Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Separation time for Sameer and Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mr. Sumani telling Vishaka that he has called Munna and Pandit to feed something to Sameer. He books tickets to Delhi and tells her that they will take Sameer to Delhi. He says we have to move on and Sameer have to come out of trauma. Vishaka agrees. Munna and pandit comes. Vishaka asks them to feed Sameer and tells that they are leaving after two days with Sameer. Sarrpanch’s wife gives necklace for Preeti and fix the alliance. Rakesh taunts Tai ji. Tai taunts Rakesh and asks Sarpanch’s wife to search alliance for Naina and asks if Munim’s son is free. Rakesh says Naina will marry to crorepati. Preeti asks Naina to think and do something.

Munna feeds food to Sameer and tells that Nana ji came in his dream and was sad. Sameer is sad and recalls Nanu’s words. Munna tells Sameer that Vishaka is taking him to Delhi after two days. Pandit asks him to be happy so that they will be happy here and Nana ji also. They make him sleep. Munna and Pandit cry with the thought of separation from Sameer..

They say they have to send him off happily. Munna says Naina doesn’t know about Nana ji and Sameer. We have to make Sameer and Naina meet. Khachru eyes Preeti sitting on tree. Preeti smiles and goes. Naina asks him if song is played. He says she is Madhuri and he is like Sanjay dutt. Naina tells him about bet.

She says you have to get bathroom made in house. Khachru says it can’t be made. Naina says no bathroom means no marriage. She asks him to convince his family and make toilet, and marry Preeti. She then asks Preeti to relax. Preeti says when you meet Sameer, then will hug him. Naina says she is upset and will not hug him.

Mr. Sumani tells Vishaka that their son is unwell and he needs to go. He asks Vishaka to go to Dwarka with Sameer in bus and come to Delhi from there. Vishaka says ok. Sameer’s voiceover tells that when he woke up and opened his eyes, he found himself far away from Naina.

Munna and Pandit see Sameer leaving with Vishaka and pray to God to somehow make them meet. Meanwhile Naina also gets in the same bus.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ab yeh serial bhi pakane laga yr….
    Bs kheeche ja rhe hai ab yeh log show ko…
    I think ab is serial ko mai follow nhi krunga…

    1. Aku

      It’s based on really life story.. sumeet mittal the producer of the show.. if you go and read about him.. you will find that all this actually happened

  2. Please is serial ko dusre serials k jaise mat banao ,bekar mein mat khicho.

  3. I also dont like this twist They both were happy and such huge trauma came.

  4. Yes guys

    The show was well received for innocent pure love in face of all challenges. This story line is aligning with many others. I wonder
    If creatives changed
    Story screen writers changed
    Producers having issues with channel to change to suit someone somewhere?

    Who knows.
    They lost one viewer few episodes before.

    But but but

    If they somehow get them to meet, communicate, feel and talk to each other somehow. And their sweet love expressed without physical meeting can compensate to some extent maybe….

  5. Thanks Hasan for a prompt update.

  6. Please don’t change Randeep and ashi as though saying” after 5 years ” like that…. please don’t let that happen as we people say only because of Randeep and ashi!!!!!

    1. Aku

      It’s going to be only 2 months leap

      1. Oh only 2 months i thought 2 years..
        Really excited for the upcoming track
        Pehle pyaar ki pehli judaai?

      2. even i thought 2 years! how does 2 months assist?
        where is San? Saz you ans San usually comment very early. GHVpriya and Mahi now comment regularly> we need to view Ashis videos and create buzz on her comments to get her rnking higher on india forums.

      3. How do you know Aku about 2 mth leap?

      4. how u know leap is 2 month & why sameer will get angry with naina and left without meeting her. it feels serial will loose the trp .As everyone is in luv with this show for their innocense , luv & chemistry between samaina……..
        really not happy with this track
        where to read real, story of mr mittal

      5. how u know only 2 month , will they still in luv after all twist and misunderstanding .we want to see them together again like before leap soon , as this leap came soon.

  7. Ghvpriya

    Such an emotional episode… Can’t able to see sameer in such a condition. I am missing his smile a lot ???. Munna and pandit are really the true friends of sameer… And preeti sang khahru ???. Too funny… And precap!!! OMG!!! Naina sensed her love but sameer couldn’t find it out ???. How sad. They should meet each other for the last time before going to Delhi… Please God, make them meet each other ???

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