Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rakesh takes out his anger at Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer coming to the park and asks Pooja to sit. Constable asks them to go home. Arjun falls in bathroom and cries in pain. Preeti and Naina come home followed by elders. They ring the bell. Anand asks where is Sameer? Bela says he must have went home. They see water all in the house and hears Arjun’s scream. They run to bathroom. Sameer drops Pooja home and says I am going to my home now as Nana ji is going. Pooja thanks him and asks him not to tell anyone about this. Sameer says ok. They lift Arjun and take him to room. Rakesh says Sameer ran away. Tai ji asks where is Pooja? Pooja comes back home. Bela asks where did you go? Tai ji says we asked you to stay at home and asks her to tell truth. Pooja says she went to tailor to get her blouse. Rakesh says she

can go anywhere, but why did that Sameer go? Tai ji asks Pooja what is she hiding? Pooja says she told Sameer and went.

Rakesh says Sameer ran away. Anand says I don’t know that he is so careless and says I will talk to him. He asks Naina if she knows where he stays. Naina nods her head and says we will go in the morning. Rakesh asks her to tell address and then asks her to take them there. Rakesh, Anand and Naina reach Sameer’s house. Naina’s voiceover tells that she didn’t know that she will step in his house like this. Rakesh beats Sameer and pushes him. Nanu holds him and asks what is the matter? Rakesh says Sameer ran away and asks him to give 5 lakhs rs. Anand tells that water got filled up in the house because of Sameer and Arjun fell down and got hurt.

Nana ji recalls Sameer’s love confession and asks Rakesh not to cancel the punishment and says the matter is not about money. Mr. Sumani says Nana ji is right and tells that Sameer can’t be saved because of money and tells that if he had brought him up then this wouldn’t have happened, and says if he does one more mistake then he have to shift to Delhi with us and study there. He says he can only give him strict training. Sameer tells Nana ji that he don’t want to go to Delhi and can’t stay away from Naina. Nanu asks him to be quiet and says I accept this challenge on his behalf. He says if Sameer couldn’t do this then I will send him to Delhi. He tells Rakesh that he will give him money and says Sameer will come to your house and take care of Arjun till he gets well. Anand agrees. Sameer looks at Naina and smiles. They leave.

Pandit plays the radio and gives cola to Munna. They get emotional with the thought of separation from Sameer and hugs him. Sad song plays…Sameer says now I will not do any mistake. Munna says you don’t do mistakes, but it happens or Rakesh makes you do. He asks Sameer to convince Nana ji and cancel the plan. Munna says they will talk to Nana ji. Sameer says Nana ji went to foreign and says he will not leave them, Naina or this city. He says Naina will know tomorrow that I love her so much. Sameer looks at Naina as they look at wedding card. Naina’s voiceover tells that Sameer was seeing the marriage arrangements at our home. They decide on the card. Tai ji comes there and says sample came and you didn’t show me. Anand says we were about to call you. She asks Sameer how is he and everyone at home. Sameer says everyone is fine.

Tai ji sits and asks to show card. Arjun selects the card. Tai ji says it is good and must be cheap too. Sameer laughs hearing the price. Arjun scolds him. Tai ji says he is from Maheshwari family and his wedding card will be costly. She asks will you call us for your wedding. Sameer says how can our marriage happen without your blessings. He looks at Naina. Arjun stares him. Sameer says I will call you all for my wedding. Tai ji selects the card. Anand finalizes it. Pooja asks Naina to write her name with her fiancé Rishi Kapoor. Bela tells his name. Pooja says she can’t take his name. They all laugh.

Naina is writing the invitation matter. Bela asks him to get something from cupboard and goes. Sameer says I didn’t know that you writes invitation matter. Naina says you don’t know so many things about me. Sameer says I want to know and says I will get my lost rights. Naina looks at him.

Sameer pastes Naina and his pic on the wedding card and confesses love to her. Naina looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Today’s episode Sameer looked so good ????

  2. ?Nice epi ….. hope naina and arjun ‘ll understand sameer soon….

  3. Seriously Pooja you should confess why Sameer was not home. At least to Naina and Preeti.
    I hope Samaina together face the music rather than singly like I. Maine Pyaar Kia

    1. true Deb , pooja shud confess to naina atleast

  4. Nanaji saved sameer again….. 2nd half was quite soothing….. Precap was even better as there was neither steam engine nor taaiji….. Only lovebirds.. ?

  5. Wow waiting for monday ???but in precap sameer’s confession looked as like he confessed during the bet….. Nothing different in his reaction while proposing to her…. there must be some changes either by his charm or by his smile…. Wish this saturday n sunday should go away tooooo fast…. But why the comment section is going on decreasing……

    1. I am pretty new on the scene, but I am trying to post one or two posts just to keep the momentum going. I look for comments before watching the episode just to gauge the responses. If good, I watch it straight away or else just delay or not watch. See the power of your responses. Moreover, as per my previous post, I wish that Samaina face the situation as one, not two separate individuals. There will be more emotional appeal to the audience e.g. Maine Pyar Kiya, (can’t think of the other names right now.) several movies show the lead work together to solve the issues. the drama lies in how they do it.
      Anyway any guesses what next will happen?
      What about the floating rumours of leap?
      what and Why about Arjun’s faking of injury?(as per some videos on you tube)

      1. First time im hearing about the rumours of leap… I hope not true

  6. Ghvpriya

    Sameer truly rocked today’s episode…. He was looking so handsome in that full sleeve t-shirt ?????. Nana ji saved sameer once again….. That steam engine wants money….. I hate him????. Naina came into sameer’s house finally ????. So happy for that…. The way sameer said “I will get my lost rights soon!” Wah ????. I loved it ????. Precap totally killed me….. Such a wonderful precap ????. Only lovebirds in the precap…. I am really so excited!!!

  7. Wow one day to go ????

  8. Now waiting for Monday Sameers confession and the wedding arrangements, wow the house is so lively now with the wedding celebrations

    1. Im so glad atleast Taiji is behaving well with Sameer even for the wrong reasons

    2. Neha I just hope that the confession results in them uniting and facing the problems together rather than separation as predicted in some videos. Hope Arjun’s friendship happens so they (Naina, Arjun and Sameer) deal with issues together. Shefali and Arjun and Naina and Sameer’s secret rendevouzs and scenes are in the offing. Lets see what the makers have for viewers. So far they have exceeded the expectation except this confession dragged on . I see they wanted episode 100 special. cross my fingers.

      1. True Deb …. looking forward to some happier moments in the serial… then perhaps the comments will increase again

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