Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina elopes with Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tai ji takes Naina with her. Preeti turns to her mother for help. Bela goes after them. Landline rings just then. It is Swati. Preeti begins to tell her the story in bites – Naina, temple. Rakesh takes the phone from her hand. He starts scolding on phone thinking it is Sameer and disconnects the call. Rakesh takes Preeti with him.

Swati tells Munna everything. Where are you guys? He tells her. She tells them to stay put. I am coming with Mummy. He agrees.

On her way, Naina and Preeti try to convince the elders out of this alliance. The elders sit quietly.

Munna tells everything to Pundit and Sameer. Sameer wonders why they took her to temple. Pundit says they might have taken here there for purification. Sameer denies. It is something else. He takes the key from

Pundit and leaves. Munna and Pundit decide to follow him in car.

Preeti tries convincing Rakesh and Tai ji out of the idea the idea of making Naina marry Sharad.

Sameer is on his way to the temple.

(Voiceover – Sameer):
Girl is stuck in the family and the boy is coming to rescue her. It was filmy but it was happening in reality that day! I was feeling no less than Laila Majnu that day.

Tai ji tells Naina not to cry too much. Photos wont come out nice otherwise. It is destiny which is why you are marrying Sharad.

Naina requests them to wait till Chacha ji comes. I will do whatever he will say. Preeti asks them what’s wrong with Sameer. Tai ji says he is Maheshwari. Rakesh calls him lazy and kaamchor. Naina requests him to give a chance to Sameer. He has changed. He studies hard now. Please meet him once. Preeti seconds her. Rakesh stops the car to bring garlands and other things for the wedding. He asks Preeti to take out the money bag and come along. Naina requests him again but he warns her to be quiet. You know my anger. I can kill or die out of anger! He leaves with Preeti. Tai ji realises that he forgot something. She too goes after them.

Sameer is on his way.

Naina turns to Bela. Please Chachi ji. Bela looks at her teary eyed. Don’t look at me like that. I cannot do anything. She cries feeling helpless. Sameer stops his bike right in front of the car and goes to them. Naina tells him that she does not wish to marry Sharad. Please do something. Bela closes the windows. They both request her against it but in vain. Munna and Pundit reach there as well. Sameer sits in the front seat. Chacha ji promised that he will speak to everyone as soon as he is back. Please do something for the day. Naina requests her too. Their friends also request Bela. Swati is shocked. How did you agree to let Naina marry Sharad? They all request Bela to agree. Sameer tells her that he does not know what he will do if this wedding isn’t stopped. Bela replies that she is the younger DIL of the house. I don’t make decisions. Who will listen to me even if I take a decision? Sameer holds Naina’s hand and looks Chachi ji in her eye. I dint hold her hand to leave! Pundit notices Tai ji, Rakesh and Preeti returning and alerts everyone. Bela and Naina are panicked. Their friends ask Sameer to do something. He urges Bela to understand. Bela is in thoughts. Sameer lets go of Naina’s hand and gets down. He opens the door from Naina’s side his extends his hand towards Naina. We will return when Chacha ji is home. Please understand Chachi ji. Naina looks at Bela. Sameer folds his hands before Bela. Please let her come with us. Bela recalls Anand’s promise of protecting Naina till he is alive. I wont let her marry Sharad. Bela lets go of Naina’s hand. Go. There is no other way. Be mindful of your Chacha ji’s respect.

(Voiceover – Naina):
That day we dint realise what we had done! The Naina, who had not done anything against her family for 20 years of her life; who had not lied to her family for 20 years without making sure it wont hurt anyone, ran away with her Sameer that day!

Preeti hides the money bag so as to divert Rakesh and Tai ji’s attention but fails. They chase Sameer and Naina but they leave on the bike.

Rakesh asks Preeti where Naina has gone. He raises his hand but Tai ji stops him from creating a drama in front of everyone. Let’s go to temple first. We have to tell them what happened. Rakesh says we will tell them she is dead. Bela requests him not to say so. She is a kid. Tai ji says your kid has created a big drama. Let’s go. We have to tell

Naina and Sameer come to a secluded spot. Munna, Pundit, Kamya and Swati reach there too. Naina hugs Swati and Kamya while the guys share a group hug too. Pundit wonders what they should do now. We are tensed. Sameer replies that he too has no idea. I have helped a girl elope for the first time. Kamya is sure their families would have informed police by now. Naina cries hearing it but Sameer assures her that everything will be fine. Pundit suggests going to Jamnagar but Swati tells him against it.

Tai ji hits Preeti unnecessarily to extract information about Naina but Bela tells her she knows nothing. She was with Rakesh ji at that time. How would she know? Tai ji says she wasn’t there but you were. Naina would have told you atleast! Bela looks down as she lies to them. Tai ji asks Bela again but her husband tells her to let it be. It is easier to wake up someone who is sleeping but it is difficult to wake up a person pretending to sleep. Bela insists she knows nothing. Tai ji is sure she knows. Her husband asks Bela to speak up. I folded hands in front of Sharad’s family. I can do that in front of you too. Bela tells him against it. I really don’t know. Tau ji asks preeti again. Rakesh ends up shouting angrily and throws the glass away.

Naina and her friends decide to wait till tonight till Chacha ji is home. They go to hide the car. Sameer asks Naina to come. Naina asks Sameer if they did the right thing. He tells her to ask this question to herself. A song plays in the background. Naina keeps her hand over his.

Precap: Naina calls Preeti. We are only waiting for the clock to strike 9. Preeti is about tell her but Tai ji covers her mouth and puts the call on speaker. Naina tells her location.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Loved it

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  4. Full on nail biting drama..👏🏼
    And it’s good that Naina is not like Arjun…She now dare to accept her love in front of everyone…
    Good Chachiji…The moment she loose hold of Naina’s hand it reminded me of the epic DDLJ moment…”Ja Naina Ja jee le apni Zindagi”😆Guys never ever expect this from Rakesh’s side as he has no emotions for Naina and just an angry beast without brain..It would not be less than a miracle if he ever realizes what wrong has he done in his life…He will not even hesitate to kill Naina😔…
    Today’s episode shows a bitter truth of the mentality of those involved in honor killing… Really scary…😓
    And as Pandit said” Sameer ke Sasural wale Aadhe mental hai”…sorry but they are full mental😏
    So Swati patches up with Naina…😊…There is something good in so much bad…Hope Swati Munna also patch up soon…
    And last but not the least… Special mention and hats off for Preeti…👏👏..What a presence of mind…Liked the way she distracted Rakesh 😂😂
    What do you think guys did Samaina did right by eloping??Or there could be any other way at that moment to tackle with the situation?? Please do share…

    1. i think they did right by eloping. This is the only way to stop the marriage with that idiot. Thank god they didnt show that idiot. what an amazing epi

  5. Todays episode was too good, loved how Naina stand for herself by saying I will not marry Sharad. At the time of elopement I was laughing don’t know why and when Preeti hides the money bag at that point I just loved her the way she helped Naina in eloping. Was expecting Chachi Ji to say “Ja Naina Ja Jee Le Apni Zindagi”😜. Just hate O Bai and Safari Suit the only reason for rejecting Sameer is that he is MAHESHWARI like really, And what is their reason for selecting Sharad again for Naina after knowing how he raised his hand on her in front of whole college. And in flashback of yesterday’s episode the ladies how can anyone lady say that Sharad is a good guy and will not remain single for long not asking for dowry is not everything for getting a girl married to someone there are so many things beyond that 😡. To be frank when I saw that flashback my blood was boiling like anything.
    And the way Swati , Naina & Kamya hugging watch other was so cute as I was waiting for a scene like this. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode as Chacha Ji will return and will come to know what all happened and his reaction on this.

  6. What an amazing episode. The running away made it worth it.

    I don’t know why is the family physically and mentally so abusive. Hitting preeti and Naina and all the time screaming.

    This taiji used to pamper her bholuram so much, what happened suddenly that caste mattered now?

    Can they for once stop thinking and talking about Sharad? I still don’t understand why exactly would a monster like Sharad agree to marry Naina despite knowing everything, especially in such haste.

    Chachiji rocked today. I think Anand chachaji will be shown the wrong side of truth and so he’ll feel that Naina Sameer have breached his trust. But I think chachiji will tell him the truth and that there was no other way and then he’ll be fine with Naina Sameer. And Preeti as usual was the best. I almost half expected her to fight against the hitting and retaliate about how they make the girls in the family suffer so much, but then this is Preeti, she exactly knows what to say when and she’s mature.

    Actually when chachaji accepted Sameer Naina’s relationship, and Naina narrator told that it was some other reaction when the family found out, I thought taiji-tauji calmly accepted the relationship and maybe only Rakesh caused trouble. But this reaction of the family was very much expected.

    Hope things go good. Now will have to wait till next week to have a closure on this track.

  7. Ashu, vidha and Sunshine, guys you all rocked today…..

    About yesterday’s episode – there is no doubt Samaina have to take the decision of elope at the point of time they don;t have any other option even they both confess their relationship to Sharad’s family then also that shameless sharad will marry Naina( i personally feel that Sharad is the xerox copy of Rakesh – brain less and he really want to take revenge against Naina so he will definitely marry her) hence they end up with this decision.

    Finally Naina reacted for sameer and try to convince her father and Taiji but they both are brain less creatures. atleast Chachiji understands Samaina, she let her go with Sameer with a condition – good mother….

    My Assumption:
    Chachaji will return soon before 9pm and all other family members narrate the story against Samaina and chachiji doesnot able to make anand to understand the reality….so anand misunderstand them and slap Naina in front of Sameer…….and Sameer will initially misunderstand the situation – as it happens always because of his anger he may think that even Chachaji is against them and Naina as usual will not say anything or support sameer in front of chachaji so may be it will again create a problem between them and sameer accept for Vishakha’s proposal.

    Later Chachaji understands the situation and call sameer and ask him to bring his family for marriage proposal —-wild guess ……

    1. Yes Devi…I too think there was no option left other than eloping…As no one was in mood to listen to them…And were hellbent to marry Naina to Sharad…So in this situation…Bhens ke aage bin bjane ka koi mtlb nhi tha…
      Lets see why Chachaji is so angry that he slapped Naina😥…Hope he will understand the circumstances…And yes…Naina can’t say anything in front of Chachaji…As she already said Whatever may be but Chachaji’s decision will be the final one…And she can also leave Sameer alone again…,

  8. i literally watched episode 2 times ,for extremely talented naina ,she had too many emotions ,that made me cry , loved sameer , Preeti ,munna , pandit ,swati ,kamya and how all they stand up for naina .this is what friends for ,

    yup in one episode sharad talks to his mother and says once marriage is fixed ,then we will extract as much dahej as possible ,that episode really made by blood boil 😠😠

  9. Frankly speaking for a moment I thought that Safari Suit is melting but I was wrong he has no feeling for his own children. Sameer and Naina were so gud. And loves the way how Sameer said ‘Maine Haath Chodne Ke Liye Nahi Pakda Hai’ aur ‘Hum Chacha Ji aate hi vapas aa jaege’ there love is so pure that even at the worst situation it makes me smile 😍.
    Can’t understand what everyone will say to Chacha Ji that he slapped Naina. Devi I don’t want ur assumption to come true as it will create more drama and at this point of time I want this drama to end at a good note, instead of dragging it with lots of misunderstanding. O Bai literally gives me pain when she opens her mouth.
    Can’t understand why caste difference have so much importance in the society. It is so depressing that not only on those days but nowdays also it plays significant role in our society😡😣.

    1. I dont think it’s only about caste barrier dear. Here the basic right to live as per your wish is not given to Naina or Preeti, more for Naina infact. A motherless girl, father is one annoying, irresponsible, careless fellow, and the family feels she’s not even beautiful; so according to their family any guy who’s willing to marry her, is fine because Naina can’t get anything of a higher level. It doesn’t matter if the guy doesn’t respect her or treat her well, any body with a male anatomy from Agarwal caste and they’ll we’d off Naina because who else will accept such a girl who’s got her mooh kala.

      And more than caste, it’s about the family ego and fake prestige. Like how can our family girl dare to follow her heart? How can she like or love a guy on her own? How can she make decisions on her own. I’m pretty sure even if Sameer was an Agarwal, they would have reacted the same way because they feel the very action of falling in love is a sin, and a different caste is a bigger sin. These people from Naina’s family just want to control their daughters, and wash off their hands off their daughters responsibility. It’s all about ego and controlling power that they feel they own their children’s lives. It’s not strictness, it’s a physically and mentally abusive and toxic family.

      And taiji is one jealous selfish woman. Can’t see Naina or Preeti happy. For her only her family’s girls are bright, educated, pretty, independent, and perfect. Just hate her to the core. All these days I thought it was just a difference in their thoughts and outlook, that maybe they’re of the older generation and they were strict with their children to stop them from going on the wrong path. I thought they’re like our grandparents generation, conservative, strict, but we’ll meaning. But no, the elders of this family are crazy, self centered people who just want to control the lives of others to show they’re superior. It’s abuse and torture. Period.

  10. Un dino cast system was not as bad as they are showing in the serial but as it is a serial they need to create drama and here they dont have any other logic to say no for the marriage.

    Waise why they call Sameet Aawara he had never done any bad thing except smoking ( the Delhi scenes Rakesh and family must not be know and there also Sameer himself was no involved directly)

    Hope they close this track on good note and start another happy track for time being

  11. So today’s episode was a long wait for chachaji.
    If he would have been there ,So situation could have been different.
    These days I am proud of Naina and the courage she is showing ,”papa who awara ladka nai hai”.
    Sameer ” Aaj yeh shadi agar ho gayi toh pata nai main kya kar baithuga”.Lovely dialogues.
    Naina was not sure ,but Sameer said “apne dil se pucho”.
    Sameer already told chachaji that they will hide until chachaji comes .
    They why was need to call home and tell about their location .
    Unnecessarily trouble.
    I just want this all drama to end on positive note and Sameer and naina to finish their studies.
    Waiting for today’s episode!!!

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