Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Tough times for Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishakha’s husband (Bobby) asks Sameer why he dint give papers. Sameer replies that he dint wish to. Vishakha asks him if he does not know how to how to talk to elders. You are younger than him. Behave. Sameer argues that every elder should also know how to speak to youngsters. Bobby starts scolding her once again which upsets Sameer. Don’t drag my mother in between. Vishakha tells him to be quiet but Sameer tells her to make her husband understand first. Mama ji and Mami ji calmly understand him. Bobby calls Sameer selfish. He has been doing that since always. He makes mistakes and then acts as if nothing happened. Sameer advises him to think about himself first. Vishakha raises her hand warning him to stay quiet. Sameer looks at her. Her husband blames her for spoiling her son.

This is the end result of that only! Sameer points out what all they have not done for him till date. If it wasn’t for Nanu then no one would have bothered to even care for him. You just left me with him for your own selfish reasons. Vishakha tells him they did it for his good. Sameer says I did that for my good only. You wouldn’t even call me to know how I am. Go back and worry about your son Rohan. The arguments continue. Sameer walks away in a huff.

Naina is trying Sameer’s number but there is no response. He would have reached home by now. Why isn’t he picking up? Sameer enters in his room just then. He hits a few things. He disconnects Naina’s call and starts practising on his glove. His mother tells him to understand. We are only concerned about you. We mean good. Sameer locks himself inside the washroom. Vishakha vows to find out the reason as to why he failed. I wont let that problem return in your life again. Landline rings again. Vishakha picks it. Naina is tensed for a second. She greets Vishakha. I wanted tot alk to Sameer. Vishakha lies that he is sleeping. Naina is surprised. At this hour? Vishakha asks her if she makes his timetable. Naina denies. Chacha ji is going to USA. He wanted to meet Sameer once. Vishakha complains that Anand is also supporting her now in trapping a rich boy like Sameer. Why are you after my son? How much did you score? Naina tells her. Vishakha says it means you advanced. You would know that Sameer failed. Why am I asking you! You would know. Do me a favour. Leave my son alone. He failed in exam. I don’t want him to lose in life too! Naina says he dint fail. Vishakha says my Sameer was never like that. I do wonder how all this happened! Naina shares that he wanted to save someone else’s dignity, someone else’s future. He did it all to save me. She tells her everything in mute. Everyone will be proud to have him in their life. You should be proud of your son. Vishakha ends the call.

(Voiceover – Sameer):
What comes out from your heart generally touches the heart but sometimes what comes out from your heart does not necessarily reach your mind. Same thing happened that day. Mummy was only listening from her mind. She was certain that I failed because of Naina and how much I loved her.

Bela comes to her room looking for passport while Anand comes in asking her if she is unwell. Preeti has sent them here. She locks the room from outside as they start wondering what really happened. They both smile realising what just happened.

Sameer comes out and starts practising angrily. Vishakha demands to know the reason again. He refuses but she confronts him. Naina called just now and told me everything. Sameer says now you know why I love her so much. She is a simple girl. She does not cheat which is why she told you everything without thinking what you will think. She tells him that he has proved that love is blind. That girl is a fool and is fooling you! He dials her number to tell her that his mother is wrong. She snatches the phone from his hand. What did she do? Did she try to stop you? He insists she knew nothing but she refuses to believe it. She throws the phone away. What do you want? I beg you. Please understand me. What do you want? He says I want love. I dint get it since childhood. Only Nanu loved me. Naina and I love each other a lot. We will be very happy with each other. She does not fall for it. Naina is acting practical and was even asking you to meet her Chacha ji before he leaves for USA. He gets ready to meet Anand but she blocks her way. She tells him to decide who he will choose today – Naina or me! If you choose Naina, you wont see my face ever again!

Anand says how I will spend that 1 month without you. She is emotional. I dint spend a day without you after wedding. I don’t know how I will stay without you. Will you call me? He nods. I will call you every day. They agree to discuss every bit. Preeti is eavesdropping. Naina tells her everything. Preeti says she was bound to be angry but she will calm down too. Let’s listen to the romantic dialogues now. They both lean closer to the door.

Anand proposes to drink tea with Bela every morning. I will look at your photo and then have tea. Preeti tells Naina that she thought only Sameer was romantic. Papa is no less. Naina says he does love me. I hope he loves me even after our marriage. Preeti teases him. Bela is in tears. I will miss you very much. Anand says read Ramayana whenever you miss me. It will make you calm and you will feel that I am closer to you. She hugs him and also wipes his tears. Naina likes the idea. I will tell Sameer as well.

(Voiceover – Naina):
Chacha ji was giving that idea but Sameer and I had no idea of what was going to happen in his absence.

Everyone has gathered to bid adieu to Anand. One lady is very emotional.

(Voiceover – Naina):
So much changes with time. There was a time when the entire city used to see you off when you were going abroad. In 1990’s entire family goes to see you off. Now in 2018, you book your cab and simply leave for airport.

Sameer tries to make his mother understand but she stays put. He says I never thought such a time will come in my life. I thought you understand me as much as Naina did. She says she left you alone yet you are thinking about her. He reasons that she too left him alone for 19 years. She understands he would think she is bad but she loves him the most. He keeps her hand over his head. Who do you love the most – me, Rohan or your husband? She goes in shock. He says I got my answer. If I had asked Naina this question then she would have taken my name in a second. Vishakha stands there in shock as Sameer leaves.

Precap: Sameer and Naina are on a bike. Tai ji and Rakesh are following them in an auto. Auto overtakes them and they finally see Sameer and Naina together.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Loved today s episode

  2. Today I saw the glimpse of School Boy Sameer Maheshwari…The Angry Young Man… Superb dialogues written for Sameer…👌👌and very nicely potrayed by Randeep…He is never answerless…be it to Bobby or Vishakha or Naina…
    Omg Naina told Vishakha everything about the hug and kiss…What guts she have…👏🏼👏🏼…But expected same guts to tell truth in front of Principal so that Sameer’s year could be saved…(or both would get failed together more possibly)😂😂
    Befitting reply by Sameer to Vishakha when she asked to make a choice between Naina and her…How can she ask this??…I understand she is his Mom and she cares for him and some of her points are justified too but when she didn’t chose Sameer over Rohan and Bobby then how can she question Sameer???She is Rohan’s step mother but still she gave priority to Rohan forgetting about her real son…Somebody ask her -Was this her brain’s decision or she thought by heart😒??…She could have also asked for equal rights for Sameer…But no…She never took responsibility of being Sameer’s mother rather than comparing Sameer with Rohan…After Delhi track I thought Vishakha has changed and started understanding Sameer and taking stand for him but today she again became old Vishakha…She definitely cares for Sameer but can’t express her care in right way…
    But one thing I don’t know whether Sameer has forgotten or he is in misconception that Naina would always choose him over anyone…No dear…Naina would not say Sameer but most likely she would say ‘My family My Chachaji and so on……’😂😂
    And I don’t think Spoilers claiming that Chachaji’s plane will crash are true… Hope that there will be no such tragedy like this… It is cleared as the voice over said “Chachaji ke America Jane k baad”…
    I think whole family will be upset because Naina and Sameer will run away after knowing that taiji and Rakesh have seen them together…

  3. Swara23

    No idea wat sameer will choose
    i read in spoilers that samaina will elope to mumbai
    too confused

  4. i think naina is having a dream ,she going on bike ride with sameer

  5. awesome episode…

  6. Omg. The precap. My dad and I literally stopped eating for a few minutes after the precap. This is very very scary, if it’s not a dream but true.
    Sameer was in some amazing form today. Loved how he answered every bit of vishakha and her husband’s allegations. What a true young gentleman, standing up for the girl he loves.
    I loves Naina too today, had the courage to tell vishakha what happened. Wish she does something so that Sameer doesn’t have to lose a year.
    I can actually understand vishakas concern here. It’s very Indian parent emotion- to blame others for their kids failure. And to a certain extent it’s right too, because wehn we as audience we’re so so angry because Sameer got into trouble because of Naina, she as a mother, who was as such prejudiced, would find another reason to hate Naina. Her reaction is totally understandable.
    What I didn’t like about vishakha was she asked Sameer to choose between her and Naina. It’s so Indian parents mentality. Choose parents over boyfriend/girlfriend. Because you’ll get new love but not new parents, and that’s such a stupid comparison and attention seeking behavior. I thought vishaka was much mature than this. If she could give a chance for Sameer’s love and think of intercaste marriage and all at that era, I thought she was pretty broad minded to not blame Naina alone. But she acted like a typical saas. Blame the bahu for everything, and she accusing Naina and her chachaji, that was worse. It’s amazing how somewhere or the other economic status and class comes in between ,even when you don’t want it to. I doubt if she would have told the same to Sunaina or Sameer’s Delhi neighbor, if Sameer did such a thing for them.
    One thing I don’t understand is how come Sunaina became off so studious that she gets good percentage? Because during Beginning of college it was shown that kartik was the one who got better marks whole Sunaina struggled to pass. Anyway, good for her.

    Precap is scary and giving me goosebumps already. But I wonder how come Naina sat behind Sameer like that, full on hugging him and not caring about who’ll see or who won’t.

    I just want things to get fine. But yes this is actually getting interesting. But Naina, please don’t back out this time. Don’t break Sameer’s heart. He trusts her so much, he easily told she’d choose him, while we all know the truth. She’d never choose him over her family.

  7. This time both Sameer and Naina are facing tough time. I haven’t watch the episode yet and written updates itself specially the precap. OMG if Naina and Sameer got caught then Taiji’s expression will be worth watching.
    Really don’t want Sameer and Naina to elope as it can lose its positivity then.

    1. i agree with you @vidha 😊from recent photos of ye unn dino ki baat hai ,i think taiji will house arrest naina 😊 and if they elope together the serial will lose its charm ,for eg small packets of happiness

  8. Overall Lovely episode!

    SAMAINA nailed it ,Naina by telling the truth to Vishaka and Sameer by asking his mom if she loves her more than her husband,Rohan and his step sister.These were awesomely shown today.
    Sacred about the precap …If taiji and safari suit will catch Naina and Sameer ,First question in my mind is how Naina will be going home after this and will Sameer let her go alone .
    How now family will react on Naina for this !!! She will be beaten for sure and may locked in room as well.I don’t think they will elope ..I think they will fight for their love .
    Sameer will all know ,but Naina has to show guts now.
    OMG what if this all was just a dream of Naina!!!LOL then

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