Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sameer to play Romeo with Naina as Juliet

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer coming to Drama class and says he wants to play Romeo.Lochan Sir says you are in cricket team. Sameer says he is barred from playing it for 3 month. Lochan Sir agrees. Munna and Pandit ask for small roles. Sameer reads the script and asks Naina to practice with him. He enacts the scene. Naina looks at him and tells the dialogues. Yeh un dinon ki baat hai plays…..Sameer and Naina tell their dialogues. Naina’s voiceover says story was making in her mind, how could be their love story. It was the first story which she wrote. Sameer brings flower close to Naina and passes from there, and gives flower to Lochan Sir. Lochan Sir hugs him and says you have done nicely, your chance is strong. Munna and Pandit praises him for his acting.

Naina thinks how

can a liar, thief, smoker, drunkard can be a hero. Swati and Preeti discuss that Sameer can become Romeo. Swati says I wish I could become Juliet with him. She asks her to imagine playing Juliet and the scenes. Naina imagines herself as Juliet and Sameer as Romeo. Sameer as rose gives her rose while standing down and telling the dialogues. Juliet is standing in her balcony and looks at him. Pyaar Karne wale song plays….Naina smiles and takes flower from his hand. Imagination ends. Naina shivers while feeling Sameer’s touching her in play. Swati asks did you imagine the play with Sameer. Naina says I don’t think Lochan Sir will make Sameer as Romeo.

Tayi ji gives clothes to the woman and takes utensils. Her son pralay comes and asks for money. Tayi ji says she don’t have money. He says money is in almari. Tayi ji says she will give him after his father comes. Bela says he knows everything. Tayi ji says he is not stupid like you. Munna and Sameer lift Sameer and say he is selected for play. Swati says I told you that Lochan Sir is impressed with Sameer. Naina gets up and goes. Sameer gets thinking. Tayi ji gets irritated as she does the work. Pooja comes and asks where to hang Rakesh’s keys. Pralay takes the keys and wonders which is the key. Naina’s voiceover says secret is going to be out. Sameer tells Munna and Pandit to see how love story begins. Pandit asks if he is serious about Naina. Sameer says he is doing this for a challenge.

Sameer’s opposition guys tease him. Pandit makes him go. Sameer shows the blank cassette and says naina will hug me now. Naina comes to class and looks at him. She sits on her place. Pandit ji says it seems smile vanished from his face. Sameer says once the play starts, he will give her some happiness. Munna comes crying to him and says Swati stares Sameer a lot and is now playing Juliet. Sameer says Juliet will be Naina, I have taken part in play only if Naina is Juliet. Munna says lochan sir tried to convince her, but she didn’t agree. Sameer says that’s why she is sad. Swati comes and asks why she is sad. Sameer says I will see how she will not play the role. He comes to Naina and insists to talk to her. Naina gets up.

Rakesh comes and sees Nain and Sameer standing. Sameer bends down and touches his feet. Rakesh is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aastha_Reddy

    As I predicted it was Naina’s hallucination. precap again gave electric shock!!!! Too much of love confusion. my poor Munna and his Swathi!!!
    So that pralay will expose Arjun now- very interesting.
    Abha ji ka aur koi kaam nehi hai kya except from buying things and mathri or whatever is that?? Hamesha mathri mathri mutter karti hain.. rakh lo chachiji gift hai… chammach.
    I am so busy now. Good night all… Romeoneer dreams…

    1. Astha did u see the precap. Munna fell down seeing sameer falling in steam engine legs

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Ravi…I missed it perhaps. I was in a hurry and switch off the tv as soon as Sameer bend down…
        Anshul was shouting…precap hai so jao..kal episode mein dekh lena…

  2. Samaira_khan

    Uff yaar loved it don’t u think guys I mean I didn’t like naina at all!! I know she lives him bit I hated her attitude today!! Sameer as usual rocks!! Such a cutie pie! I just hope tht Sameer really starts loving naina.. And abt the script I was sure tht it would be a dream.. And yeah I’m really eager for naina ‘s reaction when she gets to know tht Sameer has not stolen.. Precap??❤️ uff Sameer trying to impress Rakesh let’s see

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Naina is one of the best character…Its that she is too strong to oppose love like feelings by judging Sameer can’t be her hero as every one in school says Naina is good, Naina is good..This happens in teenage yaar..chill pill..
      Naina and her Dharmasankat are always good to see..

  3. Aqsa.M

    Nice episode ..
    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode …want to see that what will be Rakesh’s reaction towards Sameer I don’t think so that he will be much affected by this because he hates Sameer .

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aqsa…Sasurji ko impress karne chale hamare Romeoji..Road side romeo(???) bhi uss Steam engine ka leg touch nehi karega..Hamare Romeoneer ne kiya bhi yaa uska kuch niche girr gaya utha raha hai nehi pata!!! Shayad as we know precap always misleads…

  4. Naina agarwal just one word excellent character. Even today sameer also identified it as he said thats why she is sad as he identified she is not ready to compromise at any cost. The girl wanted to do julliet character.Though She have feelings for sameer and he is playing hero opposite her but still it didn’t shake her charcter. Instead she. have shaken sameer. He was at wits end , when he knew she rejected the role ,he thought its very easy task but didn’t imagine its herculine task.Hats off to. naina and the writers who are writing her character. I took pain to write at this time of night only praise her character as very rarely we find such characters on tv serials
    As usual sameer as good as himself. Munna as funny as himself

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ravi is too much impressed with Naina and her nature it seems. She is one of the strongest female lead currently but she judges people from outside. Still her this nature can be forgiven..she is just in teens yaar…yeh sab hota rahega uske saath. Her confusion then her stubborn nature is worth praise. Still she reaches conclusion too soon. She is simple from outside but from inside..pata nehi she is too complex..She loves Sameer, she is a loner, she protests her own feelings…She opposes her love, Pata nehi ek Naina Argawal mein kitne Naina hai!! and in my point of view this all makes her the Naina we all loves coz. we can see us inside her..our own teenage time.
      Sameer..He is perfect just the way he is and changing him is an evolution-a slow steady process which will take place but not suddenly.
      Love is not drinking same brand of coffee its like making a coffee together without knowing how it will turn out to be…Any way looking at both their age then , all is negligible only…
      Good morning…

      1. Astha di u are right sameer is a balance of things good at heart,bold, simple and enjoys life as it comes though he have his own problems.They say na full of life sort of guy. About naina she will always jump to conclusions what u said is correct.
        In yesterday episode there was a
        dialogue of sameer saying may be for sometime but i will give her happiness . That dialogue is a bit seducive and egoistic. But we must see that naina first hurt sameer with her half truth and jumping to conclusions nature.After that she hurt his ego since two days.We must understand at that age ego also plays a vital part.And he is in full pressure to win the bet and this nainas behaviour is hitting at his confidence once again.
        So thats the reason he is repeating again and again i am sameer maheshwari and i can do this

    2. Yes anita you are true. I felt pity for that poor naina. She is totally fixed in between her love for sameer and her principles . She wanted to act with sameer she was very impressed with him but her mind is not allowing her to do as she felt its against her principles to act with a hero who is in her view is a anti hero.At that age sticking to principles as we all know its the age when attractions are at peaks.So i said her charcter is very impressive

  5. Woho !!! What a episode ?? haven’t seen the episode yet thanks for the quick update ? huhhh !!! Sameer urf sami ? his style ufff mar dala naina please give him a chance and talk to him ? I wish and I wish Sameer starts loving her in real that will be the double scope ice cream for us ?? uragh ? that tayi ji anay wah only know how to taunt to others
    Waiting for upcoming episodes?
    Hello every one ?
    And good night too ? swweeeetttt dreams cutiiee beauties tata?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ansa…I think Sameer too is flat but jo bhi hai mazaa aaraha hai dekh kar…Feel like going to school time back.

      1. Good morning ?
        Yeah exactly astha after watching this drama missing our school very much :'(

  6. Wow is the word. The story is getting intresting dayby day .I thought cuteneer and naina will work together in drama. But this girl again disappointed him???.Sameer started to develop feelings for her i think. The way he said let Romeo julliet start then see how love story will go forward.But he is utterly disappointed as he didn’t expect this from naina.
    Naina expected sameer will give her flowers but he gave to lochan sir?? ?. Nainas expressions at that time i didn’t get. She is angry but don’t always show her over angry ,smiling face suits her rather than the look.
    As usual yesterday day there was no
    punches as far i could see. Munna and
    pandit are just slaying everyday. Yesterday it was munna crying its hilarious ????.
    Sameer is as usual sweet and cuteneer???.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Neha…Munna’s dramatic cry was so funny yaar for Swathi…
      Sameer is too impatience to become Romeo for Naina and the bet too…Precap hatke hai…

  7. I’m facing the EXACT SAME situation as naina……………………..♥

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      lolz…Ha ha happens in teenage…koi baat nehi.

    1. What is it btw the link is not opening

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