Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: New strategy for Dandiya Night

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer gets another idea and asks Munna and Pundit to come. Dandiya will happen the same way like every year. Sunaina and Kartik have been watching them. We too have to finish an old pending task. Let’s go!

Sameer, Munna and Pundit come inside Principal Room but it is empty. They turn to go when Pundit spots an examination paper on the desk.

(Background – Sameer):
Munna was right. It was no less than a lottery to get a question paper way before exams. We had 2 options. One, to steal this paper for ourselves or two, to keep this back quietly and wait to discuss our idea with Principal Ma’am! Somewhere over time, Naina’s quality of Mastery had sunk in me too. I had already sinned by lying about Mata Rani. I had no intention to
It was no less than a sin in

Munna and Pundit’s eyes.

Munna and Pundit argue with Sameer for keeping the question paper back. Sameer reminds them that Naina wont like it at all. They all go quiet. Someone opens the door and they get tensed.

Mami ji and Mama ji are all concerned for Poonam. She tells them she is fine but Mami ji and Mama ji are mistaken that she is pregnant. They shower her with lots of care and attention. Devang sits next to his wife. She wishes badly that it was true. He holds her hand. She prays to God to do miracle like He does in movies. Please bless us too.

Preeti tells Naina that it is very beautiful. Pray that you also get a Jija ji like Sameer. Naina shares that she joked that it shouldn’t be N and S but M and S. Swati overhears it. She tries to strike a conversation with Swati but Swati tells her that everything is a joke for her.

(Background – Naina):
Chacha ji was right. We find very few people who talk sense to us but bad people are always around us to fill our ears against someone or other. On one hand, Sunaina was doing that bit between me and Swati while on the other hand; there was a new guy in Repair Shop who was creating problems in Arjun Bhaiya’s minds. We had no idea back then as to how much things will get out of hand in future!

Arjun is with his new friend. He keeps complaining about his office job. His friend tells him it is fine. You get salary without doing anything. He offers him cigarette. Arjun denies but his friend tries to convince him. Arjun recalls Shefali telling him that neither guys nor girls look good while smoking. Shefali’s cousin comes there to give his headphone to repair. Arjun goes after this guy and asks about Shefali. He does not tell him the truth and only introduces himself as Shefali’s college friend. Shefali’s cousin starts talking about what happened between Shefali and Arjun. Why did he love her when he couldn’t live up to it! He and his family insulted them so badly. I told them not to shift. It should have been Arjun and his family who should have shifted instead. Arjun tells him a fake name but his newfound friend addresses him as Arjun. Shefali’s cousin Tarun looks at him pointedly.

Tarun scolds Arjun for being so shameless. Shefali and Aunty had to go through so much because of you. Aunty is still in shock because of that incident! He snatches the paper out of Arjun’s hand and tears it. Don’t dare meet Shefali or you will have to bear the consequences! Saying so, he walks away. Arjun starts collecting the torn pieces. His friend asks him what he is doing.

Principal comes to her room. She realises she left the question papers on the table itself and keeps them safely. She takes out a photo and plays the small walkman. She smiles looking at the photo of Kumar Sanu. Munna, Sameer and Pundit are hiding behind the sofa. They watch her tensed as she dances happily around the room. Peon seeks her permission to come in just when she bends down to pick the paper weight. She switches off the walkman.

(Background – Sameer):
Teachers are like Gods in schools. You either fear or respect them. When you come to college, you realise that teachers are just like us only. Their different shades come out. That day was and is still memorable for me, not just because of what I saw that day but because of how nicely everyone fit in place in the end.

Precap: Naina proposes to invite Kumar Sanu in the Dandiya function. Principal is in for a pleasant surprise. Who are you inviting? Naina takes Kumar Sanu’s name again.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Nice episode!!!
    Poor Sameer😅… Really he got a ‘masterni’😂 and as expected kiss didn’t happened…
    Arjun is going in a bad company…How can Shefali’s cousin recognize Arjun..He has undergone plastic surgery…Even Shefali can’t recognize 😂😂(just kidding)…Jokes apart… really Arjun deserves what all Shefali’s cousin said…But one thing I noticed.. the boy playing as Shefali’s cousin is a good actor…(even better than Arjun…) I can totally connect to all his dialogues and expressions… 👍
    So Poonam and Devang are aware that Devang has some problem…but as a good wife Poonam bhabhi will not let others to know about her husband’s weakness…and is ready to take all blame on herself…
    So I think the photograph with which the Principal was dancing is of Kumar Sanu…(I first thought it was of her husband’s..😅)…It was so funny that the principal of a university was dancing like this🤣🤣 But the good thing is that they played my favorite song…”Sochenge tumhe Pyar”…I wish they play this song as a background score for Samaina…😍😍
    Just waiting for Kumar Sanu’s episodes….🤞

  2. Yes Ashu even i feel the same with Poonam and Devang……. even in real life i believe Sumeet and Shashi got their first kid after 13 years….may be they conveyed that pain and diffculties faced in those days………via poonam and Devang.

    Karthik and Sunaina – i hope

    Option 1: camera is not loaded with flim so they don;t get chance to expose SAMAINA in front of prinicpal.

    Option 2: Swati will help to replace the photo’s of SAMAINA ( but in yesterday’s episode she misunderstood Naina again)

    Option 3: Prinicipal madam misplaced the envelope so she didn’t have chance to see the photo’s.

    Coming to Arjun – the new guys doesn’t have any expression in his face, iam getting irritated see his face.

    Eagerly waiting for Kumar sanu and Navratri celebration episodes……….

    Always SAMUNDIT rocks in yesterday’s episode………and SAMAINA romance ends as expected with no surprises……………………..and that is the beauty of YUDKBH

    1. I think option 2 is more possible… let’s see what happens

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