd hope sameer answers when naina calls to vishaka’s home

  6. Don’t know why sameer gets munna pandit memories often but not naina’s…… He doesn’t even take much efforts to call her whereas naina is lost in her thoughts completely driven by sameer sameer but in promo sameer is listening to music…. Could have scenes like thinking about naina or trying to contact her in all possible ways ?

    1. You are absolutely, right. Sameer is always remembering about his friends but not that much about Naina.

  7. Sameer came to ahmedabad only during 11th std n before that he was in Delhi studying in hostel he would have came home during school holidays or any other functions, so how come rohan n deepika doesn’t know about him n rohan gave that shock expression when vishakha said that he is his brother ?don’t know totally confused

    1. There was an interview of Rohan, somewhere I read in facebook. He replied to some of fans quarry that in this show, Vishakha is not Rohan’s real mother. Considering this, I can imagine what about Sameer in childhood. During his younger age, his father may expired. During that period, it may happen, that Vishakha got married. But, Sameer may be against this marriage & his Nanaji has adopted to take care of him. However, due to pressure of Vishakha, he got admission in Boarding school. I don’t think that It was not shown in Rohan’s face as shock expression while introducing about Sameer.

      1. Thank you pradeep for clearing my thought ?keep commenting

    2. He studied in Nainital not Delhi

  8. Dear Friends
    Main apna profile wall pe yudkbh related post upload kiya hai please check
    Take care and stay safe ?

  9. will actually naina fail in her exams

    i am very sad to hear this as i cannot digest that naina has failed

    pls reply

    1. Spoilers say something like that dr but don’t know……. But kamya in a live chat also confirmed that she failed in her exams……. So sad but she’ll definitely pass by writing exams again……… Let’s hope for the best that she should not fail

      1. i hope naina should not fail

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