Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina gives credit to Sameer for Arjun’s recovery

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun asking Naina not to tell anything to Rakesh. Anand calls Naina. Pooja sits for the ritual. Shefali says you have accepted defeat even before playing and asks Naina if she will support him and make him lose for forever. She says you hates people who do mistakes, will you support your brother? Nainalooks at Sameer and Arjun. Sameer, Munna and Pandit see the pre -marriage function. Everyone give shagun to Varun. Pandit asks bride’s brother to apply tilak to Varun. Tai ji asks Pralay to do the ritual. Bua taunts Tai ji and says Arjun will do the ritual. Tai ji says how Arjun will come here. Taya ji tells that let Pralay do tilak and asks Bela to handle the thali. He tells Anand that they have given so much gold and stuff to Pooja. Pralay couldn’t do aarti.

Bua asks Anand to stop him. Sameer looks on.

Naina tells Arjun that he can’t back off and asks him to play the match. Arjun says I can’t do. Naina says I didn’t tell anyone about your paper theft and says you can’t back off. She gives Sameer’s example and says he didn’t back off and bear your and papa’s taunts. Varun’s mother tells them that Pralay is a boy and can’t do this rasam. Naina says Arjun can come. Tai ji argues and says even Pralay is a brother, how Arjun will come on wheel chair. Arjun comes there and holds the aarti plate from falling down and does Varun’s aarti. Everyone is happy to see him fine. Rakesh gets emotional and hugs him, says he knew that he won’t let his dream break. He says his son Arjun will win the match. Arjun says yes Papa, I will win for you. Bela says it is good that he is fine and asks how did this miracle happened. Naina says because of Sameer. Anand says because of sameer’s care, he got fine. Bua says he is real hero. Sameer smiles. Naina hugs Arjun. Sameer’s voiceover tells that day he wanted to hug Arjun and Naina happily and thought he will believe whatever she tells him.

Munna asks Sameer why didn’t he speak to Naina. Sameer says today she is happy and that’s enough for him. He says Rakesh sir is happy and that’s why she is happy. I get happy when Nana ji and you both get happy. Munna and Pandit hug him. Sameer says that’s why I left from there. Munna asks him to become love Guru. Sameer’s voiceover tells that Munna told about Love Guru jokingly, but many years later it came true, and even books were written on love tips. They leave. Sameer hugs pillow thinking about Sameer and thinks when will morning come. He imagines dancing with her. Naina also imagines and smiles. Chandani raat hai plays…Sameer wakes up hearing alarm and says he is coming.

Naina tries to talk to Sameer. Tauba sanam plays….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow each day I say this is the best episode best episode ???when I come to a conclusion ok this is the best episode of all episodes the next day comes the another best episode ??…… Don’t know how come the director is giving the best output all the time…. Really amazed ?….. Wow that dream sequence ??no lengthy dialogues no grandeour background sets nothing….. Only their eyelocks reveals everything……… No apt words to express about the beauty of today’s episode…….. Thoroughly enjoyed today’s episode…… And come on guys these were the moments we have been waiting for……… Just express your love for the show through comments

    1. True San these moments were wat we were waiting for… Still where are all the commenters

      1. Don’t know neha deb was here so many days passed……… still we miss our ace commentors aarti, liz, harsha, jyoti, uf355 n so many but happy to see new commentors and for the new commentors welcome to YUDKBH family ??

    2. True SAN welcome to YUDKBH family

      1. thanks yaar…I heard too that, there is a tragedy in sameer’s life, his life will turned up side down as his nanu will die over illnesses and thus sameer has to shift Delhi with his parents, sameer and nain’s love get separated whill the story will take two years leap post which naina and sameer will meet with college twist…… interesting he na?

  2. At last everything is solved ?????????????

    1. Not so soon yaar…… this is YUDKBH…………. anything may happen……….

  3. today episode was khidkithod awesome cause finally naina is melting and would soon forgive sameer. the dream sequence was fantastic. ashi and randeep rock as naina and sameer. cannot wait for the next episode and the ones after cause the scenes and everything is so on point that i am in love with this show and hoping to see naina and sammer together

  4. Ghvpriya

    Wow!!! What an amazing episode ???. I just couldn’t believe myself ???. Naina started melting…. I can sense her love in her eyes ???. Sameer is also very happy for naina ????. What a change of character sameer is gone through. Hats of to the cvs ?????. The dream sequence was totally unexpected…. It is really so cute and romantic too. Their eyelocks are saying everything….. That’s more than a 1000 words ???. The way sameer is getting excited to go to his sasural is too too awesome….. Really, waiting for such dialogues….. Ashi and randeep are really doing fabulous job as naina and sameer ????. The precap is truly very exciting…. I am very eager to see today’s episode. What about you guys????

    1. mee after long tables turn and Naina trying to get Sameer attention

  5. Lovely episode…. Sameer acting ,wooow woow woow,… he is just brilliant the feelings he emotes…Finally Naina reciprocating to Sameer… Precap is just soo so exciting…YUDKBH makes my day AND YEA THE DREAM SEQUENCE Sameer just killed it and naina was too cute

  6. precap pretty awesome yaaar….

  7. Lovely episode!!
    Eager to watch today’s episode..

  8. Some Sad news

    Now, in the upcoming episodes of Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai, it would be seen that Sameer would be stopped to attended the wedding by Naina’s brother Arjun. However, Sameer’s Nanaji would come to his rescue and Sameer will attend the wedding as Dadaji’s friends from the groom side would give the invite to Sameer and his family. Naina who was sad Sameer’s absence, would be happy to see him.

    Further, viewers will get to see some serious drama as Sameer’s Nanaji would will be critical and suffer an unfortunate death.

    Shocking, isn’t it?

    Loyal viewers would be aware that Nanaji has been a huge support system for Sameer as he has issues with his mother and step dad. This surely is going to be a tough time for Sameer as he would lose his Nanaji forever.

    It is heard that Nanaji’s death will breakdown Sameer. His parents will decide to take Sameer along with them to Delhi. As after Dadaji’s death, Sameer can’t stay alone in Ahmadabad. This will also mark veteran actor Kiran’s exist from the show.

    Will this be the end of Sameer-Naina’s love story? How will Sameer manage to convince his parents? We will have to wait and watch!

  9. The episodes superrrrrrr se uparrrr ta………

  10. after nanaji death sameer shifted to delhi with his parents, the show take two years leap …
    After two years naina and sameer meet with college twist. …am eagerly waiting following episodes

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