Yeh Teri Galiyan 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Puchki convinces Ravindra

Yeh Teri Galiyan 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raindra says there are a lot of other hospitals. Aru says we don’t have time. Chanda puts a knife on Ravindra’s neck. She says I can do anything to save Shan’s life. Ravindra says how dare you. She says we keep it with us to protect ourselves. If you don’t let me save life of my son I will kill you right now. Move away now.
Puchki recalls her moments with Shan. She wakes up and gets off the bed. Nurse says stop Puchki. She says I have to meet my Shan. Nurse takes her back to bed. Puchki says I beg you please let me go. I want to see my Shan. Nurse says you can go once you are better.

Nevi says to Shan’s hoto the bullet had yor name. It was to make you handicapped like you made my son.
Police and media come. They ask Ravindra how

he has a probelm in taking blood from a woman of Sona Kachi. Media claims his hypocrisy. He says I have nothing against Sona Kachi. I feel like she shot my grandson. The target was that girl and my son was vitimized too.

Puchki comes with the nurse. Puchki says Shan is not well and you are acting like kids. Why? Media asks him questions too. They ask him what the reality is. Reporter says it is about life or death why are you stopping this woman from saving a life. Thaku ma watches it on TV. Se opens beauty. Beauty says I knew you would come. My mother is always nice to people. Thaku ma says rememer all this. I know you more than you know yourself. She says you have to do something for me. Pari Mehel is being defamed on TV. She tells her wat to do. Beauty says I will for sure do it. Thaku ma says I am sure you will.

Puchki puts Ravindra’s hand on her head and says tell us truth why are you stopping her? If you lie I will die. Everyone will know you lied. Ravindra says the gun shot was by this woman. I want her to be arrested. Puchki says that can’t happen. My bari ma can never do that. Please let her give blood. She will save Shan. Ravindra picks her and says for this girl I will let her. I trust her. He smiles and goes outside. Inspector leaves Chanda. He says this girl needs Chanda. This girl shouldn’t suffer. Chanda gives blood to Shan.
Puchki says to Ravindra thank you uncle. He leaves her hand and leaves.

Nevi looks at picture and says any mother would do anything to protect her kids. You handicapped my son. He will never have a normal life. You Sona Kachi born have to be imperfect too now. That bullet had your name to make you handicapped like you made my son. Incomplete. Moushumi’s husband comes in. Nevi says answer me. How could it miss.
Precap-Puchki says to Shan drink water. He says mummy is right. People from Sona Kachi are dirty. He says to nurse take her away from me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. can you please check the update? it has to update mixed up. first part is for ‘teri galiyan’ and send part is for ‘ishq mein marjawa’

    thank you.

  2. Omg ye nivi ne kya hai shot, mana ki uske sth galat hua hai bt iska mtlb ye toh nhi hai n ki wo insaniyat hi bhul jyee wo bhi ek. Masum se bsche par shan ki sabse badi dushman nivi hi hogi mai.

  3. When children talk and behave like adults ,it looks awkward and their innocence is lost.. ,that’s I felt seeing Puchki delivering all those lengthy dialogues and advising Ravindran in the hospital….There is nothing worth mentioning in this episode …Just exaggeration in every scene….Chanda holding Ravindran at knife point,Puchki,herself injured but mustering enough energy to get up from the hospital bed and give a sermon to Ravindran and the journalists hounding Ravindran as if they don’t have anything else to do…….this episode clearly indicates what the coming six months hold for us…..a mother ,who just a few days back was the epitome of love and compassion ,becoming a criminal out of spite ,children speaking the language of adults,a husband ,whose doing is all this,becoming a mute witness to the drama enacted between his father and his girl friend,while his son is in need of blood,and last but not the least,the villains … ofcourse there are plenty ….ruling the roost…If this is what the makers intend to show us and drag the show for six more months ,I am sorry to say that it won’t work….looks like they want to encash the viewers” huge response to Ayaan and Ruchi before moving on to the next track….but that doesn’t work….the stress is already showing on Ruchi…she looks tired and washed out saying all those dialogues which she may not be understanding also…Hope the production house appreciates our concerns and bring in the leads without wasting much time..

    1. Agree with each n every point…. no innocence in kids.. they r acting like a complete romantic hero n heroine!! This sucks!!

  4. Wow!!! I give up; wouldn’t have followed this shit even if they had cast ShrAna instead of VruNish. At this point, I’d say it’s a blessing in disguise that they are now free of their contract.

    Goodbye fellow forum members! Loved reading your comments. 🙂

  5. I will only come here if vrunish enters the show otherwise bye forever


    I want to kill ye Teri galiyan makers.
    How could they do this with varnish fans.
    Zeee tv doing very bad with their actors .
    Really feeling bad for Manish and vrushika .
    I m also quite this show.
    Bcoz sometime as a veiwer I feel little puchki and Shan doing overacting from their age .
    But I think this is the full fault of makers.

  7. Stopped Watching the show from Monday itself i was watching the show for VruNish especially manish as I was very excited about his comeback being his fan but after news of leap getting postponed I stopped watching it feels like cheated as the makers used vrunish popularity to promote the show

  8. Pooja2109

    Stopped Watching the show from Monday itself is was watching the show for VruNish especially manish being his fan I was very excited about his comeback but after the news of leap getting postponed I stopped watching it feels like cheated as the makers used vrunish popularity to promote the show


    I m not watching this show from 28th of August


    U r right Pooja .
    I also think that makers use vrunish popularity to promote the show

  11. Lakshmi, I’m sure you noticed that I didn’t comment recently on the forum, I don’t like this mature situation little Puchki is in and I certainly don’t like how both kids have to do such highly dramatized scenes. They are having to do too much, how much of this would seep into this little girl’s psyche? On top of this, Nivedita is a vengeful woman now and from a loving mother, she’s turned into a woman who wants to harm an innocent young boy who has shown her nothing less than love and respect. Honestly, I can’t stand Moushmi, I just don’t like this character, she picks and plot and evesdrop on little kids, instead of being an adult, she comes across as a foolish woman who never quite grew up. Do you think that Nivedita just decided to be vengeful, no matter what, maternal instincts nature instead of destroying ,I understand that she was unable to bring a perfect son into this world but to blame Shan for having a direct hand in this child’s deformity, something like this which was predestined… just foolish, the good thing is that the baby is alive….i wonder if there’s another side to Nivedita that we don’t know. I don’t feel like commenting sometimes when the episode doesn’t appeal to me, I just read comments and move on. My only hope now is for this baby to grow up having a great love for his elder brother and no matter what Nivi does, she’s never successful in driving a wedge between the brothers. As it looks now, Nivi is going to make life for Shan very difficult…..people with good hearts don’t have room for negativity and hatred in their relationships, they are always forgiving and embrace everything that happens in good faith, but here we see her having such a great urge to take revenge on an unfortunate little boy, this tells me that she’s conveniently nice when it suits her…sometimes there’s reason why God doesn’t bless some with maternal joys, God knows what’s in our hearts…one of my former sisters in law showed me this by her own example and fate…. I’m sorry to be so hard on Nivi but this is how I see it… Maybe I’m wrong being judgemental…..

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