Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Election fight intensifies

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

JBR tells Naina that he didn’t expect Naina to go so low. Sameer says it’s not her fault. They were just giving cold drinks and snacks. JBR asks and money too? He gives Naina one last warning. Sunaina and gang smile. After JBR leaves, Sunaina goes to Naina and gives handkerchief saying it will be helpful to wipe her tears. This is just beginning, she has to cry a lot more. Aa Dekhen Zara song plays.. Sunaina collects more handkerchiefs from her friends and give to Naina telling if they are enough, she will send more. Naina stops her and thanks her for reminding if straight forward ways don’t work, then they have to use wrong ways to get things done. She ties handkerchief as rakhi in her hand saying only she can protect her. Naina’s friends then tie other handkerchiefs

on Sunaina’s friends’ hands. Female narrator says slowly that election fight was becoming like a war. Sunaina walks out.

She comes out with her gang and sees Swati. She says Naina got little upset and her whole gang went against her. They didn’t notice their friend Swati is also upset. And Munna has no clue that he even has a girlfriend. Swati looks on. Sunaina assures her that she is always with her.

Sameer comes to Naina and says he has written something for her speech. He reads a nice poem. Everyone claps. Naina and Preeti praise Sameer. Sameer says they are doing so much for her, but she isn’t giving them anything. Naina asks him what he wants. He tells her to make him her deputy after winning election, so he can always stay with her. Preeti says she’s going to be her deputy. They ask Naina who will be deputy. Swati is listening. Sunaina sees Swati. Naina thinks. Sameer tells Naina he knows she wants to make Swati deputy, but she isn’t even interested. Swati is surprised. Preeti also says Swati is not interested. Naina says fine, then no Swati. Swati is hurt and walks away. Sameer Preeti ask Naina again. Naina says it will be Swati only because she is more intelligent and she has supported her since childhood.

Swati comes to classroom and cries. Female narrator recalls how strong their friendship was, but was getting spoiled by misunderstandings. She wishes she could go back in past and hug Swati and wipe her tears.

Naina is going to rehearse speech. Sameer blocks her in lobby. He’s upset as they are not able to meet and spend time together. She says they meet every day in college. He says that’s not meeting. He wants to meet her alone. There are some things they can’t talk in front of everyone. He can’t hold her hand in front of everyone. She says it’s not like that. He tries to hold her hand, but she pulls her hand back. He says she will either hold his hand in front of everyone or agree to spend time with him alone. He goes to make posters.

Arjun’s coach asks him what’s wrong with him? Why he’s become so weak. That’s the reason he didn’t get selected today. He asks Arjun to work hard for a month, and then he will try to do something. Later, Arjun meets his friend and says he is not interested in cricket anymore. He doesn’t know what to tell to his father. His friend tells him to say directly he is not interested in cricket. Arjun says he can’t do that. His friend suggest to lie that his leg is broken. Arjun disagrees with that as well.

Rakesh finds out about Arjun not getting selected. He blames Shefali for it. A neighbor suggests to bribe selectors. Rakesh says he doesn’t have any money. The neighbor suggests to sell his car.

Sunaina tells Swati that she hopes she saw Naina’s true face today. She was never her friend. Selfish girl like Naina can never be anyone’s friend. She promises Swati if she wins, then she will make her deputy. She will show her what true friendship means. She gifts a watch to Swati saying she asked her father to bring from Switzerland. She asks Swati whether she will help her in winning election. Swati says yes, she will help. Sunaina hugs her. Swati returns watch saying she can’t take such expensive gift. Sunaina says nothing can be more expensive than their friendship and gives watch back in Swati’s hand. Sameer comes there. Swati hides the watch. Sameer asks Swati what she is doing there. Sunaina says just time pass. Sameer says she asked Swati. Sunaina asks why he’s acting like a detective. She came to get her notes and saw Swati so just said hi. Sunaina leaves. Sameer asks Swati to tell the truth.. what Sunaina was saying. He saw something in her hand. She says nothing and asks will she need to take his permission to meet someone now? He says he didn’t mean that. She says it’s Naina’s speech time and leaves. He wonders why she’s acting so weird and feels something is fishy.

Precap: Seniors test Sunaina and Naina.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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