Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sameer invites Naina for his birthday party

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Munna and Pandit talking. Sameer asks them to enjoy the song. They dance on the song Kambe Jaise Khaadi Hai… Munna says this song fits on Naina and your love story. Sameer says he is just taking revenge on her and will ruin Rakesh’s values for pointing fingers at his upbringing. Bela comes and asks her to play the radio program and looks at the cassette. She asks if there are many songs in the cassette. Naina’s voiceover tells that in those days, they used to get their favorite songs in one CD. Bela asks her to play CD. Naina says it is of Shefali’s CD which have English songs. Bela asks her to play. Naina gets tensed and tells her that she will ask Shefali’s mum about pizza recipe and also will get the CD repaired. Bela asks why she is tensed and asks

her to play the music program first.

Sameer tells Munna and Pandit that he made his birthday card and asks Munna to give card to Swati. Munna says why? Sameer says Naina will not come alone, she will come if Swati comes. Munna says ok. Sameer says ok.

Naina comes to Shefali. Shefali says I knew you will come and asks her to have eggless cake. Naina asks her to play the cassette for her. Sameer says Naina…Naina gets happy hearing his voice. Sameer says trust me, I didn’t steal the papers. He says he have a birthday on Sunday and invites her for his birthday. He says if she don’t come then he will leave the school. Naina says you are not cheater. Shefali asks if she will go to Ahmedabad’s biggest restaurant. Naina is in dilemma and thinks what to do. She comes home. Rakesh asks where? And what you are saying. Naina says she went to Shefali’s house. Taya ji asks Rakesh to make her understand. Tayi ji scolds her and asks what is in her hand.

Naina hides he cassette. Bela gets tensed. Tayi ji turns to Bela and says everyone mind is getting corrupt because of the cassettes. She asks her to give. Naina says no. Bela says she asked her to bring it. Tayi ji scolds Bela. Taya ji asks them to handle girls and tells that Mehrotra’s daughter went to a friend’s party and had drink, got arrested. Naina asks what is her mistake? Rakesh scolds her. Anand says Police didn’t know that she was invited. Taya ji tells that Mehrotra asked him to free his daughter. Tayi ji says if our daughters do something like that then…Preeti says who will call us. Taya ji scolds her.

Naina waits for Sameer to come. Tu Mera Jaanu Hai plays…….Munna says she is looking at you. Naina gets up and comes to him. She says I came to know that you are not cheater, but nice girl. I want to tell you that I….It turns out to be Naina’s imagination. Sameer sits on his bench. Naina thinks what to do as she can’t tell about Arjun. Swati comes to Naina and tells her that Sameer likes her and that’s why she got role opposite him. She tells her that Sameer has invited her personally for his birthday party and invited her also. Naina says ok, because of you. Swati says she will get a gift for him. Naina tells that she can’t go as her family will not permit her. She tells about mehrotra’s daughter arrested by Police for partying in the restaurant. Swati asks her to lie and come with her. Naina thinks what to tell Sameer.

Sameer invites his classmates for his birthday party and tells that one of his dear friend can’t come to the party and if that friend don’t come then he will not cut the cake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aastha_Reddy

    True said Munna, Sameer is hell bend to murder your love story with Swathi in embryo stage-” Vrun hathya ” lolz…
    Swathi, you got wrong script girl, these dialogues were supposed to be Naina’s.
    Isn’t there any vegetable peeler at Agrawal house?? Tayiji ki naak ko peel off karna is better then naak katna.
    Preeti said correct sentence at correct time. so brave girl.
    Sameer…well this boy is running hanfs too much in hairs… bet yaad hai na beta…warna resham ki jaal????…
    Sefali was witness to Naina’s those stunts!!! Aww…jaun- nehi- jaun- nehi to home…hosh na raha.
    Munna and Pandit’s dance was hilarious.
    precap- OMG!!!
    Thanks to cvs at least Sameer’s so called family is absent but missing Kiran Nanaji a lot. Naina’s enough of torture. I wish school scene to never end.
    Good night all…Flirtneer dreams.

    1. Hehehehehe haan right sameer’s zulfaain haye wanna ruffle his hairs??????preeti is daring no doubt ?
      Astha what are you doing mtlb studying which class I mean all are calling u dii except me :'( so that’s why asking
      Take care ?
      Sweet and naughy dreams
      Good night ?

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Ansa…Not every one calls me Di yaar, many other calls as just Aastha, few as Aasthu baby too from [email protected] WU or Aashu also. Haan but bahut log Di bulate hain, I think its their way of showering love. I don’t have any problem if they calls me Di. Calling Di is not any designation, its our relation.
        I am in PG second year, Department of physics, Andhra University…age is just a number I have nothing to hide in that matter…will complete my 21 soon on 6th December.
        Good morning…take care.

    2. Hai astha di. First commentaa???. Yes yesterday episode is just awww .So sameer is in total revenge mode.But i didn’t like naina yesterday. When it comes to smartneer she will juno to conclusions. Even before knowing the truth she will mess up things but when it comes to her brother she acts as a shield to him. ???. But i think there must be a twist know so they did it.
      Btw i am a little younger to u so i can call u di

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        I would love to be your Di too Neha. You see I don’t have any sister in real life and I have always been craved for one. I am so so so happy ki I got a lot here in telly updates. Next time better remember our new found sisterly relation.

    3. Aayushi_kul

      Aastha di…i also wish scul scene to never end…naina’s family scenes is a big torture ???
      Hey ur bday is on 6 dec…jst 4 days before my bday?? mine on 10 dec

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Same pinch Aayushi dear. We are manufactured on the same month.

    4. Harshaa

      Hai astha nice review. As in pkj page u plp used to say go astha go ? ? for u from me.
      Did u know i too am alumna of andhra varsity
      Well coming to serial. Every element is in place. Sameer is rather taking the issue more revengeful rather than a simple bet.
      Lets see what happens.

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Harsha..this will happen with Sameer as he too in teenage. Blood hot rehta hai, haath se karne wale kaam ko axe par karne ka mann karta hai… Wohi toh show ka theme hai…Its going great with small small twists. I am loving it that way.
        Oh you too from the same university, That is a surprise news, I never knew yaar. Thank you…

      2. Harshaa

        Thats true and above all he is instigated by steam engine like anything. Thats why we were discussing about teenage revenge. Yes what u say is true he is hot blood

    5. Ohh I got it thanks for clearing dear ??
      Good morning u too ? what’s your bday date and month ? i will wish you ???

    6. Ohhhh hehehehehe thanks for clearing astha I am also 2nd year student in commerce section I am ? good morning u too ?

    7. WahoOooo astha 1st comment haan congratulations ??

    8. @Aastha u r missed by us on Ishqbaaaz page nd u r commenting 1st here…..

  2. Delighted to hv sadiya siddhieque’s voice over back, charmer!!…was Missing baaadly!!
    I hope this isn’t temperory!!!

    1. I bet…. Saadia’s voice is just ????charmer… awesome

      1. No doubt nimi her voice is melodious ?

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Finally, her laugh is energy of the show…Hope she will remain this time, Please Sadiyaji, give time to this show also like Tu sooraj main…

      1. Tu sooraj walay dramay mai bhe hai ? WaoO

  3. What an epic episode it was ? munna God why on earth his simple dialogue also make me laugh ?? I seriously like anand he is playing such a supportive role ? he even don’t discriminate between boys and girls that is really beautifully moulded in the story which is quite helpful for naina ..
    Sameer ki kia baat hai intelligent boy he is he very well know that naina friends will not come , she will also not come so he invited swati I like swati also cute girl ?
    Bela hehehehehe i found her funny and sometimes I feel irritate also ??
    Tayi jii I don’t like her gussa naak pa hota hai? what’s naina mistake if that girl is being arrested by police ? steam engine is also urghhhh no comments on him ?
    Cassette nhi hogai pata nhi ladoo hogaya everyone want that cassette only have mercy on her yaar ? shifali is also very good friend of naina ? naina was sachi tensed in that CD part she is cute <3
    I don't understand precap yaar ?
    Waiting for upcoming episodes ?
    Bday boy Sameer ?
    Well my bday is also in the way?
    Guys how are u ??
    What's your take on today's episode
    Take care enough of my bak bak??

    1. Hai ansa. Yes i too don’t like that tayji and tauji. They are like old generation people who never moved on in life.
      Yes munna always makes everyone laugh.He is soo funny and whenever swathis name comes he feels shy. Did u see on the otherday when sameer and naina are doing rehersals of romeo and Juliet his expressions seeing swathi just????.

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        But I like Abha parmar a lot.

      2. Yeah neha ahahahahahahahhahahhaha munna na dhoond lii apni Juliet ???

      3. I too like her especially her expressions..but she always raise fingers towards girls as if they are criminals. .But the irony is nobody is pointing fingers at arjun who really is

      4. your right neha

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Ansa we also luv munna n pandit’s antiqs…they r jst hillarious???…btw when is ur bday??????

      1. 26 October ?and you allllllll tell me your birthday dates naaa we will celebrate it together on tu what’s say ? ayushu (I will call you this okie?) how are you all?

  4. Am so happy Sadiya is back …. Her voice & her laugh is d landmark to tht soap… If thts gone its gonna sound monotonous as she is d “dream catcher”… Save Her to bring her by d end of d story… Thank You❣

  5. Mansi

    Again a charmer episode?????????Saadiya is back????was missing her trademark voice n laugh????precap is sounding interesting????

    1. Your picture pandit and preeti awesome pic ???

      1. Mansi

        Yeah Pandit n Preeti???????Thank uuuuuuu Ansa???????My birthday is just 3 days away from ur birthday☺☺☺?????

    2. Sachi mansiiii Haye from now on u r my sister okay ??? Haye I am very happy ur bday is on 29 riight???

      1. Mansi

        Yaaa Ansa??I am very happy to get a loving sis like u???????yeah my birthday is on 29th☺☺????

  6. Hai ansa. Yes i too don’t like that tayji and tauji. They are like old generation people who never moved on in life.
    Yes munna always makes everyone laugh.He is soo funny and whenever swathis name comes he feels shy. Did u see on the otherday when sameer and naina are doing rehersals of romeo and Juliet his expressions seeing swathi just????.

  7. Just awesome episode.Enjoyed every bit.So sameer took the insult a bit more serious. He wanted a revenge in naina and naina cannot tell sameer she knows the truth.
    This “herd boy” and his father steam engine are nothing but totally selfish.This innocent naina in unnecessaryly shielding them and facing a wrath of sameer unnecessaryly. But yes such twists are necessary know to move the story
    Sameer is smartneer???as always he thinks ten steps ahead.Munna gave him correct name.
    By now he totally understood how to handle naina. He is perfectly playing the game???. But sad that it will hurt naina???.
    So swathi is overthinking about things. That sameer trying to come to naina and just than swathi enters and sameer goes back???.
    Overall enjoyed a lot

    1. U r right nehaaaa sameer is suchhhhh a intelligent boy he know how to handle her I hope he will not hurt her innocent soul she is (just like me ??) naina will not disclose that arjun stole the papers I guess ? after all he is her brother

  8. Aayushi_kul

    Finally sadiya mam is back…her voice is the energy of this show… Munna nd pandit’s dance was hilarious??? luved preeti’s braveness…she says everythng at correct tym?
    Happy Dhanteras to u all guyzzzz?????

    1. Sadiya mam ummm the old voice you mean ?

  9. Hai everyone nice episode. Especially sameer is as smart as he should be..Naina is cut in that normal dress rather than that uniform.
    Munna and pandit especially munna feelings for swathi???? and pandit talking about his english.
    Am not finding enough time for comnent as diwali celebrations started. May not comment for next two days.Will catch up asap

    1. Hiiii …. Awww no problem Anita enjoy hard ?????

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      I too am stealing time for commenting here Anita ..Agar main ek din nehi comment karungi toh I am sure whole gang of ipkknd-3 will kill me to death bed. Kitna pyaar karte hain aur usse zyada miss bhi karte hain mujhe. Iss liye aana ladta hai aur main bhi sabse door nehi reh sakti.

      1. And what about YUDKBH ? we will also not talk to you bachi ??

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