Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer gets warm welcome at Pooja’s wedding

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina getting happy seeing Sameer coming to Pooja’s wedding. Sameer imagines Naina dancing with him, but it turns out to be his imagination. Munna asks him to dance. Naina and Sameer looks at each other. Song plays…yeh undinon ki..He goes to Bua Dadi and touches her feet. She says you have come. Sameer says marriage is in the family, so he came. He touches everyone’s feet and greets them. Naina’s voiceover tells that Sameer’s power was charm and the ability to convince others. Rakesh beats Munna and Pandit and asks how dare you to come here. Taya ji scolds Rakesh and says Sameer is Jai Prakash’s grand son and Varun works in his company, Sameer came here as baraati. He says if anything happens in the marriage then he will not tolerate. Varun’s

sister asks Sameer for dance. Sameer dances with her and others. Naina gets upset. Preeti teases her.

Munna and Pandit dance with Varun’s phupha. Phupha ji asks them to help varun get down from horse. Munna says bride’s brother shall do this honor. He calls Arjun. Arjun comes forward and gets angry hearing Munna’s joke. He helps Varun gets down from the horse. Photograoher clicks pics. Varun does the entrance ritual.

Munna and pandit tell Sameer that Naina got angry seeing him dancing with girls and asks him not to upset her. Varun’s sister asks Sameer to come and says you are from our side, mummy is calling you. Naina’s voiceover teases the girl. Her voiceover tells that s he was angry on him, even though trusts him, if she could then she would have locked her. Bela pulls Varun’s nose. Naina takes Sameer’s name. Everyone including Sameer looks at her while Bela holds Varun’s nose. Taya ji and Anand greets them. Pandit ji calls Varun’s brother.

Varun’s father tells that Varun’s cousin is not here. His mother says Sameer will do the ritual of his brother. Arjun gets upset and makes him wear garland. Sameer smiles. Arjun says you will always lose. Sameer says I have won everyone’s heart and not afraid of lose. Munna asks him to give envelope. Arjun gives envelope. Photographer clicks their pics.

Naina and Preeti are happy. Rakesh says I didn’t welcome anyone. Varun’s father says his chacha is not here. Munna and Pandit says they will do the ritual. Rakesh refuses. Taya ji asks him to do. Rakesh makes Munna and Pandit wear garland. They lift him happily. Naina’s voiceover tells that they met after 24 hours. Preeti asks Naina to marry Sameer in the same mandap. Naina blushes.

Varun’s mother tells a lady that she is thinking to get her daughter marry Sameer. Naina hears her and says no need. Everyone looks at her surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pls do the update process quickly.

  2. Just watched the episode online so cute Sameer’s gesture, he is so lovely his acting as a lover boy his expressions ????

  3. Naina s so cute.. when she got angry on sameer…. hope soon arjun ‘ll b good towards sameer… I can’t understand the scene funny convo between naina and varun’s sister during entry rituals …

  4. So cute naina’s jealousy and possessiveness is adorable ??the way she said to sameer not to dance wow ???and the bgm when arjun puts garland on sameer is so wow the smile sameer gave at that moment ??there are so much scenes which are to be seen on repeat mode such as naina’s possessiveness, Arjun garland scene n samaina flower scene, sameer removing turban, naina blushing on hearing she should marry sameer in this same mandap wow all scenes are so cute n adorable ??cuteness overloaded-samaina

  5. Awwwww…..
    This was such a cute episode….
    Entry of sameer and then naina blushing..
    Naina saying although I trust him.. par uspar mera haq h…
    My goodness…
    And then arjun and sameer garlands scene..
    Preeti reading naina??
    And ofcourse the flowers scene was so damn cute…
    And like always mudit were gr8… Especially while talking to swati that was funny…
    Sameer removing his turban and naina blushing….omg.
    I can’t wait for next episode …

  6. Hi just to dose it down with cold water, I guess. I agree scenes you mentioned were adorable. but I felt as a viewer, Samaina’s magic missing. Sameer’s side, the lovey dovey looks lacked ‘ love'( my personal perception). I can’t exactly pinpoint, it lacked some ‘lustre’ for me. Perhaps if he had tried to avoid the girl in front of Naina or gave looks of helplessness or some other eye talk may have been more effective perhaps. Anyways last weeks’ every episode was an epic. I watched them several times. I felt in love with the concept of love. Well done makers to bring that intangible aspect of love in last weeks’ episodes. Sorry San to give an average comment to our most loved show on Indian TV right now (india forums) I wish we can have Ashi and Randeep in the top 3 TV celebrities on India Forums. 🙂

  7. shifali’s face something different. ..I think her eyebrows ………..

  8. Lovely episode
    Loved samaina scenes?
    But truly I want that “neeli madhumakhi” to be locked in a bottle.
    And of course waiting for today’s episode…..

  9. Yeah I’ve too noticed that…… sameer’s look revealed it…… He might be too tired of night shoot……. So we didn’t see the samaina’s magic in their eyes……..n y deb sorry….. Always keep supporting and showering love for our samaina ans YUDKBH…. Definitely aashi n randeep will reach heights n will be at top 3 if the show persists for more than 500+episodes for that trp the biggest factor should not lower down ?

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