Yeh Teri Galiyan 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Aru asks Chanda to run with him

Yeh Teri Galiyan 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Thaku ma says Shan will take training from Pathan and will replace him when he grows up. Chanda says what are you saying. Thaku ma shoves her and says how did you even think of sending a girl outside. Puchki belongs to this Bari. she will do everything here and never go out. I gave her father 5 lacs. She leaves. Beauty says you will fall every time you try to fall. Chanda cries.

Shan picks junior. Maid says if madam sees she will be really angry. He says she reminds me of Puchki. Nevi takes the baby from her and says don’t you understand or everyone in sona kachi is duffer? He says I was just playing with my brother. Nevi says he isn’t your brother. Don’t dare touching my baby again. She shoves Shan. Aru holds him and says is this how you will tret our

kids? She says really loving your illegitimate baby? He says stay in limit. She says you will tell me limit? He says open your eyes and see what is happening in this house. She says everything is going wrong since shan came. He says can’t we move on since you had this baby with your sona kachi lover. He slaps her.

aru leaves. Nevi says I will never forget this slap. Shan will pay for this he is the reason for all this.
Chana cries and says I know God solves all the problems. Please do something God. Shan is on one side and Puchki on other side. I don’t want to be unfair. Please do something. I promised Arpita I will take care of Puchki more than my son. Who will help me God? I am so alone. Aru comes there. Chanda says you? Aru hugs her. Beauty and Rana see them. They take Aru and Chanda’s pictures. she says this photo should go in the newspaper. She says now see how I crush the ego of his father.
Chanda says go away. He says I need you. Please don’t leave me. I need you. He says I can’t handle anything. Ever since Nevi got to know she has changed a lot I have changed and lost. She says everything will fix. He says can I live with you Chanda. Can we run away from here? Please? I dont’ wanna go home. I want peace and you. Lets run away from here. Beauty says this is Sona Kachi. You only get a few hours with these women. No girl can run away from here. Every women who runs from here died and so does her lover. You can ask me what you want. You can live with chande this night. Let me know what you need. Come.. Chanda will give you 4 hours. It will be tour to heaven. Chanda says go from here Aru. Face your problems. you can’t run from your kids. Why do you want your kids to be like those of Sona kachi? Go from here right now. Never come back here again. We are always from other worlds. Forget that we ever met. Aru leaves. Beauty says she is getting old and stupid. I can get you a younger one. aru leaves. Chanda goes to her room.

Shan gives Nevi a frame and says it will have my and junior’s photo. Nevi breaks it. He says why did you break it mama? She says fix it you can. Shan cries. Shan says it wont fix. Chanda says now you know.. Relations don’t fix either. Don’t ever come near my son. Its his naming ceremony don’t come there. Shan says mama.. He holds her hand. she shoves him. Shan says mama I know you are mad at me. Papa told me everything. You have problem with bari and those people. I will never take their name again. I will prove you I am your son.
Precap-Puchki says I am going to Shan’s school. Chanda says after some day. Puchki comes to the naming ceremony.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Niharika ,I do understand and appreciate Nivedita’s pain ,humiliation and anger..Every woman is by nature possessive about the guy she loves and her children….and she can go to any extent when it comes to her children..As you rightly said ,Nivedita has suffered a lot in the last few days…the husband’s love she has taken for granted and her very world has come crashing down when she saw that woman in Arindam’s arms…then the shock of the revealation that her husband has a son with a pr*stitute and how intelligently the whole thing had been planned by Aru and Chanda to make Shan her son …next her unfortunate fall off the stairs resulting in the deformity of her baby .The final blow was dealt by her father in law when he rejectied her son as ‘adhura or incomplete one’….enough to kill all the positiveness in a person…Even I would n’t have come to terms so easily if i were in her place ….with the boy’s presence a continuous reminder of her husband’s infidelity and her own inability to give the Mazumdars a heir in the first ten years of her marriage…Yes,I would have been indifferent and even harsh but Niharika ,why is she targeting the child. When the actual culprit is in front of her eyes….her husband….No, his was not a one night stand with Chanda as he was claiming …the way Aru looks at Chanda,,holds her and regards her shows that he has had a much ,much closerr relationship with her….enough to boil a wife’s blood…I just hate this guy….I still remember Nivi’s shock when Thaku MA bluntly told her the truth……she just fainted…she should not have returned home from Sona kachi itself ,,,,,Even Chanda ,she is so selfish that she is always worried about her son’s comfort in Mazumdar house….has she ever given a thought to Nivi and what storm her son’s presence is creating in her life…After seeing tonight’s episode I am taking back some of my earlier remarks terming her to be opportunistic and insensitive…. i don’t know yet how as a person she basically is ,but circumstances do make people harsh….Having said this ,i still stick to my point that she should not have attempted to harm the boy…..that s criminal mindset….If she is good by nature, she should not change her basic personality under any circumstances…she should take to task that cheater coc husband of hers and give him divorce and teach a lesson to her dictatorial father in law as to who gets the custody of the baby after divorce…And if Arindam so loves Shan’s mother,he can as well marry her and introduce her as his wife to his so called elite society…He is such a hypocrite that he teaches Shan to forget about puchki and Sonakachi but shameless enough to slap Nivedita for saying the truth on his face and then running into his girl friend’s arms to request her to elope with him….Just disgusting…I am happy that Ruchi has got a well deserved breather today as she was not seen in this episode…Niharika ,I too enjoy reading your comments…I know,this has turned out to be a disappointment but let us give a couple of weeks before quitting..

  2. Thank you Lakshmi Ji for replying. 🙂

    I completely agree with you that harming the boy physically is a criminal offense. It’s just in India Forum & here when I read some fellow forum members urging that she herself is a gold-digger & loved Shan as long as it benefited her – that’s where I thought may be we are judging her solely being sympathetic towards Shan & not seeing her POV.

    As you have said, that it would take time; you know, there was this show called ONCE UPON A TIME on ABC. That show began with the story of snow-white & her vengeful step-mother. Hated the Evil Queen to the core. But as the season moved on, the writer had beautifully shown the situation & manipulations she had faced in her earlier days & how she became so vengeful. It took them 6 seasons to show her redeeming herself.
    So, at this point, I would rather be more invested in how Nivedita copes up with her current situation & retains her positivity. But we all know we need to have piles of unnecessary negative characters – so I have no hope here.

    About Aru, the lesser we say is better. The guy is disgusting. Here he claims he is disturbed. When Nivi at some point needed encouragement to come out of her depression, the guy opt for spending time with Chanda. And even now instead of trying to fix up this mess, he is more interested in eloping with her forsaking his responsibilities. Hate him. Remember, when you used to say that in BHOOTU, Mansi was the killer but in fact Subodh was the main culprit who wronged both his wife & Mansi? There, at least he tried to earn Anandita’s forgiveness & worked for the betterment of burn victims. Here Aru has no shame, no guilt – nothing. Hate the guy along with his entire clan.

    As for Shan, it’s obvious now that he will grow up to be a confused soul torn between his origin & his so called family pride.

  3. Naz,the postponement of the leap and the extention of this rather disturbing track is forcing us to analyse the so called side characters ,Nivedita ,Arindam and Chanda,which otherwise would have side lined…if we consider the question whether Nivedita is justified in holding Shan responsible for her husband’s adventures in a brothel ,definitely no,,,,particularly planning to cripple him….that will certainly be a blot on her credibility as a kind and compassionate human who was magnanimous enough to accept Shan even after coming to know that he was from Sonakachi……If we keep aside this shame ,I would like to assess Is it really possible to love Shan as her own under the present circumstances ….Somehow I am not able to convince myself that Nivi is at wrong after watching yesterday’s episode in which Ari slaps her…..Just imagine he feels so bad at hs wife’s harsh attitude towards Shan that he doesn’t even mind slapping her but he did n’t mind his father humiliating Nivi by calling her baby incomplete…Can we really expect her to have such a big heart and overlook the way she has been taken for a ride by the very guy whom she loves or rather loved for 12 years,…Naz,I don’t expect Nivi to still love this guy,who ,instead of being with his wife in her hour of need ,,chose to entertain himself in the dirty streets of Sonakachi and to sire a son…..would he accept and love Nivi’s illegitimate child ,if she comes up with one,with the same magnanimoty that he is expecting her to show towards his love child????? It is another thing that if the boy doesn’t live under the same roof and lives with his mother only to be visited by Arindam to look after his needs and ofcouse to spend some time with him or the boy visiting them occasionally….but it is really unfair to expect Nivedita to behave as if nothing much has happened and keep giving wife’s love to Arindam and mother’s love to Shan……How can she come to terms with his 12 years deceit in just a few months and love Shan with that terrible unforgettable scene in Sonakachi still playing on her mind ( i don’t think she will ever be able to forget ) and her own baby’s ill fate glaring at her….I know in families step mothers bring up children their husband’s’ first wife who is either dead or divorced … My Dadu was the step mom of my father….but in such cases,the woman ,even before the marriage knows well in advance that the man she is going to marry is a widower/ divorcee with children….no shocks ,no lies and no cheating…. At the beginning of this week I wanted to give benefit of doubt to Arindam thinking that his was a loveless marriage and Nivi might be a mean ,nagging wife…On both counts ,I was wrong as Nivi seemed to be an affectionate woman whose love for Shan was genuine. till the shattering news came out and Ofcourse she loved and trusted her husband as well ..the reason why she believed in everything he told about Shan’s adoption from Sonakachi and later fainted out of shock …Yes,now there is a lot f change in her demeanour but she is Afterall a human and that is expected..If I were in her place, I would divorce this guy and leave with the baby… It is simply impossible to live with him,leave alone love him as before with Shan constantly reminding herof the intimate moments that her husband had spent in a brothel when she was suffering from depression….You know I can never see a child suffer…it is better she gets out f this hell before frustration ,anger,hurt and humiliation turn her into a real step mother…And I hate Arindam to the core….an immorali,gutless and spineless person…even if he wanted a child so badly ,he could have listened to his father’s suggestion and remarried with the consent of Nivi Ofcourse after the doctor’s confirmation that she is medically unfit to conceive…Why this clandestine means…..

    1. I echo your entire comment Lakshmi. I’m understanding Nivi’s feelings a bit more now and putting myself in her shoes, I’d want to die…the best thing she could do is to divorce the wimp of a husband, he has no backbone as I see it and I got really upset hearing him ask Chanda to elope.. WTH… Could he go lower than that. The thing is, Nivi declared that she’ll leave the house but Ravindra shot her aspiration down in one fell swoop, what is Nivi to do now? Sometimes the plots are so depressing and trying to analyze properly takes me so much time to put into perspective. You see that I’m not on kaleerein anymore, I can’t handle the crazy ass stuff happening there, writers really butchered that serial but it’s so bad for me that even Arjit can’t rein me in… Now it only AKAJS, this serial and ISA I watch, not even the new serials are attracting me… Anyways… As I write, I know that you are in conversation with Siddharth and Radha and I can only imagine but I hope that you’ll give me a bit of positive news, if only it’s a little. Fingers crossed hope you succeed …

  4. Naz,as you know tomorrow will be d day for me..already invited Sid and Radhika for lunch…I am a bit tensed…. Pray for me.,…see you on Monday..

    1. I’m late in my reply, a close and dear friend of mine passed away on Wednesday night and today was the cremation. Chat soon.. 😘

      1. Cathy

        Awww Naz, so sorry to hear that And Lakshmi whatever has you tense i wish for you a good outcome whatever it may be.

    2. Sorry Lakshmi… I meant Radhika… Sorry for using the wrong name, I’m not going to make an excuse for my keyboard.

  5. I am sorry Naz to hear about the untimely demise of a dear friend of yours….I know it will be very difficult for you’to cope up with the loss of a close friend ….i know how it would feel like as i still remember that pain and shock when I received the news of Radha’s death all those years back….My thoughts and prayers will be with you and the bereaved family……
    Thank you Cathy, the outcome ,as expected ,is not that positive…This is regarding a triangulag love story of three of my friends that very closely resembles that of Aap ke aa Jane se….In fiction Sahil ,Vedika and Bhoomi are the characters and in real life,Siddarth ,Radha and Radhika.Sahil and Vedika love each other in spite of the huge age gap but Sahil had to marry Bhoomi due to B.A ‘s conspiracies …the same story thirty four years back ,Sid and Radha who were then twenty loved and adored each other when they were in college ,,got married and had a baby daughter after three years of their marriage but destiny had dealt a cruel blow by snatching away Radha due to post delivery complications.Unable to cope up with his loss, Sid went into a deep depression…A year later Sid had to marry his wife’s twin sister as she was the one who looked after her sister’s daughter when he was undergoing psychiatric treatment….Due to the elders’ pressure ,he had to agree to marry Radhika but after telling her that she would remain his daughter’s mother only and should never expect anything from him….And she said Yes as she got attached to the baby and Ofcourse not knowing that her feelings for him would change later …Cathy,all four of us were class fellows and Radha was my best friend …now Sid and Radhika are lawyers and my colleagues and friends…..Radhika has brought up her twin sister’s daughter with so much love and affection that the girl never missed her biological mother …now she is a doctor and going to get married in Nov but Radhika ,in these thirty years ,started feeling for her husband and loves him but he wants to be in the world of hs dead wife only….Cathy ,I don’t know how reality and fiction match so closely but it is happening ….the only difference being that Vedika is alive whereas Radha is no more…And Bhoomi ‘s character has raised a storm in the life of Sid and Radhika which so far has been placid….Seeing her own life story being played out on the small screen ,Radhika is voicing her frustration….I too wanted Sid to move on as Radha is no more and Radhika has done everything that a life partner is supposed to do… but kept quiet thinking it was too personal to intervene….But a couple f weeks back over dinner,the couple had a big argument right in front of us ,so I had decided to talk to Sid ,keeping at stakes our three decades friendship … yesterday I raised ths rather sensitive issue and asked him why he can not love Radhika after sharing thirty years of life with her ….I reminded him how he has been so insensitive all these years and never thought about her…..He simply asked me if I would sympathise with Bhoomi and want Sahil to forget about Vedika and move on with Bhoomi….I argued that it s different as Vedika is alive but he closed the matter saying circumstances may be different but love is the same and it doesn’t change if he/she is alive or not…..I was absolutely stumped when he pointed out that his love is much ,much greater than Sahil’s because Sahil’s is not reciprocated whereas Radha just adored him and ‘still does ‘…I asked him what does he mean….He didn’t answer that but just said that he too feels bad for Radhika but he is helpless….Naz,can make out what did he mean by ‘she still does’…..Anyways my husband who was there with us signalled me to not argue any further….And so I could n’t do much for this unfortunate friend of mine who has become a victim of this love story Ofcourse willingly….

    1. Cathy

      OH lord help you, what an absolute mess and to be caught in the middle of this real life serial, i can’t even offer you anything comforting…just stay strong for yourself and your friends. i hope for a happy resolution to this. And taking a break from this show probably would be a good thing for your inner peace.

  6. No worries Naz, like them ,their names are also similar….Above I have given a brief account of my conversation with Sid …will write in detail in my next e mail….needless to say Radhika is heart broken…she feels hopeless….she says with Jahnavi about to get married ,she will be all alone….Naz,I feel very ,very sad for her….I never knew that Sid would take the example of AKAJS and trap me….Naz,I don’t feel like seeing Sahil and Vedika’s love story anymore…..will chat tomorrow once you are alright …

    1. I can’t tell you how much I cried reading the entire scenario from your comment… I am sad sad sad..for Radikha. I know what Siddharth means by… “she still does”…..i think you know where I’m coming from…Lakshmi, if you hadn’t tried to mediate, you would have told yourself that you didn’t try to help Radikha but now that you did, you can accept that you don’t have to wonder what the outcome of the situation would have been if you hadn’t tried. This is what it is now…. I’ll wait on your email… Take your time and when you are free, just like me, use the quiet moments to put your thoughts and account of the conversation out. Your pain as a friend is greater than mines at the moment…believe me. I wasn’t expecting a total shutout…thought I’d get a little positive news, even if minute….

    2. I am really sorry ma’am, for your current situation. Life at times, can become really unpredictable & tangled. I can understand your pain as I have witnessed my best friend crying night after night & at those times, I had felt like the most useless person who couldn’t sooth her friend’s pain. All I can wish for you guys is that God gives your friend the strength to fight through her loneliness. All you can do is be there for her. I believe, your support would help her greatly.

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