Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Anand slaps Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rakesh says now I will be the one who will do whatever is needed to be done! He turns and finds Anand staring at him in shock. Anand drops the suitcases. Bela rushes to his side. Thank God that you are here. Tai ji says it is good he is home. Your beloved daughter ran away with her lover! Bela tells her let to him breathe. Tai ji does not relent. I told you that girls are vulnerable. She ran away! Tau ji tells them to calm down. The door is open. Everyone’s words echo in Anand’s head. He passes out on the sofa. There are marks of tears on his face.

Sameer looks at the watch. It is 8:30 PM. Chacha ji will be home by 9 and so will we. They all pay their respects to Mata Rani and start for Agarwal House.

Anand has gained conscious. Preeti suggests visiting a doc. Bela cries

seeing his condition. Do not worry so much. Tai ji says only Anand fell now. See what all will happen because of your daughter! Rakesh asks his elder brother what will be fixed now. He is here. He thought Naina to be his daughter. Can he bring her back? Anand is quiet. Rakesh begins to go when they hear a bike honking. Preeti goes to the balcony to check. She tells her family that Naina is here. Tai ji holds her tightly. You don’t run away now. Preeti rushes back to the balcony followed by her family members. Society people get curious. Rakesh is about to throw a flower pot but Tau ji stops him.

All the kids head upstairs. Tau ji, Tai ji and Rakesh glare at them. Rakesh pulls Sameer by his collar. Naina tries to stop him but he pushes her away. Rakesh slaps Sameer. He picks a stick to hit him too but Tau ji stops him. He moves him aside. Tau ji walks up to the kids but Anand tells him that Naina is his responsibility. I will surely fulfil my responsibility. He steps forward. Naina tries to explain to Chacha ji that they dint elope. We were only waiting for you to return. Anand slaps her shocking everyone.

Voiceover – Naina:
I had been slapped by everyone many times in the past by Tau ji, Tai ji and Papa but I never felt bad before. With Chacha ji slapping me, I thought as if everything had come to an end. After all, Chacha ji was the only one who could pull Sameer and me out of this problem safely!

Vishakha and Mama ji have checked with Sameer’s friends and everywhere but there is no news. Bobby wants to go to police. Vishakha suggests waiting for another half an hour. Bobby taunts her for showering her love on her son like always. If it was up to me, I would have broken all my ties with him and would have made you do that too!

Sameer tries to say something but Anand asks him to leave. Take everyone and go. Sameer tries again but Anand tells him to leave or I don’t know what he will do. Sameer asks him if he will threaten them now. We wont be afraid as we dint commit any mistake. We thought you are with us! Rakesh questions him. Sameer says I am quiet as Naina is your daughter. If someone else had said this then! Tau ji scolds Sameer and Naina. You have called your lover here to insult your family members! Naina asks Sameer to go. Anand takes Naina with him. She tries to explain to him but in vain. Rakesh reprimands Sameer and Naina’s friends but Sameer tells him to talk to him directly. Rakesh tells him that police will talk to him. Tau ji tells Sameer that he stopped his brother once but he wont be able to do it again. Leave. Sameer refuses. I wont leave till the time I am sure Naina is in no problem. Rakesh raises his hand to slap him again but Naina calls out to him. Rakesh stops himself reluctantly. Leave! Naina again asks Sameer to go. Anand, Bela and Preeti head inside with Naina.

Anand starts scolding Naina. She insists she dint do anything wrong. He stops himself from slapping her. I came back so happy. It would have been better if I had died. Bela and Preeti request him not to say so. Anand says everyone kept saying that I have only one daughter. I always considered her to be our daughter too but she proved me wrong today! I trusted her but what did she do? Naina and Preeti cry. Please listen to Naina once. Anand does not relent. He keeps scolding Naina. I have heard you enough. I cannot hear anything else. Forgive me! Saying so, he walks out of the room followed by Bela. Naina breaks down. Preeti hugs her sister. Sameer honks yet again from downstairs. He looks miffed. Naina goes till the balcony. Preeti closes the bathroom door.

Sad song plays in the background as Naina and Sameer look at each other sadly. She murmurs at him to go. He shakes his head but Naina folds her hands in front of him. Preeti nods reassuringly at him. Sameer drives away. Naina cries.

Tai ji paces worriedly in the house. I couldn’t trust Anand today. He quietened her today. Tau ji too hasn’t seen him like that before. Tai ji says it is too late though or Naina wouldn’t have gained so much freedom. Tau ji adds that he thought Anand will support naina like every time. This time it is different. They go quiet as Anand comes there. Tau ji asks him what they should do next. Tai ji points out that now neither Sharad nor his family will agree. Rakesh tells them that Naina is his responsibility. No one has to worry about her. I hope you would have understood what a responsibility really means. You (Anand) are responsible for whatever has gone wrong. Bela tries to stop him but Anand admits he was wrong. I couldn’t fulfil my responsibilities. Forgive me if possible. Rakesh looks away.

Vishakha is praying. Bobby asks her to come to police station. He wouldn’t come by all this. Mama ji tells him it isn’t needed. I had a word with Commissioner. The matter will be taken care of subtly. Bobby tells him to understand the criticality of the situation. Mama ji notices Sameer by the door. They all rush to him. Sameer reaches Maheshwari House. Bobby asks him about what they have been hearing. Sameer replies that he wouldn’t know what they have been hearing about. Bobby tells him not to joke. You eloped with a girl? You aren’t even ashamed of it! Sameer declines. Vishakha asks him why Naina’s father had come here then.

Voiceover – Sameer:
If I was strong like the youngsters of today then I would have surely fought back or given them a piece of my mind. I too dint keep quiet that day though. I spoke too. It was about my and Naina’s marriage after all.

Precap: Tau ji tells Rakesh they need to talk to Anand before coming upon any decision. He has been raising her after all. Tai ji suggests that they leave for Rajasthan asap. We will find a groom for Naina and get her married to someone asap. Preeti is eavesdropping.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Today’s episode was depressing 😣 for me. We all were knowing that Chacha Ji will slap Naina but he didn’t listened to her once even he didn’t listen to what Chachi Ji was saying. He was so angry. Similar mistake he did earlier when he came to know about Sameer and Naina’s relationship and now also. Don’t know what Vishakha is going to do now. I felt that today’s episode will be full of drama and emotions. But there was only drama no emotions😡😡.

  2. Thanks for the update,lovelyy episode

  3. What a sad episode. I loved every bit of Naina’s and Sameer’s acting.

    Poor chachaji, he fainted and all, for once I thought something might happen to him and he’d make Naina promise to leave Sameer but thsnk God that didn’t happen. I felt chachaji did some overacting in the hall while trying to pull her into the room, I felt he was trying to handle the situation and after going inside he’d tell her he trusts her. But he was also so hurt, and he was crying in Naina’s room. Didn’t even listen to her for once. And what’s with both of them telling apna apna hota hai. So Preeti would never fall in love or go against her family huh? That was hurtful to Naina especially because she considers him the ultimate person in her life.

    Taiji and her melodrama. Not one person told chachaji that Naina was being forced to get married to Sharad. All that they said was she ran away. This taiji is such a gossip queen. Hate the way she was talking to her husband and telling Anand did not take Naina’s side and all. She’s just super jealous of Naina, nothing else. I’m sure she’d have been so supportive of juhi is she was in love with a guy like sameer.

    Precap is so sad. Now tauji I telling Rakesh that Anand has the right to be involved in Naina’s decisions that family takes, what happened to this thinking when he was the one encouraging them to marry her off to Sharad in a haste? I don’t understand one thing, when a couple is in love, why do the parents marry them off to other people? Especially after hiding about the girls relationship to the groom and then marrying her off. What if the husband finds out later and ill treats the girl? What if he refuses to accept her? What if he demands dowry? What if he tries to kill her? What if he tries to tarnish her family’s reputation and the girls character? Your daughter is in love with a guy from another caste, he’s well educated, rich, loves her, respects her, is fighting the wolrd for her, and you want to marry her off to some random guy from your village just because your ego is not satisfied of controlling your children? It’s more about sadistic behavior than reputation of the family. I knew there were conservative people, but these seem to be like the ones who would do honour killings.

    Rakesh is such a thankless fellow, he didn’t do anything for his daughter and is blaming Anand for whatever happened. If that was the case, why didn’t he take care of his daughter m why didn’t he give her good “sanskar”? Even anad can blame him saying he was the one to get Sameer home because of Arjun and that’s bwhen their story bloomed na? They were so quick to decide about Swati Munna being in a relationship because of the time they spent at pooja’s wedding. Why these people see their faults too? They’re gods huh? They can’t go wrong?

    I think chachiji will calm down after knowing the whole episode. Or maybe he overreacted on fromy of the family to handle the situation.

    Feeling so bad for Sameer. I’m atleast glad that she was able to rasie her voice when Rakesh was hitting Sameer. That was sweet. Their expressions during that judaai song were so beautiful. Look at the way Tauji was like “Jo bhi naam hai tumhara” to sameer-naina the same Tauji who would say Sameer beta Sameer beta to him when he was at home. Everyone takes him for granted. His own mother is so weird and confused. I don’t know why she doesn’t take a stand. And his dad, wow he’s such a mean person. Even mama mami aren’t there to support him. I don’t understand why parents in this serial don’t let their child talk but go on scolding, abusing, taunting, hitting their children without knowing the entire truth.

    Please end this track asap, can’t see that taiji plotting to make Naina’s life hell.

    1. Sunshine u r so right. Safari Suit and O Bai are so mean people can’t even explain. But I have expected a lot from Chacha Ji I thought once he will take Naina inside he will ask her part of story but no he just start crying and saying apna paraya and going to do same that he did earlier by joining alliance with that Sharad again, when Sameer told him everything (scolded) then he realized his mistake I think same is gonna happen something wrong will happen with Naina then Sameer will lose his calm and confront Chacha Ji or Chachi Ji will tell everything what all happened to Chachaji. But don’t he will listen to her or not😔.

    2. Fan of YUDKBH

      This is how parents were in 90’s. Children especially girls were not allowed to talk. Chachaji will come to know about Sharapova soon from O’bai and then he will support Samaina. But I pity Sameer, he is so lonely.

      1. Fan of Yudkbh,

        Yeah that’s there. Maybe it’s the generation difference that I’m not getting here, but still. Naina’s family is one crazy egoistic controlling family, abusive physically and mentally. Her community, along with that era, that makes it difficult for ehr, but these people are on another level only. They’d be the same even if they were of Naina’s generation.

  4. I know that Anand chacha will support Samaina after knowing the entire story but my only concern is about Sameer how will he manage/handle the situation when nobody in the entire family supports him.

  5. I want Vishakha to stand for Sameer and show that how much she loves him cuz till now only one time in Delhi she fully supported Sameer and same is required now but she will be practical this time also and may blame Naina for all this. At this point of time I really miss Nana Ji for Sameer as he was his support system.

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