Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naina is in dilemma to attend Sameer’s party

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina thinking what to say if Sameer asks her about coming to his birthday party. He gets up and comes near her. She walks out of class. Arjun comes to Rakesh to give the book. Rakesh scolds him and asks why did he get the dark circles. Arjun says he watched the International Match. Rakesh says ok. Naina comes to the library and sees Sameer. Her voiceover tells that her love was jumping high after knowing Sameer is innocent. Rakesh says even bad students came here today. Sameer gets up and touches his feet, says until you forgive me, I will keep touching your feet. Other student asks him if he has scissor. Rakesh scolds them. Munna tells Sameer that he can see his hairs gone. Swati tells Sameer that his hair style is good like that of Salman khan. Pandit asks Swati

how is Munna’s hairs. Swati says like monkey. Naina smiles. Swati tells that she is preparing for the play and calls him romeo.

Sameer asks if she is coming to his birthday party. Swati says she is trying to convince Naina, but she is not agreeing. Sameer looks at Naina. Swati says she will try to convince her. Naina recalls their argument and their frequent meetings. She thinks about Arjun’s words, Sameer inviting her for birthday etc. Sameer looks at her. Rakesh comes and stands infront of Sameer. Sameer touches his feet. Rakesh goes. Naina thinks Sameer is like hero as his gestures and honesty made her heart say that her hero shall be like this only.

Bela and Tai ji are in kitchen. Bela makes Pizza. Tai ji says it is burnt. Bela says she is making it for first time. Tai ji says nobody will eat this foreign dish and asks her to cook Indian food. Bela thinks Tai ji taunts her always.

Preeti checks her tiffin and says mummy sent tinde again. Munna, Pandit and Sameer comes there. Munna says Sameer is going to make some announcement today. Sameer sits on chair kept on the bench. He invites his friends for the party at the restaurant. Swati tells Naina that he is doing this for her. Sameer says may be his special friend can’t come to the party, but he hopes that friend will come to the party else he will not cut the cake. Swati says I will come. Preeti laughs.

Naina tells Shefali that Sameer said that he will not cut the cake unless she comes to the party. Shefali says fire is there at both side. Naina asks where is the fire. Shefali says even he is restless. She asks how you will go? Naina says family will not let her go and she don’t want to lie. She left both decisions on God. Shefali asks are you going to party or not. Naina tells her that if the flower is blossomed till morning then she will go. Shefali says she don’t understand that she left decision on flower. Naina’s voiceover tells that even now she takes decision like this. Munna, Sameer and Pandit are at the pani puri stall. Pandit asks if Naina will come. Sameer says I have done all. If she comes then will say I love you hugging me. Pandit teases Munna for Swati. Munna says he can keep fast for her.

Pandit asks him to be hungry for her. Munna says ok. Pandit asks him to swear on book and say that until Swati comes to party, he will not have food. Naina’s voiceover tells that in those days, they used to swear on books and the friendship was real. Naina couldn’t sleep all night and the voiceover tells that she had given enough water to the plant and it might be surprise seeing her love. In the morning, Preeti wakes up and tries to wake up Naina and goes. Naina happily comes to see the plant and see the flower not blossomed. She gets upset. Naina’s voiceover tells that she got upset when the flower was not blossomed and laughs.

Precap: Swati comes to Naina’s house and tells that she wants to take Naina to a party. Rakesh asks where is the party. Naina tells the restaurant name. Rakesh says Sameer’s party is there too. Naina gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Iam the f**kin* first !!

  2. Aayushi_kul

    Awww soo sweeet epi…loved their library convo…when munna asked swati abt his hairs n steam engine scolds him frm behin???lolzz… Bt swati plz don call ‘ur romeo’ he is only naina’s romeo…u can take munna wid u???
    Burnt pizza?? no worries chachi aap tunde hi bnao??…

    This TU again changed…i dont lyk this green 1 ….old one was gud??

    1. Hai aayushi nice comment???

    2. Really yr…
      Perfect Juliette is naina

      1. aaira bhatnagar

        u r right

    3. Yeah this tu is not handsome ?? like previous one ??

      1. Aayushi_kul

        Yes ansa…this tu is not handsome???? btw.. Sry fr not replyin to ur previous page comment…my bday is on 10 dec…n urs is on this month na? 26 oct..m i ryt

    4. Yes the library scenes are hilarious. Highlight to yesterdays episode

    5. This tu is taklu ??? awww ayushu nooo problem dear ?
      Yes my birthday is on 26 Oct which is on the way and yours 10 DEC I will write this in my dairy ???

  3. Yes i too enjoyed the episode. Steam engine is always in fumes thats why he deserves the name.Sameer was looking so anxious yesterday.
    And the other gang boys are teasing him like anything.
    This swathi is overthinking and living in another world.
    Good comment aayushi

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Neha…yes she is thnkng too much…bt no worries…jldi hi use bhi pta chl jaega

      1. Yes i too expect the same aayushi

  4. Aastha_Reddy

    Naina ko toh rose bud ne bhi dhokha dediya!! Rajkumar was sounfing like Jamai raja to my ears from steam engine. Maa kasam, vidya kasam too from Munna…bhook hartal in love..Isko Saheed nehi ashiq kehte hain Romeoneer.
    Entire pizza-foreign-America-tenda was hilarious with a burned pizza the result.
    Kaddu patel stole Samosas and ran away!! Aww…
    Shit…Some one give spare part of heart to swathi..Dil totne wala hai…

    1. Hai asthadi excellent comment.But yesterday naina was blushing.Yes i too felt jamai raja rather than rajkumar.
      Yes munnas love is so sweet. Romeoneer was not able understand the fathom of love till now so he is confused.

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Spare parts lolzz?? jldi hi zarurt padne vali h use…. I didnt noticed that he was kaddu patel running wid samosas?? bt uske alawa or ho bhi kon skta h?

    3. Hai astha nice comment by u. Yes the girl was cheated by plants also but i expect sameer do not cheat her

  5. Good episode. Sameer is turning naughty day by day. The way he is playing with steam engine was ????. Munna and swathi are looking sooo good and funny. So munnas love is true and innocent. And this swati is living in her own world and whatever sameer said is interpreting to be for her.Pandit is appearing more matured.
    Yesterday cuteneer was absolutely helpness and i dont know how many found but there was softness and intrest in his eyes when they are talking at panipuri stall.It is appearing like inorder to make naina fell he is falling.
    This herd boy and steam engine are the same. Naina is so innocent but she is enjoying every moment. Totally blushing ???

    1. I think sameer was not naughty but totally confused and anxious. And that acts which he did in that state brought fun???

  6. Harshaa

    Yesterday episode is full of fun. Really sameer is acting naughty and funny. And that naina and sameer scene in library where they try to come face to face and just than rakesh comes in between ????and he fells on his feet.
    Instead of naina sameer is melting especially that panipuri stall scene was soo good. So munna is head to toes love with swati but the girl have other views.Pandit is looking more matured in all these three yesterday.
    But dont change sameers charcter all of a sudden and also dont change the boy who is smart and thinks ten steps ahead like someone said yesterday.
    That samerr is intelligent and this sameer is naughty full of fun. It must be a balance of both as they are showing a teenager.

    1. Harshaa

      Last but not least belaji and tayjis discussion was hilarious.Enjoyed the episode like anything

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Harsha..i also felt pandit a lil more matured… Munna is busy thinking abt swati?? bt swati is thnking abt sameer…bahut confusion h bhai uske mind m…hope it will clear soon

    3. Yes that scene where rakesh comes inbetween sameer abd naina was hilarious. He fells on rakeshs feet and she turns to take books. U see generally it happens un colleges

  7. Yesterday episode us full of fun golmaal.Sameer is ?aiming arrows at naina and swathi is aiming at sameer. Sameer looked totally cute. He is really our cuteneer????. Especially that library scenes were are tii funny . One side cuteneer anxious to know what is naina was thinking at the same time this swati is flirting with him. Otherside munna was trying his best to impress swati in his best way possible. Especially sameers face is so confused when swati called him romeo??.Naina was blushing and enjoying all.
    So munna is in totally mad in love with swati.He is soo sweet .Sameer is getting softened day by day. But plz keep that intellegent jugaadu sameer intact.
    Pizza idly for Italy sooo ROFL ???

  8. Episode was absolutely entertaining.Sameer (randeep) slayed it. Just awesome scenes in library. Every dialogue is too very funny with excellent punches and counters. Sameers expressions when swati called him romeo???. Munna is ever entertaining as always. But liked his love for swati. That guy is truely in love with her. When he said yeh maazak nahi hakikat hai.
    That canteen scenes are very good. But plz dont change sameers mind so easily as it will be like another stupid serial where the hero starts as someone and ends up becoming someone.
    Naina is very cute especially the way she was smiling seeing sameer in problem

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