Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun and Rakesh throw Sameer out

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina asking Varun to dance. Varun refuses. Preeti asks him to dance. Varun refuses. Shefali says groom side is losing. Munna says Jija no 2 is remaining and then says Sameer will dance on Varun’s behalf. Sameer hesitates. Naina dances on the song Chudi Mazaa Na Degi…Mere Haaton Me….Sameer smiles. Pooja starts dancing. Tai ji takes her back. Arjun gets angry seeing Naina looking at Sameer and viceversa. Bela gets emotional. Naina dances pardesi hogaye…..Munna says he wants to call her bhabhi today. Pandit says she has made everyone enjoyed. Sameer says she cheers me up infront of everyone and says he will dance for her. Sameer dances on the song sasu teerat sasur teerat….He makes elders’ dance. Sameer’s voiceover tells that Pooja’s sangeet was best

without the DJ etc. Naina talks to sameer and says she wants to live moments with him like sridevi did in Chandani, and says half of her dreams are fulfilled.

Sameer says he will fulfill all her wishes and asks her to wait for tomorrow. Arjun takes Sameer to side and asks him not to come closer to Naina. He says he don’t want any drama and asks him to leave, as his duty is over. He says there is no place for Servants like you. Munna says Arjun. Arjun says even you are not needed here. Sameer says marriage is tomorrow. Arjun says he is there for his sister. Rakesh comes and asks Sameer to leave, says you had come here to save your Nana’s 5 lakhs Rs. Bua asks Rakesh to calm down. Tai ji says he is taking out anger on Sameer as he didn’t get 5 lakhs rs. Bua says Sameer has won her heart and she feels like their family’s thread is connected to him. Anand tells Sameer that he misunderstood him first, but have realized that he is a good guy. Bela blesses him and says you will get what you wants. Tai ji blesses him and gives 50 Rs. note. Taya ji asks Sameer not to feel bad and says he will come and meet Nana ji soon. Rakesh asks Sameer not to return and go home anyway. Naina’s voiceover tells that Sameer has won everyone’s heart. She cries thinking about them..Kahin Mat Jaa plays…..

Sameer’s voiceover says his bidaai is happening with Naina’s tears. Preeti thinks about trying to unite Naina and Sameer and cries as he walks out with Munna and Pandit. Naina looks on sad and cries.

Naina calls Sameer and asks him not to go. Sameer asks her to save her tears for bidaai when he will come and take her from her after marriage. Naina gets emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Love is in the air??????????????????
    True Valentine of each other???????????

  2. & yah!
    Happy Valentine’s day to all who believe in the magic of love.☺️?
    Love and let love

  3. Arjun and his father always have ego issues with Sameer and they always insult Sameer and throw him out of the house. Not fair.

    1. True dude! Those f**kers need to get a life ???

  4. What is the problem with Naina’s dad and brother…….always after poor guy i wish i could give them tight slap and show them mirror about their atitude. That is the reason both father and son could never get a better life….??????

    1. Yeah true maya they’re just irritating ??

    2. Btw naina’s dad is an a big shot?

    3. I fully understand the emotions behind your anger to Naina’s dad & brother, but we need to know that this story is based on 90s where love story are accepted in a cinema only but in reality the society will not accept this as we seen for the case of Megha…

      Naina’s dad doesn’t know about the relation between Naina & Sameer as he himself is struggling between his status in the society as well as in family. He have only belief that his son will bring up his status by becoming a great cricketer.

      However, for Naina’s brother, he loves his sister beyond his own life & when he listens about the bet by Sameer to insult Naina in front of others, he became a villian to Sameer’s life, as he doesn’t want that his sister will insult once again because he is not believing that a rude guy will become so sweet in an easiest way. I think every brother will behave like this if he loves his sister this much.

      We have to respect their feelings and that the story will be have a happy ending.

      1. Come what may but using a person according to your needs and then insulting him and throwing out is not justified. If Sameer was a rais nana ki bigdi aulaad they should not allow him to come in their house but using him like a servant and then kicking him out is not right.

  5. Samaina’s performances???????????
    I Never want them to be separated again. Hope this separation track is not long.
    Happy Valentine’s day to all❤???

  6. besides sameer’s insulting sceen todays episode was visual treet to us,,, huh… guyz I saw a vedio from yudkbh naina and sameer dancing with the song sajan gar ke aya…its pretty awsm yaar…..everyone of them including arjun, steam engine, tayaji, chachaji, pteeti swati shifali ….shocked to see them ….coz they didn’t aware about all of them watching them….

    1. I SEEN it tooo, but it was Sameer only dreaming correct ..LOL 🙂

      1. oh…yeah…. thanks yaaar. .. coz i had’nt see it fully…so its scared me thinking about what happened next?

  7. Cool..! Sameer and Naina..! The best

  8. Wow samaina’s phone conversation is back the precap is just wow each and every word is heart touching ?? watching precap continuously

    1. Hi San
      Same here. watching precap several times.:) I agree the whole episode was a treat except for Rakesh and ARjun (failures in life) can’t see someone succeed. Anyways, hope the track is short term only. A question, no school? will or can they meet at school. I know both the losers (Rakesh and Arjun) will be at school too. hope something happens then Samaina have a great time at least at school and then chori chori phone calls and then take chachiji into confidence would be so much fun to watch. awaiting tonight’s epi. I look forward to reading your comments. The ranking of Ashi and Randeep dropped on India Forums but YUDKBH still stands second amongst all the TV shows on all channels: well done guys.

    2. True San
      Loved their phone conversation
      Loved the
      Eagerly waiting for today’s episode

  9. Lv handsome damnsome sameer☺️…..he is always stunning hero and all I lv his acting was Mara ….rocking ??

  10. Aajkl 90's ki ladki

    Sameer tum mera dil le lo…ashi singh acts so beautifully..i m in the hangover of yudkbh.just i hope everything soughts out but uske baad valentine special and then nana ji death sequence then separation then college life..but will i get my preedit??they r soo cute to ignore..why cvs not giving preedit..
    I hope shefali arjun ko aache se samjayegi.
    Missed munna and frock wali pandit scenes today..
    Love is yudkbh
    Yudkbh is love..

    1. actually if death sequence and Sameer Shifts to delhi, what haappends to Munna and Pandit I just Love them .. don’t tell me they wont be shown that frequently or will they move with Saneer

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