Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naina lies to her family to attend Sameer’s party

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina’s voiceover tells that their Sunday would start with rangoli songs. Pooja tells Bela that don’t know when she will get married. Preeti asks shall I play rangoli. She tells Naina that Bela gave rose to Papa for Puja. Naina asks which flower. She asks if it was blossomed. Naina’s voiceover tells that she has cancelled the idea to go to party as she couldn’t see the blossomed flower. She then thinks to watch rangoli and decide. Pralay comes there and asks Naina to come. Naina goes to her and asks if you have any work with me. Tai ji asks her to come. Naina tells that Rangoli program was coming on TV. Taiji calls nachanya to Bela and asks Naina if she will die if she don’t see it for a day. She tells that papad is getting rotten and asks her to wait

there till she keeps it on terrace to dry it. Phone rings. Naina thinks she will not pick it. Tai ji asks her to pick the call. Sameer is on call and hears her voice. Naina’s voiceover tells that she felt Sameer’s breathing sound. Sameer disconnected the call hearing her. Naina smiles and decides to go to party. She keeps the phone back and decides to go to party. She takes out Sameer’s pic hidden in the change and says happy birthday Sameer. She plays maine pyaar kiya song and dances.

Nanu talks to Vishaka and asks her to come and meet Sameer on his birthday. Vishaka says no, she will not come and tells that he will not be affected if she comes. Nanu tells Servant that until he is alive, he will fulfill all his duties and make him happy. At Naina’s house, everyone watches Mahabharat carefully. Rakesh says he has named his son Arjun after the real Arjun so that he wins always. Swati comes there. Taya ji asks who is she? Arjun says she is Swati, her friend. Swati tells Naina that she knows that she don’t want to miss Sameer’s birthday party. Naina asks what we will tell to family. Swati asks her to calm down and gives the invitation card which Sameer gave to her. Naina says Suman’s name is written on it. Naina says ok. Swati asks her to learn the address.

Nanu, Munna, Pandit and others wish happy birthday to Sameer. They play music and dances with Sameer. Sameer says happy birthday to you. Servant gives him aarti. Sameer asks if mummy will not come. Nanu says you calls me mummy sometimes, shall I do aarti. Nanu does his aarti and gives him gold chain asking him to be happy and smiling always. Sameer is happy. Sameer asks Munna to find out if Naina is coming to his birthday party. Pandit says she will come as Swati went to Naina’s house to bring her. He says he called at Swati’s residence and asked her. Sameer says my mum haven’t come for me on my birthday because of Naina, and now she will know who is me.

After mahabharat is finished, they all have snacks. Tai ji says religious shows shall start more and chitrahaar shall end. They call Naina. Naina comes. Tai ji asks what she was doing inside. Swati says she wants to take Naina to birthday party of Suman. Bela asks when she became your friend. Naina says today.

Bela questions more and asks when she will come. Tai ji asks if boys will also attend the party. Anand says we shall trust our children and says Naina will not break their trust being their upbringing. Naina’s voiceover says till now she feels bad to have hidden the fact from Anand.

Naina practices to say happy birthday Sameer. Bela and preeti hears her. Naina is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aayushi_kul

    Sameer called naina n that song…awww???? loved that scene
    Jst came to wish u all a HAPPY DIWALI guyzzz…busy wid sum work ryt now thats why a short comment…gud nyttt

    1. Happy Diwali ayushu Stay happy and blessed ?

    2. Happy and safe diwali aayushi

  2. Udham Vidiya kasam ??haye Sameer was looking ???swati is sachi a best friend of naina munna and pandit ???
    Tayi jo *running behind her with hammer ?
    The way Sameer said “now she will know who is me” I feel pity on naina she is not at fault not at all bhae every daughter will do this to save her father’s reputation
    But Sameer is also not at fault he was innocent but he was insulted infront of everyone
    I am also confused???
    Writer jii now your wish do what ever u want to do
    We just want that this misunderstanding should be finished soon with no hatedness between them
    Precap is quite scaryy yaal ???waiting for tomorrow’s episodee now ???
    Happy birthday Sameer ????
    Take care guys
    How are you all ?
    Yesterday I didnt comment because of fever ? I missed u all ?

    1. Ansa both are not at fault but if any fault is there it is steam engines as he insulted sameer for no reason always comparing with naina.We know he is a teenage boy and at that age they are more rash not thinking about consequences at all.Another fault is of nainas brother that herd boys.He cheated and sameer is blamed for no reason.Even his mom hated him.
      Naina loves her family but she is facing all this because of that family itself.
      But i think this misunderstanding ok as there must be some twists in story . i toi feel sorry for naina but what to do.
      But its far better than unnecessary dramas and twists know.
      I am happy with present story and i think slowly sameer will realise his love for naina

      1. Yeah no doubt u r absolutely right neha … This drama is far better then other ones no tension also …
        We are happy with this track ? I have watched one interview in which naina was going to tie rakhi on sameer’s hand ? but then she made some excuse and Sameer sighed ?

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    That different type of happy birth day song attracted me..really. Munna ka gift toh kaafi bada hai..kya hai ander bhai…Yan yan..
    Tayiji…you too can distribute prasad…after watching Mahabharata…hum sab hain na khaane keliye.
    Swathi..swathi..kya kar rahi hai yeh ladki..
    Chachiji..Tata-Birla naam to steam engine!! Right amount of sarcasm…lolz..
    Naananji…Aww…Kiranji ko dekhkar dil khush ho gaya…

    1. Happy diwali astha.Yes birthday celebrations are in full swing.
      Watching mahabharat with taji and tauji is an experience ??? you don’t know.
      Nice episode as of all. Sameer is trying his best to bring naina to party.hope she will come.sameer ka mahnat rang layaga akhar

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Happy Diwali Ravi…

    2. Hai asthadi. Happy diwali

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